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 In the eyes of the public, the Second Young Miss of the Ye Family was violated by another man!

There was no room to cover it up!

Everyone saw it clearly. The one who was held within Little Sire Hou’s grasp, along with being molested and kissed by him, was none other than the Second Young Miss of the Ye Family.

Now, her clothes were all over the floor. It was impossible for this news from spreading!

Everyone present clearly saw it!

A snicker suddenly came from the crowd.

"Elder Brother, I heard that this is your fiancee? Sure enough, she is worthy of your position. Her style... truly is bold and unconstrained!"

Within the crowd, there was a man with a pale face, and his body was covered in jade.

At that moment, his face turned red as a monkey’s b.u.t.t!

It was Zeng Monan!

He was so angry at that moment that he wanted to stick his head in the ground!

If the last wedding was considered an accident or just a misunderstanding, what could be said for this incident?

This time, his fiancee would look like a joke in front of hundreds of people!

Moreover, everyone saw with their own eyes that she was entertaining and teasing Little Sire Hou!

This was not something that could be just explained as a misunderstanding!

Ye Jinli looked up in horror, and when she saw Zeng Monan within the crowd, her face turned red.

She rushed towards Zeng Monan with one hand holding her clothes.

"Brother Nan, you have to listen to me..."

She had not finished her sentence when Zeng Monan angrily slapped her white face!

“You shameful thing!”

He was truly blind at first. How could he look up to such a woman?

Ye Jinli was sent flying by the slap. She then wept in pain.

Ye Yunxiao was anxious and was silently stomping her foot.

This second sister of mine does not have a brain!

She is even dumber than a pig!

Is it time for you to wail and whine?

After Madam Yan gave her daughter a stern scolding, she angrily said, “What are you all still doing here?”

Today, there were many people here who had witnessed this incident. Before they came here, she had warned and urged her daughter to simply not loiter around.

Now, how was she worthy to meet others?

Guo Fei’er sobbed and said, "We were following the little b.i.t.c.h surnamed Ye..."

Madam Yan looked as if she discovered the New World, becoming overly excited. In a pitch few times higher than her normal voice, she shouted, "Where did little b.i.t.c.h Ye Qingli go?"

That's right, the one keeping guard outside was none other than her very own maid!

Ye Qingli must be in this house!

Guo Fei’er just didn’t know where she was hiding!

Ye Yunxiao’s eyes lit up.

That's right!

If they were able to find Ye Qingli, at the very least, Ye Jinli would not look as shameful.

She whispered softly to the king, "Ninth brother, it would seem that my elder sister is in this house. However, we are not able to find her. Could you trouble your guards to help in finding her?"

When the king gave out the order, the guards searched everywhere.

Guo Fei’er also cried, "That’s right! We saw her here!"

At this time, her heart was full of hatred!

Why should we be the only ones that suffer here while you stay out of this?

Madam Yan shouted, “Find her! Dig the ground three feet, you have to find her!”

A weak voice was heard loud and clear from outside.

"Who was looking for me?"

Madam Yan turned her head, and what did she see?

It was Ye Qingli!

She leisurely walked into the room while looking carefree.

"Oh, it turns out to be Mrs. Yan. Why are you so anxious trying to find me here? Have you finally thought it through and want to offer me an apology?"

Madam Yan's face turned pale green.

Suddenly, a putong sound could be heard.

She was so angry that she fainted on the spot!

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