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"So Shen Tian, what was the problem you wanted to discuss with me and Uncle Riyu here?" Ye Shan looked at Shen Tian and asked.He had been caught slightly off-guard by the war which had happened recently. The change in factions in the Underground City had truly been amazing. Although the nine great factions had not been replaced, there were several factions which threatened to dethrone them.

"This issue might be a bit…" Shen Tian paused as his eyes changed to the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, making both of them faint. "I'm sorry but you see, I'm a bit lazy. I don't want to explain all of this to you. I don't have the time to waste it on you guys." He put his hand above their heads and took their memories for a short moment before returning them.

"So they do not have any knowledge of the Purgatory Lands… It seems I will have to pay a visit to the Supreme Leader's abandoned castle. The last time I went there, me and the Chaos Emperor were in a rush to destroy his last Fate Soul. It will be an interesting journey to say the least." Shen Tian took another pause,"But before that let me quickly see what the content of all the books the City Lord's Villa has to hold."

He extended his Heavenly Energy to the entire City Lord's Villa, allowing it to touch the ink inside every book,slowly memorizing every character. Shen Tian nodded,'It seems the City Lord's Villa does contain a lot of books I had no knowledge of before, all of them are from the Age of Darkness.'

His footsteps were the last thing to be heard inside the City Lord's Villa. To the guards and members of the City Lord's Villa, this had never happened. Shen Tian had wiped their memories, even Xi Riyu and the City Lord, Ye Shan were not spared of that either. Shen Tian had other problems right now.

In less than a second, Shen Tian was in front of the abandoned castle the Supreme Leader, Xian Long lived before he was killed by him and the Chaos Emperor. His last Fate Soul was extinguished after he had ambushed him inside the Abandoned Castle together with the Chaos Emperor, in a quicky attack.

"Let's see what you have been hiding from the rest of us, Xian Long. Hopefully I will be able to gain something worth my time with this." He looked at the gates in front of him, they had been opened before. Someone had closed the gates after he and the Chaos Emperor had come here and killed Xian Long.

"Interesting, it seems Xian Long had another friend he did not mention before. I heard the others talk about the missing case of Zhi Ruo, I know that she was a double spy for both the Demon Sanctuary and Xian Long himself, maybe she also knew about the method to open the gate here, and she used it to enter the castle?"

He waved his hand, and the Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire appeared on his hands from his Interspatial Ring. He could easily open the gates, but he wanted to test the sharpness of the blades. With a single movement of his arms, the gates were sliced in four pieces, and did not even withstand a single hit from the blades it seems.

Shen Tian started to walk towards the entrance to the abandoned castle, noticing the last of dust, someone had cleaned the castle. It had been gathering dust the last time he and the Chaos Emperor entered the castle, it seemed unnatural for it to be so clean literally a week later after that.

This only led to the confirmation of the fact that someone had entered the Abandoned Castle before him right now. That person was probably Zhi Ruo, who had heard of the Purgatory Lands, and wanted to leave for it, through the portal the Supreme Leader was in possession of, she might've heard about it through Xian Long himself after all.

The abandoned castle could be considered to be quite ma.s.sive, Shen Tian closed and opened his eyes to reveal the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan once again, he used it to check for any kind of sign that there could be a hidden room inside the Abandoned Castle, and it did not take long for him to find one.

In a corner of the Abandoned Castle, there was a tiny Array, which could be actually ignored by most people. The reason for that was because the Array was constructed in a level of molecular size. In fact the only reason Shen Tian noticed that was because his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan could see even beyond that.

Shen Tian walked towards that array, and with a flick of his finger, the array started to s.h.i.+ne and open a small pa.s.sageway, leading to a secret room of the Abandoned Castle. Shen Tian did not waste any time and quickly walked inside the pa.s.sageway. It was very dark inside it, and it was also very long.

The pa.s.sageway led to a larger room, with several bookshelves and many other stuff. This seems to have been a type of library where he spent his time reading. NExt to the bookshelves, there was a square shape portal, which shone with a purple energy which had the shape of spirals.

"This portal is very unstable, I could see why it was rarely used. The teleportation could result in people entering the Time And s.p.a.ce Dimension, or to be more exact the s.p.a.ce Dimension and never return to the living world. Most of the time it seems it is chaotic, only behind slightly stable once every few years." Shen Tian commented.

"If I want to use this portal, I will have to use my Primal Chaos and Void Law to stabilize the portal. That is going to be a very difficult job. I could also use Kamui to strengthen the portal, with those three combined I don't really see much difficulty in pa.s.sing through this portal." Shen Tian noted.

"Now… Let's put that to test."

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