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Chapter 24: Wind Department, 1st Grade Cla.s.s 7

Carles Wizard Academy is divided into four departments: wind, water, earth, and fire.

The four departments are each divided into five grades: the 1st to 5th grades.

The 1st to 5th grades are again divided into 10 each, and the total number of students in the academy exceed 2,000.

As the name suggests, the 1st grade is to instruct the first-grade wizards, the 2nd grade is to instruct the second-grade wizards, and so on.

Chu Ye was placed in the Wind Department’s 1st-grade cla.s.s 7, Chu Ye couldn’t help but sigh ruefully, looking as if she had an incomprehensible dark fate with these 6 words in her past life.

Standing by the cla.s.sroom door and staring at the noisy students inside the cla.s.sroom, Chu Ye felt lifeless for three seconds and then couldn’t control the bitter smile forming on her lips.

Because… the students in the cla.s.sroom were mostly filled with five to six-year-old kids. The eldest students were no more than seven to eight years old and only consisted of three to four of the cla.s.s.

“Greetings, Teacher!” The kids saw the adult Chu Ye and thinking she was their new teacher, immediately became scared, but they didn’t forget to greet the teacher.

Having heard what was said, Chu Ye suddenly sweated and almost hit her head on the door frame.

At this moment, Chu Ye only recalled that in the Autonomous Wizard Continent, the awakening of wizarding talent generally happens between five and seven years old. Of course, she was different, but the 1st-grade cla.s.s, which is considered the first doorstep of a wizard, naturally accommodates small first-grade wizards who have just newly awakened some of their talents.

“I… am not a teacher, you are mistaken.” In the shortest time, Chu Ye straightened out her mind, normally walked into the cla.s.sroom, and in the middle of a group of little demons, casually sat down an empty seat.

Everyone was silent. All the children were wide-eyed and uniformly stared at Chu Ye as if they had seen an alien.

“Could it be that you are also a student of this Wind Department 1st-Grade Cla.s.s 7, just like us?” A conceited [1] and immature voice could be heard from Chu Ye’s left side.

Why does this voice sound familiar?

Chu Ye twisted her head and with one glance, grinned.

Reaching out and pinching the little boy’s delicate and adorable little cheek, “Little Demon [2], why is it you again?”

“Not allowed to pinch my face.” Lanxi Liuxing swatted away Chu Ye’s hand and stared at her. “I am not Little Demon, my name is Lanxi Liuxing."

Chu Ye lightly chuckled, "Yes, little devil, I know." She didn’t know why every time she saw Lanxi Liuxing, Chu Ye's mood became quite good.

Hearing Chu Ye still calling him Little Demon, Lanxi Liuxing turned to sit down on the desk at the left of Chu Ye with a supercilious look and poutingly puffed, “Ignore you. Annoying.”

Looking at his little fuming figure, Chu Ye couldn’t help but really want to pinch again, but just then the real teacher came in with a solemn face, Chu Ye was forced to withdraw her wolfish hand for the time being.

The teacher also brought a girl behind him with red clothes, red hair, s.e.xy figure, alluring character, raised eyebrows, and an arrogant look on her face. It was the Murong Chang who unbridledly cut in line yesterday.

As the two pairs of eyes opposed each other, sparks crackled around them. Of course, these were the sparks of two personal enemies meeting.

“This world is indeed small.” Murong Chang walked straight to the desk on Chu Ye’s right side and sat down. Her raised eyebrows were filled with disapproving ridicule.

“That’s simply the way it is, small me [3] can meet the same mad dog twice in the same place.” Chu Ye indifferently smiled.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] 老气横秋 – proud of one’s age and experience

[2] 小鬼 (xiao gui) – a form of endearment for a child

[3]小的 – refers to the speaker/yourself when talking to a superior; similar to the p.r.o.noun “I”

*Saw this translation in Kez Translations and decided to use it here

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