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Heaven Defying Dark Empress Volume 1 Chapter 1.2: The Vast Wilderness

Mu Tianyin just looked at Xiao Ye coldly, with no expression on her b.l.o.o.d.y mottled face.

Where she was wasn't the most important thing now. She was now seriously injured but Xiao Ye and Mu Chang Ge's injuries were not. Her life was in peril!

"Xiao Ye!"

Mu Chang Ge who was hanging on the tree screamed out.

"Chirp chirp."

A few black shadows flashed on the treetops as the leaves swayed and rustled as the dew drops on the leaves were shaken off.

Cold and piercing, they turned into ice upon landing.

"Second Miss?"

Xiao Ye saw Mu Chang Ge hanging on the tree.

Mu Chang Ge's red dress that revealed her bare shoulders was about to be frozen into an ice sculpture. The branch under her body suddenly creaked and that scared her into screaming out louder, "Quickly, save me!"


A few voices came with the wind.

Mu Tianyin turned her head and looked to the left. There was a lake not far from them, it was beautiful and tranquil. It was like a bright piece of sapphire lying quietly in the wilderness.

By the lake, there were a few beasts playing in it as they sprayed out fine mists of water through their noses.

Of course this was not the crux of it all!

She saw that the beasts looked very strange. It had the body of a horse, the head of the dragon, a long beard and was covered with fish scales. It was 2 to 3 metres tall and it was glistening white from the reflections cast on it.

It's nose was lightly spraying water while they drank water by the lake.

"Ah!" Mu Chang Ge screamed aloud and as she was hanging from the tree, naturally she had a better view. She felt as if her soul was going to fly away any moment as she stammered. "This… What kind of… monster is this?!!"

Shut up. Mu Tianyin endured the pain in her chest as she gritted her teeth.

Xiao Ye also realised the seriousness of the matter and quickly waved his hand to make Mu Chang Ge quiet.

Just that, it was too late.

Sometimes a light whisper just beside the ear can be far more grave than a few roars.


A loud roar quaked the entire surroundings, startling those monsters by the lake as they scattered and fled in all directions.

At this time, the shrubs around them shook.

Mu Tianyin turned and looked before letting out a sigh.

A monster that resembled a snake and a crocodile suddenly emerged from out of nowhere. It looked ferocious and its large black body looked like it was made of steel and its huge jaws were open wide as it revealed over a dozen jagged sharp blades.

One bite!

A bodyguard at the foot of Mu Tianyin was bitten at the waist!

Blood splattered everywhere and very soon, all his guts spilled out.

Xiao Ye sucked in a deep breath and stood frozen in place, still as a wooden stake, not daring to move an inch.


The quaking roar resounded once more and the ancient creature eyes looked at a few of the people and its four limbs crawled quickly along the ground. It dragged half of the body of that man over in the direction of the lake as his intestines and organs were shaken and fell out along a b.l.o.o.d.y trail.

Mu Tianyin felt her scalp go numb because she saw that that creature had finally fixed it's attention on her and it was staring at her with greed. However, it seemed as if it was slightly disappointed as it seemed to be deep in thought.

It…seemed as if it was thinking like a human!


Mu Chang Ge who was hanging on the tree became extremely terrified and she had been frozen in fear. It was only when she came to her senses when she screamed out.

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