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Heaven Defying Dark Empress Volume 1 Chapter 1.1: The Vast Wilderness

The dark sky was covered with heavy grey clouds, covering the sun and moon. With occasional thunder from the distance, the entire ground rumbled.

In the early morning, everything was a muddy mess.

"Little Feng." Mu Tianyin's entire body started to tremble and twitch, her heavy eyelids started to stir as the excruciating pain from her chest tore at her and she felt her whole body a complete wreck.

Before her eyes, faint light and shadows swayed.

Everything seemed like a fragile existence, everything could be turned into nothingness any moment.

There was a huge shadow that pa.s.sed by, and the pressure is released was like a huge mountain. As it descended from the sky, it spread out and blotted out the entire sky, the next moment, it sped to the depths of the mountains.

"Chirp… Chirp!"

In the desolate forest, a few strange noises rang out and several small shadows flashed quickly over the trees.

There was a swis.h.i.+ng and rustling of leaves, as a series of water droplets fell from the sky and landed on the blood that smeared all over Mu Tianyin's cheeks. The pristine dew drops were extremely cold, the chill made her entire body shudder and she regained a moment's clarity.

Where, where was this place?

Mu Tianyin gasped and coughed a couple of times as she tried to pry her eyes open with all her strength.

Her chest was shot and there was a bullet in each of her leg. There was the stench of fresh blood surrounding her.

She can't afford to fall asleep, if she lose consciousness here, she would never be able to wake up again!

"Ugh." Mu Tianyin bit her tongue, forcing herself to stay awake as she endured the intense pain in the chest as she tried to grasp the situation around her as she looked around. Her fingers were embedded in the soft mud.

Beneath her, there was a green yet somewhat blackened gra.s.s. At her side, there were th.o.r.n.y brown shrubs and she was surrounded by densely tall ancient trees as they reached out to the sky, covering and blocking off the light of the sun and the moon. Only occasional light streamed in through the densely packed leaves as the shadows danced.

"Squeak squeak."

"Rustle rustle."

The temperature was extremely cold and the wind that blew by felt as if it was an ice blade that was cutting the cheek. From time to time, the forest was full of strange sounds, some nearby, some from a distance.

What was going on?!

Was she dreaming? But this pain felt so real!

She should be in the hospital, how was her mother? She also seemed to have heard the cry of Little Feng.

Mu Tianyin lay down and faced the sky as she tried to catch her breath she took in deep breaths. However, she saw Mu Chang Ge hanging on the branches of an old tree, almost two feet above the ground and she had on a terrified expression.

"Mu Tianyin, you're still not dead?!" Mu Chang Ge was shocked, her voice trembled in disbelief. She was cold and scared and her voice revealed all that.

Mu Tianyin gulped hard before she said, "Even if you die, I will not die so easily."

Xiao Ye fell to the side of the trunk on the other side and there was a clear trace of blood on the stone covered in moss. He should have hit his head on it and fainted.

At the side there was a patch of gra.s.s and a few bodyguards lay there with contorted postures, not knowing if they were dead or alive.

"This… What kind of a ghost place is this?" Mu Chang Ge hugged the branch that was the size of a thick arm.

After a short while, Xiao Ye snorted as his burly body moved and he woke up in confusion.


Half of his face was stained with blood and he was shocked by the situation at hand. He looked at Mu Tianyin frightened eyes before he said, "Miss?"

What was going on?!

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