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Su Yan, who was cultivating in the Training PaG.o.da, was also shocked by this extremely magnificent aura.

He noticed that there was a sea of divine power spreading. Having sensed that this world-shaking divine power could surge into the sky, Su Yan look dignified as he was familiar with this aura!

"Zu Yan is getting stronger. Now he has stepped into the Taoist Door Realm. What level of Taoist Door has he opened?"

Walking out of the Training PaG.o.da, Su Yan looked into distance with his fist involuntarily clenched!

Now the whole Huaxia Alliance was shocked by Zu Yan's breakthrough, because it was even more magnificent than that of Xia Ze. All felt that they had seen a scene of a G.o.d coming down to the mortal world!

"He’s displaying his full strength to overawe us all. Hum! Zu Yan, why are you so sure that you are invincible and can dominate the whole earth?!"

Xia Ze looked sullen. Things he worried most finally happened. He regretted that he didn’t take the risk to kill Zu Yan when he had the chance. Now Zu Yan was more difficult to deal with.

"He chose to break through here to regain the t.i.tle of the world's most powerful man!"

Liu Chengtian's face was a little cold. He worried about Zu Yan's battle with Su Yan a few months later. Su Yan might not even have to wait for eight months as Zu Yan now would probably break into the college and suppress him.

"After all, this is the holy-level Taoist Door!"

"Even though I’ve tried my best and exhausted my resources, I only opened the heaven-level Taoist Door. Zu Yan is a true King Body!”

Xia Ze looked at the place where Yi Yuan was cultivating and sighed deeply. After all, Yi Yuan's Destiny Spring was broken and was too difficult to repair. Liu Chengtian's current skill in alchemy couldn’t repair it. If Yi Yuan's Destiny Spring could be repaired, Xia Ze estimated that it would be quite promising for Yi Yuan to fight against Zu Yan with his King Body!

In order to master the rules between heaven and earth, one should form a Taoist door with natural laws in the sea of Destiny Spring of the Implement Constructing Realm. The strength of the Taoist door was related to Destiny Spring, to martial arts and to the strength of the rules between heaven and earth the cultivator grasped.

This was the fourth realm in the cultivation world - the Taoist Door Realm.

Zu Yan's breakthrough was amazing, which was not over after one whole day and night.

Someone got a faint glance of thousands of Essence Stones dissolving, turning into a dragon with billowy Qi to help Zu Yan bombard the Taoist Door!

"d.a.m.n it."

Tie Baocai ran over with a long face, "Man, it seems what you said is true. Zu Yan's den is really covert enough. If we knew where his den is, we could empty his den right now!"

Tie Baocai had been inquiring about the whereabouts of Zu Yan's den recently, but it got no information, even the UCC had no idea.

"He used thousands of Essence Stones when breaking through. G.o.d knows how many treasures he owns. Tens of thousands of Essence Stones is only a conservative estimate." Su Yan pulled a grave face. He got 3,000 Essence Stones in those days, which were all given by Zhu Yue. But Zu Yan easily took out thousands of Essence Stones!

"Boy, we must dig out his den as soon as possible. If he breaks through like this, he will soon open several Taoist Doors. Then how can you fight with him? That's idiotic nonsense!"

Tie Baocai got jealous and was itching to take away all these Essence Stones immediately. After all, the resources on the earth were too scarce, and the natural essence was not particularly prosperous.

Su Yan thought it would be better if he had 3,000 Essence Stones. He could challenge for the next realm at one fling without worrying about wastage.

Although Su Yan now had 1,200 stones, but he didn’t know how many Essence Stones were needed to cultivate the Source Pen, so he had to pinch pennies.

The next day, some saw that the ancient door Zu Yan bombarded was blazing with purple clouds rolling!

The momentum of Zu Yan was increasingly terrible. At the moment of him cracking the obstacle for next realm, his body exhibited the aura of the king of all living beings that could conquer all!

"This is the divinity of the king body!" Tie Baocai a.s.serted," The divinity of this man's king body has been fully explored and he has got more powerful. Xia Ze is no longer Zu Yan's opponent, and even two Xia Ze are very difficult to resist Zu Yan!"

Su Yan's face became sullener. It was terrible that Zu Yan had opened a Taoist Door much stronger than that of Xia Ze.


With everyone watching, the vague door gradually became clear, like the door of G.o.ds. When its corner ruptured, the clinking breath was like the striking energy fluctuation of the primordial G.o.ds.

All of a sudden, it soared up, penetrating the sky!


When the door was completely crashed, the sky shook and the earth quaked. The sun and the moon were dimmed. The power of the rules between heaven and earth was intertwined in the Taoist Door, in which stood a vague and towering figure  propping the firmament with his head. It was terrible as such!

"Warlord Zu Yan!"

The whole Huaxia Alliance was boiling, and some people said enthusiastically, "Zu Yan is no doubt a true warlord. Warlord Zu Yan, the mightiest f all, is terrible like an immortal G.o.d!"

"To be honest, Warlord Zu Yan is more powerful than Warlord Xia Ze. What kind of Taoist Door did he open?"

"Rumours had it that the average Taoist Doors are magic-level. The top one is the heaven-level Taoist Door. There is also a kind of Taoist Door better than it and is known as the holy-level Taoist Door.”

"My G.o.d. Can Zu Yan really become a G.o.d in the future?"

"Who knows. This is the holy-level Taoist door. Zu Yan is truly terrible and has infinite potential. According to the records in ancient books, the holy-level Taoist door is extremely peerless even in the prosperous cultivation world!”

"What is the strongest Taoist Door?"

"It is said that the strongest is the Saint Door. I don't know whether it exists or not!"

The whole Huaxia Alliance discussed about it heatedly. Was there a Saint Door that was more terrible than the holy-level one?

Su Yan’s mind was visibly stirred. What level was this Saint Door?

"Don't even think about the Saint Door!" Tie Baocai shook his head and said, "It's very difficult to open the Saint Door even for the Supreme Body. It's not only about luck and resources. Without excellent understanding and great opportunities, there’s no way to open the Saint Door. It also requires superb ancient scripture, which is very rare. Your scriptures are supposed to be rare enough, but opening the Saint Door is not a matter of luck."

"Although opening the holy-level Taoist Door is difficult, there is great hope. For example, Su Bingshuang got the Qi of Dragon Vein, which helped to transform her foundation of Destiny Spring. Plus the top heavenly cultivation manual she mastered, she has great chance of opening the holy-level Taoist Door!”

Su Yan frowned and recalled the Incipient Scripture he got, which wasn’t complete as his bloodline needed to further revive to get the latter scriptures for Taoist Door Realm.

With his body potential so tremendous like the universe, couldn’t his Taoist Door be the same?

"Su Yan’s potential in the Awakening Realm is so shocking. What kind of Taoist Door can he open?"

Many people were silent. Could he open the holy-level Taoist Door like Zu Yan did? They all thought it impossible!

But even if Su Yan did it, he could not catch up with Zu Yan!

"Su Yan, ha ha, he dared to challenge Warlord Zu Yan in front of the world. I see there are still eight months left for the duel. I wonder if he can manage to survive in the battle!"

Many people of the Prime Faction jumped out one after another. They were not confident enough because of the disastrous defeat Tong Huoyin suffered before. But now they regained their confidence.

Holy-level Taoist Door, one that was much more stunning than Xia Ze’s has been opened up by Zu Yan. Zu Yan was destined to go further in the future!

"Is Su Yan courting death? How can he fight against Zu Yan? How can he comprehend the rules between heaven and earth in only eight months? Let alone opening up Taoist Door, haha, how can he so delusional to challenge Warlord Zu Yan!"

"Hum. He’s going to get himself killed. I would like to see who else can keep Su Yan alive after eight months!"

The sensation in Huaxia Alliance continued, and what surprised the people of the Prime Faction was that Zu Yan directly walked out of the place for his closed-door cultivation towards the Huaxia City!

What did he want to do? Did he want to revenge ahead of time?

Zu Yan’s breath was so unfathomable that it almost swallowed rivers and mountains. The tremendous purple Qi he released cascaded down like thousands of mountains aligning here, carrying horrifying power that made the mountains and the earth shake as he pa.s.sed by!

Every inch of his body exuded the invincible momentum.

What was this? This was the divinity of the const.i.tution, and the strength of the king body that held many in awe with the intention to kneel and wors.h.i.+p.

“Warlord Zu Yan, Warlord Zu Yan!"

Some women screamed excitedly. At this moment, Zu Yan was so magnificent like a primordial G.o.d with the invincible power of conquering the earth alone!

If it was a few months ago, Zu Yan dared not break into Huaxia College so bluntly.

But now it was different!

Be it Xia Ze or Martial Lord, even if they were both in the Taoist Door Realm, Zu Yan still had the strength to crush them!

In Taoist Door Realm, the deeper one mastered the rules between heaven and earth, the mightier he would be. This realm was totally different in that it could enable the cultivator to burst out unparalleled divinity, crus.h.i.+ng masters of the same realm to dominate the whole earth.

Furthermore, Zu Yan managed to developed the divine charm of his king body, bringing his fighting power to a higher level. Once the divinity of king body broke out, it would be mighty enough to suppress the overmatches in the same realm.

"One year? That I can't wait!" said Zu Yan with his cold eyes fixed at Huaxia College. He intended to suppress Su Yan and take away the Incipient Scripture now.

"Hurry up! You have to get out of here now!"

Tie Baocai was shocked. Zu Yan came near amuck, apparently attempting to deal with Su Yan.

Su Yan was staying with the Fatty. Their faces changed sharply when they saw Su Yan coming towards the college. In no time they rushed out of Huaxia College into the vast wilderness region. No matter Zu Yan would attack Su Yan or not, they should find a safe place first.

"We can’t go further. If Zu Yan found that I am not in Huaxia College, he might take Xia Ze's loose management as an excuse to hunt us down openly. Although the wilderness region is large, it is difficult for us to avoid Zu Yan's rummaging!"

Su Yan spoke quickly, "Come with me. There are dragon veins in Huaxia College, which can help to conceal our breath. We can hide for a few days!"

"Warlord Zu Yan, you are here in our Huaxia College. I’d like to know what you want!"

Warlord Xia Ze came out with the Heaven-suppressing Bell floating over his head, and said lightly, "If you need help, just tell me!"

Not only Zu Yan, but also a group of people from the Prime Faction came, including even the impotent Tong Huoyin who was staring at Xia Ze with hatred. If Xia Ze helped him before, his Life Implement would not be destroyed.

“Where is the sinner Su Yan?!”

Zu Yan questioned coldly, "This lawless wretch even destroyed Tong Huoyin’s Life Implement. I’ll see how you Huaxia College harbour Su Yan!"

Liu Chengtian and the others turned livid. What did Zu Yan mean by that? He was blaming all the teachers of Huaxia College!

Hearing theses, Xia Ze's face suddenly darkened and he said, "Zu Yan, what do you mean by that? Sinner? Tong Huoyin challenged Su Yan first and failed due to his own incompetency. How dare him to ask you to come for justice? It is ridiculous. Tong Huoyin, didn’t you ask Su Yan come out like a man to accept your challenge? What's wrong now? I think you look like a girl, and you should be ashamed of yourself!”

"Xia Ze, stop it!"

Whey-faced Tong Huoyin complained bitterly, "You were there at that time. If you stopped Su Yan, how could my Life Implement be destroyed? How could my realm fall? You s.h.i.+eld your students like this? What qualifications do you have to be Dean of Huaxia College?!”

"And that beast, let it get the f.u.c.king out. It insulted our Warlord Zu Yan more than once. Warlord Zu Yan does not care about it doesn’t mean that we don’t!"

Ding Jun was also here and said coldly like an old lion, "The beast, Baocai, get the f.u.c.king out and kneel down here to plead guilty to Warlord Zu Yan, so that you may not die. Otherwise, I’ll skin you!"

His voice was loud and deafening!

Some people were angry. How dared him let the national treasure kneel down to plead guilty? It was hard for them to keep composed, especially for the older generation, whose eyes were flas.h.i.+ng with ferocity. Why were Zu Yan and two of the former top ten overmatches so determined to kill Su Yan?

"Baocai, you calm down!"

The Fatty was shocked to see Tie Baocai's sullen face. It looked extremely vicious, pedalling his hooves as if about to rush out with all its strength!

Tie Baocai was so angry that its nose almost crooked. Now it looked like an iron bull with cyan smoke rising from its nose!

"Why you beast still not coming out? And you, Su Yan, hanging out all day long with a beast! Don’t you know who is the greatest enemy of our Huaxia Alliance? I say let’s stop waiting for eight months. I don't think you'll be able to surpa.s.s Zu Yan even after a hundred years. However, you're talented. For that matter, we’ll spare your life but you must hand in everything that belongs to Warlord Zu Yan!"

"You ought to thank Warlord Zu Yan for his mercy and magnanimity!"

Ding Jun continued coldly. But for fearing the fact that Xia Ze was now very influential, they would have rushed to arrest Su Yan and Tie Baocai!


Tie Baocai was furious. Su Yan did his utmost to hold it. Tie Baocai roared, "Don't stop me. I’ll skin him alive. Let go of me!"

Su Yan quickly freed the mad Tie Baocai, who almost fell to the ground in a stumble. It climbed up and paced ragefully in situ, gasping wickedly!

Seeing Fatty and the others all look grim, Tie Baocai dared not go.

"s.h.i.+t!" Tie Baocai p.r.i.c.ked up its big ears and roared, "Just opening a f.u.c.king Taoist Door, and he dares to show off in front of me? Okay, you wait and see. Isn't it just a s.h.i.+t Taoist Door? You don’t even deserve my attention! I’ll let you live for a few more days. Su Yan, don’t you want the Body-gliding Liquid? I'll help you refine it. And you can eat as much star rice as you want!"

Tie Baocai was outraged with its eyes bloodshot, spluttering spittle as it spoke. No one knew whether it was boasting or telling the truth.

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