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Chapter 267 – China VS Australia (Lou Zhang Brothers)

Qin Mo and Xiao Han successfully completed their task. Matthew and Daniel were sent off and the Australian guard combination were forced to play in advance. Their IDs appeared on the big screen. They were the blood kin Riley and the black magician Isaac!

Li Cangyu sat in the rest area and couldn't help saying, "Their signature combination has finally come out."

Ling Xuefeng nodded and said, "The strength of this combination isn't bad."

After carefully studying the Australian team's lineup, the two of them found that the Australian compet.i.tors were more polarizing. The famous players were particularly powerful and were ranked in the world, while the others were relatively mediocre.

For the next two players, the blood kin Riley was the vice-captain of the Australian national team and on the world's rankings. The black magician Isaac was his fixed partner from the same team. These two people rarely lost against any players in the Australian domestic league. One was responsible for the remote control while the other looked for opportunities to attack.

They put this ace combination in the guard stage to win five points.

It was a pity that they would encounter the ace combination of the Chinese team, the Lou Zhang brothers.

Li Cangyu looked at the two people who were ready. Lou Wushuang's face was still cold but Zhang Shaohui said with excitement, "Brother, let's kill the magician first when we play!"

Lou Wushuang hummed in agreement.

He saw Li Cangyu watching him and gave the captain a 'reliable' look.


The Australian team's Riley and Isaac were fixed partners. Once they came on stage, they quickly arrived at the centre of the stage. The black magician Isaac moved through the curtains and took control of Xiao Han from behind.

Xiao Han immediately spoke in the team channel. "Run!"

Qin Mo decisively turned and hid behind a curtain. He moved flexible and his traces were lost in the blink of an eye.

The reason why he didn't go back to rescue was because he knew it was absolutely unnecessary to save Xiao Han at this time. The b.l.o.o.d.y Xiao Han met the other two's combined attacks and certainly couldn't last for five seconds. It was better for Qin Mo to hide and wait for an opportunity. He had to strive and create some advantages for his next teammates.

Sure enough, the prompt that Xiao Han was killed appeared in the middle of the big screen. By this time, Qin Mo had already reached the depths of the curtain maze. The two Australian players started to look for him in the maze. They had just walked around a corner when a wave of bats flew towards the two people. It was the blood kin summoner's big move, Blood Bat Festival!

The cooldown of Qin Mo's big move had just ended. He opened it at this time and decreased the other side's blood by 30%, as well as sucking up a lot of blood.

Unfortunately, he didn't have much blue left. He wouldn't last long but it was cost-effective if he could consume his opponent's skills.

Qin Mo thought this and summoned the blood knight to delay the battle.

The other side's didn't want to drag things out. He killed the blood knight and worked together to kill Qin Mo.


Once Xiao Han and Qin Mo left the players' seats, the live broadcast room was filled with flowers and applause. Yu Bing couldn't help praising them, "The two princes grew very quickly. It is worthy of their famous teachers!"

Kou Hongyi also sighed. "I used to think that they are very talented newcomers in the domestic league but today's performance made me discover that they have become excellent professional players. Whether it is their calm judgment at a crucial moment or their tacit cooperation, it is hard to believe that they are still under 18 years old!"

Yu Bing added, "The two of them are young rookies and their future is immeasurable."

Kou Hongyi said, "Then let's see who the Chinese team will send to the guard stage? Our country has so many partners. Which pairing will Cat G.o.d send?"

As he spoke, the pair that the Chinese team sent as the guard appeared—Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui.

Kou Hongyi exclaimed, "It is the Lou Zhang brothers!"

Once the IDs of Killer Lou and Killer Zhang appeared on the screen, the fans of the Ghost Spirits team screamed uncontrollably. The Lou Zhang combination! The most tacit killers, who secretly killed numerous G.o.ds in the Chinese league, were now holding hands to appear on the arena of the World Compet.i.tion.!

[Captain Lou, marry me!] [Captain Lou is so handsome. His blank expression is still handsome!] [Pus.h.i.+ng the Lou Zhang combination for a lifetime!] [Lou Zhang brothers, refuel!]

The various messages filled the screen, showing how powerful the Lou Zhang brothers were domestically.

Australia's Riley felt a big depressed. In fact, he had confidence fighting against Lou Wushuang. After all, their ranking in the world's circle wasn't much different.

The problem was that the Chinese team's young combination was too powerful. They moved back the weak advantage created by Australia in the first stage and then the big bat move decreased Riley and Isaac' blood by 30%!

Riley later relied on his attacks to suck blood and restore it to 80%, but his teammate's situation wasn't so good. If they had to fight against the Lou Zhang brothers in these circ.u.mstances, the chance of victory wasn't high.

They could only rely on the map to gamble.

Riley's eyes narrowed and he placed a blue mark on the small map. Isaac agreed and immediately moved to wait near the marker.

The viewers had a G.o.d's perspective and found that the mark he played was the only way for the Chinese team to go to the big stage after refres.h.i.+ng. However, due to the stage curtains and the dead angle, the Chinese team wouldn't be able to see the Australian players when they came over.

In other words, this was a blind spot known only to the Australian team members. Relying on the blind spot to unleash an ambush, this was the advantage of the self-submitted map.

After seeing that Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui were getting closer to Isaac's hiding place, the audience couldn't help sweating for the Lou Zhang brothers.

—Dark Fear!

The black magician's control skill suddenly opened and Zhang Shaohui was fixed in place since he was in front!

To Isaac's surprise, Lou Wushuang's response was almost instantaneous. The moment the black magic skill was released, he decisively accelerated and hid from the control!

This was a little trick to how the Lou Zhang brothers walked. They didn't go side by side. Zhang Shaohui walked in front of his brother a few metres every time, keeping his brother behind him. If they encountered a trap or ambush, Lou Wushuang could instantly get away.

Lou Wushuang's reaction rate didn't disappoint the domestic fans. He jumped a few metres forward to hide from the opponent's control and rushed behind the black magician like a phantom!

Isaac was about to cast a spell but was countered by Lou Wushuang's Pain Blade and set in place!

—Back Stab, Death Strangulation!

Captain Lou was hot and his moves fast and violent!

Zhang Shaohui saw his brother attacking the black magician. He was used to it but he still couldn't help sighing. His brother looked as cold as an iceberg but he was extremely fierce when playing the game. It was estimated that his opponent would have a cold back!

This type of brother was so cool!

Zhang Shaohui never said anything but he wors.h.i.+pped Lou Wushuang and wanted to protect him. Since childhood, Lou Wushuang's performance had always been better than him and his brother's IQ was particularly high. Lou Wushuang even played Miracle for a shorter time than Zhang Shaohui but he was better.

Someone else might be jealous of Lou Wushuang but Zhang Shaohui was lacking in this. He wasn't jealous of his brother and instead felt admiration, appreciation and wors.h.i.+p.

Now he watched Lou Wushuang making the black magician unable to fight back and Zhang Shaohui thought proudly—this is his brother! His brother was so cool!

At this time, Isaac wanted to cough up blood. Most of the black magician skills required a casting time. His Dark Fear didn't control the opposite and he failed to release his skills.

Fortunately, his teammate Riley arrived in time!

Riley was in the vicinity and he slammed his dagger down against Lou Wushuang's neck. However, it was like Lou Wushuang had eyes behind him. He suddenly moved sideways, just managing to avoid this control skill.

The control technique, Pain Blade was wasted?

Riley found it hard to believe. He was the ace of the Australian team and never missed a skill when he was behind an opponent! Did Lou Wushuang really have eyes in the back of his head?

Lou Wushuang didn't have eyes behind him but Zhang Shaohui had eyes!

The two long-time brothers had nurtured a tacit understanding. Zhang Shaohui would stare at the area behind his brother while Lou Wushuang would notice if there was anyone nearby to disturb his brother. The reason why the brothers were so powerful was because not only could they see in front of them, they could share what they saw through various signals!

After successfully hiding from Riley's control skill, Lou Wushuang didn't pay attention to him and kept attacking the black magician in front of him.

Riley went crazy and used all the's explosive moves—Back Stab, Soul Stab, Death Strangulation, Blood Blade!

They hit Killer Lou one after another, so that Lou Wushuang's blood quickly flew away…

However, Lou Wushuang was. .h.i.tting the black magician's body at the same time, relying on the blood-sucking advantage to restore half the lost blood.

The moment that Isaac's control was lifted, the audience found that he had 45% blood left while Lou Wushuang had 65% left.

This was a precise calculation of blood. Captain Lou could calmly do it despite being hit from behind.

Zhang Shaohui finally moved at his moment. He quickly came behind Isaac and a surprising scene occurred. The audience saw Lou Wushuang use Combat Stealth and became invisible, while Zhang Shaohui also opened Combat Stealth and hid!

Why did they do it at the same time?

What did they want to do by using the Combat Stealth which had a long cooldown time?

Riley of the Australian team was a bit confused. As soon as he recovered, he immediately shouted in the team channel, "Isaac, get out!"

However, it wasn't possible. The Lou Zhang brothers seemed to have become one person. They approached Isaac at a very fast speed, one to the left and one to the right, tacitly raising the dagger in their hands—Death Mark, Back Stab, Soul Kill!

Once the used Death Mark on a target, if they attacked the target from behind within three seconds then there was a 100% chance of a crit being activated.

This was used by Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui.

The moment Zhang Shaohui was released from the control, the two of them didn't need to say a word. They reached a silent consensus to kill the black magician!

Thus, they didn't hesitate to use Combat Stealth at the same time. They stared at Isaac and released their moves at the same time, the sharp blade in their hands piercing Isaac's back.

Isaac was killed!

It seemed like Zhang Shaohui and Lou Wushuang had become one person and there was no need to talk about the operation of the two blood kin They were almost no difference in their moves and it was like a special copying effect!

Many spectators were gobsmacked and Riley felt his neck become cold.

These were so terrible. He felt a bit of envy in the midst of his shock. How good would it be if he had such an partner?

Unfortunately, in the whole Miracle circle, it was estimated that there wasn't another pair like the Lou Zhang brothers.

The younger brother could completely copy his older brother's operation. The joint force and the frightening crit attack, this move directly took away the black magician and turned it into a 2v1 situation…

Riley used all the strength in his body and used the map to follow the two opponents. In the end, he couldn't hold on for even half a minute. The moment the cooldown of Zhang Shaohui and Lou Wushuang's skills were over, the two of them joined forces again to kill Riley!

The Chinese team was victorious!

The Chinese team took the lead in gaining 5 points. Zhang Shaohui dropped his keyboard, excitedly spread his arms and dragged his cold-faced brother into a hug. "Brother, we won! You are really handsome!"

The scene of the two people cooperating to kill the ace of the other team wasn't new to Lou Wushuang but it was the first time killing an opponent in the World Compet.i.tion. It was indeed worthy of commemorating.

Lou Wushuang was tightly hugged and leaned his cheek against his brother's powerful chest.

At this moment, he really wanted to tell Zhang Shaohui that their Lou Zhang combination could never be separated.

Still, he forcibly resisted this impulse and pretended to be an older brother. He extended his arms and hugged his brother, a soft expression on his always cold face. "Yes, we won."

The audience cheered. The first 5 points won by the Chinese team in the group stage of the World Compet.i.tion was due to the combined efforts of Zhuo Hang, Jiang Xu, Qin Mo, Xiao Han and the Lou Zhang brothers!

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Chapter 268 – China VS Australia (Koala Garden)

The first arena game was successfully won and the second game was the economic war.

Li Cangyu arranged for Tan s.h.i.+tian to command. He and Ling Xuefeng only needed sit to the side and watch. Out of the two remaining maps, one was Koala Garden and the other was the Mechanical City. Due to too many traps, the Mechanical City wasn't suitable for an economic war. In accordance with the rules of the World League, the map selected should be Koala Garden.

Sure enough, it was as Li Cangyu expected. Before the second game started, the big screen released the concept of the Koala Garden map.

This was a new rule of the World Compet.i.tion. Before the start of the team economic battle, a 3D map would be put on the big screen from a G.o.d's perspective. This was to let players have a general understanding of the map, so they wouldn't be directly ambushed and collapse.

From the concept map, it could be seen that the Koala Garden map was a square map and the crystals in the centre would determine the outcome. The map was still divided into the southeast, northwest, northeast and southwest areas by roads, in the form of the '田' shape. The refresh points of the ice dragon and fire dragon were also fixed.

The special thing was that the mobs on this map were the Australian national treasures, the koalas. There were many eucalyptus trees in the wild area. The koalas all refreshed on the trees, their big ears looking cute.

Cheng Wei couldn't help saying, "Is the Australian map selling meng?"

Tan s.h.i.+tian smiled, "There can't be too many tricks on the economic war map. After all, the division of the four wild areas and the refresh points of the ice and fire dragon are stipulated by the league. They are hard standards that can't be randomly changed. There can only be small changes to the mobs and environment. If I had to guess, the koalas might be ranked mobs, making them more difficult to fight."

Cheng Wei looked at the koala in his tree and scratched his head. "It makes sense."

Tan s.h.i.+tian gathered the teammates together and quickly explained, "The splitting method is still according to our previous arrangement. The start should be stable. In particular, Meng Jie, don't rush forward."

The named Meng Jie immediately promised. "I know. Captain Liu will watch me."

Liu Xiang smiled. "Captain Tan, don't worry. We'll all listen to you."

Tan s.h.i.+tian reached out his hand, "Everyone, refuel!"


The 10 minute break soon pa.s.sed and the economic war began. The list of players on both sides appeared on the screen at the same time. The Chinese team consisted of Ten Day, ChengWei, LuXiao, Liu, Meng, and Yang. The domestic audience was very unkind when they saw these IDs. Kou Hongyi also laughed. "The Chinese players are very straightforward. The IDs are all pinyin translations. The three sisters of Red Fox were too lazy and directly registered with their surnames."

Yu Bing showed some surprise. "Cat G.o.d and Captain Ling aren't appearing in the economic war. It seems they have fully handed it over to Tan s.h.i.+tian."

Kou Hongyi continued, "Coincidentally, the three males of the Time team have joined with the three females of the Red Fox team, Liu, Meng and Yang. Male and females working together, it isn't tiring at all!"

Yu Bing's a.n.a.lysis was simple. "There are the double archers in Tan s.h.i.+tian and Lu Xiao, the double white magicians in Cheng Wei and Yang Muzi, plus the healer Liu Xiang and berserker Meng Jie. This is a typical kite flow lineup."

This was the style that Tan s.h.i.+tian was best at. As long as the front row could withstand the firepower, the back row could quickly attack. Combined with Cheng Wei's control, this play style was quite flexible.

Yu Bing observed the Australian lineup and carefully said, "Coincidentally, Australia's six players are similar to us. There is a front row paladin, a priest, two black magicians and two archers. The commander must be William, the captain of the Australian national team. His ranking the world is much higher than Tan s.h.i.+tian."

Kou Hongyi said, "There are many bard players in the world. Our Captain Tan didn't partic.i.p.ate in the world rankings. This is because during last year's rankings, he was busy playing cats and dogs on Weibo and missed out on registering!"

The audience was speechless. Tan s.h.i.+tian didn't really care about things like fame and fortune. He was constantly improving his Weibo posts. His writing became more professional and his cartoon drawing was constantly improving…

Yu Bing said, "The strength of Captain Tan isn't much worse than William. The important thing is that the overall strength of the Chinese players is much stronger than that of Australia. Liu Xiang's healing ability is stable and there is no one Meng Jie doesn't dare to fight. Cheng Wei's personal style is distinct and the white magician Yang Muzi and archer Lu Xiao aren't weak."

Kou Hongyi was excited. "Then according to Sister Bing, the chance of us winning is very high! I just don't know if there are any mysteries in this Koala Garden map."

According to the map seen on the big screen, Koala Garden had no complicated settings such as traps or a maze. Only the trees in the wild area and the lovely koalas made the audience feel refreshed.


The game soon began. Tan s.h.i.+tian arranged how they split up according to what was previously agreed. He and Cheng Wei kept the middle, Lu Xiao and Yang Muzi went to the northwest while Liu Xiang and Meng Jie went down south.

Once the first wave of mobs refreshed, everyone discovered the special features of this map. The cute koalas stayed in the trees and constantly threw leaves towards the surroundings. Players touched by the leaves would be set in place for two seconds.

Tan s.h.i.+tian guessed correctly. Not only were they ranged mobs, they used leaves with special effects!

Due to the close distance, Meng Jie was. .h.i.t by the leaves of a koala and it was impossible to move. The two black magicians of Australia read spells from a distance, wanting to kill her. Fortunately, Liu Xiang reacted extremely quickly. She used Holy Light Surge to restore Meng Jie's blood and then added five layers of Healing Language.

There was a strong healer for personal protection. It would be hard for the two Australian players to kill Meng Jie. Meng Jie used Mountain Chop on the battlefield and returned to the nurse's side. Then she typed on the team channel: [Everyone be careful. The leaves of the koala can fix you in place!]

Tan s.h.i.+tian stood far away and already used Flying Feather Steps to quickly escape the attack of the leaves. However, Cheng Wei reacted slowly. By the time he saw this line, the leaves had already touched his body.

The sound of the arrow piercing through the sky was heard. Cheng Wei was. .h.i.t with Seize Life Shot and his blood dropped by 30%. This was from Australia's captain, William!

Tan s.h.i.+tian saw that Xiao Wei was being beaten and didn't become angry. He kept attacking with Accurate Aim and Shock Shot!

He pre-judged William's position in advance and once he fired the arrow, 30% of the opponent's blood was knocked out!

"Xiao Wei, come to me." Tan s.h.i.+tian spoke on the voice channel.

Two seconds later, Cheng Wei ran to Tan s.h.i.+tian and spoke in a dissatisfied manner. "It is too pitted. The leaves can actually set you in place!"

Tan s.h.i.+tian spoke in a low voice. "Pay attention not to be set in place."

"Understood!" After knowing that the leaves thrown by the small mobs would set them in place, Cheng Wei wasn't stupid enough to be hit by the leaves. He learned his walking techniques from Cat G.o.d and easily avoided the leaves.

The ranged mobs on the trees weren't as easy to kill as the ones on the ground. Fortunately, Tan s.h.i.+tian's grasp of the angle was quite accurate. He narrowed his eyes at the cute koalas and easily took care of them.

William was on the move. It seemed he wanted to first suppress Tan s.h.i.+tian.

Tan s.h.i.+tian aimed at the mobs and attacked quickly. He kept paying attention to William from the corner of his eyes. William obviously wanted to find a chance to kill him. In William's opinion, this young player who wasn't famous in the world rankings couldn't confront him head on.

Perhaps it was due to the explosion of self-confidence but William played very fiercely. He used his arrows to clear up the mobs in the range of Tan s.h.i.+tian's attack. This was a clear suppression.

Tan s.h.i.+tian was suppressed in a pa.s.sive manner until a minute later, he suddenly made a mistake.

He carefully kept a distance with the other side but in order to grab a blue mob, he actually entered William's attack range!

William felt happy and immediately fired Quenching Arrow, setting Tan s.h.i.+tian accurately in place!

This was the captain of the Australian national team. The precision of the skill caused the audience to let out a burst of applause.

The domestic audience members were nervous but Tan s.h.i.+tian's expression was calm.

He was set in place and forced to 45% blood. After seeing that William was releasing the ultimate force to kill Tan s.h.i.+tian, Cheng Wei finally started to act.

—Holy Seal!

The white magician cast the big move, setting William and the healer priest in place at the same time!

At this time, Tan s.h.i.+tian released Death Arrow Rain and turned the two opponents into hedgehogs!

Cheng Wei kept up with the white magic outbreak—G.o.d's Belief!

The white halo fell from the sky. The white magician and archer's group attacks cooperated with each other, directly pressing the blood of the other two people to below 50%!

The other priest was forced to help, using the Purification skill to resolve the control!

However, Tan s.h.i.+tian had long expected this. The moment the priest used Purification, he used an ice arrow to set the priest in place again!

The healer couldn't add blood before he was controlled by Tan s.h.i.+tian!

Cheng Wei wisely continued to fight William. He used G.o.d's Light and Voice of Combat. The two single target white magician skills were released, cruelly hitting William.

Tan s.h.i.+tian turned back and fired Seize Life Shot, directly killing William!

William stared at the grey computer screen after being killed by Captain Tan. He wanted to kill the person and ended up being killed. This feeling was really hard to understand!

Tan s.h.i.+tian smiled and spoke encouraging words in the voice channel. "Xiao Wei is good."

Cheng Wei laughed excitedly.

They might always bicker but the Tan Cheng combination was one of the best in the country. They had been teammates for many years in the Time team and their tacit understanding in key moments formed a conditioned reflex.

Tan s.h.i.+tian hadn't made a mistake. He deliberately did it to lure William in and typed '1' in the team channel to remind Cheng Wei. William had belittled Tan s.h.i.+tian and thought the other side made a mistake. He immediately opened a big move to kill Tan s.h.i.+tian but ended up killed by Tan Cheng…

Tan s.h.i.+tian smoothly took first blood! The domestic audience cheered excitedly. William took a healer but Tan s.h.i.+tian cooperated with Cheng Wei to kill him. This was proof of his strength!

Bai Xuan smiled from where he was sitting and said, "She used Purification too late. She should've done it when William was attacked." This crucial moment was enough to judge the other side's healer.

Xie Shurong wrapped an arm around Bai Xuan's shoulder and said with great confidence, "If the healer was you, I believe that absolutely no one can kill me under your eyes."

Bai Xuan replied, "Of course!"

His voice was warm and strong while filled with great confidence.

A healer must be decisive in key moments!

The Australia team's healer felt some guilt. The skills connection of Tan Cheng were almost seamless. He was being controlled before his brain could react…

Fortunately, the captain didn't say anything to him. After he was resurrected, he called his teammates to prepare for the ice dragon.

On the field data panel, Tan s.h.i.+tian took the first head and got most of the mobs in the middle. He bought his favourite necklace, Elf's Covenant and was very well-off.

This was a necklace that increased attack distance and was one of the best equipment for kite flow tactics. An archer's original attack distance was 18 metres and it reached 19 minutes after wearing this necklace.

It might just be a gap of one metre but this was enough to cause a headache in a team battle!


The ice dragon refreshed and the two archers of the Australian team started attacking the front row of the Chinese team, trying to break through.

Meng Jie was a famous tomboy. She carried the huge axe on her shoulders and wasn't afraid when facing the enemy's firepower. She directly used her axe to smash a large pit, blocking the road ahead. In addition, there was the strong nurse Liu Xiang covering her. She didn't need to worry about dying.

The thing that made the Australian team upset was that Tan s.h.i.+tian stood in the distance and relied on his long range. He cooperated with Lu Xiao and used the simplest arrows to completely damage the Australian team's back row!

William felt great pressure.

He had never encountered such shocking kite flow tactics in the league!

On the Chinese team, the fierce berserker withstood the pressure in the front row, the healer looked after her blood and the remaining four people moved at a very fast speed, dazzling the people. In particular, the archer Tan s.h.i.+tian used Flying Feather Steps to move like the wind. He constantly fired cold arrows and each shot was extremely accurate!

He could still grasp the direction so well while running and shooting. Not a single arrow missed. With these skills, why wasn't he on the world rankings? Wasn't this level comparable to Kim Yoonhee of the Korean team?

William was full of surprise but as the captain and commander, he immediately stabilized his mind and ordered, "Use a group control!"

If this consumption continued, it would become more and more difficult for them to fight. They must find a breakthrough!

A black magician in the Australian team immediately used Death Fear to control the front row Meng Jie. The other black magicians walked forward and used fear on Liu Xiang in the back row!

Everyone gathered to set fire to Meng Jie. The front row had thick skin but after being hit by four outputs, she fell to residual blood.

At this time, Yang Muzi opened the big group attack skill, Holy Seal!

She moved with Tan s.h.i.+tian and Tan s.h.i.+tian took her to the side of the Australian team. She wasn't Tan s.h.i.+tian's fixed partner but the vice-captain of Red Fox wasn't weak. If she didn't know what to do then her ID could commit suicide!

This angle was just right to open a group attack.

Yang Muzi controlled the back row. The Australian team's players were scattered but this group control skill was just right to control the healer and two archers!

—Death Arrow Rain!

Tan s.h.i.+tian and Lu Xiao's group attack skill continued to fall continuously while Cheng Wei and Yang Muzi weren't far behind with G.o.d’s Belief!

The four big moves fell down and the two fragile archers of the Australian team instantly fell to the ground!

On the Chinese side, Meng Jie was also killed but Liu Xiang added a big healing skill to herself and saved her life.

In this wave, the Chinese team killed two archers, including the Australian team's captain William, and took the ice dragon in one breath. This could be called a huge advantage.

In addition, the two dead people were killed by Tan s.h.i.+tian…

Yu Bing explained with a smile, "Tan s.h.i.+tian has three heads and combined with the ice dragon's economy bonus, he will soon become a small boss. If he buys the weapon Frost Bow, he will show what a real kite flow is!"

Frost Bow, this bow and arrow caused a 10% deceleration.

Elves already moved very fast and once the opponents were slowed down by this bow, Tan s.h.i.+tian would become a terrible mobile fort! He could attack the opponent with long-range archery and now they could never catch up with him!

In the next battle, Tan s.h.i.+tian taught them the meaning of the kite flow.

He slowed down all six opponents with a very fast hand speed. Then he stood in the distance and attacked wildly with Lu Xiao!

The arrows formed an impenetrable rain of arrows, shooting all opponents into residual blood…

Cheng Wei once again wisely sealed the captain William and Tan s.h.i.+tian naturally wouldn't drop the chain. He fired Seize Life Shot and took William's head again!

The Australian team was defeated and the six members of the Chinese team destroyed the crystal under Tan s.h.i.+tian's leaders.h.i.+p!

The Chinese team was victorious in the economic war!

Cheng Wei happily jumped from his seat and hugged Lu Xiao sitting next to him. "We won, hahaha! We won again!"

Tan s.h.i.+tian thought, 'How much better would it be if he turned and hugged me?'

Cheng Wei seemed to hear his resentful thoughts. After hugging Lu Xiao, he turned back and hugged to Tan s.h.i.+tian. "Captain Tan, we won!"

Tan s.h.i.+tian finally smiled with satisfaction and hugged him back. Tan s.h.i.+tian reached out and rubbed his head.

Cheng Wei seemed to be aware that he was too unrestrained and blushed as he let go of the other person. He remembered when he was previously kissed and his ears couldn't help turning hot.

Tan s.h.i.+tian was calm and took his teammates out of the soundproof room. He gave the captain a smile that said 'I completed the task' and this happened to be shown on the big screen, making the various reporters go crazy!

The media from all over the world exploded. [The Chinese team's young archer continuously killed the Australian ace, Captain William!] [Will Tan s.h.i.+tian surpa.s.s Kim Yoonhee and Thomas to become the world's first bard?]

The overwhelming smile accompanied by Tan s.h.i.+tian's signature smile swept through the e-sports websites of countries around the world. The domestic audience happily commented on Tan s.h.i.+tian's Weibo: [Captain Tan, you are popular!]

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