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"Boss." In a panic, Shen I rushed in. "Miss... miss has gone!"

  "Bang!" Shen Xinglan smashed a hole in his desk.

  "Where?" His eyes were gloomy and he was full of rage.

  Shen II came in quickly. "The bodyguards that I sent just came back with news. Miss... miss, she and Jiang Hua went to the airport."

  "You didn't stop them?" Shen Xinglan's wrath almost materialized.

  Shen II, s.h.i.+vering and scrunching his neck, had rarely seen him get so angry. He gathered his courage and said, "Someone drew the bodyguards away. When they found out, they had already left."

  "Boss, what now?" Shen I asked impatiently.

  Shen Xinglan strode out. "Find out which flight Jiang Hua took and hold up his departure."

  At the airport, A Miao boarded the plane. This was her second time flying; however, the last time she had taken a business cla.s.s, this time, Jiang Hua had bought first cla.s.s.

  "Are you all right?" Seeing that she was somewhat absent-minded, Jiang Hua thought that she was flying for the first time. "Don't be afraid, it will be more comfortable to open your mouth once we take off."

  A Miao wrapped herself in a blanket. "Maybe I'm a little nervous." She did not know why her heart was beating unsteadily.

  "I'll get you a cup of hot milk." Jiang Hua rang the service bell.

  Halfway through the drink, the graceful voice of the stewardess came over the loudspeaker, telling everyone to fasten their seat belts and that the plane was ready to take off.

  "Is that better?" Jiang Hua helped her put the tray table up.

  The plane glided slowly and A Miao's heart gradually relaxed as she was about to fly. But suddenly, it slowed down again...

  "What's the matter?"

  "Why did we stop?"

  The people around stood up one after another. The stewardess came out directly to tell everyone that there was an accident.

  "We just received a report that someone on our plane is carrying explosives, and now all of the luggage has to be rechecked. Please take your seats and we will take off as soon as we are sure that everything is all right."

  There were just a few first-cla.s.s guests, and most of them were of high-quality. They just complained and sat down. However, there was already confusion in the economy cabin. Several people continued to come and make trouble. The captain could not help but call the airport police.

  "You're trembling." Jiang Hua's eyes looked darkly at A Miao.

  A Miao lowered her head to her chest and said to herself and him, "He knows..."

  An hour later, A Miao met Shen Xinglan in the security room of the airport.

  "Why do you want to leave?" Shen Xinglan pushed his voice down. If you looked carefully, you would have found his body shaking.

  Jiang Hua stopped in front of A Miao. "Mr. Shen, you have no right to do this. A Miao has her freedom."

  "Why do you want to leave?" His cold, low voice came again, making A Miao's heart quiver.

  She leaned her head to the side and said to Jiang Hua, "You leave first, and I'll have a good talk with him."

  "I'll be right by the door, let me know if there's anything." Jiang Hua glanced at Shen Xinglan and turned to leave.

  The two of them stood opposite the table in the empty room. A Miao sighed. "I want to be free, and I want to be my own master. We're not from the same world. You helped me leave the Xia family and I stole two things for you; neither of us owes the other anything."

  Not knowing what she was thinking of, A Miao suddenly felt like crying. It was a night of high tension, but in this situation, she was relaxed.

  "I... I just want to go to school and learn what I like. Then... and then live a good life... Boo-hoo... Is that all right? Can I?"

  Shen Xinglan was dazed as he looked at the woman behind the table with her face full of tears, and his eyes filled with despair and injustice.

  "It's not..." He held out his hand but could not touch her.

  A Miao firmly wiped her face twice. "I promised my mother that I would live with a smile no matter what. Now you... Ah! What are you doing?"

  "It's not like that." Shen Xinglan hugged her tightly. "I'll give you the freedom to go wherever you want, just... don't leave me."

  "You... What did you say..." A Miao's heart fluttered and jumped.

  Shen Xinglan's head was buried in her neck, and the eruption of his breath caused a s.h.i.+ver on her skin.

  "I like you." His voice echoed in her ear like a cello. "I didn't let you go because I like you."

  Seeing that A Miao's body was stiff, Shen Xinglan looked up at her with meaningful eyes, and A Miao found that his ears were red.

  "I thought you understood..." Seeing her look at herself, Shen Xinglan hurriedly turned her head. "Who knew you were so stupid?"

  A Miao said in annoyance, "I'm not a worm in your stomach. Who knows what you think?"

  "Now I know, let's go home." Shen Xinglan began pulling her away.

  "Let go of me." A Miao shook off him. "What if I don't go back with you?"

  Shen Xinglan said with a heavy face, "Then I will send your Aunt Song and Zhou Xiao to Africa."

  "Go do it!" A Miao pushed him away. "Who are you threatening? People are always being sent to Africa. Is Africa your back garden?"

  Even A Miao did not realize that she was acting like a spoiled child.

  Shen Xinglan was captivated, he had never seen A Miao like this. He looked at her blankly.

  "What are you looking at?" A Miao gave him a fierce look. "You said you wanted me to steal, and I had to go, and you said to come back, and I'll come back. Why do you have the final say?"

  "How can you agree to come back with me?" Shen Xinglan stared at her.

  A Miao gritted her teeth. "I can go back, but we are still the same as before."

  "What do you mean?" Shen Xinglan leaned his head to the side, then his face suddenly sank. "Don't you believe me?"

  "Shen Xinglan, trust is not dependant on words." A Miao shook her head. "First, I don't believe that you really like me. And even if I believe it, do I have to like you if you like me?"

  Shen Xinglan grabbed her by the arm. "Then who do you like? Jiang Hua?"

  "I don't like you anyway." A Miao snorted.

  The atmosphere was silent for an instant, and when A Miao thought that Shen Xinglan was going to get angry again, she heard a sentence.

  "Well, I promise you."

  A Miao looked at him suspiciously. "You won't make me steal again?"

  "I won't make you do anything you don't want to do." Shen Xinglan seriously looked at her.

  "Get her back first, as long as she doesn't go, sooner or later she will be mine."

  A Miao did not know Shen Xinglan's sinister idea. Seeing him say so, she curled her lips and walked out.

  "A Miao." Jiang Hua came forward.

  "I'm fine." A Miao looked at him sheepishly. "I'm sorry, I can't go."

  Jiang Hua frowned and glanced at Shen Xinglan. "It's okay, I'll stay."

  "You got me an ID card in vain." A Miao was ashamed that Jiang Hua had been helping her, but she turned out to be...

  "Don't mention it!" Jiang Hua patted her on the shoulder, ignoring her glaring eyes. "Then I'll go back first and see you at school on Monday."

  A Miao watched Jiang Hua leave, and as soon as she turned around, she saw Shen Xinglan eerily staring at his back.

  "Stay away from him in the future."

  "I should stay away from you!" As A Miao turned to leave, Shen Xinglan pursed his lips and quickly followed.

  After a long night's ordeal, everyone was tired. Back at the villa, Shen Xinglan wanted to say a few words to A Miao. But in the end, they both went back to their rooms with a thump.

  "Boss..." Shen I comforted him with a twinkle in his eye, "At least now you have succeeded in showing your love!"

  If he had not told Shen Xinglan on his way to the airport that Shen Xinglan should tell her he liked her, his Boss did not know where he was wrong.

  For this reason, Shen I showed off in an ostentatious manner because he would not be thrown to Africa in a short time.

  "She didn't agree to be my girlfriend," Shen Xinglan said in a depressed manner.

  Shen I took a breath of cold air and said, "Didn't agree?"

  "It was indeed not my problem." Shen Xinglan felt a little more comfortable when he saw Shen I's cursing face.

  He knew it. The magazine a.s.sessed him to be a diamond-grade bachelor, and it was simply inconceivable that A Miao did not like him.

  "What to do next?" Shen Xinglan asked Shen I. "If your method works, you won't have to go to Africa for five years."

  Shen I suddenly rubbed his fist. "Leave it to me!"

  The plan could not keep up with the changes. Before they could act, A Miao ran to Song Baohua's house the next day.

  "A Miao?" Song Baohua, who was selling steamed buns, was delighted to see her and asked, "Why did you come here without calling?"

  A Miao rolled up her sleeves to help her take the steamed stuffed buns from the food steamer. "I'm on holiday. I just came to take a look!"

  "Put it down! Put it down!" Song Baohua answered quickly, "Go upstairs. Zhou Xiao should be back."

  Just then, Zhou Xiao scampered in. "Ah! A Miao, you are here!"

  "I came to see you." A Miao noticed that there were two girls behind her, looking at her curiously.

  Zhou Xiao hastened to introduce them. "These are my dormitory cla.s.smates! This is my best friend!"

  The round-faced girl, who looked particularly arrogant, nodded and asked directly, "Are you A Miao?"

  A Miao frowned, and Zhou Xiao quickly glared at the girl. Then she leaned over to A Miao. "Don't mind her, she speaks directly!"

  "It's nothing." A Miao withdrew her eyes. "I'll help Auntie Song clean up." After saying that and also before Zhou Xiao could speak again, she went into the kitchen.

  Song Baohua was busy packing steamed buns for the guests and turned to Zhou Xiao and shouted, "Don't let A Miao do it!"

  "Understood." Zhou Xiao curled her lips and turned to the two girls and said, "Do you want to stay for dinner, or shall we go out for dinner later?"

  The round-faced girl immediately said, "Of course, go out to eat and call your friend."

  "Yes, yes!" The other girl with a ponytail smiled and nodded. "Let her tell us something about high society later!"

  Zhou Xiao immediately made a shus.h.i.+ng gesture. "Keep your voices down. Don't ask, or she will blame me for telling you."

  "We'll say that we saw her in the newspaper. It's okay!"

  A Miao could not resist Zhou Xiao and had to promise to have dinner with them. In the end, her phone rang as soon as she walked to the door of the hotel.

  "Hey, Jiang Hua!"

  The phone call was from Jiang Hua. He asked where A Miao was.

  "I'm here in West University Town." Hearing what he said, A Miao thought something was wrong. "You're looking for me?"

  "There is something if it's convenient for you!"

  A Miao said immediately, "Yes, sure, where shall we meet?"

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