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The Black Wind City, the City Lord's mansion battle took three hours and nine minutes. All Heaven Stages were destroyed.

Old Demon Wei, the most powerful Heaven Stage ranking the fifth.


Jointly attacked by Captain Raging Flames, the grey wolf, the beauty Feng Xian, Xue Wuxia, and Princess Qian Qian, his power ran out. After all, he was unable to escape from Yue Yang's Creation Domain. Yue Yang didn't use the Gate of Death power, 'Real Illusions' yet. He only used the 'False Truth' power of the Gate of Life. Nonetheless, Old Demon Wei fell down thoroughly.

Pang Man was killed by the Sky Execution.

General Jin Feng, painfully died in the besiege of Fei Huang and Hua Ban's attacking.

Qing Song and Hong Song, the elders though, who were killed by the Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor, were the Heaven Stages who lost the bell and dead first. The Old Man Bai Song, who trapped into the Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu's attacking, could never breakout and finally killed himself in the torture of the heart demon.

Bai Song, who was also one of the Heaven Stages killed themselves out of sorrow.

At that day, Hoka and Savi, who sent away the Raging Flames, were killed by Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian jointly.

One after one, powerhouses of the Heaven Stage were defeated and dead, even the most powerful Old Demon Wei was defeated under the attacking of the majority. Lasting for almost three hours, the tough battle ended finally.

Although Raging Flames, the Sky Execution, and the Dragon Emperor and so on were interested to continue to the battle, Yue Yang was very clear that if not the name of the three powers, they will be found that they didn't have enough strength to fight against the Lionheart King and the Emerald Lord. Being able to occupy the Black Wind City, it was mainly attributed to that the enemy couldn't figure out the truth so that they missed the advantage. And at that time they just took the chances and took advantage of enemies' internal contradictions, so they could confuse the Master of Black Wind City's army, otherwise, it would have been difficult to win.

In order to avoid the fight back of the enemy, Yue Yang used the Three Realm Compa.s.s to take the Sky Execution, the Dragon Emperor, the Underworld Emperor, and Raging Flames to Tong Tian Towers as soon as the battle ended.

Anyhow, owning the main power of the Heaven Stage, they must protect it well.

Besides, today's battle was just a small fight.

It was equal to winning a small bridgehead in the Southern Heaven Realm, but if they wanted to occupy the Emerald Territory and fight with the Lionheart King, and then occupy the Heaven Realm… It was definitely not one day's work. So if conquering the Heaven Realm is the Long March, then this battle was only the first step.

“Everyone, the Heaven Realm war is coming to an end. Everyone needs to combine the combat experience to continue to practice and enlighten. The harder battle is waiting for us, and the stronger enemy is waiting for us. Let's set a  deadline of half one year, I hope everyone can make a further breakthrough during this period. I hope one day, our Tang Tian Towers' warriors won't be controlled by the Heaven Realm any longer and never to be a frog at the bottom of the well anymore. We can become a superpower over the Heaven Realm and become an eagle flying within the vast sky!” Yue Yang’s words made the Sky Execution and others excited.

“The Dragon Emperor, the Underworld Emperor, and the Sky Execution will say goodbye.” The Sky Execution greeted the Dragon Emperor and led the Demonic Palace to leave. He couldn’t wait to improve himself.

“If there will be a war, we are within call.” The Big Demon King Barut had got a lot during the Heaven Realm trip. In addition to killing two Heaven Stages together, they also got the treasures. As for the demon crystals and their belongings, they declined all them. Because, Yue Yang gave them a promise, in the next half year, he will give each of Demon King a Heaven Stage warbeast, so they could enhance their combat power.

“The continent…” The Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor looked at each other and nodded with a smile.

They were going to continue to make progress through battles and attack the continent of the Winged Clan.

They may not be able to beat Ancient Demon King at the moment. But it didn't matter, Yue Yang would deal with Ancient Demon King, and they just need to fight against the parties of Ancient Demon King!

The Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor cannot estimate the future of Yue Yang's power. But they knew that he would not stay in Tong Tian Towers. Yue Yang’s future was definitely Heaven Realm, or even above Heaven Realm. As long as they led the sect to follow Yue Yang, it would take long for the Eastern Goblin Tribe and the Underworld Clan returning to Heaven Realm!

Although this battle began in advance and they achieved great success, there would definitely be more troubles from Heaven Realm.

The half-year break can improve everyone’s strength to a new level, and they would gain greater benefits from the Heaven Realm. Most importantly, because all Heaven Stages of Tong Tian Towers had withdrawn from the Southern Heaven Realm, the Emerald Lord and Lionheart King were unable to find their opponents at this moment. In the process of conquering Heaven Realm, as long as everyone was equipped with strength, Yue Yang, who took the initiative of the war, would be able to defeat the Emerald Lord and Lionheart King.

The Emerald Lord was the goal half a year later.

If Zhi Zun and Queen Night would have helped each other, they were even very likely to win Lionheart King…

The Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor believed that Yue Yang would go to the Western Heaven Realm alone during the half-year period, to fight against the ancient Demon King’s parties, and to find the former strong men of Tong Tian Towers as allies. After all, conquering Heaven Realm was not a trivial matter. The best way to succeed is to plan first and take action later.

Therefore, following Yue Yang, they would improve a lot through numerous battles!

The two men smiled and went away.

Captain Raging Flames, along with Drunken Cat Sister, went to the Gate of Life and Death to continue their cultivation.

Black Wind City, the City Lord's mansion.

The guards and patrols in the city were completely annihilated. The businessmen who were far from the crowd could see a team of hundreds of people consisting of Heaven Realm Draconians and Heaven Realm Dwarves, cleaning up the battlefield and the mess.

One of the most unexpected characters appeared now.

That person.

It's the round head Bao Gu that has been dead for many days!

The round head Bao Gu posted a message at the Mercenary Guild: In view of the Master of Black Wind City and its parties killed Alchemy Master of Western Heaven Realm, Jun Wu Ye, and then killed many disciples of the three sects (Tong Tian, Long Teng, and Heaven Demon from the Western Heaven Realm) with cruel means during the truce of the agreement, the three sects decided to kill the Master of Black Wind City and his parties to revenge. This cross-border war is not a conquest, but a battle of honor. Three sects will not occupy Black Wind City, but will hand over Black Wind City to the original inhabitants…From now on, Black Wind City will be renamed "Wu Ye City" to commemorate Master Jun Wu Ye. Since the establishment of Wu Ye City, there would be no taxes within three years. After three years, only one percent of the taxes would be charged for maintenance and repair…Wu Ye City, which has been a city-state since today, no longer belongs to any power. Any evil force that ignores Wu Ye City will be regarded as a violation to Master Jun Wu Ye, and three sects have the responsibility to defend this honor!

When the news came out, the whole city was shocked.

At first, the three sects ignored the jurisdiction of the Emerald Lord and renamed "Black Wind City" to "Wu Ye City", and then changed the new Wu Ye City into a city state. Their action was equal to declaring a war on the Emerald Lord.

If they would have conquered Black Wind City, and took over Black Wind City, and surrendered to the Emerald Lord, the consequences would not be so serious.

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