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Chapter 2.1: Mysterious Past

Eldest Uncle Yun Han then led Yun Qing Yan into the manor and settled him into the place he had lived in from before.

Yun Qing Yan looked at the familiar looking courtyard and the memories of the past immediately rose up in his heart. When he was a young child, he and Little Cai had loved to create a din in the yard.

"Little Yan, in the three years that you went missing, where did you go? Why have you only come back now?" Having settled in Yun Qing Yan, Eldest Uncle Yun Han could not help but ask the thing his heart had been curious about.

"I went to the Pure Gem Mountains back then and I encountered bandits there. I was imprisoned in their thieves' den for three whole years and it was only not too long ago that I was finally lucky enough to be able to escape from there." Yun Qing Han then related the story he had prepared beforehand.

"You actually went to the Pure Gem Mountains….." Eldest Uncle Yun Han's face paled. The Pure Gem mountains was an infamous thieves' den where tens of bandit gangs capable all sorts of atrocities like arson, murder, abductions and looting gathered, but because the Pure Gem Mountains' terrain was highly treacherous, the several times Heaven Dynasty Court sent troops to weed them out had all resulted in failure.

"It is most fortunate you managed to escape and come back, but Little Yan, you must not recklessly go to such dangerous places again in future!" Eldest Uncle Yun Han said, his face still showing lingering fear.

But little did Eldest Uncle know, that though Yun Qing Han had indeed gone to the Pure Gem Mountains to undergo rigorous training, but he was not captured by bandits, but had been whisked off into the Immortal Realm by a dimensional storm.

"So Little Yan, in the past three years, did you have a chance to practice cultivation? What is your cultivation level now?" Eldest Uncle Yun Han continued to ask, looking like he was greatly concerned about this.

"My cultivation….." Yun Qing Han laughed bitterly and then said: "Approximately equal to a mortal martial artist at the Star level's third stage!"

Eldest Uncle Yun Han had not noticed that Yun Qing Han's revelation had included the words "mortal martial artist" as his eyes flashed with a tint of disappointment. Three years ago, the fifteen year old Yun Qing Yan had already become the number one prodigy in the Heaven's Wing City, possessing cultivation at the Star level's fifth stage.

Who would have thought that after three years pa.s.sed, his cultivation had not advanced but regressed instead.

But thinking about it, that was to be expected. Having been imprisoned by bandits for three years, where would he be able to find the time to practice his cultivation? Furthermore, the fact that his cultivation had not been destroyed by the bandits was already most fortunate.

"Little Yan, you do not need to be depressed. With your gifted talent, even if you start all over from scratch from here on, you will surely be able to return to your peak in just a few years."

"Mm! I definitely will!" Yun Qing Yan nodded, but there wasn't any expression of strong resolve or anything like that on his face, but just showed a look that saw it as a matter of inevitable fact.

"Eldest Uncle, can you make a trip and bring me to the family clan's herb chambers?" Yun Qing Yan asked suddenly out of the blue.

The Heavenly Star Continent was not like the Immortal Realm, where there was an abundance of immortal spirit energy. Here, there was only spirit energy that was of the lowest grade.

If he were to just rely on spirit energy alone, for Yun Qing Yan to recover all his cultivation, it would require at least more than a hundred years' time. And a hundred years' time was not what Yun Qing Yan was prepared to wait.

Hence, he toyed with the idea of cultivating elixirs.

Supplemented with elixirs, the speed he would be able to recover his cultivation would then increase by several times.

"Herb chambers….." Eldest Uncle Yun Han's face flashed with a moment of hesitation before he immediately asked: "Little Yan, what do you want to go to the herb chambers for? Don't tell me that in the three years that you have been imprisoned, you have learnt how to practice alchemy?"

"Yes, I did! There was an alchemist who was imprisoned in there together with me. In the past three years, I have been secretly learning alchemy from him and I have learnt all that he knows!" This was also another part of the story Yun Qing Yan had conjured up in his mind beforehand.

Eldest Uncle's face immediately shone with delight. An alchemist was one of the most prestigious profession in the Heavenly Star Continent and even if one was only the lowest grade alchemist, that status would not be any lower than him, the Clan Leader of the Yun Family Clan. "Why not we do this, Little Yan? You tell me what kind of herbs you need and I'll bring them all here for you tomorrow!" Eldest Uncle Yun Han said after thinking about it a moment.

"Alright….." Although Yun Qing Yan did not quite understand why his Eldest Uncle was not bringing him to the herb chambers himself, but he still went on to tell him all the kinds of herbs he would need.

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