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SEG Chapter 3.5 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (5)

Luo Chu Chu was very nervous. When Xiao Jing Mo, who wore a black, swallow-tail coat held her hand and walked out of the door, Luo Chu Chu's palm was wet with sweat.

"Chu Chu, don't be nervous. I'm here."

Xiao Jing Mo's' voice was low and gentle, making Luo Chu Chu's nervous mood calm down in an instant.

At this time, the hall downstairs was already full of guests. When the lights. .h.i.t Xiao Jing Mo's face, the soft light s.h.i.+ned on his handsome facial features. Just like a Prince walking out of a castle, he gracefully walked while leisurely leading Luo Chu Chu down the spiral staircase.

Tonight, Luo Chu Chu wore a pure white evening dress and her black hair was simply rolled up. The whole person looked especially elegant and clear.

Standing in the eyes of the public for the first time, though Xiao Jing Mo was by her, Luo Chu Chu still felt somewhat embarra.s.sed and nervous. One hand unconsciously tightened on the skirt of her dress, her gaze showed that she was a little bit overwhelmed.

Didn't know who was the one who whispered first within the crowd, soon after that, someone began to whisper. Xiao Jing Mo pursed his brows in annoyance and happened to followed the gaze of those people. His gaze suddenly stopped.

In the corner of the banquet hall, Su Wan was sitting on an armchair, her curly chestnut hair was indolently coiled up behind her head and a few stray hairs were disobediently drooping at her ear. She leaned sideways, the white dress serving as a foil to her exquisite, appealing figure. She carried an elegant and refined air just like a lotus.

As if she felt everybody's strange gazes, Su Wan, who was holding a wine gla.s.s and was somewhat occupied with a thought, suddenly turned her eyes.

This one glance that seemed to have penetrated through time and s.p.a.ce, through the ocean across the sh.o.r.e, through eight years of time.

Both of their sights unexpectedly met in the air. Practically on instinct, Xiao Jing Mo stared blankly at Su Wan and unconsciously loosened his hold on Luo Chu Chu's hands.

Su Wan's gaze was extremely pure and clear. She quietly looked at Xiao Jing Mo, her red lips slightly moving. It was as if she wanted to say something, but she darted a look at Luo Chu Chu beside Xiao Jing Mo and Su Wan's vision went dim. She hesitated for a bit before she was finally able to avoid Xiao Jing Mo's gaze.

The atmosphere between the two was so delicate that the surrounding guests stopped their whispering one after another.

Since the appearance of Luo Chu Chu, the majority who met Su Wan could see that the female companion of Director Xiao looked familiar to Chief Su from EVFA. Of course, with comparison at a closer distance, everybody could detect the difference from them both.

Poor Luo Chu Chu did not have Su Wan's inherent qualities, especially when both were wearing same colour. There was a large difference in quality between them.

Su Wan.

When Xiao Jing Mo loosened his grip on Luo Chu Chu, she saw Su Wan to. Her heart fell in a flash.

She couldn't hear the whispers of the surrounding guests, but Luo Chu Chu felt the gaze she received from them sneering, as if they were looking at fake product that was about to be abandoned.

That's right. Wasn't she that woman's subst.i.tute this whole time?

Recently, Luo Chu Chu still felt very happy seeing her new self in the mirror, but at this moment when she saw the nearly identical dress that Su Wan was wearing, Luo Chu Chu suddenly felt that the dress she was wearing was simply ridiculous.

Originally, what Xiao Jing Mo said "White suits you best" was a lie. His heart only had Su Wan, so did his eyes.

She dressed herself more and more like Su Wan, but it was regrettable……. that she wasn't his Su Wan in the end.

Luo Chu Chu's expression kept changing. She unconsciously bit her lip and her red lips had already bled a little. It was a pity that she couldn't feel the pain…..

The time at this moment seemed to stretch on endlessly. Luo Chu Chu felt like a hilarious clown while standing under the lights in front of the guests.

Su Wan had already turned her gaze away earlier. Xiao Jing Mo also returned to his body after a moment if inattentiveness. Both of them were people with accomplishments. Naturally, in these kinds of situations, they must suit according to the situation.

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