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That's where we should start if we want to confront them Part 12

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After Palna confirmed that Alice had no intention of getting away from Kagami’s body, she pointed towards her with her hand while showing an uncomfortable smile on her face.

「Come on, get away from him」

「… I don’t wan’t to. I will not turn away from Kagami-san, even if I die. I will stay with Kagami-san, who fought for us… until my death」

Palna was speechless after hearing that response. She had thought that Alice would cry and would begin to beg for her life after she told her those things, but instead she just showed that she was ready to accept whatever was going to happen to her, which made Palna frowned even more.

「How brave… But do you really think that will help you? I didn’t want to damage his body… But you have not left me another option」

Then, Palna used the Magic Power that she had acc.u.mulated in her hand to shoot her magic towards Alice. At that moment, a small explosion was generated behind Alice, which raised a cloud of dust.

「… Why did you stop? I’m still alive」

However, Alice did not flinch from that, and instead continued to stare at Palna while protecting Kagami’s body from the explosion.

「I try to make you change your mind… but I guess it was useless.

You may be just a girl, but you’re still a Demon 」

After saying those words, Palna showed a serious look. That was due to the look of Alice, who confronted her fearlessly while protecting Kagami’s body.

Her look said, 「I will not lose」, as if she somehow tried to imitate Kagami.

「… Let’s see how much more you can stand」

After saying that, Palna began to shoot her magic against Alice over and over to weaken her. Those attacks could kill her, but she still continued to fire her magic against her over and over while increasing the power of her attacks.

It is impossible for Humans and Demons live with each other. They don’t care about Humans. She should just start pleading for her life with tears in her eyes in this situation. Yes, that’s supposed to be what she should be doing.

「Why? Why did you not kill me, Palnsan? I’m still… alive! 」

However, Alice never removed her gaze from Palna, while maintaining her firm att.i.tude.

「Why… Why don’t you move!?」

Palna began to scream as if she had been the one who was wounded instead. Palna could not help but hesitate before Alice, who did not seem in the least frightened.

For all her chatter, Palna knew that deep down she did not want to kill her.

The Demons whom Palna so wished to exterminate were horrible and cruel, beings who were not interested in the lives of people and who would not hesitate to betray others. However, the little girl who was in front of her was not like those horrible creatures but a person who possesses an inner beauty capable of blinding all who looked at her. She wouldn’t betray anyone, and instead, she was willing to accompany her companions even in death. That caused Palna to feel bewildered.

「d.a.m.n! Do something! Run, escape! Act like the Demon you are! 」

Palna did not want to kill her, but she still did not stop her attacks.

She did not want to admit it. She did not want to admit that the death of her Teacher was a simple misfortune that arose due to an unfortunate encounter. Palna, who was unable to withstand the pain she felt, could only continue attacking Alice with the intention of forcing her to leave Kagami’s body and flee.

But Alice never moved.

「It’s useless. I will never… leave Kagami-san 」

Palna, who felt as if she had been stabbed by a stake after hearing Alice’s words, began to despair. Then–.

「Because I… love Kagami-san」

Alice said that while her small shoulders shuddered.

「Shut up… Shut up Demon!」

Palna, who felt as if every time Alice spoke, she said things like, 「This is not what your Teacher would do」, was unable to withstand the various emotions that swirled inside her, which led her to cast her magic over and over.

「You are a Demon, and yet, and yet! … Don’t think you can continue acting so bold forever!」

Then Palna, who until now had continued to cast her Magic around Alice, finally determined to cast her Magic directly at her.

「You’re a demon, but even… so?」

However, the next instant, just before she launched her attack, Palna began to lower her paralyzed hand while undoing her magic. At the same time, Palna was attacked by an overwhelming sense of guilt and regret as her hands began to shake. What caused this was the change she noticed in Alice, who had been firm and determined so far.

「Yo… You」

Alice’s face was beginning to fall apart. Alice, whose shoulders were shaking abruptly as she seemed on the verge of breaking into tears, could only look at Kagami in frustration as she continued to throw her Recovery Magic on Kagami’s back with her hands, which she tried desperately to make stop shaking.

Alice’s back was already seriously injured by the explosions that were generated behind her. It was definitely painful for her. The pain should be so great that it wouldn’t be strange if she had already broken into tears. However, Alice decided to give up releasing Recovery Magic on herself to relieve the pain so she could use it on Kagami while protecting him from the constant explosions.

She did that because the man who was lying in front of her was much more important to her than herself.

How hard should it have been? How much fear must she be feeling? She, with her small and fragile body, decided to endure all that pain for the sake of Kagami. Palna could not help collapsing without energy on the spot where she was standing after realizing that.

「… Why? You are a Demon and yet… You make me look like an idiot…」

She said while realizing the reality. What she thought was wrong.

Alice, who in a way was relieved after seeing the change in Palna’s mood, convinced herself that everything would be fine now while trying to relax her gaze to show Palna a smile-

「Palnsan… please–」

At that moment, Alice, who could no longer bear the pain of her burns, accidentally stopped the release of her Recovery Magic.

Seeing that, Palna remembered the words that Kagami had told her during the incident in Salumeria.

『I ask of you not to kill her and to protect her… please』


Palna, who was doing the opposite of that, I can not help but cover her face with her hands deeply regretful as she muttered, 「I’m sorry… I’m so sorry」, over and over.

「A world where Humans and Demons could hold hands… A long time ago, there was a man who aimed at that goal. However… Militaria took care of him without my permission」

At that moment, in the midst of that lamentable exchange, the King murmured that at the same time that he remembered something that had happened some time ago.

「That makes me feel a little nostalgic. I’m sorry I did that without your permission, however, I thought he would become an obstacle to my King’s goals, so I acted without thinking」

「But even so… Militaria. Your son had potential. His death was a real waste」

Then, when she heard what was the ident.i.ty of the person in that story, the Son of Militaria … Who was the Teacher of Palna, Palna opened his eyes and looked at the King and Militaria.

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