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"Someone actually issued a challenge to Black Lighting voluntarily. Hahaha. This is definitely something new." 

"Yeah, this is the first time someone challenged him; he has always been the one initiating the challenge."

"Who exactly is Ancestor? Have you heard of her before?" 

"Have you seen her stats? She has 0% victory rate! Where did she get the courage to initiate a challenge?" 

"I bet one spicy slice she will be thrashed." 

The discussion intensified, and Yao Si could feel her intestines churning. So… that b.u.t.ton was to initiate a challenge? Her mischievous hands were to blame! How could she know about challenges? Was it too late to just admit defeat?!

[The opponent rejects your request to surrender.]

F*ck! He was being serious. 

[The battle will begin in 9,8, 7...]

Is this for real?! It's just going to start like that?

Yao Si could feel her limbs freezing, the four familiar operation bands appearing on her limbs. A row of words appeared before her: [Data for a bound robot not found. Please choose a suitable robot!] 

How could she have any idea about robots?! As the seconds continued ticking, the black robot prepared itself, going into an offensive stance. Yao Si in the meantime gritted her teeth, choosing the familiar fat and short-limbed model. 

"Hahahaha, check this out, she actually chose a defensive robot. This newbie sure has guts."

"Maybe she given up on healing and had specifically chosen to get beaten up."

The crowd broke into a chorus of laughter at the appearance of the challeger robot, but Yao Si no longer had the time to care as the battle had started. The moments ago stationary black robot started to move about so only his afterimage could be seen. 

He is definitely worthy of being called lighting!

The wind around Yao Si grew stronger as though a hurricane was stirring with a loud swoos.h.i.+ng noise. Her opponent was testing the waters. If she didn't hide, she would be at the mercy of his finis.h.i.+ng blow. 

But… she couldn't move! 

F*ck . Based on her pathetic robot destroying experience, there was no way she'd know such high-end operations.

The Galactic web was clearly part of the future technology, since even the awareness controlled s.p.a.ce was so realistic. Just like in reality, Yao Si wasn't able to operate the robot as she pleased. 

The opponent was a stark contrast to her. His swift and complex operations could make one believe that he had merged with the robot; he skittered around her in circles with his eyes shut, enjoying the moment. The difference in their skills was apparent. 

He moved at high speed without care. After struggling to make a turn, he disappeared from her sight, clearly playing with her. He was simply flaunting his skills. 

The rise in temperature indicated the end of his tests, and Yao Si's surroundings morphed into a sea of flames. Her opponent raised his weapon, which instead of being one of the popular weapons that robots used was a blue glowing sword. Lightning leaped up , his sword lifted high in preparation. 

Yao Si gritted her teeth. Even though victory was impossible, it wouldn't sit well to just lose without a fight. She gave up trying to make small movements and instead blasted all of her mental strength toward the robot's limb in a final attack. 

Familiar energy surged through her, and light spread through the robot. It sprinted forward and crashed straight into the wall ahead, creating a huge depression. 

A somewhat familiar row of words appeared before her then. [Your robot has been fully destroyed, and you are no longer able to compete. Battle over.]

As usual, she had managed to destroy yet another robot! 

[Buzz, congratulations in winning the compet.i.tion. Your robot is now in third place with a 100% winning rate!] 

What?  Yao Si stilled. What the f*ck?

The next second, the crowd burst into loud cheering. 

"F*ck, this can't be right, she actually… won?"

"F*ck +1. This world is changing way too fast, and I can't seem to catch up. Hurry, punch me once to know if it's real."

"Black Lighting actually lost, and in one blow... I never knew a defence machine could be used like this." 

"Hey, can you see that? Her winning rate was zero just minutes ago but now is 100%. Could she have only fought this one battle? Yet she actually challenged the third position on her first try. That's so impressive!" 

"Who exactly is this Ancestor? Is she a robot expert in real life? Does anyone have inside news?" 

What exactly happened here? Yao Si grimaced and glanced down instinctively. 

On the ground, between her and the wall, was a wrecked black robot that clearly had lost all ability to fight. That flattened and distorted position… Was it possible… that maybe… she had crashed it? 

"..." Yao Si felt a surge of emotions. 

Er… Aren't you an expert? How could you just be rammed into like that? Why didn't you dodge?

If she thought about it… He had to have been before her, so when she crashed into him and destroyed his robot, he would have suffered the damage first. That meant she… had won?

What the f*ck?

But she had just destroyed another robot as she always did! 

"She managed to defeat the agile Black Lighting with a defense model; she must be a robot master in reality!"

"That's right, that's just a beginner mode. Oh gosh, she must be a master!" 

"Master do you need to modify your robot leg? Please teach me, please punch me."

"+1, Master, which planet do you originate from? Do you need help heading back? I can check back again later if you don't need it now." 

The crowd started singing a different tune as it speculated about her. A swarm of friend requests flooded her vision, drowning it out. 

Yao Si's lips started to twitch, and she took a glance at the wreckage at her feet. Next, she proceeded by making a technical decision—logging out. 

What a joke! It'd be bad if they found out that destroying robots was her only move! As a fifth generation bloodling, she had to hold onto her dignity.

Ever since that day, Yao Si never once headed back to the battleground or pestered Mu Xuan for more robots to destroy. Instead, she buried herself in the other two courses she had picked. 

Whilst she immersed herself in her studies, the selection for the 'Academy Cup' robot compet.i.tion began. After Yao Si's choice of the award, the compet.i.tion became a focal point of the Galaxy. 

The academy went into a hyped up mode with daily discussions revolving around the compet.i.tion. Since the first ten preliminary rounds garnered such a huge crowd, the academy specifically segregated an area for partic.i.p.ants to practice and battle.

The moment Yao Si set her eyes on the grounds, she couldn't help feeling proud about her academy. It was showing off extravagance that comes with wealth! 

"Your Highness, these are the top three candidates from our academy." Gu Shucheng pointed toward three bashful youths before continuing. "They are also the candidates representing our academy in the 'Academy cup' robot compet.i.tion."

"h.e.l.lo!" She stretched out her arm for them to take. "Great work so far, and good luck in the compet.i.tion." 

Their eyes lit up and willed with enthusiasm, but they remained cautious as they shook her hand. 

"President, don't worry, we will do our best." 

"That's right president, we will definitely get first place." 

"Everyone has a part to play for our academy's glory!" 

The youngsters were indeed hot-blooded. "Just do your best. The rank isn't important." 

They nodded in unison then followed her into the s.h.i.+p that served as the compet.i.tion grounds.

The academy had actually chartered a private s.h.i.+p! Everything seemed unreal to Yao Si. Such extravagance wasn't fitting for a school, and looked more like it belonged to a conglomerate.

Because of that, she wasn't the least bit surprised when she heard about the specialized battle planet which Zhuo Feng Academy had arranged for the compet.i.tion. 

"Oh right, out of the three of them, who is the first for the preliminaries?" Yao Si couldn't help asking Gu Shucheng after they entered the s.h.i.+p. 

"No one was given first place yet," Gu Shucheng replied. 

"Eh? Shouldn't there be a ranking among them?" Yao Si stilled. 

"Due to the unique nature of the prize, it's better to reveal it later as not to kill their fighting spirit," he replied seriously. "Those that receive a better ranking in this upcoming compet.i.tion will naturally become the champions of the preliminaries. This was a decision made by the committee."

Mmh, it does seem to make sense. 

Nine out of ten of the partic.i.p.ants were Mu Xuan's crazy fans. If the first place was revealed straight away, those that didn't make it would definitely feel demoralized, and it would affect their performance during the compet.i.tion. 

"There are 350 academies partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion so we'll need a total of three days," Gu Shucheng explained. "This time, the compet.i.tion will be using real robots. Partic.i.p.ants can either use robots they made themself or the ones commonly used in the Galaxy. The charges will be covered by the academy."

"They get to choose?" Yao Si froze. There was a diverse selection with similar functions and abilities, so what if they chose opposing ones? Wouldn't that be bad?

"Yes, but the grade would be capped at B rank." 

"Oh." That would make it more fair. "Oh right, why aren't you with Luo Ying today?" Weren't they inseparable?

"Bai Yi's in a bad mood so Luo Ying wil come back after placating him." 

"Bai Yi?" Yao Si stilled. "What's wrong with him?"

Gu Shucheng paused slightly before replying seriously, "His fragile heart broke when he lost in the compet.i.tion." 

"..." Eh, why wasn't she told that the chatterbox partic.i.p.ated? She could roughly guess what would hurt his fragile heart, but wasn't it just an autograph? Wasn't it going a little too far?

"That aside..." Gu Shucheng glanced at her with a complex expression. "Your Highness, is it really alright for you to leave the Red Planet for three days?"

"Er..." Her lips twitched. "Don't worry, I came after gaining approval from Mu Xuan." 

"Really?" Gu Shucheng was full of suspicion. "His Majessty really agreed? Don't you..." need to head home for your meals?

"Mmh, mmh, mmh."

She glanced to the side at a certain someone who was trying to appear nonchalant. How could he not have agreed when he followed her all the way here?

"That's good!" Nephew Gu sighed. After a moment's thought, he added, "Just to be careful though, let's head back when its nearing lunch time?" 

"..."  Enough!

Your favorite majesty is standing right beside you! Can't you see?!

"Come!" Mu Xuan pa.s.sed her a cup of red liquid. "It's to quench your thirst." 

Yao Si's lips twitched, but she downed the contents of the cup in a few gulps without a word.

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