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Yao Si unconsciously tried to test out the energy and found that it was slightly different from the abilities she'd used before. In the past, with just a thought, the energy would force its way out, but now, it suddenly went still. Regardless of how she guided it, there wasn't a bit of reaction. On top of that, the energy was surprisingly limited in strength. 

After a few tries, Yao Si finally gave up, turning to look at Nephew Gu expectantly.

After about five minutes, he finally opened his eyes.

"How is it, how is it?" Bai Yi turned to look impatiently. "Did you see it?"

"I saw it!" He nodded with an odd expression. 

"Hurry and tell us, what did you see?"

"... I saw the score for you finals - 25 marks."

"..." Bai Yi froze. "Why are you looking at that?" He'd already had a hunch on how he'd fared... "Try it again, try it again!"

The second try...

"I see it!" 

"Hurry and tell us, what did you see?"

"You lost the bet with Yu Xiang for the signed robot!"


The third try..

"Have you seen it?" 

"Three days later, you will be bitten by your neighbor's pet."


The fourth try...

"What is it this time?"

"Later, when you go out, you'll fall into the drain..."


The fifth try...

"What is it?" 

"I saw you..."

"Enough!" Bai Yi was clearly irritated. "Why do you keep harping about my future?" 

"I told you, I can't control what I see." Nephew Gu sighed, waving his hands dismissively 

"Forget it, forget it..." Yao Si headed forward, slightly depressed, interrupting their bickering. "It's fine even if we didn't find any clues, it was worth a shot." 

"Your Highness, I'm sorry. It's due to my incompetence," Nephew Gu apologized, his face drowned in guilt.

"What are you saying! It isn't your fault," Yao said, patting his shoulder. "Besides, even if you had seen Yuan Han's future, it would have just increased the chances of finding him, not that he'd just fall from the sky… Hey, what's that in the clouds?"

The blue glow grew larger, rapidly flying toward them, while the bellowing of winds was all the three could hear.

"Be careful!' Luo Ying shouted in warning, pulling them away. 

The next moment, the area that they had been standing in exploded, forming a ma.s.sive dent, couple meters deep. A black robot that was about three people high appeared before the three of them. 

"Yuan Han!" 

F*ck, she had hit the jackpot - he really came falling from the skies! 

"You three despicable bloodlings are indeed here," Yuan Han's familiar voice came from within the black robot, his voice soaked with hatred and fury. The robot's right hand held onto a blue scythe, with it aimed in their direction with a frosty glare. " Hmph. Today, I will avenge myself." 

He flung the scythe in his hands, das.h.i.+ng straight at Yao Si. 

"Your Highness!" Luo Ying shouted, bolting forward while summoning her lighting. A blinding glow erupted as countless rays of light rushed toward Han Yuan. 

Yao Si was genuinely alarmed by his sudden appearance. She then silently mourned his lack of intelligence. 

This guy wasn't crazy, so he had to be brainless! Wasn't he aware of his current predicament - wanted by the entire Galaxy? Shouldn't he be in hiding instead of seeking her out for revenge? 

"Nephew Gu, inform the Elder Council, hurry!" Yao Si turned to instruct Gu Shucheng. 

"All right!" He stilled slightly before quickly regaining his senses. Switching on his optical computer, he hurriedly sent out several messages. 

Even though they weren't in the Red Planet, with its technology, backup troops would arrive in less than five minutes. Luo Ying would just have to persevere for five minutes... 

A deafening rumble erupted. 

The scythe in the robot's arms shot a blue ray which headed straight for Luo Ying. It penetrated the lightning net, and the great force of the attack blasted her to the ground.


"Luo Ying Sis!" 

"Luo Ying!" 

Yao Si's heart contracted. How could this be? The robot had clearly been unable to withstand Luo Ying's lighting attack before. How could it have improved so much in just a short few months? 

"Hahahaha... Did you still think this is the same robot from three months ago?" Han Yuan burst into a maniacal laughter as he tightened his grip on the scythe. "You despicable bloodlings, even though no one in the Galaxy dares to offend you, it doesn't mean there isn't justice. Today, I shall seek justice for myself."

He had to be crazy! How could he think everyone but him was wrong?

With another wave of the scythe, a second blue ray struck Luo Ying. She was prepared for his attack, though, so she morphed the lightning into a long whip, striking the blue ray. The attack was sent flying, but her whip was cut in half as well. 

The three of them had their hearts in their throat. At this rate, even if she could endure till the Elder Council came, she would definitely sustain injuries. Instinctively, Yao Si wanted to head over and help by tapping onto her ability. But somehow, after tapping onto Nephew Gu's ability, other than the ability she couldn't seem to summon, her body seemed to be empty. 

What happened? Had her ability lost its effect? F*ck! This was a critical moment. 

What should she do? Nephew Gu's ability was foresight and Bai Yi's to read minds, so out of the four of them, only Luo Ying had an offensive ability.

Their battle continued to heat up. 

Yuan Han's robot was visibly improved, and even the blue scythe was s.h.i.+nning brighter than before, carrying a hint of red. With just a small wave, a cut started to form. At the beginning, both Luo Ying and the robot were equal, but as the battle continued, she started to take on a defensive position to protect the three behind her. 

Yao Si observed in fear as Yuan Han jumped high into the skies, the scythe in his hands forming multiple light rays, all of which were directed toward them. 

"F*ck!" Yao Si cursed as she worried about Luo Ying. "Jumping so high up, aren't you worried about spraining your ankle?" 

The very next moment, the robot that was in the midst of an attack froze, its right leg collapsing, which sent the entire body to the ground. 

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!

He really sprained his ankle! Yao Si's enthusiasm heightened. With any trouble the robot faced, their situation would get better!

The black robot made a perfect aerial turn, landing smoothly on the ground. Why didn't it kill you!  She couldn't help mocking him once more, "What's so great about landing like that, you should be afraid of falling when walking on solid ground." 

The next moment the robot seemed to have been possessed. It slipped forward on its next step, falling head first. 

(⊙ o ⊙)

It really fell!

I guess that robot isn't as great as he thought.

"Why didn't you fall into the lake, too?" 

Blop! The robot that had just stood up suddenly fell into the lake next to it!

"..." Yao Si.

"..." Gu Shucheng

"..." Bai Yi

"..." Luo Ying 

The three of them turned to glance at her. 

"Your… Highness?" 

"I-I have no clue?" Yao Si was clearly even more baffled that the three of them. What exactly had happened here? When had her words been so accurate? Was the robot possessed? Why was it following her every command?

"Why don't I... test it out again?" She glanced at the robot that was already out of the water, and with a tinge of guilt, she added, "Cough, erm… After that swim, aren't you worried about short-circuiting?"

The moment she finished her sentence, a spark alighted on the robot's left hand, and the originally held up arm went limp, hanging lifelessly by the side. 

It really… short-circuited?


"B*tch, what did you do to my robot?" Yuan Han detected the abnormality and pulled his robot a safe distance away, while the unfeeling robot eyes continued to stare in their direction. "Why aren't the arms working? This isn't possible."

I have no idea, young man!

"Your Highness, continue talking, don't stop!" Gu Shucheng was the first to figure things out, as he glanced at her with bright eyes. 

"Yes, Your Highness!" Bai Yi added in excitement. "Use your jinxed mouth to kill him!" 

"..." Eh, why does that encouragement seem kind of odd?  

Yuan Han was infuriated. "I'm going to kill you!" A buzzing sound came from the robot, and he pulled the ruined left arm away, then with just the right arm raised the bloodied scythe. Tens of needle like rays flew over. 

Luo Ying hurriedly formed her lighting into a net, defending them. As the battle grew increasingly more heated, Yao Si continued to jinx Yuan Huan with her words. Due to this, the situation changed entirely. 

"Even with so many rays, you won't hit anything."

Right after… nothing hit!

"Metals are conductors of electricity, aren't you afraid of getting struck by the lighting?" 

The next moment... he was struck!

"I don't understand why would someone use such a long scythe as a weapon, what if the long handle trips you over?" 

The next moment… he really tripped and fell!

"The scythe's blade is pointing inwards, if you position it at your waist, won't you hurt your b.a.l.l.s?" 

The next moment… he cut his thighs. Oh, the robot doesn't have b.a.l.l.s!


In just a short while, with her jinx mouth at work, the robot tripped and cut itself numerous times. The perfectly fine robot had lost a limb and been struck by lightning multiple times—it was simply… in the trenches. 

Gradually, Yao Si became aware that every time she spoke, the energy would surge within her. That energy that she had originally been unable to summon would leave her body. 

So… her jinxed mouth was actually an ability!! 

This ability was activated based on Nephew Gu's ability, and since his was foresight, then the counter was… a jinxed mouth? 

What kind of ability was that? 

Flips table!

First Lord of Subt.i.tles, now this jinxed mouth! How far was this counter ability going to go!

"You incorrigible bloodlings! You're despicable!" Yuan Han's robot was starting to fume. The originally black color didn't change much, but the body started to reek of smoke as the electric currents scattered. "I'll definitely avenge myself! Don't you dare think I'll surrender because of this."

"Who cares whether you surrender!" Bai Yi spat. With confidence, he retorted, "We just want to bash you." 

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