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Myeonghu didn't know how to react to the players gathered before his stall.

"Wow, they look nice"


"49 like these?"

The players gossiped among themselves, unable to conceal their jealousy. Then, a player began moving his finger in midair and a message appeared for MYeonghu shortly after.

[Would you like to sell a s.h.i.+ny Steel Sword for 90 gold?]

'90 gold….'

He felt a bit conflicted. Naturally even by selling it for 90 gold he would still have incredible profit margins, but he had just finished selling one for 95.

'Still… wouldn't it be best to dispose of them as soon as possible?'

He felt that he'd be better of selling his stock quickly, rather than waste his time haggling too much over a couple gold.

"Thank you"

The player jumped up excitedly before das.h.i.+ng out of the plaza. Myeonghu watched him go, but his line of sight was soon interrupted by another, message.

[Would you like to sell a Frozen Steel Sword for 90 gold?]


90 gold was acceptable so he tapped the OK b.u.t.ton.

[Would you like to sell a Solid Steel Sword for 80 gold?]


Immediately after hitting OK, another message popped up. Myeonghu felt something was strange as he looked up at the crowd around him.

'Is there such a long line up?'

Fortunately he wasn't swamped with messages, as the system seemed to queue them up in the order they were sent out.


Myeonghu confirmed the transaction

[Would you like to sell a Sawed Sword for 90 gold?]

Immediately it was followed by a new message and he suddenly felt like he could sell all of his swords.


[Would you like to sell a Solid Steel Sword for 82 gold?]


[Would you like to sell a Double-Edged Sword for 89 gold?]


[Would you like to sell a Frozen Steel Sword for 92 gold?]

"Please let it be me."

A player was looking at the last of thee ten swords longingly, hoping to have placed his order in time.


Myeonghu pressed the OK b.u.t.ton once more.

"Thank you!"

He gave a quick thanks then dashed towards the Central Plaza. Meanwhile Myeonghu stared as he ran off.

'Where is he going?'

For some reason all the players would run away in the same direction after purchasing a sword. Just what was in the Central plaza, it had truly piqued his curiosity.

"Excuse me, do you have more swords for sale?"

A player who hadn't managed to buy any ask hopefully, to which Myeonghu replied with a smile.


He simply opened up his inventory and restocked his displays. Immediately however the players hurried to buy as many as possible once again.

[Would you like to sell a s.h.i.+ny Steel Sword. Sword for 90 gold?]

As soon as he finished setting up the 10 new swords, the purchase orders arrived in waves once more. Myeonghu would only take a quick glance at the price before clicking Ok.

[Would you like to sell a Solid Steel Sword for 80 gold?]


"Thank you."

The latest buyer once again headed to the same direction. At that point he looked up and noticed that there weren't any players left.

"4 left"

This time around he still had 4 swords left on display. Now that there were no players left, who was he supposed to sell the remaining swords to.

"Hm, how many are left?"

He opened up his inventory to confirm the number of remaining swords. He counted 29 swords and with the few still left on display it brought the total to 33, then there was the gold.

"… 1500 gold."

Seeing that he now had more than 1500 gold in his inventory, he couldn't help but smile.

"When I bought these swords I had just over 1000 gold…"

The purchase of the 50 swords had cost him just over 1000 gold, but he currently had 50% more gold and he still had 33 swords left to sell.

"So far they've sold on average for 90 gold. If I can keep this up…."

Under the a.s.sumption that he could keep selling them for the same price, he'd earn a whopping 4500 gold after selling out. That would be an incredible 45 million won in cas.h.!.+

"And I still have these to sell off."

Myeonghu muttered to himself as he thought of the Inner Cores of the Great Fox King as well as the Pelt, Steel Tail and Claws of the Monstrous Fox.

"After I'm done with the swords, I'll sell them all to a shop."

Just as he had decided on how to sell off his loot, he noticed a player running towards him from afar.

"Oh, isn't that the player from before?"

It was the one which had bought his first sword and then taken off running, asking him not to go anywhere.


Upon arriving he let out a small sigh of relief upon seeing some swords left on display and the absence of other players.

"I made it…."

After catching his breath, he let out a satisfied smile as he asked.

"How many sword do you have left now?"

"Including those on display and my inventory, 33 swords."

"Whoa that's still quite a lot!"

The player bent down to examine a sword which was on display, then moved his finger in midair, no doubt sending a purchase request.

[Would you like to sell Sharp Silver Sword for 85 gold?]


Myeonghu pressed OK, but after the player stowed the sword in his inventory, he sent out another request.

[Would you like to sell Frozen Steel Sword for 90 gold?]

Myeonghu once again accepted, and after putting the sword away, the player purchased the last two on display for 85 gold each. He then looked up at Myeonghu with a big smile as he introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Golking"

"Oh, nice to meet you."

Myeonghu just gave a polite response as he proceeded to once again fill up the display slots on his stall.

Eyeing the new swords, Golking smiled and quickly asked

"You still have 29 swords left, right?"


Myeonghu simply answered as he continued to fill up his mat, but the player's next words caused him to pause his hand.

"Those 29 swords, I'll buy them all."


Myeonghu asked, thinking he had heard wrong.

"Yes, I'll buy all 29 swords."


It hadn't been a mistake. Myeonghu looked up at Golking face, but only saw a warm smile.

The price might vary depending on the properties, so what do you say about selling them at an average of 85 gold?"

"All 29 of them?"


Myeonghu couldn't help but consider the offer.

'The conditions aren't too bad.'

Despite the bulk buy, the price wasn't too low and best part was that he could get rid of them all at once. After a moment's reflection, he gave Golking his answer.

"Okay, but you did say that the price will differ according to the properties…."

Myeonghu wanted to gauge his reaction.

"I'll look at it on display and then quote you a price for each sword. If you think the price is unacceptable, don't hesitate to refuse the trade."


Myeonghu then finished up stocking his stall, while Golking examined the swords.

[Would you like to sell s.h.i.+ny Steel Sword for 95 gold?]

[Would you like to sell Frozen Steel Sword for 90 gold?]

Myeonghu quickly confirmed the sales.

'Looks like on average I'll be making more than 90 gold per sword.'

He was naturally happy that his average price was significantly higher than the 85 gold estimate.

[Would you like to sell the Light Black Steel Sword for 95 gold?]


After selling for a little while, Myeonghu checked how many swords he had left.

'Just four now'

His inventory was empty and he only had the 4 swords left on display.

Golking picked up another sword.

[Would you like to sell a s.h.i.+ny Steel Sword for 95 gold?]


Myeonghu accepted and Golking went on to examine the last three, choosing to purchase them as well. Making sure the price was right, Myeonghu proceeded with the sale, and in that fas.h.i.+on managed to empty his entire stock of swords.

"Was that the last one?"


Myeonghu smiled back and both of were smiling.

"Work hard!"

"Yes, thanks."

Golking rushed back towards the Central Plaza as he had done earlier on. Myeonghu then gathered his stall and placed it in his inventory.


As he put his stall away he couldn't help but notice the amount of gold in his possession.

"4550 gold… I still can't believe it."

It was 45.5 million won, and he couldn't believe that he was in possession of such wealth. It was like a dream come true.

"Just a few more times now."

If he did this a couple more times, he could quickly ama.s.s the 200 million won. Actually by just using his current gold and employing the same strategy, he could possibly make the money in a single trip.

"Wait, why aren't others doing this?"

Myeonghu was suddenly hit by a strange thought. Swords should also be sold here in blacksmiths, so why aren't there other players doing the same as me?

"And why would they buy swords for such a high price?"

To begin with the high price of equipment didn't even make sense. All swords sold for around 30 gold, so the fact that others would pay 3 times that price was simply absurd.


Thump thump!

He saw a player coming from the Central plaza rush towards him.


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