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Xia Ze flew into a rage, with his cold pupils staring at Ding Jun, brawling, “You are one of the top ten masters honorably representing Huaxia College. Nonetheless, you threw revilements right in front of the college gate regardless of any decency! How reckless and stupid! You become quite capable now, uh-huh? Daring to behave atrociously here without an iota of respect toward our college?"


Ding Jun's face was contorted. He still feared Xia Ze for which he dared not talk back for the time even with

Zu Yan backing him up as he knew that Zu Yan wouldn’t openly act against Xia Ze for the present, unless Xia Ze stopped them from capturing Su Yan.

At the moment, Zu Yan’s Soul had swept the whole Huaxia College with no spot on Su Yan whatsoever. He looked sulky.

In a fleeting speed, Zu Yan flew across the wilderness region with the energy of Soul rippling out and searching for Su Yan’s whereabouts.

Since he had opened the Holy-level Taoist Door, he had entered the realm of advanced power that allowed him to move in a miraculous speed.

Xia Ze realized the severity of the fact that once Zu Yan found them, bad things would happen!

“The more Zu Yan wants to kill me, the more it proves the uncanny value of Incipient Scripture. I must retrieve it all!”

Su Yan thought to himself with certainty. He and the others were currently hiding in a cave not far away from Huaxia College. The cave, submerged by the Qi of earth veins, blocked Zu Yan’s Soul from identifying their location.

Not resigned, Zu Yan kept broadening the search until thousands of miles was thoroughly looked through and he still got nothing useful, which made him sulky again.

“Where did you sneak the man that I am looking for?”

Zu Yan showed up at Huaxai College provokingly. Down looking at Xia Ze, he questioned coldly, “Is this the so-called one-year grounding you mentioned?”

Hearing this, Xia Ze sighed helplessly, “This is on me. I failed locking them up. They have quit the school and gone to G.o.d knows where before I could inform you!”

“You s.h.i.+t!”

Zu Yan lost his bearing and became livid-faced. If Su Yan really had gone to somewhere n.o.body knew, how was he going to get the bloke? Searching the whole world?

“But Su Yan left a message that he’ll come back when the time comes.”

Xia Ze laughed, “I would love to know how Su Yan is going to surprise me again, wouldn’t you Zu Yan?!”

“He, surprise?”

Zu Yan shook his head disdainfully. It was not that easy to grasp the mystery of the rules of heaven and earth. He learned from historical doc.u.ments that even some unlucky talents with Supreme Body could not understand the rules of heaven and earth!

The reason why he and Xia Ze had entered Taoist Door in such a short time was because they had been inspired by numerous ancient records!


Zu Yan’s eyes laid on the Training PaG.o.da suddenly!

Xia Ze’s heart shrank as he feared that Zu Yan might notice something unusual about the Training PaG.o.da just like he himself did when he first reached the Taoist Door Realm. Su Yan had accomplished the entire mission in the Training PaG.o.da but the news was on lockdown yet.

Zu Yan walked in the Training PaG.o.da forthright.

All disciples were terrified for Zu Yan had failed in Training PaG.o.da once and they wondered whether he would succeed this time.

“s.h.i.+t, Zu Yan is in Training PaG.o.da.”

Su Yan looked worried, “I have the Training PaG.o.da as mine now, but I can’t control it for now. Once he knows that, I’ll be in deep s.h.i.+t!”

“He’s in there now?” Tie Baocai cheered. “He is digging his own grave. The paG.o.da has a strong spiritual seal, even I couldn’t refine it. How could he with his pathetic cultivation?”

“You little s.h.i.+t! Why aren’t a bit ashamed?” Su Yan raged with a scowl. This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d was so greedy that he should covet the treasure of its own friend!

“Brat, I was testing the power of your Treasure!” Tie Baocai argued. “Now we have the chance to locate his evil nest if he appropriates the paG.o.da to himself!”

Su Yan couldn’t help but nod in approval. He could relate to the spiritual seal and keep track of it if Zu Yan took it home!

Su Yan sent a message to Xia Ze immediately and asked him to not intervene.

“Su Yan is the top of all those trying to make it through the Training PaG.o.da!”

Under the eager attention of all disciples, the paG.o.da, to everyone’s surprise, underwent great changes in just three hours.

The whole paG.o.da was trembling, with the top two floors collapsed right away!

“What is going on?”

The bystanders all gasped in shock as they saw a hand pulling the paG.o.da up from the ground.

“Oh! My Good G.o.d!”

All present were holding their breath as Zu Yan shouldered the paG.o.da like a king with his great intimidating dignity!

“Warlord Zu Yan pa.s.sed all tests in the paG.o.da!”

Ding Jun laughed crazily, “Su Yan, aren’t you the best? How come you never make it through the paG.o.da? You are nothing compared to Warlord Zu Yan!”

Some teachers looked grave as Zu Yan apparently intended to take away the Training PaG.o.da.

“Xia Ze, is it ok with you that I take it?” asked Zu Yan holding the paG.o.da in his hand.

He looked at Xia Ze, with a subtle smile, “The Training PaG.o.da has always been an ownerless treasure. It’d be such a waste to leave it here!”

Hearing this, Xia Ze said coldly, “Zu Yan, it is the college’s property. We need it for initial training. If you take it away like this, what about the students?”

“Xia Ze, the Warlord has gained it. Who are you to…”

Before Ding Jun could finish his words, Xia Ze’s Qi burst out like a war pike penetrating the sky dome with a momentum that crushed overwhelmingly down toward Ding Jun. Poor Ding Jun coughed out blood and receded fast, almost stumbling down to the ground!

“Ding Jun, if you get tired of being alive, let me know.”

Countless eyes were glued to Xia Ze who was ultimately dominant in the moment like a fury lion making the students psyched.

“Why? Xia Ze, you got an opinion?”

Zu Yan didn’t speak up for Ding Jun. He wanted the Training PaG.o.da and took a tough stance, “I’ll keep the Training PaG.o.da to myself.”

“Keep your motherf.u.c.king bulls.h.i.+t!”

Xia Ze cursed in his mind and spoke with indifference, “I am cool with it. But it is after all the most valuable fortune in the college.”

“Forgive me for being brusque.”

Zu Yan generously waved his sleeve and five legendary weapons appeared in front of Xia Ze!

Xia Ze slightly shook his head.

Su Yan and Tie Baocai were all dumbstruck. What a shakedown!

Zu Yan frowned as he threw out an alchemy furnace and even three ancient elixir prescriptions.

Xia Ze shook his head again.

Zu Yan looked mumpish. He stared at Xia Ze and took out a purple armor. Motionlessly, he fixed his eyes on Xia Ze as if saying, “Don’t be an ungrateful a.s.shole!”


Xia Ze looked like he finally gave way, but he was actually very much pleased. Well, it was Su Yan’s treasure that was taken, yet Xia Ze got the chance to rip off a great deal of nice treasures of Zu Yan without losing a penny.

“What a negotiator!” Tie Baocai couldn’t help but cry out loud. If he was in Xia Ze’s position, he absolutely could squeeze more things out of Zu Yan who was incredibly well off!

“This is great!”

Zu Yan laughed out loud with excitement.

He was basically sure that the Training PaG.o.da was a more powerful treasure than the Bronze Chariot. This mysterious treasure would only be totally mastered when he erased the seal inside of it.

Then Zu Yan left Huaxia City with the Training PaG.o.da from Huaxia College.

“What do we do? Do we follow him?” the Fatty was kind of impatient and eager to uncover the nest of Zu Yan.

Su Yan had a clear sense that the spiritual seal was moving away.

“No need to rush.”

Su Yan answered after a short silence, “We’d expose ourselves if we follow now. I can still feel the seal in the Training PaG.o.da. We can track them when they walk a bit farther!”

Patiently they waited.

Gradually the perception of the seal was becoming weaker and weaker. Su Yan felt the Training PaG.o.da was nearly a thousand miles away from him. Decisively they started moving towards Zu Yan!

“Let’s go. I must have a good look at that nest and find out what he got in there!” Tie Baocai urged.

On the way they moved fast approaching their destination——Zu Yan’s evil nest!

After 4 hours, they were in the depth of Wilderness region afar from the Huaxia City.

The second mutation of the earth greatly changed the earth’s geographical appearance. To some point the earth itself was growing bigger.

Half of the day had pa.s.sed. Su Yan had a grim look on his face as he sensed the odor of a Demon King. There must be a Demon King nearby!

This area was shrouded in heavy haze with a murderous vibe lurking in all directions.

“Did he disappear? Could there be a Formation where Zu Yan has entered?”

Su Yan’s face changed sharply as he noticed something wrong——the seal in the Training PaG.o.da was completely gone!

“Move faster!”

They pushed forward into the haze where they found themselves lost in confusion and entirely failed to track Zu Yan’s last trail.

“s.h.i.+t, we lost him. You are overly cautious and now we lost him!”

Tie Baocai sniffed around unpleasantly and did not find the scent of Zu Yan.

“It doesn’t matter with my cautiousness. The seal of PaG.o.da is deliberately hidden from me!”

Not willing to give up, Su Yan continued searching along the way. When they went deeper into the mist, Su Yan felt his blood boiling and something triggered his body like a burning lamp wick eliciting him to the way home!

“Is it…”

Su Yan’s eyes were wide open with a touch of excitement. There was only one place for this familiar sensation coming out of his chests! It was calling for him!

His memory jolted back to a hundred years ago when he had climbed the Mount Qomolangma for the first time and ever since he had this feeling that it was where he belonged.

The sense of belonging dawned upon him again!

“I’m back.”

Su Yan whispered to himself, whereas his mind was stirred drastically. Following the calling, he moved toward to the destination.

The natural essence here was getting thicker, far richer than that in the place of dragon veins in Huaxia College!

“Mount Qomolangma, here I come again!”

With his restless blood boiling, he and the others had reached the destination.

His grips tightened out of the complicated feeling of anxiety and antic.i.p.ation as both the mystery of his origin and the Dragon Totem were closely a.s.sociated with Mount Qomolangma!

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