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There were innumerable misers in this world.

Some were extremely thirst of money, some looked like beggars who actually were millionaires, some couldn't fall into a sleep peacefully without checking their money in the vault, and some wouldn't die in peace without snuffing a candle out when they saw two candles burning.

Anyway, all the misers had one absolute feature in common.

That was they were wealthy.

Their habit of saving money and exceedingly cutting expenditures contributed to their wealth.

So, a stingy person was usually a miser.

Captain Wild Bull was such a man.

No one expected Niugen knew he was stingy due to his well conceal of his property. Captain Wild Bull was much wealthier than the Master of Black Wind City, who vigorously managed a blackmarket dedicated to trading. While Yekong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tanlang and others were searching the house of the Master of Black Wind City and confiscating his property, they surprisingly found that there would be 10 billions of golds of a.s.sets left even if Master Barton took away most of the Master's property. According to Southern Goblin King, the Master of Black Wind City was worth more than 3 billion gold.

He stored the most precious treasure worth of one billion gold in his Storage Ring, and asked Master Barton to take away one billion of golds of a.s.sets. The one billion of golds left was to share with Old Demon Wei and others.

There was one billion of golds of a.s.sets, except for the real income from the mining industry, the forestry, the medicinal materials, the demon crystals and other businesses.

Even the Prince of Tian Luo, who was as rich as a country's total wealth, could not match.

However, Niugen showed somewhat disdain.

"The Master of Black Wind City is a spendthrift. The average revenue of the blackmarket alone is over 50 million golds, taking other incomes into consideration, the monthly income of the Master of Black Wind City on aggregate is over 100 million golds. That is what we know, not including the golds he obtained from robbery, bribery, rewarding and dividends. He leads such a prodigal life that only saves three billion golds of a.s.sets after years of efforts. Captain Wild Bull has the ability to h.o.a.rd more than thirty billion golds of a.s.sets if he had those incomes." Niugen's words startled Ye Kong.

"According to what you have said, Captain Wild Bull is richer than the Master of Black Wind City?" Ye Kong spat tensely.

"How much is Wild Bull worth?" Xue Tan Lang, who used to have no interest in money, was also a bit curious.

"Five billion?" The Prince of Tian Luo felt this was the maximum.

"No, even if the value of the treasure in the Captain Wild Bull's Storage Ring is not included, the property I put into the Miser's Treasure is worth 9,918,513,350,499 gold. If 138,466,541 gold is added, it can reach a total of 10 billion." said Niu Gen. The rest were all shocked.

"Sure enough, robbery is more profitable!" Fatty Hai muttered to himself, his eyes shone. He seemed suddenly refreshed.

"Where is the Miser's Treasure? Take us there!" Southern Goblin King asked Niu Gen to show the way.

But Niu Gen felt embarra.s.sed, and he just stood still.

Was he too mean to hand in the treasure?

If not so, why did he tell Yue Yang of miser’s treasure? If he hadn't tell Yue Yang, the latter would not have known that Captain Wild Bull had treasures.

Ye Kong was amazed. He grabbed Niu Gen’s collar and said, “Just spit it out! If you want me to beat you before showing the way, I don’t mind giving you a punch.”

The Li brothers moved muscles in exercise, with bones creaking.

Fatty Hai quickly stood out and mediated the dispute: “Ignore these barbarians. In terms of money, you can only have the same feelings in us by trust. Is it necessary to use the teleport scroll to get there? Rest a.s.sured, we have a teacher who is very proficient in teleport. As long as you tell us about the approximate location, we can certainly get there. See? Liu Ye is the best Perforation Master in the world – she can go anywhere she wants! "

"Um, actually that's not what I'm worried about.” Niu Gen was a little embarra.s.sed, scratching his head: “In fact, miser's treasure is a [Sage]-level gold storage treasure, which means only the miser can enter."

"Who would have thought of such a treasure?" They were even more surprised.

Using the Tears of the Migratory Turtle, Niu Gen found an accurate teleport point, and everyone was teleported to there.

They entered an underground tunnel where there was no light at all.

The underground tunnel wasn't high.

But built with giant rocks, it was very strong and would never collapse because of the ground vibration. Niu Gen lit a torch and took everyone around and went to a slightly wider platform.

He pointed to the flat rock in the center of the platform and said, "Here is the place where I make purchase or s.h.i.+pment for Captain Wild Bull."

Pointing to one side of the mountain walls, he said, “There is a trapdoor here, and it is the entrance to the Miser's Treasure.”

Ye Kong and others opened their eyes wide.

Looking around, they found that the mountain walls were exactly the same as the surrounding, and nothing unusual could be seen. Was there really a trapdoor entrance here? Why we didn’t find it?

“Ah, if anyone among you can treat a gold coin as ten, can wear a dress full of patches, and can wear a hat for ten years, then you can see the trapdoor." Niu Gen explained that this trapdoor could only be seen by a miser.

“Is this door so amazing? Can't you really see it?” After Fatty Hai said that, Ye Kong and others were shocked.

“Fat, can you see it?” Xue Tan Lang was surprised.

"It's very clear!" Fatty Hai proudly described it to everyone, saying that it was a red door with a small amount of the Heaven Rune and nine diamonds on it.

“No wonder…” The crowd suddenly realized why the stupid fat man was so stingy, he was born a miser. If there was no such test, no one would know how mean he was.

“Can you see that the door is red? The one who is stingier, the trapdoor will be redder!”

Niu Gen was also a little dizzy, “You can see the red door, then it proves that your stinginess degree is beyond me, Young Master Hai, you are a one!”

Heard that, Fatty Hai immediately became anxious, and loudly argued, “What? How could the people as generous as me be a miser, I invited everyone to drink wine last year, you have not forgotten, did you?”

Ye Kong had a hard time thinking about it, invited us to drink last year? It seemed that it was true!

The Li brothers had forgotten it.

While Xue Tan Lang was thinking that Fatty Hai had invited them to have one drink last year, what kind of other treats had he done? After thinking for a long time, he could not find another one.

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