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"—It's Judius."

Um, whatever. Should I scream?

Tightly, I close my legs together. With the hand that's set against Judius' chest, I try to lower my skirt.

This is unexpected, …to the point it's impossible!!

After kissing, shouldn't anyone opt for the b.r.e.a.s.t.s instead—!?

In the first place, who goes off stripping the lower half right away—!? I don't know, it's just so weird—! I am a virgin, y'know—!

At least do it from the top-to-bottom!

…Or, he could maybe request me to undress, or even help me undress in a tender, loving way, as we deepen our mutual understanding of each other's desires… 

—now I'm wis.h.i.+ng for that to happen with all my might!

Instead of this, well, super embarra.s.sing state of mine…

Suddenly, a broad hand catches my hand, which is currently pulling the hem.

"What do you think you're doing?"

—well, what do you think?!

"Be-because this, this, it feels…"

"Oh, you are going to take it off yourself?"

"…" that's not it!

Thus, I have no choice but to pull my sleepwear off over my head—Saliroza, now, is left wearing a soft, white bib—similar to a toddler's—that covers my b.r.e.a.s.t.s and navel.

With an affectionate gaze—reminiscent to that of losing a beloved—I stare down at my pile of sleepwear—and am immediately stunned.


Something feels wrong!!

However, Judius is a captain who acts in accordance to his own conviction.

"Your hair has become messy."

I immediately start combing my short hair—…no, this isn't the time.

Besides, won't it become even messier as we further the 'act'?

"Ju, Judius, you know, this outfit…"

"Yes,. I see that your waist's exposed."

Should I continue undressing?

Uggh… this so unacceptable! I was taught our clothes should be slipped off as we lick and touch each other!

Dammit—I can only curse in my heart.

Then, Judius lifts me up, hardly feeling any weight—and sits me on his lap.

That's enough, already…

He's sitting on the edge of the bed, while I feel (and probably look) like a child being held sideways on top of his lap. My rear is on one of his hard thighs while my legs stretch over the other. Wrapping my arm around Judius' waist is only natural in this position.

The clothes make him appear slender, but underneath it, he's certainly not. His muscles are tight. Fufufufu. I clench my hand to prevent my inner desires from prevailing—must. Not. Stroke! Moreover, the nook of his shoulder is just strategically right in front of my face! …It feels so nice…

…I seem to have forgotten about various things I should be complaining about—

—well, the worst has pa.s.sed, I guess?

Judius' body is just so lean and hot. his broad and powerful arms… Being held like this, pressed to his muscular chest, any reason to complain just escapes me.

…Does this mean my l.u.s.t has finally swallows me whole?

Even though the one who absorbs said l.u.s.t (Inki) should've been me…

…But, I can't see it anyway. So, whatever.

Even if you say it's there, hidden beneath Judius' expression, well, okay—I'm sure things will work out later. Later.

Yeah, right now, I'm definitely being overcome with desire!

***T/N : Hehehehe buckle up folks, because the next part is… *winkwink

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