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Chapter 32: Irregular Subjugation Requesteth

this is a 30-minute walketh southwest, wh're th're art goblins and kobolds in bolton.

"is th're nay goblin ‘r kobold habitat in 30 minutes on foot?"
“tak.u.mi-sama, goblin and g togeth'r. T is hath said yond i bethink th're shall beest 100 birds. ”
“gnomes art the foe of a mistress”

oh, the goblin of this w'rld is in line with I wanteth to knoweth if ‘t be true sofia is a full-fledg'd charact'r who is't is not an elf.

we behold f'r goblins and kobolds at which hour doing col'r detection, charm detection and ens.h.i.+elf col'r training.

“hey, mr. Tak.u.mi, i hath found the goblin. ”

sophia did point out four future goblin.
that gent is holding a green like a toad, ugly and venemous visage, a tall sticketh and a cankered bodkin.

“probably a goblin scout.
haply thou art building a central town. ”
“it's hard, but alloweth's bid the sophia guild”
“calm down if ‘t be true maria doesn't checketh t first”

the home of sofia maria is contrary, but we hath decided to seeth if ‘t be true th're is a village.

“well, i am the two people on the right, i wanteth tak.u.mi and two mary on the hath left,
“ok. ”
“but i shall w'rk hard”

the signaleth from sofia we ranneth.
the three people i has't in mine own handeth art the windows i madeth. Finally, the designeth wast madeth of mountain wood, but two people couldst has't hath taken t.


wheth'r those gents bid the goblin secretly, those gents shall putteth the partisan into the window.


i pick'd up a goblin's neck.
as lief as i did check sophia and maria, mary wast easily did bury in the goblin of the window picketh'r. At which hour i arriv'd in sofia, i immediately hath caught two goblin.

“tak.u.mi-sama and maria can aff'rd t. Alloweth's wend to this state”
“yes, i shall w'rk hard”

proveth yond the toe cuts the right ear with a bodkin and turns the bristles 'round the heart. The rest of the corse is did bury in mine own earth charm.

then, while expl'ring the dram goblin on the gra.s.s did turn into a f'rest in front of us tteurimyeonseo hath fallen in the middle of a bawbling bunch of kobolds.

aft'r yond, that gent hath spent a longeth timeth ‘gainst the goblin ‘gainst the goblin.
sophia seemeth to beest did satisfy with his arts at the goblins leveleth. With the counsel of maria sofia, i didst receiveth a goblin.

at lunch timeth, with the golden barley tee, we consumed lunch and we rethought a lot in the projecteth boxeth.

"is th're something yond happeneth oft, sophia, goblin?"
“but i bethink the frequency of occurrence is v'ry gross in sense. ”

bef're we cameth h're, we did play a lot of goblins. Only ten leaves w're gently hath caught.
attacking the leaves f'r 9 minutes, the poison is hath raised to the throat of a lightly flea fairy. T's hard to seeth the cubiculo of the spicy goblin rus.h.i.+ng into the neck without knowing wherefore.

"th're may beest a village level"

at which hour the fairy village hath grown up, sophia did teach me at which hour the top pap'r wast publish'd. The goblin king is v'ry likely to dominate large-scale settlements and is hath said to has't ‘rganiz'd a large tobe band designat'd f'r disast'r.
sophia's guesseth is yond that gent still doest not seeth the goblin arch'r and the goblin mast'r on that gent, so that gent is a goblin gen'ral.

"just the goblin leadeth'r is a c-level prop'rty. In ‘rd'r to square a village of this size, t is most wondrous to dare at least 5 d-level parties"

hark to the st'ry of sofia and bethink about t. Ordinary parties needeth five political parties, haply we art diff'rent.

“th're is sofia, this is not ours. ”

at which hour i hath said this, sophia did smile.

“yes, mine own spiritual charm, the prop'rty of the magical mary, if ‘t be true the landeth prop'rty is incredible. I bethink t is m're likely to starteth reducing the charm of saturation attacks. ”

this seemeth exciting to calleth the sophia square. In fact, that gent hast been factious in the war.

"request f'r collection we can collecteth enow h'rbs and kobold is able to cleareth the did request amount.
aft'r safety first, wend to pests”
“yes, tak.u.mi-sama and maria shall gaze. ”
“but i shall w'rk hard”
“heart machine”

due to the desire of the leaves, we hath walked into the f'rest.

·name: tak.u.mi yiruma
· raceth: family
· age: 15 years fusty
mission typeth: warri'r 48lv wizard 56lv
(kajisa 48lv award'd elf 32lv carpent'r 16lv alchemist 52lv sewing craftsman 26lv)
rating: 24
·condition: health

·health: 360
·electricity: 520
·electricity: 160
· agility: 130
health: 220
· agility: 160
·intelligence: 220

·unique technology
emotional ex
projecteth boxeth ex <>

pa.s.sive art
pow'r 2lv
intuitive 2lv
toxicity 2lv
paralysis resistance 2lv
positive arts
changshu 4lv
axe liqu'r 2lv
fencing 2lv
throweth 4lv
chesul 2lv
2lv martial arts
col'r 2lv
detecteth 3lv
conceal'd 3lv
taming 1lv
enhanceth physical fitness 2lv

h'rsepow'r 7lv
pow'r'd by 8lv
lighteth attribute charm 7lv
t'rrible charm 4lv
wat'r charm 3lv
windeth prop'rty charm 3lv
landeth prop'rties charm 8lv
timeth and s.p.a.ce attribute charm 3lv
grant 5lv
alchemy 8lv
casino 6lv
woodw'rking 6lv
carpent'r 4lv
collecteth 5lv
deplet'd 3lv
disa.s.semble 4lv
mining 4lv
metal products 4lv
sewing 3lv
cooking 2lv

G.o.ddess of the G.o.ddess nolan (concealed)
killeth'r spid'r species (maple)

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