Is The Strongest In Another World A Hero? A Demon Lord? No! It's A Fairy ~desu! Chapter 31

Is The Strongest In Another World A Hero? A Demon Lord? No! It's A Fairy ~desu! -

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TL: Yuki


「Win Again~!!」

「Now, shall we return home now?」

「Wait! One more time! Just let have one more time!! I will win! I'm confident that I will definitely win!!」

「You already lost in 20 consecutive games, It's already your complete loss La Veil」

That was really terrible, Arena, you're so merciless. Since Arena have an overwhelming difference, Arena would gradually set it up as if she would lose, then finally crus.h.i.+ng her opponent with only the king along with one more piece.

And as for La Veil, she was too humiliated that she kept on going for more. She dropped to a level where she couldn't even defeat a child, that's why it was her total defeat. But because she still kept on asking for more, the game kept on going.

She looked relieved for a moment, but I think it would just end up in the same result. That is because Arena's gameplay is already beyond a professional's level.

「Fuguuuuuu so frusting…」

I wonder if it was so frustrating that losing to a Fairy in Intelligence, that she is now stomping the ground. Will the ground start to crack ash she continues with her tantrums? This hill end up losing its purpose you know…

「By the way, it's better if you don't travel in that way you know?」

「Why is that?」

If you travel wearing only that red dress, I think adventurer's would get angry at you thinking that you are just underestimating all of this, it is not good for the eyes. It would end up making you stand out too much.

「For the time being, cover yourself with this」

I hand over a white robe similar to what I use to La Veil, I also humanized myself and wear the same robe. La Veil who saw my form was kind of shocked.

「What's wrong?」

「Master, you see, right now you look so graceful, as if you were a pure maiden. Yet, when Master was in her fairy form, it felt as if you are licking all over me while having a perverted face. 」

「I, see… I guess you still need to be beaten up one more time? Shall we check how much my strength increased since I leveled up a lot? 」

「I'm sorry, please forgive, I'm really sorry」

Was I really that weird that she has to point it out? Well for the time being I jump kicked her. Well, when I'm in fairy mode, being faithful to desires is already part of our instinct and it has already turned into habit of mine, so it can't be helped.

In other words, I will still be looking at La Veil as if leering at a beautiful Onee-san while having that weird look. I am also conscious that I'm turning into such a perverted woman.

「La Veil is already an extreme beauty, in a level that everyone would bent and won't be able to walk just looking at you. Not to mention, that dress that clearly fits your body, revealing clearly your body lines would make anyone stick their eyes on you without looking away.」

「You're a pervert, you don't really have to point it like that」

I can't help it you know, because you are just that beautiful. I am not the bad one here.

「Anyway, La Veil, If you don't want to gather extra attention, especially from men, I recommend wearing that coat. 」

「I guess so, then I'll gratefully take the offer, How about Arena? 」


Arena then enters my hood. She was then giggling while shaking her but when shows herself. Sooo Cute.

「Arena always stay inside my hood, because of my s.p.a.ce magic, the s.p.a.ce inside is wide and she is not under any kind of pressure」

「I see, Arena can't humanize right, didn't she learn it?」

「Are?… I never thought about that」

But if Arena Humanize it feels like there will be too much trouble… I'm worried that she might follow bad people and get deceived by them… But, I also want Arena to enjoy the human world.



「Do you want to learn Humanization and come along with me when we visit cities?」


「Alright, then would you like me to teach you?」

「Wait, you don't need to do it now, let's use this」

La Veil pa.s.sed over to me a pair of earrings that she took from her ears. It's an elaborately decorated item centered on a ruby with a gold frame holding it.

「This is?」

「That is… well, a magic tool that I got from an acquaintance when I was still unable to humanize properly. The effect of humanization is engraved on it and has very decent fuel consumption. Please use it.」

So there's also something like that? Maybe, there are also other useful tools as well. I take Arena's hand and place it on her palm. When Arena inputs her magic power, the tool activated immediately.

Blue Eyes along with sky blue hair, La Veil's earing are also attached to her ears. Her body was that of a little girl that was as tall as me, but her face was more childish that if I'm a grandpa I'd be killed from too much MAX Charm.

Such a child appeared naked in front of me. If she asks me for pocket money, to h.e.l.l I'd give everything I have for her. Ahhh, I won't have any regrets.

「Oh, Ooooh!!~~ Human~!!」

「Well, It looks like it safely activated even though it's already been several hundreds of years since I last used it.」

「Arena, for now let's get you dressed up, the stimulation is too strong, let's get married, I'll cherish you all my life!!」

「Cool down a bit you idiot!!」

I let Arena wear the same clothes I have then put a robe over her. Leaving the dress aside, I let La Veil wear shoulder pads and chest iron armor. She told me that she doesn't need any weapon so I didn't hand over any. Anyway I did run out of weapons on stock anyway.

And this completes the White Robe Trio… Very Suspicious…

「By the way, is it fine for me to donate the Dragon Materials to the town? It was included as part of the request you see」

「It is fine, because it's only part of my body that master defeated. It's fine even if it's free」

I wonder if its fine for me to decide. With all that done, the request is now over. All I have to do now is return to town and obtain the certificate of completion. I stored the whole body, while blood was still overflowing on the head part, and well it was almost in perfect shape so they won't be grumpy with it.

Now what to do about the increase in my companions… Let's just say La Veil was a teacher of mine. Arena will be my little sister, and of course she also came from the same village as me with the setting that she came late. I also have to talk about it to the two so they would remember later.

Ok, Time to go back now… Ah right.

「Wait for a bit, I'll be checking our status before we come back」

Aidle (3) Lv.859

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakened)

HP 11,011/11,011

MP 2,506,082/2,506,082

ATK 8054

DEF 7022

MATK 84,575,884

MDEF 74,040,540

INT 7100

SPD 280,025

【Inherent Skill】 Fairy Magic, Fairy Eye, s.p.a.ce Magic, Manifestation Dependency

Skill: Sing () Sword Arts(B+) Humanization (S) Four Attribute Magic(SS) Adjustment () Concealment (S) Demonic Contract (-)

t.i.tle: Master of Ancient Dragon, Dragon Killer

Ooh… It's getting more and more out of this world. I could understand because of my level almost doubling, but the increase of stats is just out of the norm, especially the MATK and MDEF stats which is now over 4 times. There were also skills that are related to the contract. There was also t.i.tle which certainly fits because of me defeating La Veil.

「So how was it?」

「If it's now then I could probably finish off La Veil in just a single strike」

「Please, stop using me as standard when explaining!」

While we are walking towards Haval, La Veil was asking me a variety of question. The contents were things like my origin and about my tribe. As for me I asked about Information regarding the status of other fairy tribes around the world.

「Do you know of any reason why the world trees are starting to decrease?」

「I didn't hear any, I heard about a rumor of the demo king being killed from rumors that came by, but if it's about the decay of the world trees then there are still nothing that came by. There is also no indication that the evil spirit has been unleashed.」

I guess I have no choice but to ask other parties regarding that. Well, I will be sightseeing the capital next so it's not really bothersome.

「Still, are you really sure that you are a fairy, and not something that is just under the guise of a fairy? I have lived for a really long time, yet this is the first time I've known of a dimension fairy」

「I can't explain that since I don't even know myself, I'm only thinking that maybe it something like a G.o.ddess's prank」

「Hmmmm… Arena, you should also say something」

「Because it's Aidle~!!」

Yes, of course. That's the magic word. Because it is me, that's the end of it for Arena. I will forgive you, even though you don't realyl understand.

「Errrrr… somehow, I'm bothered…」

「I think La Veil is more surprising though if you think from a human's point of view, A dragon turning humanoid would definitely be big news right? 」

「And what is master going to say now who is someone able to defeat such creature which is the pinnacle of Dragons…?」

「It's just a fairy, right?」


「… … …sigh, I understand, it's because fairies don't know how to talk about common sense」

And a few days later, without encountering any problems, we finally arrived to Haval. Together with a new comrade and my best friend who got a new body.


「Arena, we will be having a match again tonight!」


「This time, I will definitely win!」

「Wha, why am I set up like this!?」

「A trap…is it… kuh!?」


It was supposed to have been a big break for her from the long muddy path, but ended up in a big trap and lost.

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