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Su Yan, Tie Baocai and Fatty ran through the jungle, feeling as if they had come to an isolated world where

the clouds and mists rolled and the sun shone

with a range of undulating mountains greeting their eyes, at the end of which, though dim, there were many divine waterfalls falling down with brilliance, turning into the natural essence that drifted down in the vast mountains.

For a time, the whole mountain range was s.h.i.+ning, as if its life was awakening, sparkling and dazzling!

The mountains were huge and magnificent with a great number of people dwelling here.

They were all absorbing the natural essence scattering down from the falls to refine their Qi and strengthen their Destiny Spring!

The Fatty clenched his fists tightly. There were at least ten thousand people here.

Since they were cultivating here, it meant that they were all the followers of Zu Yan. What on earth did Zu Yan want to do for training so many people? Did he really have the ambition to rule the earth?

What shocked them most was that the source of the falls was blurred, but it seemed that inside it there stood a towering divine furnace emitting Qi of essence with huge rules between heaven and earth circling around. It looked like a place of enlightenment.

"Mount Qomolangma!"

Like seeing through vanity, Su Yan saw a towering mountain as magnificent and mighty as the heaven!

At this moment, the blood in Su Yan's body was boiling and was about to ignite a force that could promote Su Yan’s return!

At this moment, he seemed to have seen all of the Mount Qomolangma. It was like a magnificent giant with indomitable spirit standing upright between the primitive world!

"This is…"

Su Yan was shocked and did not know whether what he saw was true or not. This vague shadow was so magnificent that it overlooked the past, the present and the future. He controlled the reincarnation of life and death and was invincible among the universe!

It was like a terrible seal imprinted on the soul of Su Yan so that he would never forget.

When Su Yan finally came to himself, he breathed heavily. Somehow, he had just gone through a wonderful journey. Now pondering over it again, Su Yan saw a towering giant standing in the sea of his consciousness!

Was it fake?

Su Yan meditated on it carefully, failing to catch anything. He frowned.

"What the h.e.l.l is this? What does the Mount Qomolangma have to do with me?" Su Yan wanted to know the answer and didn't want to be trapped in the confusion.

"Bravo. This is a place of cultivation!"

With its panda eyes wide open, Tie Baocai said after quite a while of observation, "Having trained so many people, Zu Yan really want to dominate Huaxia Alliance and become the emperor."

Su Yan looked sullen. He realised that he must inform Xia Ze as soon as possible and let him take precautions against Zu Yan.

He felt that Zu Yan would not wait so long. Sooner or later, Zu Yan would probably rule the whole Huaxia Alliance.

"Can we sneak in?" asked

Fatty as he couldn’t wait to see what it was like inside.

Tie Baocais was tempted to get into Zu Yan’s den. It said impatiently, "What do you think, Su Yan? I don't think he take tens of Essence Stones with him, unless he has powerful spatial treasures like yours!"

Spatial treasure was too scarce, especially the Phoenix Hairpin Zhu Yue left to Su Yan. It was extremely valuable!

Spatial treasures were difficult to buy, even in the most prosperous cultivation world.

"No, don't act rashly now. Although we can sneak in with some luck, the formation inside is hard to crack."

Su Yan shook his head and looked at the terrain. Now he could confirm that Mount Qomolangma was inside, but was covered by an ancient formation. He felt the momentum of this terrain was getting spookier with magnificent vitality of life.

"Can you see anything out of that?" Tie Baocai asked.

Su Yan shook his head and said gravely, "The sitemap here is amazing. The road to the mountain has been concealed by the power of the ancient formation. Let me see what it is!"

Su Yan took out the volume of the Taoist Formation, and he quickly recognised it according to the track of the formation.

"Little Five Elements Formation!"

Tie Baocai had a headache, "d.a.m.n! This formation is formidable. It is very difficult even for Xia Ze to breach the Little Five Elements Formation, and the noise of breaking through will be quite big. We have to sneak in without being noticed by others."

Su Yan observed the Little Five Elements Formation for a while and sneered, "I have an idea. But I need some minerals. I can sneak in quietly if I reach the second-grade Taoist Coercer."

"It seems hopeless now," Tie Baocai was still a little unwilling.

"Baocai, you just mentioned about refining the Body-gliding Liquid, is it feasible?"

Su Yan asked, "You also see the strength of Zu Yan, and he also owns so many resources. What if he opens a few more Taoist Doors? No one can resist him. And if his followers level up, the whole Huaxia Alliance will be in danger. By then we all cannot escape from it!"

"Yes, Baocai!" The Fatty was also worried since Huaxia Alliance belonged to the people of the world. But Zu Yan was selfish, once he controlled the alliance, it would be the ultimate disaster of Huaxia Alliance.

Hearing this, Tie Baocai said cheekily, "Let me use your Bronze Tripod for some time!"

"Tie Baocai, what tricks are you playing?" Su Yan got angry.

"Boy, the Bronze Tripod is used to refine medicine. You let me use it for some time and I will refine the Body-gliding Liquid for you. But we should first have enough materials!" Tie Baocai said arrogantly.

Seeing the two’s unbelieving eyes, Tie Baocai also got irritated, "Don't tell me that you don't believe it. In front of me, Deity of Medicine, even the world's first-level chemist Liu Chengtian is so lame."

Su Yan and Fatty almost fell to the ground. They really wanted to beat up Tie Baoccai for its arrogant manner.

"I'm telling you the truth, don't look at me like that!"

Tie Baocai emphasised, "Don’t we just lack one last material, Earth Milk? Now we can roam around the wilderness region and I’m sure we'll surely find it!"

Su Yan had no choice but to believe Tie Baocai's words.

They didn’t hurry to leave but stayed to record the route maps of these regions first. After that, they began to search for Earth Milk in the wilderness region like dredging for a needle in the sea.

"I'll be back sooner or later!"

Before leaving, Su Yan took a complicated look at the covered Mt. Qomolangma.

The place held too many mysteries about him, just like where he belonged.

Su Yan touched the crystal pendant on his neck. It became much more mysterious. He wondered its relations.h.i.+p with himself.

They left here and began to search for Earth Milk.

With their capability, they could walk across the wilderness region as long as they didn’t meet the demon lord who had realized the rules between heaven and earth.

They were thousands of miles away from Huaxia City.

A place frequented by few. Reek of beasts pervaded the mountain forest, and one could easily see powerful beasts absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon to nourish their bodies.

How many demon lords were there on the earth? This was unknown.

At present, the area of the earth couldn’t be measured completely.

The vast wilderness region abounded with natural essence. Nature is also magical, nurturing a lot of treasures of heaven and earth.

Although they lost the Dragon Totem, they came across a great deal of great treasures along their long trudge.

"Hurry up!"

On this day, Su Yan’s face changed drastically, while Tie Baocai had long run out of sight.

"My dear!"

The Fatty rushed frantically. Behind them, sonorous clangour exploded densely, like numerous iron swords beating, making creepy noise.

"Tie Baocai, you eat the s.h.i.+t of ants!"

Su Yan was so angry that his face turned green. Behind them, black torrents rolled with terrible and ferocious air, covering dozens of miles!

On a detailed look, it was an army of black ants with each as hard as steel.

It was nothing at all if there appeared only one or two ants, but hundreds of thousands of ants were crus.h.i.+ng upon them, eating up all that was green and alive as they pa.s.sed by.

"What s.h.i.+t?" Tie Baocai ran fast, whipped round and growled with a sullen face, "This is a precious material produced by iron-back ants, which is as valuable as rare minerals. Don't blather, you b.u.mpkin!"

"That's still s.h.i.+t! No wonder they’re so cruel. They’re your relatives!"

Su Yan got so exasperated that Tie Baocai stole it and ran away, leaving them almost eaten by the army of iron-back ants.

Tie Baocai almost burst in anger. He was not in the mood to talk to Su Yan anymore. The top priority now was to get the h.e.l.l out of here.

This was a thrilling journey with countless outlandish things. The most alarmingly dangerous of all was the army of iron-back ants chasing after them now!  Once the ants got them, there would be nothing of them left.

The moment they reached a safe region Su Yan almost hung up Tie Baocai to beat it. Tie Baocai a.s.serted himself eloquently, "I'm training your reaction ability for emergency and stimulating your potential!"

They all had a thrilling day.

At night, Su Yan was overjoyed that he found a stalact.i.te cave for rest, in which he dug out rare milky-white Earth Milk!

"Hha, I finally found it!"

Su Yan laughed out with excitement. This was the precious natural treasure bred by the earth, which could strengthen the body!

It was also the last material for refining Body-gliding Liquid. With all materials ready, they could start it now.

"Tie Baocai, are you sure you can manage it?" Su Yan still had some doubts, "If you can't, just say it. There is only one set of materials. Don't force yourself and we can let the Vice Dean Liu Chengtian have a try. Maybe he can make it with some luck."

"Don't look at me like that, boy. If I can’t refine this tiny Body-gliding Liquid, I'll eat s.h.i.+t!" Tie Baocai swore affirmatively to prove itself.

With that, Su Yan had no choice but to believe it. Besides, he wanted to see how Tie Baocai made it.

Soon they found a safe place. Tie Baocai took out the Eight-diagrams Alchemy Furnace. When it was opened, Su Yan saw an elixir flame in it.

"After I internalize this flame, I can refine the Body-Gliding Liquid!"

Tie Baocai's face was a little grim. The Eight-diagrams Alchemy Furnace was certainly not comparable to the Bronze Tripod, but the value of the flame inside it was amazing!


It was like a divine flame burning up the sky came out that even the Fatty had a feeling of being incinerated!

Su Yan was amazed. What inside the Eight-diagrams Alchemy Furnace was like a sea of stars. When the flame rekindled, scorching fluctuations flowed out, almost fragmenting the air!

This was a fire of star burning with a faint star manifesting itself in the flame!

The temperature of it was terrible. When it fell, Tie Baocai was burnt, all bare, with smoke drifting out from its nostrils.

"Tie Baocai is cruel at itself this time!"

Su Yan and Fatty were dumbfounded.

"f.u.c.k. It’s too scorching!" Tie Baocai grimaced out of pain, took out the Star Rice and swallowed them. The energy Star Rice contained could help Tie Baocai recover.

"It is trying to transform with the help of the divine fire of star, and if lucky enough it can even subdue the fire!" Su Yan said. "But it’s dangerous. Without the help of Star Rice, the success rate is very low!"

The Fatty was frightened because he didn’t expect Tie Baocai to choose such a dangerous way.

"f.u.c.k it! After I internalize the divine fire of star, I can start constructing my Life Implement, which will be very powerful then!"

Tie Baocai roared ferociously, "Guard for me and quickly put the Star in the tripod. I need some of the power of the star to help me get through this."

Holding the Star with its giant paws, Tie Baocai wormed itself into the Bronze Tripod. The tattered tripod suddenly came back to life!


When the tripod operated, the essence of stars dropped down from the vault of heaven, converged on the tripod and flowed to Tie Baocai whose skin was split and flesh broken!

"It's time for me to start closed-door cultivation and strive for the ninth level of Destiny Spring!"

Su Yan took out a lot of Essence Stones, preparing to advance to the ninth level at one fling. Once he made it to the peak of the Destiny Spring Realm, he could also construct his own Life Implement.

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