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She knew that subst.i.tute player?

a.s.sistant Su subconsciously glanced at Ye Shaohua, but he saw her with one hand in her pocket and another holding her phone. She hooked her lips looking at him.

The frightened a.s.sistant Su s.h.i.+vered. He did not dare to say anything. He directly turned his head and looked at Shen Weiwei. “Sorry, Miss Shen, our Young Master Su already found that person. He is now in an emergency meeting, I'm afraid that there is no time to see you.”

This matter would have to wait until 10:00 tomorrow directly at the start of the news conference. It could not be revealed now.

Shen Weiwei was stunned, she just thought that it was not unusual that, Su Yunxuan, this kind of character, could find a person in such a short time.

She nodded her head and, when she wanted to leave, she finally saw Ye Shaohua and her group.

“This is…” Shen Weiwei finally paid attention to Ye Shaohua and paused on her face for a while. In an instant, she started guarding against her.

“This is Miss Ye Shaohua.” Manager Su did not dare to say more.

Hearing Manager Su's words, Shen Weiwei immediately let go of the worry in her heart. It turned out to be that person who used a subst.i.tute to play. Thinking about Su Yunxian who loathed people who were fake the most, Shen Weiwei did not pay any more attention to Ye Shaohua and directly left.

The side mission concerned live broadcasts, becoming Glory's G.o.ddess. The Fang clan all awfully spoiled her, this child who lost her mother. When Ye Shaohua returned, she saw that her grandmother had already prepared a live broadcast room for her.

Her grandfather was even more impressively direct and gave her a streamer account. All the incoming people could see that she was a newcomer anchor. Even if she still a female student, her name was on a lot of the list of streamers.

Naturally, there were are many sour words.

“Unwritten rules1, she is on so many recommendations!”

“With one glance, you can see she slept with people. Regarding female anchors, I only admire Weiwei!”

“Nowadays, cats and dogs also dare to play The King's Glory. Is Fang clan’s live broadcast company not afraid to stink themself…”

The bullet screen was almost completely full of swears and curses.

Until the game screen appeared, Ye Shaohua came over with water, took a sip and directly picked up the phone. “Everyone, good evening ah.”

Her voice was deliberately lowered, with a little Susu tone, not delicate nor charming. However, it let people feel comfortable.

She sounded like a cold G.o.ddess that infected people with fireworks.

It made it that the people saying nauseating sentences couldn't help but stop.

The first character she played was Luna, who was difficult to control. Her older female cousin lent her her King of's 20-star account.

After four minutes of opening the game, she had taken five people's head and waves flew up. “I saw that middle lane Zhuge Liang, if he doesn't leave after I finish this blue tiger lord, he will die… Wow, he unexpectedly really didn’t leave. About that, sorry, you died… I said that he died so he has to die. You can only live as my, the great G.o.ddess Luna's, subordinate .”

[Overbearing President Chacha2 sent the anchor ten supporting airplanes! 3】

“Thank you master for the ten gray aircraft. The opposite Zhuge Liang was too weak. Come, let me show you a superior Zhuge Liang. I'll tell you how it is when a capable person call themselves this country's convincing Zhuge Liang.”

Her voice sounded and lazily dispersed. A set of obscenities arrived and incessantly painted the bullet screen [23333] [66666] [kneel to you]4.

What else could you say about a good little female student who played well and had a voice so pleasant to hear?

However, this Zhuge Liang was not a good character to play, because she was matched against professional player Zhong Shan's Diaochan.

[Overbearing President Chacha]: You ran into Buddah Zhong Shan. If you win, I'll send you a submarine!

[Please call me tall flower]: The Country's number one, Zhong Shan. One head5 and I'll coolly send a gift to Anchor.

[Set a small goal]: Anchor you can do it! But losing is also fine.

Playing face to face, in the early game, Zhuge Liang went to the middle lane before the other four person, and once again grabbed the blue buff.

Ye Shaohua’s teammates would not be able to play. After all, this was a game of eating your teammates6.

In the early stage, Ye Shaohua's play was awfully difficult to bear. She lead troops, stole the pig and stole wild monsters.

The bullet screen once again began to take off in rhythm. Can such a person be an anchor?

They only knew that the troops were still robbing the field?

The bronze level was verified!

“The opposite 5 people and I developed, as before. Now I am not afraid of anyone. I am standing here, as long as the opposite Diaochan dares to touch me, she will immediately die… She unexpectedly dared to really hit me. About that, I'm sorry. You jj7.”

“I said you die but you still live? There is no existence. Look, you don't have it. This is my real strength. I gave them three people in the early stage as a present. I am afraid that I played too ruthlessly and they surrendered directly. "

“The four opposite came to avenge their Diaochan. But I, this kind of expert Zhuge Liang, will absolutely not lose my head. I was resurrected first. Dying is nothing, I'll stand up once again the next second and change my name to knife. They totally didn't put our Country's Zhuge Liang in their eyes… This archer ruined my blood, I have a big move but I don’t need it. I want A to die. Archer A, dying by the one who mastered the sutras, will you still dare to profess your faith?”


“Look there is no one left. This is my real strength.” Ye Shaohua said while beaming.

Zhuge Liang, who was targeted in the early stage, finally took 18 heads and 5 a.s.sists in an unstoppable manner.

This first live broadcast, because of her skills and obscenities, there were hundreds of thousands of people who subscribed to her. The highest number of people subscribed to a streamer was more than two million. She was already comparable to a common anchor. When the broadcast ended, a lot of fans were reluctant to part and remembered her swearing with longing.

The next day, when Ye Shaohua got up to go to school, her older female cousin and a group of people had a somewhat angry expression at the dining table. She noticed and listened for a while. It turned out that Fang clan's popular and very promising anchor Yu Qichen had left yesterday night to go meet with Ye Clan and had been dug out8.

At the time, because of his relations.h.i.+p with Ye Shaohua, Fang Clan gave Yu Qichen a lot of recommendations. He now had millions of fans. They didn't expect him to leave at this crucial moment and go to Ye Family.

The site traffic of this Fang Clan's live broadcast platform suddenly declined. Her maternal grandfather and his group were struggling because of this.

The older cousin held a computer in her hand. Just as she was saying something to the grandfather, Ye Shaohua, while holding steamed stuffed buns in her mouth, reached for the keyboard of the computer and pressed a few keys down. Finally, she pressed the Enter key and a person’s information appeared on the screen.

“This person has great potential,” Ye Shaohua's finger pointed at that man’s face. “Dig him up and Fang Clan will get rich right away.”

When the cousin heard it, she immediately looked at it. She originally was a little curious and looking forward to it. However, seeing that person's information, she couldn't help but shake her head. “This person is a mid, your schoolmate and a long-term top student who always occupies the first place. Whether he is able to live broadcast is not sure. Compared with Yu Qichen, the difference is too big. Just his image is by far not as good.”

“Grandpa, listen to me, you go talk to him. You thought that I didn't know how to play the game, but look, haven't you been surprised now?” Ye Shaohua finally left the door, only leaving these few words behind.

She was naturally not speaking empty words.

In the story line, this top student's disposition was to acting. After being broadcast live on a platform, he was picked by a big-name director. He won instant success. In a short period, he became a front line celebrity and brought hundreds of millions of traffic to the live broadcast platform. After becoming a front line star, his main activity was still on that platform.

That platform later became second only to Su Clan's.

After she left, her grandfather looked pensive.

When the older female cousin looked at his mobile phone, her whole person collapsed instantly. “Don't! You will really listen to Shaohua’s nonsense?!”

Ye Shaohua, Xu Feifei and Yu Qichen were both in the same cla.s.s.

When she arrived in the cla.s.s, the lively cla.s.s became quiet for a moment, and it took a while to restore the noisy atmosphere.

Yu Qichen naturally saw Ye Shaohua. When he saw her, a bit of disgust flashed through his face.

At that time when he was together with Ye Shaohua, it was just a gamble. Not to mention that they broke up yesterday. Originally, he felt a little bit guilty about Ye Shaohua. But, thinking that she would unexpectedly use a subst.i.tute player, this kind of hateful matter, it immediately made him disgusted.

He looked but also not looked at her. Then, as before, he chatted with Xu Feifei sitting next to him.

Ye Shaohua looked at Yu Qichen’s appearance. In the bottom of her heart, she felt it was not worth it for her predecessor to abandon her ideals for such a man.

Yu Qichen unexpectedly paid attention to Ye Shaohua. It was so obvious that Xu Feifei did not want to let Ye Shaohua off so simply. She nodded slightly to Ye Shaohua, “Shaohua meimei9.”

When her mama had not married into Ye Family yet, she was still called Miss Ye.

Seeing Ye Shaohua ignore her, Xu Feifei sighed. “I know that you are very angry now, but you should also know that Fang clan is already going downhill. Since Qichen left you(plural), you basically have no future prospects. You can come to our Ye Clan, our Ye Clan doesn't discriminate against people with capabilities. If you have a bit of potential, our Ye family can also dig out people like Qichen from them, isn't this the truth?”

Foot notes

1.meaning she slept her way in her new position↩

2. Cha as in the tea that you drink↩

3. you send money to support your streamer in the form of vehicules here. It depends on your streaming platform i think↩

4. is hahahahahahaha! is awesome and kneel to you is for i knell to you because you’re so skilled ↩

5. one head=one kill↩

6. = Let your teamates be eaten and not you↩

7. JJ is either Jiejie=big sis or… male genitalia, i’ll let you interpret what she said↩

8. You dig up new talents and bring them to light↩

9. little sis↩

Translator’s note

Everyone, I tought that Author created a game for her story but author actually used a real life game : which is a League Of Legends game but on mobile phone !

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