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Chapter 33   Gu Wuyang, you can't marry her


Soon, they went back to the villa.

"So, I'm  going back to my room." After she told Gu Wuyang that, Tang Anran opened the door and got off the car firstly.

Gu Wuyang didn't drive away at once but stayed in the car staring at Tang Anran's back through the window of the car until she walked in the villa, then he took back his sight.

Just now, he was thinking about the question which he had thought about all the way. But now, he already got the answer.

He was pretty sure that he had interested in Xu Anran right now.

At present, Xu Anran was not so annoyed as before, and the secret hiding in her also aroused his great interest. He really wanted to figure it out.

However, what Gu Wuyang didn't know was when a man began to have be interest in a woman, he had already fallen in love with her.

Of course, Tang Anran didn't know any of the thoughts in his mind in that all her attention was focused on Qi Lan and Xu Chengshen.

In case of making any mistake in front of them, except the next day on which she accompanied them all the time, Tang Anran just stayed with them for a short time every day.

Qi Lan and Xu Chengshen just thought she hadn't completely recovered yet and felt nervous about the wedding, so they didn't mind it at all.

Soon, it came to the day before the wedding. According to the custom, Gu Wuyang needed to escort her to the wedding site in the Gu Family from Xu family.

Since the day when Gu Wuyang drove her back to the villa, she hadn't seen him for almost 2 weeks.

Due to Xu Anran's love to Gu Wuyang, Tang Anran's heart couldn't help but speeding up as long as she thought of the wedding for them tomorrow. After taking several deep breaths, Tang Anran finally calmed down a bit.

Now, lying on the bed in Xu Anran's room in Xu Family and looking at the pink color everywhere in the room, Tang Anran got a headache again and couldn't fall asleep at all.

At this time, the door was suddenly knocked, "Ranran, are you sleeping now?"

It was Qi Lan, and Tang Anran got off the bed, opened the door at once.

"Mom. What's the matter?" Facing her, Tang Anran asked nervously.

"I forgot to send you this just now." Qi Lan pa.s.sed the bowl in her hand to Tang Anran with a smile, "Ranran, this is the soup of red jujube and lotus seed."

Tang Anran didn't know the deep meaning of the soup, nor could she refuse to drink since it was sent by Qi Lan. So she reached out and took it over.

The soup was warm and not hot at all. Soon, Tang Anran drunk up it completely.

After seeing that Tang Anran had finished the soup, Qi Lan smiled and touched her hair, "Ranran, both your father and I wish you have a baby quickly. Now you have drunk the soup which has the blessing of pregnancy. You must seize the opportunity tomorrow."

"Keke," Tang Anran totally shocked by what Qi Lan said and coughed for a while.

After the wedding finished tomorrow, she would leave here soon. At that time, everything she had experienced here would come to an end. How could she have a kid with Gu Wuyang?

Qi Lan didn't know what Tang Anran was thinking right now. Seeing that Tang Anran got a cough, she poured a gla.s.s of water at once and gave it to her, then made a kidding with her, " Girl at your age would still be choked when having a soup!"

Tang Anran drunk the water quickly and smile to her embarra.s.sedly.

"Ranran, remember it. You have to hold your husband tightly and never let other women take him away." Before she left, Qi Lan said to Tang Anran seriously out of blue, "I've experienced such a thing before. Don't you recommit the same mistake as me."

Hearing Qi Lan's words, Tang Anran winked her eyes surprisingly. She never thought that there was a 'story' like this in the marriage of them. After all, everyone would think that they had a deep love for each other.

"Well, it's time to go to the bed. Tomorrow, you will be the most beautiful bride in the world." Obviously, Qi Lan didn't want to continue the topic. After she told Tang Anran that, she left at once.

Looking at the leaving back of Qi Lan, Tang Anran frowned lightly. She didn't know why but she had a feeling of familiarity to Qi Lan and Xu Chengshen, especially Xu Chengshen.

However, she was 100 percent sure that she never met them before. Probably, it was because they were the parents of Xu Anran and she 'occupied' her body right now, so that she would have such a feeling to them.

Didn't think any more of it, Tang Anran lied back to the bed after she washed up.

She opened her eyes staring at the ceiling, having no idea about how long it was before she finally fell asleep. But soon after she closed her eyes, she was woken up by Qi Lan to have a makeup for the wedding.

Master Gu had planned a traditional Chinese wedding for them, so she wore the Phoenix coronet shawl instead of the white wedding dress.

As soon as they prepared everything, Gu Wuyang came with the team.

In Tang Anran's heart, she still felt confused why Gu Wuyang who rejected the wedding all the time suddenly agreed in the end. But it was not the time of asking questions, so she repressed the confusion in her heart.  

As a senior official, Gu Wuyang had a strong cold momentum so that all the bridesmaids dared not to make a joke with him. So it just took less than 5 minutes for him to successfully see Tang Anran and hugged her out of Xu family.

It had been more than a month that they didn't tough each other so close.

Tang Anran leaned her head on his warm chest. It was so close for them that she even could hear his strong heartbeats.

At this moment, her heartbeats also sped up.

If she was Xu Anran, it was possible that she would fall in love with him. However, she was Tang Anran.

Gu Wuyang hugged Tang Anran tightly by his strong arms and quickly walked towards the car. Then he bent down and put her on the backseat gently.

Her soft body tightly rested him against chest, and her hair slipped over his neck. The faint sweet smell rushed in his nose immediately, making Gu Wuyang get dazed for a while.

"What's up?" Noticing his difference, Tang Anran asked in confusion.

"Nothing." Gu Wuyang answered in a low voice which was a bit than his normal voice.

Tang Anran stopped asking after she heard Gu Wuyang's answer. While they closed the door and was about to leave, a white car parked in front of the wedding car and blocked the road. Then, a woman got off the car and walked over.

"Gu Wuyang, you can't marry her."

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