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"Bloodlings are indeed blessed by the heavens, our abilities are indomitable, even at rest, our default ability is of S grade," Yao Si acknowledged graciously. She then continued, " But... does it have anything to do with you? Does your acceptance have anything to do with us? Must a race inform you of its strength and weaknesses? No matter how strong we bloodlings are, we have always maintained our strict values. There isn't a need to cheat. You can't even cheat properly, so how dare you fire another race?" 

"You..." he said, choking on his words. 

An arrogance compet.i.tion? Who's afraid, heh. 

"Equality is the most important aspect in a compet.i.tion! You broke the rules by using an S grade robot, this means I have the right to deem your results and partic.i.p.ation rights as invalid. You will never be the champion, even if just as you mentioned, we had partic.i.p.ated by using underhanded means or our kind is pulling ranks! If you aren't convinced… Heh, is that my problem?" If you have the capability, bite me! 

Yuan Han's face sank, but he was no longer able to retort, and he dragged himself out the compet.i.tion grounds. 

Yao Si quickly disregarded the extremist, turning towards President Zhuo Feng. "President, about the compet.i.tion..."

"The results don't count, they don't count!"

President Zhuo Feng broke into cold sweat. Today seemed like a horrible day, cheating was already a major scandal for the academy, but the cheater didn't even stop there, but had to direct his anger elsewhere. The president could already predict how badly his academy was going to be bashed once this news. .h.i.t the Galactic Web. The registration rate next year was definitely going to fall into the dumps! 

He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and added weakly, "The champion t.i.tle for this compet.i.tion belongs to your academy—"

"Forget it!" Before he could finish his sentence, though, Nephew Gu interrupted with a solemn expression, his every word devilish. "We, The First Academy, have always been reputable and with strict values. In order to prevent others with ulterior motives from naming us an academy that bullies those weaker with force, or an academy that secretly controls the compet.i.tion with underhanded methods, we will pull out from the compet.i.tion." 

Cold sweat was now pouring down President Zhuo Feng's back. If the First Academy pulled out, what would then be the point in competing. "No, no, no, how can you do that? This… Everyone is watching, on account of our many years of friends.h.i.+p..."

Gu Shucheng was prepared to direct more hatred toward the man in an attempt to appease Her Highness. How dare this b.a.s.t.a.r.d without any ability speak in front of Her Highness? Who gave him the right? Does he think I won't give him trouble?

"Our academy isn't as skilled, we won't partic—" He stopped abruptly, his eyes going wide as color washed off his face. 

Even Yao Si could sense his abnormality. 

"Nephew Gu, what's wrong—"

Just as she started to ask, he turned around and grabbed Luo Ying who was at the side before using the other hand to grab Yao Si. "We must leave!"

"What's wrong..."

Before she could get back to her senses, she was already hauled away, only managing to pull Mu Xuan who was still seated nearby. Holding onto them, Nephew Gu sprinted down the stairs. 

Everyone on the stage wore a face of confusion as they glanced at each other. Thinking that something big was going to happen, they followed after. 

"Nephew Gu!" Yao Si tried to get a clarification as she rushed away by his side. 

However, Gu Shucheng had no intention of replying, focused on running away with a death grip on her arm, the strength exerted by which was starting to hurt her. Mu Xuan, who was originally emotionless, broke into a deep frown, heading forward to rip their hands apart. 

Turning, he held onto her waist with one hand and lifted Nephew Gu by the collar with the other, Luo Ying dangling behind. Like a grape vein with three berries, he jumped off the stage. All Yao Si could feel was a strong gust of wind engulfing her, and the next moment the four of them landed softly like a feather into the middle of the freshly cleaned compet.i.tion grounds.

"Nephew Gu, in such a pressing situation, how did you..." Before she could finish her sentence, a familiar surge of energy pulsed within her, this was...

"You used your ability?!"

Wait a minute! Nephew Gu's ability is… foresight!

The reason he had pulled her down so anxiously was because...

"Is something going to happen?" Her heart froze. "What did you see?"

"I'm not sure either!" Nephew Gu's face was still ashen, his expression a mixture of horror and bewilderment as he continued to stare at the seat on the stage. 

Due to their abrupt departure, the various academy presidents had followed after in curiosity. There was no longer anyone up there. 

Yao Si glanced at the empty stage. Why did it seem like an evacuation? She asked casually, "Did you perhaps see the stage exploding?" 

The second she finished her question, a deafening explosion erupted.

A gigantic blue glow fell from the skies, spilling the stage. The originally white stage was thoroughly enveloped by a blue glow, splitting into pieces. 

F*ck, it really exploded!

She lifted her head. There was a black s.h.i.+p in the skies, directly above the stage. 

It was Yuan Han who had just left!

"Remember, this is just a punishment! You poisonous creatures, I'll definitely be back to get my revenge for the humiliation you brought me today." He spat from above at the crowd. "So what if you're bloodlings, I, Yuan Han, am not afraid."

This biting of teeth, this hateful tone...


This guy... must be a maniac!

Wasn't it just losing a compet.i.tion? Why did it seem like such a deeply ingrained abhorrence. Besides, wasn't he the one that cheated?

"President Zhuo Feng… Are the students from your academy all such odd characters?"

"..." President Zhuo Feng. 

Yao Si took a step forward unconsciously, and Mu Xuan bolted forward, holding onto her. In a low voice, he said, "Don't go over." 

Yao Si stilled. Just then, the blue glow enveloping the stage started to change - darkening, materializing. In less than a second, a gigantic circle was formed. Just like a flower bud, it opened into a ma.s.sive blue flower that was glowing, its petals translucent. The flower smashed down, thoroughly destroying the already half-ruined stage. 

What kind of weapon is that?  

She glanced up at the sky, and in a flash, the black s.h.i.+p disappeared. 

Yuan Han's rift thoroughly wrecked the peaceful compet.i.tion, pus.h.i.+ng it to the level of a major affair. His final blow could be considered as an attempted murder, while with Yao Si around, it gradually leveled up into a terrorist attack. 

The Galactic Alliance was quick to order for his arrest, Zhuo Feng Academy to expel him, while the bloodlings to list him as a wanted criminal. 

However, he seemed to have vanished into thin air. 

The gigantic blue flower left behind by his suspicious looking robot had vanished abruptly, turning into dust. No one knew the weapon that was used, no one having seen it before, thus a commotion rose up regarding that. 

Zhuo Feng Academy blasted itself into fame with this incident, but it wasn't a pleasant one. People started to discuss Yuan Han's ident.i.ty, guessing who he might be. But regardless of how much they investigated, they could only conclude that he was an average student, the only exception being that he'd become the disciple of a robot expert. Besides that, before the compet.i.tion, no one knew of his ability to control robots. 

As for the black lighting account on the Galactic Web, no one had accessed it before. 

Yao Si had an odd feeling about him, both the way he dealt with things and the way he acted during the compet.i.tion. He had been insistent and confident about his nonsensical logic, and this behaviour seem oddly familiar..?

Yet she couldn't pinpoint the origin of this feeling. Even though she had never encountered him, there was an odd sense of familiarity mixed with a rising wave of worry. 

The biting sense of unease kept eating at her, but even after three long months, he was still not found. A whole semester had already pa.s.sed, but he still remained missing. 

The hunch Yao Si had kept gnawing at her more and more. She then recalled the times when the bloodlings could not be found, and at that time, the disappearance was linked to a special organization. 

If these two events were linked, then those people should be prepared, so she decided to have a discussion with Nephew Gu on a major plan. If Yuan Han wasn't going to appear, she was going to take action. 

"Your Highness, your wish for me to use my ability to pinpoint Yuan Han's position?" 

Yao Si nodded her head aggressively. After causing such a ruckus, he shouldn't be able to hide forever. Besides, all his accounts and information were being monitored . Soon, he would be forced to appear.They just had to predict his possible location in advance. 

"Good idea!" Fanboy Bai Yi was the first to complement her. "If the other party's actions can be predicted, we can easily go on the offense." 

Yao Si nodded, that was exactly her intention. She then turned to Nephew Gu and asked, "Is it possible?"

"It is possible..." As opposed to their excitement, Nephew Gu wore a frown. He shared a glance with Luo Ying, seemingly troubled. 

"Let me explain!" Luo Ying took a step forward, sighing. " Your Highness, even though father has the ability to predict... he is not able to control the visions, which means he might not be able to see what you desire." 

His mind reading ability comes at random? Isn't that even worse than my pa.s.sive ability? 

"Then try a few more times if you can't see anything at once!" Bai Yi said enthusiastically, tapping Nephew Gu's shoulder without any worry. He had on a confident smile. " Shucheng, your ability is one in a million, we may actually be able to find that crazy guy with it." 

Gu Shucheng rolled his eyes, and after a bit of thinking, he nodded at Yao Si. "I'll try." 

He shut his eyes, trying to sense something. At the same moment, Yao Si felt a familiar force rus.h.i.+ng through her body. It was her pa.s.sive ability! She was suddenly intrigued, since Nephew Gu's ability was foresight, what would hers be? 

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