The Mightiest Hero Of Black ~My Party Members Betrayed Me So I'll Stick With The Strongest Monster~ Chapter 7

The Mightiest Hero Of Black ~My Party Members Betrayed Me So I'll Stick With The Strongest Monster~ -

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Ch. 7: Weak Tag

s.h.i.+on started with listening to the receptionist's explanation about the guild system.

The guild exchanged information and worked together with the several nations that it made alliances with and had a main branch in all of them.

There were three guilds in Organ, but all of them were branches. There were seven ranks from E to SS, and it was possible to get demoted if you didn't go on a quest for a long time or continue to fail quests.

Registration methods differed for every branch, and while for some there are no conditions, some have tests. If the guild accepts your registration, you would get a card that would act as identification.

"Mr. s.h.i.+on, would you be a beast tamer?"

"Not really."

"Huh!? You're not a beast tamer, but you have such a strong looking magic beast…"

"It was kind of like fate."

"T-that's incredible. We have some that could tame A rank magical beasts, but they were trained from a young age."

"I'm not a beast tamer, but Haku is safe, so no need to worry."

"Okay. Then please tell me your combat method."

"I'm good with the sword, but I can use magic as well. I can use a number of low-cla.s.s magic, and I'm best with darkness magic."

"Darkness magic! That's so cool! Just like Master Axe!!"

While s.h.i.+on was confused at her sudden smile, Haku wasn't so at all.

'I respect Master Axe too. He's so cool, right~ (glance, glance).'

"Same here! I'm actually a big fan! It was years ago, but he's visited this city before."

'Whaaaat~~, I wanted to meet him. But you never know, he might be here in this city today! (glance glance).'

"…Stop it Haku, alright?"

When s.h.i.+on said so, looking embarra.s.sed, Haku closed his mouth with a smile on his face. s.h.i.+on wished he wouldn't tease him like that.

The receptionist finally remembered her job as well and cleared her throat.

"For registration, we have two types of tests. The long one, which is to go on quests that we pick out for you every day, for the span of three months. And a short one that end within half a day. We…don't recommend the latter."

"What's the short test about?"

"I can only tell you after you show intentions of taking it."

It was either dangerous or difficult. After s.h.i.+on and Haku discussed the matter, both agreed that the long test was too dull.

They were told the quests were simple, but they only accepted up to three failures, and having to do quests daily was tiring.

"I'll do the short one."

"You can get injured, and in the worst case, you can die. If you're okay with that, please sign here."

s.h.i.+on signed the doc.u.ment and stamped with his blood as well.

As soon as he did so, all the adventurers around them stood up all at once.

"Hey newbie, you unfortunately chose the short test—————Weak Tag!"

"Weak Tag?"

When s.h.i.+on tilted his head at the unfamiliar term, another adventurer explained it.

"The applicant who chooses this test runs all over the city like a weakling. That's why its called that."

"Here, take this."

Then the receptionist handed out knit hats to everyone, including s.h.i.+on. It was an ordinary knit hat.

"Let me explain. Mr. s.h.i.+on, you will need to collect the hats of every adventurer that is here right now within twelve hours. If you succeed, you pa.s.s the test. If you run out of time or if you get your own hat taken, you fail."

There were easily thirty, forty people in the room. He was in an outnumbered situation. There was no way of winning by regular means.

"Can I use any kind of method to take the hats?"

"Yes, anything goes. But it is the same for the adventurers as well."

s.h.i.+on now understood why she didn't recommend this test. Most applicants will be chased down and have their hats taken. He could get injured.

"They won't move for the next ten seconds. Please use this time to start running."

That seemed to be the rule. He got a warning out of good will, but s.h.i.+on didn't feel like moving.

'Would you want to do this without running?'

"Hmm. If this number of people scattered outside…"

'It'll be a lot of work. Should I go take all of them?'

"It's my registration, so I should take part in it too. I'll appreciate the help, though."

'Got it.'

The adventurers heard their conversation and started turning red with anger, that s.h.i.+on was looking lightly of them.

"That familiar of yours is definitely strong. But you know? Do you really think you could hold on to your own hat against this many of us, huh!?"

"Don't think this is going to be easy!"

"No, that's not what I mean. It's just that I may or may not have a way to take all your hats at once."

"Then try it!"

"…I guess I will, then."

After glancing at Haku, s.h.i.+on unleashed >. A small black cube appeared on the tip of s.h.i.+on's fingers and spread out and engulfed the whole room.

The light from the windows and entrance disappeared. It was a spell that created a s.p.a.ce of complete darkness.

If he was at full strength, he could've engulfed the whole city, but now that he was weakened, that would be difficult, but he could still cover the whole room with ease.

"S-so dark all of a sudden…"

"What, is this!?"

"What's happening!"

The adventurers panicked at the unknown attack they've never faced before. The spell was a simple one among darkness magic, but it took time to activate, so many didn't use it for combat.

Normal users couldn't make the s.p.a.ce expand in a second like s.h.i.+on could.

He could've held the s.p.a.ce for a few hours, but he released the spell after about thirty seconds.

The adventurers were relieved that they came back to a world with light. But almost all of them had high heart rates and were out of breath. Humans tend to feel great amounts of stress when light is taken away suddenly.

"Whoa, you've gathered a lot Haku."

'Fufufufun, I might have more than you do~. One, two, three…I have twenty-two!'

s.h.i.+on let out a small groan and counted the number of knit hats that he had.

"…twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two…twenty-three! Yes! I have one more!"

'Aww, I lost, hahaha~.'

Seeing Haku lying down on the ground and s.h.i.+on raising his fist up in the air comedically in front of them, the adventurers and the receptionist were at a loss for words. They couldn't find anything to say.

They finally understood why s.h.i.+on had made the darkness. They s.h.i.+ver went down their backs at the same time.

They didn't even notice that their hats were taken. It wasn't even a game.

One hundred percent of them were relieved that they didn't start going against them, and that it ended without any of them getting hurt.

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