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Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Santana and Plum’s handshake.
Gargis’ victory.
Inggard’s calm reading.

The semi-final of the fighting king division will be held after lunch break, while the final will be held in the afternoon the next day.

Finished eating their lunch at the usual store, Souta and Dina go back to the arena. Souta, already disguised himself as Grey, goes toward the waiting room. There, Gargis already arrived, his eyes closed, concentrating. A little away, Grey closes his eyes too while waiting to be called.

After a while, the person in charge comes into the room to call Grey.
「Grey-san, your match will start soon, have you finished your preparation?」
「I’m called at last. Yes, I’m ready whenever.」
「Well then, please this way.」
Led by the person, Grey heads to the pa.s.sage to the stage.
「Good luck.」
Even though Gargis stays silent until now, he gives Grey some words of encouragement as he walks toward the pa.s.sage. As a response, Grey raises his right hand without turning around.

As Grey leaves the pa.s.sage and goes up to the stage, Reyshaw also shows up on the other side of the stage. Reyshaw, who on the previous matches never show many emotions, goes to the stage with a smile on his face.
The delight from reaching the semifinal? Excited by the attention he gets? Thinking about the prize money that would be gotten by the partic.i.p.ant at 4th place or higher? Various reasons are presumed, but none of them are right.
Reyshaw eyes are glued to Grey, or more precisely, at Grey’s waist.
「Water sword… really nice.」
The murmur never reaches anyone’s ears, but Grey is aware of the madness he can see from his eyes.

Once they reach the center of the stage, Reyshaw talks to Grey.
「Hey, that sword, what is it called?」
「…… It’s Undine.」
「That’s a nice name. That’s a magic sword, right? You don’t need to hide it, I can notice its power with only a glance.」
Reyshaw’s cheeks slowly redden. Both Grey and the referee know that he’s getting excited.
「Hey, let me touch it, it’s fine if it’s only a bit right?」
Grey silently shakes his head.

「Why not, such a cheapskate. If just a little bit doesn’t work…… then, let’s see, let’s make a bet!」
While talking, such idea comes up in Reyshaw’s mind and his excitement grow.
「…… What is your bet?」
「Weapon obviously. I will bet my two swords that I also used in the first round. While you will bet Undine.」
The referee should have stopped this, but the crazed expression on Reyshaw face steals his voice.
「Why are you obsessed with this sword to this extent? Isn’t the two swords you have now are also a considerable magic sword?」
「That is, you see….. because I’m a magic sword collector, that’s why! I like magic swords. Honestly, I don’t want to bet these two, but your magic sword, now that I already see it, I can’t suppress my desire to get it. Its rank as a sword, its rarity as a magic sword, no matter how you look at it, it’s clearly a first rate item. I never saw nor heard of such weapon. That’s why, please accept the bet!」

It’s not bad to have the weapon made by himself evaluated like that, but there was the promise with Dina, so he can’t afford to lose this sword.
「I already promised someone I will give this sword once this event is over, that’s why……」
「Then, me too! Give me a chance to get the sword too!!」
Normally, once the partic.i.p.ants go to the center of the stage to greet each other, they would take some distance and then the fight would start. However, as the two has been talking at the center of the stage all this time, the people in the venue start to make a commotion.
「Even if you say so…」
As Grey still doesn’t want to compromise, Reyshaw resolves himself and then prostrate on the ground.
「I beg you! Please bet that sword on our match!!」
Reyshaw voice reaches the audience and the VIP seats.

「…. I understand, however, it’s only if we have permission from the management. Also, it’s fine if you don’t bet those weapons. Instead, lend me one if I win, if it’s fine like this, then the bet is on.」
「Lend you one huh… Sure, I accept the condition, no, more like, thanks for compromising! Hey, It’s fine right!!」
After saying his grat.i.tude, Reyshaw appeals to the referee.

「No, even if you ask, to let betting during the compet.i.tion…」
Pressed for an answer, the referee becomes fl.u.s.tered.
「Let’s approve!」
A voice resounded in the venue. The source of the voice is the person in the VIP seats, the king himself.
「The persons themselves are in agreement, in that case, let’s approve it to increase their motivation to fight!!」
The matter is settled by the king’s shout.

「Thank you very much!」
Reyshaw bows deeply toward the king, and then he nods to Souta then he moves away from the center. Souta also nods and then moves toward the starting position.
「Ehh, err~ it’s approved. If partic.i.p.ant Reyshaw wins, partic.i.p.ant Grey’s Undine will be handed over to partic.i.p.ant Reyshaw. If partic.i.p.ant Grey wins, partic.i.p.ant Reyshaw will lend one of his swords to partic.i.p.ant Grey. Is this alright with you two?」
Reyshaw and Grey nod, affirming to the referee.

「Without further ado, the first semifinal match, begin!!」
With the referee’s announcement as a sign, the match started.

Reyshaw ready his flame and ice magic swords on both hands, while Grey has Undine on his. Even though the match already started, the two doesn’t move, they try to gauge their opponent’s move.
The reason Grey doesn’t move is that he is waiting for Reyshaw, but for Reyshaw… there is another reason why he doesn’t move. While he makes a betting match because he loses to the charm of Undine, now that he is standing off against Grey, he can feel Grey’s real ability on his skin.
「You’re not coming? Then I will come after you instead.」
When Grey’s voice reaches his ears, Grey already start to move.

「Look, for now, just one blow…… stop it.」
Grey slashes toward Reyshaw with magic power filled Undine. Reyshaw successfully preventing that blow by crossing his swords, but Grey keeps launching attack one after another, forcing Reyshaw to be fully on the defensive.
「kuhh, it will become worse and worse like this, somehow, I need to retaliate somehow, H!」
He puts his magic power into the twin swords and then shoots ice and fire magic to Grey. Both magic have considerable power put in, Grey receives both with Undine and then get repelled back.
「Fumu, quite a good attack you got there.」
Under the mask, Grey is smiling.

Because there is not really much going on in this chapter, let me just say this: Reyshaw just asked Grey he wants to touch his sword as he gazes at his waist, the sword is one that can shoot water from its tip and wet itself. Reyshaw is excited when he asks this.

The excitement or excited used in this chapter for Reyshaw also carry arousal as its meaning, I can use aroused instead but I picked the more neutral one instead.

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