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Chapter 1: I have a “spoiled” halo


In the empty gray s.p.a.ce, a cold and indifferent voice sounded.

This s.p.a.ce was a room that was a dozen square meters wide. To be precise, it was like a large sealed box. It had no doors and windows, only the color gray could be seen. In a random yet orderly manner, it slowly floated in a certain direction.

Midair, a milky white light exuded a comforting atmosphere. It seemed to be breathing from time to time, expanding and contracting.

A tender and cheerful voice came from the light, “En.”

“Because of special reasons, time and s.p.a.ce is in disorder. This led to some people finding out about their intended endings. They refuse to follow their original path so that they could survive. Therefore, we need to play the role of the character in order to maintain the world’s development.”


The light, or the system, was quite slow: What? So simple? You already agreed? Don’t you want to know why, or what you have to do?

Hah, he’s already a dead person. Did he still need to scheme?

A person who was unaware of the past does not need to pay attention to “people” in the future.

No one wanted to die. If there was a chance to live, why should you let go? Even if they would ask for something in exchange.

Mo Fan wanted to cast a contemptuous look at the system. However, his current situation hindered him.

If one paid attention, they could see that the young man’s figure was barely visible.

There was no color nor thickness as if he was just a layer of icing. A gentle touch could turn him into powder.

“So, let’s start the mission?” The system asked carefully.


“After entering the plane, in order for you to integrate with the original body, a small ring that has a character halo will be given to you as a prop. Whatever you do, you’re not allowed to be OOC! I am going to start the transmission. Fanfan, please endure for a while.”

He still has not figured out what the system was asking him to endure when he suddenly felt a pain in his head. In the next second, he lost consciousness.

Before giving into the darkness, Mo Fan thought leisurely: Did it call him Fanfan? Wasn’t that quite intimate.

A s.p.a.cious and bright bedroom, with simple but heavy curtains that covered only half of the window frame. The bright and warm suns.h.i.+ne shone directly on the big gray-and-white bed.

On the thin bed laid two figures. One was a tall man that laid on his side, his face was buried in between a teenager’s shoulder and neck. His face could not be seen. A powerful long arm held the beautiful boy’s waist, hugging him.

The warm sunlight was sprinkled on the youth’s fair and delicate face. It looked tranquil and beautiful. The golden light highlighted his messy hair.

The youth’s thick and long lashes trembled gently. He wanted to open his eyes but was stopped by the glaring light. As he raised a hand over his forehead, a pair of bright and dark orbs filled with confusion slowly emerged.

“Fanfan, we have arrived in the new world~”

The voice of the system sounded out in his head. The youth, who was now Mo Fan, said a faint “En” in his mind.

Behind his back was a warm body, he could feel the rise and fall of the other’s chest. From their contact with each other, Mo Fan could easily arrive at the conclusion that the two had a sincere relations.h.i.+p.

At the same time, Mo Fan frowned slightly as he felt abnormalities in this body.

“Fanfan, I will transfer this world’s plot and the original owner’s memories to you.”

The world’s plot? The original owner’s memories? Mo Fan had a guess in his mind.

Something poured quickly in his brain. A huge amount of information was suddenly dumped in Mo Fan’s head. This made him feel slight pain. Suddenly, one photo after another moved frame by frame.

This process might have felt long, but, in fact, only a second has pa.s.sed.

What’s his current situation? Reincarnation?

The system explained, “Whatever you’re thinking of is right. We are now in a different world. The soul of this body’s owner has been separated from the body, so this could be considered reincarnation. Our presence here is rejected by the world, so if you are found out, you will get in trouble. Therefore, you must not be OOC.”

【Didn’t you say that we were upholding the plane’s rules?】

Mo Fan blinked. The system’s words were contradicting.

System, “Eh…”

【Tell me the truth.】

The system thought, this wasn’t forbidden to say, and started to talk: “This is mainly because your soul is too weak. It has to be fixed to the level of normal people in a low-level plane before you can actually start the task.”


When he recalled his transparent form, Mo Fan looked pensive.

The system can help grow my soul? What benefits will it get?

“Fanfan, our aim is the power of the world. As long as you follow the original owner’s temperament while going through the world’s plot, then we can obtain the energy.”

Mo Fan was alerted: You know what I am thinking?

“That’s because you haven’t blocked me intentionally. If you don’t want me to know about something then I won’t hear you.”

【The world’s power?】

“En, en. My ability to run and travel around worlds needs the support of the world’s forces. I don’t need much energy so the rest could be given to your soul. Without the power of the world, I would fall asleep.”

Mo Fan no longer had to probe whether the other party was telling the truth, Wasn’t its current situation worse?

After getting what he wanted to know, Mo Fan started to sort out the messy information in his head.

This body is also named Mo Fan, the young master of the Shao family. However, the original owner wasn’t the head of the Shao family’s biological son. The head lost his wife in his early years and left behind a three-year-old son. Later, when his son was older, he met Mo Fan’s mother and brought them into the Shao family.

However, the good days did not last long. When the two were about to get married, the Shao family head died because of an accident. Mo Fan’s mother died at the same time.

The car accident, naturally, was not an accident. It was caused by someone else.

At that time, the 18-year-old Shao Yuxuan provoked the covetousness of relatives that were like jackals, wolves, tigers, and panthers. It took him three years to manage the company with his outstanding ability, and at the same time send the culprit of the car accident to prison.

Even if the group of shareholders was surprised, they made Shao Yuxuan the winner.

If they followed the normal routine, Shao Yuxuan would marry and have children, then bear his own responsibilities. However, Shao Yuxuan found himself falling in love with his younger brother, Mo Fan.

When he first realized it, Shao Yuxuan ran away. However, this feeling did not fade with time. It became more and more intense. So, he calmed down and treated Mo Fan increasingly well, but never told the other party.

If it was like this from the beginning to end, Mo Fan probably wouldn’t have known that the person who grew up with him liked him.

In the end, a certain Shao Yuxuan got drunk and forcibly hugged Mo Fan. After that, the two had a cold war. Mo Fan unexpectedly became a victim of drug overdose and died.

All Mo Fan had to do was act in character.

“In the end, I have to go through everything he experienced?”

“The system has a protective mechanism that would pull Fanfan away before that. There is no need for you to worry about feeling the pain the original owner experienced.”

“En.” Thinking about that scenario, Mo Fan had the impulse to tear the other apart.

It seemed that he was at the time after the two got drunk?

This kind of soreness, and the strange feeling he could feel from his behind, it was as if he experienced it personally.

Mo Fan’s expression was strange. The system couldn’t help but feel guilty and say, “Fanfan, I’m sorry that you have to experience this.”

【You can’t choose when I will enter the world?】


That’s impossible.

Mo Fan felt his head hurt. Anyway, they should fix the situation first.

【What do I need to do now?】

“After finding out that he was with the male protagonist, he was furious and disgusted. Fanfan, just act like this and everything will be fine.”

【Got it.】

“Fanfan, you have a “pampering” halo in this world, oh. Add oil!”

Pampering? Why did he feel that this so-called halo was a pit? Mo Fan felt his headache worsen.

【The role of the halo?】

“Character halos can change Fanfan’s personality. When your performance is lacking, it would complement your original emotion. It is a prop just for Fanfan, oh~”


With his memories not yet forming properly, Mo Fan had no feelings for both men and women. What made him uncomfortable was eaten up. Although it was finished by the time he arrived, he still had to bear the aftermath.”

“Fanfan, the male protagonist woke up.”

Mo Fan turned around and saw that the man had a hangover, his eyes filled with confusion.

Last night was Xiao Fan’s coming-of-age ceremony. Shao Yuxuan drank a little too much. He did not know whether Xiao Fan got drunk too or not…

Shao Yuxuan felt a little intoxicated when he thought of his dream last night. He had been dreaming of this for two years now but never had it brought him such a feeling.

As his sight focused, Shao Yuxuan’s pupils contracted when he saw the scene in front of him.

The teenager was sitting beside him, his white tender skin… What? Shao Yuxuan had no time to daydream. He has never feared anything but at this moment, his heart was filled with dread.

“Xiao Fan…”

Disgust and shock filled the eyes of the youth… These emotions made Shao Yuxuan’s heart ache. He did not dare look at his eyes.

How could he do something that hurt him?! He clearly liked him so much! He wished that he could kiss him, hold his hand, but couldn’t. How come!

“Shao Yuxuan, you are disgusting.”

The teenager’s voice was filled with disgust. Shao Yuxuan sat up and tried to hold the teenager’s shoulder to explain, “Xiao Fan, I…”

“Don’t touch me!”

Shao Yuxuan was stopped by this loud voice.

Mo Fan couldn’t do anything and had to resort to shouting.

“Mo Fan, I’m sorry. I was drunk. I did not know that this would happen. I didn’t mean it.” Shao Yuxuan had a fantasy in his heart. Maybe Xiao Fan didn’t know. He wouldn’t realize it… However, Mo Fan’s next words shattered his hopes.

“Heh,” Mo Fan sneered, “Did the sentence “Xiao Fan, I love you.” that I hear was fake?”

Shao Yuxuan’s body froze, his face showed a bewildered expression.

“Xiao Fan, I do love you, but I did not want to do this. Seeing you is enough for me.”

Shao Yuxuan’s confession did not arouse Mo Fan’s sympathy. The disgust on his face deepened.

The disgust and hate in the other’s eyes were so clear, Shao Yuxuan didn’t dare speak.

“I don’t want to see you, get out!”

“Xiao Fan…”

“Get out!”

This agitation caused his body pain. Still, Mo Fan continued to raise his finger stiffly. Due to anger, his pale face flushed red.

“Careful. I’ll leave now, so stop being angry.” Shao Yuxuan watched Mo Fan’s complex and strange expression. He wanted to comfort him but was afraid to add fuel to the fire.

After picking up his trousers on the ground and putting them on, he left the room. Shao Yuxuan was totally unaware that there was something wrong with being chased out of his own room.

“Fanfan,” The system’s voice sounded out, “You’re doing very well.”

The strong emotions on Mo Fan’s face suddenly disappeared. His eyes were eerily calm.

The situation has been dealt with.

To be in such a body, he really was angry. Mo Fan just used the situation as pretext to make a fuss.

When Mo Fan tried to leave the bed, his limp and painful legs almost gave out on him, causing him to fall over. Mo Fan’s face was black.

During the difficult trek to the bathroom, Mo Fan did not look at the traces scattered around his body on purpose and gave himself a bath.

“Fanfan…” The system’s voice sounded a little cautious, “That… If you don’t clean that, you’ll get sick.”

【What?】Mo Fan could not understand.

“Your… behind… It has to be cleaned up or you’ll get have a fever…” The system’s voice grew smaller and smaller as Mo Fan’s expression became uglier.

System: Wuwuwu, this is all for Fanfan. Even if Mo Fan’s face turns black, it still has to be cleaned up!

The system continued to whisper, “Fanfan, whatever is inside… It has to be washed out…”

Mo Fan raised his eyebrows, “Do you think the original owner knows how to do this?”

The system shook his head.

【Then leave it there.】

The original owner of the body was straight. Since he was furious, he obviously won’t touch that place or let anyone else do so. In his mind, he was disgusted with that area. If he wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, then he would have left straight away.

When he opened the closet, a set of ironed suits were neatly arranged in it. Obviously, this was not the former owner’s style.

It was just like that man’s.

【Is this Shao Yuxuan’s room?】

“En. Fanfan, your room is next door.”

After putting on a bathrobe, Mo Fan opened the door.

Shao Yuxuan was outside the room when Mo Fan went outside. His eyes flashed with an unreadable emotion. Mo Fan did not even look at the side, he opened the door and went inside the other room. He laid on the bed, looking for a comfortable position.

He felt too uncomfortable.

The system was worried, “Fanfan, you’ll get a fever if you stay like this.”

【It’s okay, let me sleep.】

The system wanted to speak but stopped. It watched Mo Fan lay on the bed with his eyes closed due to tiredness.

“Xiao Fan?”

Shao Yuxuan went back to his room, changed his clothes, then returned to knock at the door. The person inside did not respond, just as expected.

“Xiao Fan, are you hungry? I’m going to cook for you. I don’t mind if you are angry with me, but you aren’t allowed to be hungry because of this.”

After a while, there was still no movement inside. Shao Yuxuan went downstairs dimly.

The system, who was watching Mo Fan sleep: ……

An hour later, Shao Yuxuan had cooked porridge with him, “Xiao Fan, I cooked porridge for you. I’m going to leave it outside the door. If you feel hungry, eat it, alright?”
Just like before. Silence.

“I’ll leave the porridge here.”

Mo Fan did not want to see him, Shao Yuxuan could understand that. However, right now, it was already dark and the other party still has not made any movements. It was unusual.

The porridge he left at noon became cold and sticky. Shao Yuxuan, who was holding the dinner that he made for the youth, became worried: “Xiao Fan? Are you there? You didn’t eat this afternoon, you must be hungry. Come out and have some food. I’ll put this here and leave at once. You don’t have to worry about seeing me.”

A whole afternoon has pa.s.sed, Shao Yuxuan, who panicked after seeing their closeness, has already calmed down.

If Xiao Fan was angry, this would not be his normal reaction. He would only lose his temper, but not ignore him like this.

Shao Yuxuan’s heart tightened up as he thought of the youth’s situation on the other side.

Did something happen to Xiao Fan?

“Xiao Fan? Are you in there? If you don’t talk, then I’m coming in.”

Shao Yuxuan listened attentively. There was no movement.

Xiao Fan must have gotten in trouble.

Worried, Shao Yuxuan quickly went into the study room and took out a key. He unlocked the door.

A slender figure slept on the bed quietly. This tugged at Shao Yuxuan’s heartstrings.

“Xiao Fan?”

Mo Fan liked to cover himself with the quilt when sleeping. Shao Yuxuan watched as the teen refused to speak. He held a corner of the quilt and pulled it down.

The young man’s face was red and covered with sweat.

Shao Yuxuan wanted to give himself a slap.

Obviously, under this kind of situation, Xiao Fan would feel unwell. Why didn’t he pay more attention to him?

Shao Yuxuan has lived for more than twenty years. He did not panic when his father remarried nor when his parents died. It was only at this moment, when he saw Mo Fan’s uncomfortable expression, did he feel helplessness.
Shao Yuxuan was about to call their family doctor when he remembered Mo Fan’s reaction.

Xiao Fan certainly wouldn’t want others to know about what happened, even if it was a doctor loyal to their family.

“Xiao Fan, let’s get up and have a bath, okay?”

Shao Yuxuan was not a young child who was unaware about everything. Even if he did not expect a future for the two of them, he still understood some things about it.

He didn’t use any protective measures last night, so that must have remained inside. Xiao Fan was still young and didn’t know about these things, so he caught a fever. Moreover, he asked the other for several more rounds. Xiao Fan could have been injured.

He thought it was a dream. A dream that felt too real. He could not control himself and went too far.

Hearing Shao Yuxuan’s gentle voice, the teenager frowned tightly and burrowed himself in the quilt deeper.

“Xiao Fan? You have to take a bath even if it’s difficult. Can I bring you there?”

Shao Yuxuan gently appeased the boy. When he leaned over and picked him up, Mo Fan did not struggle and even took the initiative to snuggle up in his arms.

Shao Yuxuan’s heart ached. Before the incident last night, the two of them had been this close.

Xiao Fan was very good. He would act spoiled and curry favor with him whenever he made a mistake. Although he always argued with him, in Shao Yuxuan’s view, it was all because of the other’s short temper. He just had to coax him a little. Really cute.

When Xiao Fan was really happy, he would jump in his arms and hug him like this. Acting spoiled in his arms.

Shao Yuxuan brought him into the bathtub and removed his clothes.

The youth’s skin was very tender. Marks would appear even with just a little force. Yesterday, he was too excited and left red marks over his body.

At this moment, Shao Yuxuan didn’t get distracted. All he felt was pity for the boy. He cleaned him carefully.

There were red marks but no broken and bleeding skin.

Shao Yuxuan was relieved.

The teenager struggled slightly when he was applying medicine, “Stop… Not there… It hurts…”

Shao Yuxuan pulled himself away from his thoughts and moved faster.

He wiped the water left on the youth’s body and brought him back to the bed.

Shao Yuxuan took out the antipyretic medicine from the medicine box and made the teenager drink it. He cooled him down nonstop.

Shao Yuxuan did not dare sleep. Every thirty minutes, he would measure the youth’s temperature. His fever only subsided when it was midnight.

Even so, Shao Yuxuan did not relax. He stayed until early morning. Looking at the time, he left.

Xiao Fan definitely would not want to see him.

When Mo Fan woke up, he did not feel relaxed. He actually felt more tired.

【System, what happened to me?】

“Fanfan, you caught a fever. The male protagonist took care of you the whole night.”

【Where is he now?】

“He left this morning. He probably thought that you wouldn’t want to see him.”

Mo Fan got absorbed in his thoughts.

Mo Fan raised his hand and brought it to his belly. He said sullenly, “I’m hungry.”

The system was a little worried, “Anyone who hasn’t eaten the whole day would naturally be hungry. The protagonist should have prepared some breakfast for you. Go and eat it.”

【Let’s eat out.】

System: Ah?? You still want to leave? You’ll have to endure your hunger for a while.

Mo Fan put on his clothes and went downstairs. He ignored the man that greeted him and his prepared breakfast. Without looking at anyone in the eye, he took a car key and went out the door. This was all taken in by Shao Yuxuan’s wistful eyes.

In the garage, a red Ferrari lit up. It was Shao Yuxuan’s gift for Mo Fan that night.

Mo Fan learned how to drive when he was 16 years old. He had no car and has been pestering Shao Yuxuan to buy him one. Shao Yuxuan did not fulfill this wish until he turned into an adult. He even started with a sports car that was worth millions.

Although he lost his parents early, Mo Fan has been growing up under Shao Yuxuan’s care and was carefree. In school, he was even famously called a baby. Under Shao Yuxuan’s care, no one dared to look down on the Shao family’s young master even if he had a different surname.

Mo Fan stopped at the door of a bar.

The system was curious, “Fanfan, what are you planning to do in a bar? They don’t serve breakfast here.”

Mo Fan ignored his question and walked right in.

Since it was morning, the bar was currently closing. When a delicate looking teenager drove over using a sports car, the person did not dare neglect him and asked: “This young master… Do you need anything?”

Mo Fan’s tone sounded strange and mocking, “This bar is open and you’re asking a guest if they need anything?”

The manager did not know the other’s ident.i.ty so he didn’t dare offend him. He replied with a pleasant smile on his face, “Young master, our bar is just about to close. Why don’t you visit later? We’ll treat you well.”

Mo Fan was ungrateful and said brutally, “Guests can come whenever they want to. From now on, I’ll come to this place.”

When the manager saw that Mo Fan was determined to go inside the bar. He already realized that he must be a rich person. Looking at the people behind him, he said: “Okay, okay, okay! Young master, please come in.”

Since the bar was about to close, the musicians were currently fixing their things. The manager hurriedly stopped them and asked them to continue to perform.

Mo Fan: “I’m hungry. Prepare some breakfast for me.”

Manager: ……

They weren’t a breakfast shop.

That was what the manager thought, but he said: “What does this young master want to eat?”

Mo Fan: “Anything.”

Seeing that someone was making things difficult for the manager, a youth that was about the same age as Mo Fan came over. The manager gave a sigh of relief, “Little Xu.”

Xu Wei was the bar owner’s younger brother. He sometimes helped manage the bar. Luckily, he came here to have fun. He saw the manager invite someone in.

“Mo Fan?”

Chapter 2: I have a “spoiled” halo

Mo Fan looked up and saw his former cla.s.smate. Although he has already graduated, they were cla.s.smates for two years. Mo Fan would not forget him so soon.

“Xu Wei?”

Xu Wei was surprised that Mo Fan, this well-behaved baby, actually came to a bar this bright and early. Also, his att.i.tude was even quite “arrogant”.

Anyone who had even a little influence in their school knew that Mo Fan was a young master of the Shao family. Even if he was adopted, Shao Yuxuan cared for him very much. He would not let others touch him.

“You’re alone?” Xu Wei looked behind Mo Fan.

No Shao Yuxuan nor bodyguards. Suppressing the surprise in his heart, Xu Wei gave Mo Fan a friendly smile.

“Why are you drinking in broad daylight? Chief Shao gave his permission?”

Mo Fan’s expression changed. His eyes showed malaise and apparent unhappiness.

Since Mo Fan was sheltered well, Xu Wei immediately saw that his mood was off. Xu Wei’s eyes glinted. He guessed that the two of them probably had a conflict. He was unwilling to get involved and simply thought about how to break the news to Shao Yuxuan.

Naturally, he did not want to become cannon fodder for any of the two!

“Young master, your breakfast.”

The manager came over to bring the breakfast that he asked his people to buy.

Xu Wei had another guess but said nothing, “Mo Fan, you still haven’t eaten breakfast? Come on, I’ll bring you upstairs so that you can eat.”

In fact, the bar only had a first floor. The second floor was a place where distinguished guests could rest. There were lounges and rooms for people to sleep. Xu Wei happened to be in the bar yesterday and was planning to take a rest, but was asked to come by the manager.

Mo Fan nodded absently. Xu Wei took advantage of his inattention to whisper a few words to some people. He waited for the other party to nod before waving them outside.

The breakfast was exquisite, however, to Mo Fan it tasted like wax. After the feeling of hunger disappeared, Mo Fan stopped eating.

“Mo Fan, do you want to rest? We have rooms here. Look at your dark circles. Aren’t you sleeping well?”

Mo Fan was fair-skinned. Due to being tossed around for a long time and being sick right after, he looked pallid and haggard.

Mo Fan did not really want to drink, he just followed the plot. The original owner would play and sing in this bar night after night. He would then be influenced to the wrong path.

Being told that his beloved brother loved him, Mo Fan was naturally very stimulated. In addition to that, various situations happened. He would naturally be sleepless.

Mo Fan fell asleep in the room arranged by Xu Wei. Even if he slept for a day, he was still tired.

After Shao Yuxuan received the news, he did not take immediate action.

He told his people to protect Mo Fan secretly after debating with himself in the office for a long time.

Shao Yuxuan discovered the strangeness of that night. He had always been confident in his self-control. In fact, he does not even drink much. How could he be so muddled that he cannot even distinguish between dreams and reality?


Mo Fan woke up, feeling refreshed.



【What is Shao Yuxuan doing right now?】

“Sorry, Fanfan. I can’t check on the protagonist, but what I do know is that someone is currently following you.”

Mo Fan did not need to think about it. That person must be sent by Shao Yuxuan.

【The next should be falling from grace? 】

“Fanfan, that’s right~”

Mo Fan stretched his waist lazily, revealing his soft skin and slender waist. The system covered his eyes automatically. Do not look at things indecently. Do not look at things indecently.

But Fanfan looks really good~

After was.h.i.+ng his face, Mo Fan looked at the mirror and adjusted his facial expression to look gloomier. Someone actually went up to bring lunch, however, no one answered, so they left.

It was already three o’clock in the afternoon. Earlier in the morning, Mo Fan only ate to fill his stomach. Therefore, he felt really hungry.

As soon as he left the room, there were people waiting outside the door.

【Is this Shao Yuxuan’s person?】

“No, this is Xu Wei’s.


“Young Master Mo, do you want to have dinner?”

Mo Fan nodded. “Young Master Mo, I’ll bring your meal in a while.” The man immediately went downstairs.

When he finished eating dinner in his room, there were already a lot of people downstairs.

This bar had a good reputation in B City, so a lot of people came. Mo Fan sat downstairs and ordered an “Icy Flame”. This body did not drink, so when Mo Fan took a sip, he felt a choking sensation. This prompted him to cough gently.

While in this difficult situation, someone handed a gla.s.s of iced water to Mo Fan. He grabbed the gla.s.s and drank a couple of mouthfuls.

“Fanfan, you’re actually drinking something a stranger gave you.”

【Naturally? The original owner was such a simpleton, he wouldn’t be vigilant. 】

“I see, ah~”

【Are you really a system?】

Mo Fan was very suspicious.

Clearly, the task a.s.signed by the system was for him to act out the original character’s personality, yet, this system could not even compare to a “newbie” like him.


When Mo Fan first entered the bar, Lin Song already noticed him. This delicate and beautiful youth with a pure temperament attracted him. Even if this wasn’t a h.o.m.os.e.xual bar, it doesn’t mean that a gay person like him couldn’t come, right?

“h.e.l.lo, my name is Lin Song. May I know your name?”

“h.e.l.lo, I’m Mo Fan.” After a pause, Mo Fan added, “Thank you for the water.”

“You’re welcome. However, don’t just drink something that someone else gives you when you’re in a bar.”

“Ah?” Mo Fan was shocked.

“Hehe,” The other smiled softly, “I’m just joking. I’m not a stranger. Don’t we already know each other?”

“En.” Mo Fan smiled shyly.

Lin Song wasn’t extremely handsome, but his gentle and restrained behavior caused people to feel at ease effortlessly.

Mo Fan had never been in such a busy place. Except for his initial nervousness, he has calmed down. However, the sudden arrival of this man shocked him again.

This experience was quite novel.

“You look very young. Are you an adult?”

“Just turned into an adult.” Mo Fan was obviously unwilling to talk about adulthood, suddenly answering vaguely.

Lin Song noticed his change and immediately changed the topic.

Lin Song was a gentle yet brilliant conversationalist. He quickly made Mo Fan laugh. The teenager’s eyes were slightly moist, reflecting light. Lin Song seemed to be in a trance and could not help but come close.

Due to Mo Fan’s experiences, he was now quite sensitive to distances between two men. When he saw Lin Song approach him, he quickly moved backwards. Lin Song immediately woke up from his trance. He picked up a drink from the bar counter and took a sip to hide his guilty conscience.

【Is this Lin Song a h.o.m.os.e.xual?】

“That’s right, Fanfan. Looks like you’re very popular.”

【Why does it feel like those who are interested in me are always men?】

“This…” The system hesitated before saying a reason, “It must be because you have a special temperament.”

Special? Does he have special qualities that men find specifically appealing?

When he recalled the original owner’s beautiful appearance, Mo Fan felt another headache.

Mo Fan was just asking. Whether it was male or female, he didn’t mind.

Mo Fan showed a happy expression and continued to talk to the person in front of him.

Xu Wei has been wandering around the bar the whole time. Even if Mo Fan didn’t notice, how couldn’t he?

Lin Song had special intentions towards Mo Fan!

Xu Wei felt cold sweat dripping down his back. He just left for a while and Mo Fan already attracted trouble. If this reached Shao Yuxuan, he would surely be angered.

“Mr. Lin.” Xu Wei approached them, holding a gla.s.s.

“Young Master Xu.” Lin Song was shocked. Why would Xu Wei come over and say h.e.l.lo to him?

“It seems that Mr. Lin is having a great conversation with my friend. Do you mind if I come and join the fun?”

Lin Song naturally knew that Xu Wei did not really want to join their conversation. He was warning him that this was a person he could not touch.

“Hehe, how embarra.s.sing. Both of you, talk. Oh look, my friend is over there. I’ll be going first.”


With that, the person walked away without looking back.

When Mo Fan saw Lin Song walk away, he did not try to stop him. He instead turned towards Xu Wei and asked, “Did you come here for a drink too?”

Xu Wei laughed and said, “Yes.”

Mo Fan pressed his temples, “Okay. It’s really noisy in here, not fun at all.”

Xu Wei was amused but still coaxed him, “This is what bars are like. Do you want me to send you back?”

“I don’t want to go back!”

When asked about returning home, it was as if Mo Fan’s reverse scale was touched. He immediately stood up and placed the gla.s.s in his hand down. Even with the loud music, the sound it made could be heard loudly.

“Okay, okay, okay. We aren’t going back.”

Xu Wei looked at him carefully and saw that Mo Fan’s cheeks were slightly red. He was drunk.

He couldn’t drink at all. Xu Wei looked at the liquid in the gla.s.s. It’s almost untouched, he thought.

Mo Fan looked very drunk, but his mind was clear.

【Shao Yuxuan should appear by now, based on the next plot point. Where is his people? 】

“Does Xu Wei count? He’s the protagonist’s representative.”

Mo Fan raised an eyebrow.

【Is there a mistake in the plot?】

“Fanfan, nothing’s wrong with your performance. The plot deviation is caused by the protagonist’s abnormality and it is not within your responsibility.”

【Shao Yuxuan is this world’s protagonist.】

“Yes. Fanfan, why are you suddenly saying this?” The system was puzzled.

【Say, what would happen if the protagonist of this world disappears?】

The system was frightened, “Fanfan, don’t mess around. If the protagonist dies, the world will collapse and cease to exist.”


System: What horrible thing was Fanfan thinking about just now!

The thought of eliminating the other party flashed through his head. Mo Fan wore a mysterious smile then shook his head regretfully.

So this couldn’t be done once and for all.

Chapter 3: I have a “spoiled” halo

The door closed lightly. Mo Fan opened his eyes in the darkness.

【Hm? What happened to the drugs?】


【Is there another deviation?】

“No, everybody is already drunk so there is no need for a drug.”

【That makes sense.】

After lying on the bed for a while, Mo Fan’s eyelids felt heavy. He was about to fall asleep.

The sound of the door opening shocked Mo Fan’s trance off.

A tall figure walked in. His footsteps were light and barely audible but Mo Fan knew that this man was walking towards him.

“Xiao Fan.” The hushed voice was hoa.r.s.e and s.e.xy.

【Shao Yuxuan finally came? I thought he wasn’t coming.】

“Fanfan, even if he came, you’re just a “sleeping” person.”

Mo Fan: ……

“Why are you waiting for him, Fanfan? You can go to bed. There is nothing for you to do in this scenario.”

【Oh, how boring.】

System: ……

Fanfan’s always so willful.

The man’s gaze was glued onto Mo Fan’s face. Mo Fan was suspicious. It was so dark, can the other even see his face clearly? It took so long that Mo Fan was about to fall asleep. The man leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on the boy’s forehead before leaving.

Xu Wei, who was waiting outside, “Chief Shao.”

“You did a good job,” Shao Yuxuan said, with warmth in his eyes. However, this warmth was only reserved for Mo Fan. To Xu Wei, Shao Yuxuan looked very cold, “Protect him well. I won’t intervene with Xicheng’s matters.”

Xu Wei nodded, “Okay. Thank you, Chief Shao.”

Mo Fan, who has been listening the whole time: Body transactions, ah.

System: “The protagonist is doing this to protect you.”

Mo Fan, with an indifferent face: Oh.

System: ……

【Why are you chipping in good words for the protagonist?】

Mo Fan narrowed his eyes as the system busily refuted, “No, no. I just said it casually.”

Mo Fan: That’s a lie.

The system who got exposed immediately: ……

Since Mo Fan did not fall asleep until it was late, he woke up at noon. As if there was a connection between them, Shao Yuxuan suddenly called. Mo Fan did not hesitate to reject the call.

——Xiao Fan, when will you come home?

A text message followed. Mo Fan immediately blocked him.

“Fanfan, you blocked the protagonist. How will he bring you to the house he prepared?”

【He’ll arrange it.】

“What do you mean?”

【Shao Yuxuan will always have a way.】

Mo Fan’s tone was contemptuous, which made the system stunned: Were his questions stupid? Was he stupid? However, what Fanfan said really made sense.

But when did Fanfan’s evaluation of the protagonist become so high?

If this sentence was asked, Mo Fan would definitely look down upon the system more.

This was not his evaluation but was obviously because of Shao Yuxuan’s personality.

The entire summer vacation, Mo Fan lived on the second floor of Xu Wei’s bar. Xu Wei did not dare go home to sleep. He was afraid that something might go wrong with this little ancestor.

It’s a pity that he could only spend his entire vacation at a bar.

The soundproofing on the second floor was very good, no matter how loud it got downstairs, it would not be heard upstairs.

They were still in a cold war. Mo Fan knew that Shao Yuxuan had people secretly following him, but he could not get this to stop unless he spoke. Shao Yuxuan knew that Mo Fan knew about the guards, but did not ask them to leave.

During the summer vacation, Mo Fan learned to drink, how to play drinking games, and even learned how to mix drinks from the bartender. He has done everything that he could possibly do in a bar except for playing around with girls.

【School is about to start.】

“Fanfan isn’t happy?”

【I’m happy. I can live a happy university life again. I could still remember when I skipped and played games.】

System: ……

Fanfan, is it really okay for you to be such a degenerate?

Mo Fan just said this casually. As a future hedonistic son, would playing games and hanging around in bars be enough?

In fact, if Shao Yuxuan really wanted to force him to submit, then this could be achieved easily.

Since Mo Fan grew up coddled, he did not know what self-reliance and living a hard life was. As long as Shao Yuxuan cut off his finances, Mo Fan would definitely take the initiative to look for him.

However, Shao Yuxuan is reluctant to have him suffer hards.h.i.+ps. This was his first mistake.

Xu Wei’s stay in the bar wasn’t that long nor short. At first, he did not dare think about it. However, after a while, how could he still not notice the awkward relations.h.i.+p between the two? He secretly warned himself that he must not tell this to anyone. Shao Yuxuan was someone powerful. He shouldn’t be a busybody.

Shao Yuxuan actually has such thoughts towards Mo Fan. No wonder he could keep taking care of a younger brother that wasn’t related to him.

When school started, Mo Fan packed a small number of clothes from his suite.

With Mo Fan was a secondary card that had a 100,000 RMB limit every month. This was given to him years ago. With this high amount of money, it was only due to Shao Yuxuan that he was not corrupted by bad examples.

After graduating from high school, Shao Yuxuan changed the quota to one million. Although this was not a lot when compared to other rich children, it was more than enough for a baby like Mo Fan.

Even if they were in conflict, Shao Yuxuan did not freeze the card. Shao Yuxuan gave while Mo Fan took and enjoyed the rich life with a peace of mind.

Shao Yuxuan liked Mo Fan, so everything about him was good. A little bit of selfishness was nothing but “being spoiled”. He could afford taking care of Mo Fan anyway.

However, this was from Shao Yuxuan’s perspective. In the eyes of others, Mo Fan was selfish.

If Shao Yuxuan’s affections towards Mo Fan faded, his character would not be as pleasing. He was a typical selfish person who only cared about himself. A person who only knew how to ask and did not know how to give back.

Shao Yuxuan endured this hards.h.i.+p gladly.

Someone knocked on the door. Mo Fan thought it was Xu Wei so he opened the door without a thought as he usually came to see him. Who would have thought that he would see someone he did not want to see.

Mo Fan was about to close the door but Shao Yuxuan had already gone inside. Mo Fan took several steps back and picked up a pillow on the sofa, holding it in front of his chest while watching the other in vigilance.

“What are you doing here?!”

There was vigilance and disgust in Mo Fan’s eyes. His deep fear p.r.i.c.ked Shao Yuxuan’s heart.

Xiao Fan was afraid of him. This was the last thing that he wanted to see.

“Xiao Fan, school’s about to start soon. Let’s talk about it.”

“There’s nothing to discuss. Just give me the money. I don’t want to see you.”

Mo Fan’s words were very hurtful, but Shao Yuxuan didn’t look unhappy at all. He coaxed softly, “Xiao Fan, be good. I was just here to tell you that I prepared a house near the school for you. After going to school, you can live there. The keys are here.”

Shao Yuxuan placed the key gently on the cabinet beside the door. It was as if making huge movements would startle the other.

“If you don’t want me to send you to school, then I’m going to ask Uncle Liu to send you. Being alone isn’t safe so let him take you there.”

“I know, I know. Can you go now.” Mo Fan was impatient.

Mo Fan knew that Shao Yuxuan wouldn’t send him to school. He was reluctant because he might get hurt. This was why he dared to be so unscrupulous.

Mo Fan only placed down the pillow when Shao Yuxuan left.

【I think that Shao Yuxuan is very pitiful.】


【This kind of love was ruthlessly wasted on the original owner.】

“Fanfan, are you feeling sympathy for the protagonist?”

【No. I’m just making a comment.】

System: ……

Fanfan’s thoughts were so unpredictable. Human beings are indeed complex creatures.

【How’s my performance?】

“It’s great. Fanfan is the best.”

Mo Fan laughed.

When he opened the door, Uncle Liu was there outside. Mo Fan immediately stopped speaking. Uncle Liu could not understand what was happening between the two young masters, but he could see that Mr. Shao was upset.

“Uncle Liu, if you want to bring me to school, then don’t speak good words for him.”

Uncle Liu swallowed the words that he was about to say when he heard Mo Fan. He lifted the other’s things, got on the car, and drove him to school.

The house prepared by Shao Yuxuan was in a residential building near the school. It looked a bit old, but when you entered, it was like a completely different world.

The interior’s decoration was very new. It seemed to have been completed just recently as there was still a faint scent of paint in the air. Mo Fan concluded that this was completed during the summer vacation. The design wasn’t luxurious but were all based on the original owner’s preferences.

Was he supposed to be moved? Forget it. If the orignal owner was that kind of person, then why didn’t he fall in love with Shao Yuxuan?

If the original owner regretted something, he did not regret not loving Shao Yuxuan, but not being able to play without worry due to his rebellion.

Shao Yuxuan sent someone to take care of Mo Fan’s admissions so he only had to go to cla.s.s.

In fact, Mo Fan missed living in the university dorms but when he heard that the freshman dormitory required having six people in one room and no public toilet, he immediately forgot about it.

He had a good apartment, why would he run and squeeze into a six-person room with others. Was he stupid?

The system was suspicious: Is this due to the “spoiled” halo, or was this really his thoughts?

This question was too difficult. It could not find an answer.

Naturally, Mo Fan did not go to the military training for freshmen. His excuse was that he was not in good health and could not be overworked. By the way, there was a medical certificate attached to this excuse.

Therefore, when Mo Fan went to school, it was the first day of formal Instead of changing to his usual white s.h.i.+rt and jeans, he wore “hip-hop” clothes.

System: I want to cover my face. I can’t look at this.

Mo Fan looked at himself in the mirror, somewhat disgusted. However, for the plot, he endured it.

When the freshmen saw him, their expressions were like this: O.O

He was obviously a clean and pure teenager but he’s wearing red and yellow clothes. Even if he was slightly painful to the eyes, this new student was still good looking~

Mo Fan calmly looked for a place to sit and began his first lesson in university: Sleeping

At the beginning of the new year, the freshmen were all filled with different thoughts for their four years of university life. Naturally, the cla.s.sroom was not excluded. They strove hard to look hardworking.

In the middle of all of this, there was a youth that slept like n.o.body else was there. Everyone else could not help but look at him.

Wasn’t he afraid of the teacher calling him? Or leaving a bad impression and getting his scores down?

What’s even more amazing is that the teacher clearly saw him, but did not say anything about it.

Was this teacher very kind?

Later, a freshman who was sentenced to a 2000 word essay for sleeping said: You’re all too naive.

Chapter 4: I have a “spoiled” halo

Mo Fan just showed up and slept all day in school. Now, he was preparing to go home empty-handed.

“h.e.l.lo, I am Yu Qingyuan. Aren’t you in the College of Business Administration’s Cla.s.s 104?”

Mo Fan: “En.”

“Aren’t you afraid of the teacher catching you when you sleep in cla.s.s?”

“Why don’t you live in the dormitory? I felt envious when I heard that you live outside. Originally, I thought living in the dormitory would be very cool but the environment there was actually so bad. If I knew then I would have also lived outside. The start of this term is so difficult.”

“Right, I’ve been speaking so much… May I know your name?”

Mo Fan: ……Where did this chatterbox come from?

Then, several girls pa.s.sed by them.

“Aiyo, an enthusiastic gong and an indifferent shou.”

“Indifferent? He’s definitely an arrogant and spoiled shou! So cute! He’s already feeling impatient yet he is still listening to the other person.”

“Definitely too cute. I hope this CP develops well. So meng~”

Mo Fan: ……

Mo Fan wanted to say that he has not even said anything.

【Fujos.h.i.+s are truly one of a kind.】

“Fanfan, you can ignore them.”

【The holes in their brain could break through the sky.】

“Their words were quite reasonable…”

The system’s voice got smaller and smaller.

Mo Fan: Does he look so much like a shou? Why can’t he be a gong?

Naturally, whatever Mo Fan heard, Yu Qingyuan would also hear. The tall boy turned red, suddenly stuttering: “I-I just want to know more about my cla.s.smate. Right, w-we are cla.s.smates. Don’t think too much about it.”

Mo Fan: You’re the one thinking too much.

He made a hum of acknowledgment and walked around Yu Qingyuan to leave the cla.s.sroom.

Although he knew that the girls were just speaking casually, Yu Qingyuan could not help but stop in place and think about it.

He just thought that he wanted to get along with the boy well. They were just going to chat and be friends.

If he tries to follow him, wouldn’t he be ridiculed again?

Yu Qingyuan did not try to catch up to Mo Fan.

“Ao, ao, ao! That pampered look was really meng!”

“It feels so lovable.”

“His skin was also very white and tender ah. He’s probably soft and easy to push down.”


In a simple and clean office, Shao Yuxuan looked serious as he held a report. There was a large stack of photos scattered on the side. When one looked carefully, they would see that the person in the photos were all the same. Mo Fan.

This “report” was nothing but everything Mo Fan did the whole day. What he ate. Etcetera.

“Don’t give this person a chance to approach Xiao Fan.”

“Yes, Chief Shao.”

Shao Yuxuan did not care about Mo Fan’s coldness and disgust. He would wait for the other to mature some more.

Xiao Fan just did not understand. When he finally understands, he would surely be with him. Right now, he would protect this little one from being deceived by other people.

Shao Yuxuan was always tolerant and gentle in front of Mo Fan, but he was still a man. He has always been possessive over those that he liked.

However, he knew how to restrain himself and never showed this to the youth.

Xiao Fan is a timid person, so he should take his time. With this in his mind, the dark look in his eyes disappeared.

A few days later, Mo Fan has not gone to school and Yu Qingyuan did not appear in front of him again.

An ignored certain someone: Wuwuwu, why was he entrusted with difficult tasks while everyone gets to enjoy the school opening happily?!

Mo Fan, who did not know that someone was in deep waters just because he spoke more than two words with him, joined a car club.

Mo Fan knew how to drive, but could not drive fast. However, that did not matter. As long as one had a good car, the club would allow the other party to join.

A sports car can cost over a million. If they weren’t rich, then they couldn’t afford it. Although these young masters were inexperienced, they all know what they have to know.

For example, Mo Fan was a young master favored by the Shao family. Another example was that there were rumors that Mo Fan moved out because he was in conflict with Chief Shao, thus their relations.h.i.+p fell apart.

Despite their unrestrained nature, they would not do things that were harmful to their family. So they had no reason to refuse Mo Fan’s application.

Mo Fan could drive a good car yet he’s fallen out of favor?

They wanted to laugh. Even if he left the Shao family, would the Shao family still support him? With Shao family’s money, what even is a sports car?

The others wanted to wait and see. Was Mo Fan still a young master of the Shao family?

Mo Fan did not care about their thoughts. He ignored the people that Shao Yuxuan sent to discourage him, determined to learn how to drag race. From the basic straight line to cornering and drifting, every operation that Mo Fan did could not help but make people sweat.

The young men around Mo Fan were wavering. If Mo Fan was still a favored young master, why wasn’t Shao Yuxuan stopping him? Shao Yuxuan would never allow the other to do such dangerous activities.

Shao Yuxuan smiled bitterly. It’s not that he did not want to stop him. Mo Fan didn’t care, and he does not want to force him.

He doesn’t answer the phone. If he came over to look for him, Mo Fan would resist and stab him with harsh words. Despite all this, Shao Yuxuan still wanted to see Mo Fan.

Sometimes, Shao Yuxuan thinks that he was possessed. Otherwise, why couldn’t he stop chasing after Mo Fan?

Shao Yuxuan wasn’t a pure person and he doesn’t want Mo Fan to know about that side of him.

“Screech–” Tires rubbed against the ground violently. This harsh noise caused the young girls on the side to exclaim due to shock.

After two months, Mo Fan, from being a novice who knew nothing, became the best driver in the club.

“Young Master Mo, you’re so amazing ah.”

Mo Fan wasn’t guarded. He let out a complacent laugh.

“Young Master Mo, let this buddy take you to a fun place today.” A young man probed.

“Where is it?”

“Can you go? You’ll know when you go.”

“I’ll go!”

The place they took Mo Fan to was an all-around entertainment club.

“Young Master Mo, how is it? Isn’t it great?”

A line of delicate looking girls stood in front of the sofa. The youngest of them looked underage.

Mo Fan frowned, this place made him feel inexplicably stifled.

“Young Master Mo, they’re all young. What do you think? Do you like them?”

“Hideous.” Mo Fan spat out a word.

The young man took a puff and looked at the delicate and beautiful girls. For the first time, he doubted his aesthetics.

Another teenager whispered something in his ear. The two laughed wickedly. They called the owner and said two sentences.

Two teenagers came inside.

“Young Master Mo, playing with women isn’t popular anymore. Why don’t you play with men? I heard that the men here are quite different. Do you want to try?”

Mo Fan’s face changed drastically and threw a cup towards the door, “Leave.”

The shy faces of the two teenagers immediately showed panic as they ran out of the door.

“Young Master Mo, why are you so angry? If you don’t like them, then you don’t like them. Come on, calm down.”

The young man poured some wine and handed it to Mo Fan. Mo Fan was still angry, so he drank it in one go. He completely forgot about his alcohol capacity.

“Now that I think about it, those two teenagers aren’t as good looking as Young Master Mo. It’s no wonder that Young Master Mo was dissatisfied.”

Everyone in the room could not help but look at Mo Fan’s face.

Because of anger, the teenager’s face was flushed. With those s.h.i.+ning clear eyes, delicate nose, red lips, against that white and tender skin… It unexpectedly stirred people up. They could not help but swallow. For a while, the room was quiet.

Mo Fan did not realize what was going on. He picked up a cup and drank, not even realizing that someone changed the cup he was holding.

This group of people played a lot of tricks. They’ve almost done everything. Once they looked at each other, they could understand whatever the other was thinking.

Mo Fan felt dizzy and his body was heating up.

“Young Master Mo?” Someone carefully came near Mo Fan and touched his soft face.

This touch made Mo Fan want to vomit. He retched a few times. However, he has not drunk much so nothing came out.

“Young Master Mo, you’re drunk. Let me bring you to a room.”

Mo Fan: “What… What room? I want to go home!”

“Okay, okay, okay. Let’s go home.”

When starting an entertainment club, the most important thing was a room. Several people crowded around to bring Mo Fan to the elevator.

“Fanfan? Are you okay?”

【Fine. Just feeling a little dizzy. What did they give me?】


【Oh. Can you help me get rid of the effects? 】

“Sorry, Fanfan. I’m too weak right now so I can’t help you. It’s all my fault. I didn’t notice it.”

【It’s okay.】

Mo Fan didn’t care.

He knew that they would not succeed. Shao Yuxuan would arrive on time. According to the plot.

“I can make you feel less unwell, Fanfan.”

After the system said that, a cool gust could be felt in his mind. The pain he felt from being drunk disappeared.

【Not bad.】

When Shao Yuxuan arrived, the teenager was surrounded by a group of people. His clothes were slightly messy.

Mo Fan sighed in relief. When he was brought to the room, he thought that he shouldn’t get his hopes up too much. What if the plot didn’t change and the other person didn’t come?

His clenched fists loosened.

Shao Yuxuan’s eyes were red. How dare these people?! Even he hesitated to touch him yet these people dared!

He took off his coat and gently placed it on the youth’s body. However, his trembling hands showed his true emotions.

“These people dared treat Xiao Fan like this. Let them experience this a hundred times.”

His voice could make other people’s scalp feel numb. The people who followed him in agreed in unison.

After bringing Mo Fan out of the room, he fed the medicine that was scattered on the ground to the group.

“It’s so hot.”

“Xiao Fan, you have to endure. Sorry, I couldn’t protect you properly.”

“Wuwuwu. Brother, why only come now? Xiao Fan was so scared.”

“I’m a bad brother. It won’t happen again.”

Shao Yuxuan’s voice trembled a little. Since that incident, Mo Fan never used his soft voice to call him “brother”.

He commanded the driver to drive faster. As soon as the car stopped, Shao Yuxuan took him to the bedroom.

In the car, Mo Fan kept on pulling Shao Yuxuan’s clothes. He almost could not resist.

Don’t touch him. Mo Fan was given medicine. If he touched him, then wasn’t he the same as those people?


The teenager’s face was flushed. That sweet voice constantly tested Shao Yuxuan’s self-control.

“Ngh… Brother, it’s so uncomfortable.”

When Shao Yuxuan saw him move, he could not help it anymore.

“Xiao Fan, brother’s just helping you. Don’t blame me.”


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