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Yang s.h.i.+'s back was covered in cold sweat.

"That frightened the living lights out of me, so much money……what would we have done if something had happened to us?" Yang s.h.i.+ patted her chest continuously.

Mu Yunyao smiled. When she saw that Yang s.h.i.+ was acting as per normal, she felt more relaxed. Money was capable of twisting people's hearts, she had been afraid that Yang s.h.i.+ would also start to have impure intentions towards them.

"Auntie, with the way that we are dressed, no one would ever think that we are holding so much silver."

"Aish, don't say it out loud, what if someone hears you?"

"Alright, I got it."

When they reached the village, Mu Yunyao did not go back straight to her embroidery work. Instead, she called Yang s.h.i.+ over and pa.s.sed her two sheets of hundred silver. "Auntie, you and my Mother are good friends, these two sheets of silver is given with regards from my Mother. This is only for you, I hope that Auntie does not reject it."

(T/N: One sheet of that hundred silver is equivalent to a hundred silver. Mu Yunyao is giving Yang s.h.i.+ two hundred silvers.)

"Little Yunyao, your Mother and I are similar in such a way that both of our Mother-in-laws dislike us. But I am luckier than your Mother. My Mother-in-law pa.s.sed away early and I myself am treated quite well by the head of the family. So, when I saw how your Mother was being mistreated, I felt especially angry. Naturally, I like silver very much, but my present and future will go accordingly to how I am as a person. If I were to spend this silver, my heart will feel discomfort and regret."

Mu Yunyao froze. A sense of respect for Yang s.h.i.+ appeared in her heart. Although Yang s.h.i.+ was poor and ordinary, but she was even more beautiful than those wealthy fairies from the Su family. "Auntie, keep this silver in case of emergencies. If you have no use for it, you can just keep it somewhere. When Mother and I return, you can give the silver back to me."

"Return? You two are leaving?"

"When I finish the picture, we will be leaving this village."

"This……although the world outside is more peaceful than it was in the past, but it is still not safe. Where are you two going?"

"We will be going in the South direction, but we haven't really planned out our route exactly."

"You should really consider it further……," Yang s.h.i.+ was worried. A young girl and a widow are especially susceptible to danger. It was lucky that Li s.h.i.+ could no longer bully them, but if something were to happen to these two on their trip, it would be a tragedy.

Mu Yunyao persuaded Yang s.h.i.+ for half a day before Yang s.h.i.+ finally agreed to keep the silver. After sending her away, Mu Yunyao opened up the cloth, lit the candle to cast light on the entire room, and continued her work. Ten thousand silver, that was enough to last an ordinary person an entire lifetime. When they reach Jiangnan, it would be enough for her and her Mother to settle down.

(T/N: Jiangnan aka location at the South of the river.)

After finis.h.i.+ng st.i.tching on a dragon scale, Mu Yunyao raised a hand to lightly knock on her tense neck. She stared at her work as her mind wandered off.

The Su family was a wound in her heart that would never be able to heal. Just one light touch was enough to cause so much pain that she could feel it deep down in her bones. She hated them to the point that her heart bled. Now, she was far away from the Su family, but she could cause trouble for them using the very picture before her. This was just the appetiser.

Spring Embroidery had expanded from the Capital and then spread throughout the lands. On the surface, it looked just like an ordinary business, but if that were truly the case, it would have been gobbled up wholly a long time ago.

Only when did she become the concubine of Jin w.a.n.g, did she find out that Spring Embroidery was supported by the Su family and the Meng family. These two families also stood behind Jin w.a.n.g and thus Spring Embroidery naturally became a source of his income, allowing Jin w.a.n.g to become extremely powerful. If she was able to destroy Spring Embroidery, it would definitely serve as a big blow to the Su family, and also at the same time, cut off one of Jin w.a.n.g's allies. This would be enough to hurt him deeply.

Now, she had nothing, so she was unable to control anything in the dark. She could only follow the Heaven's will. Whether or not her plan will succeed will all depend on the Heavens.

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