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Once again Yunis woke up in the same dark stone room where she placed to sleep.

She expected that the bed sheets would have been dirtied with the sticky body fluids but besides sweat it was if it was replaced with an brand new one in an instant, it must have been a dream Yunis thought.

However, she remember the good feeling of moaning to her v.a.g.i.n.a being pierced and the sum of burning sensation remained on her body mad she think it wasn`t a dream, so she is left helpless with regret and shyness…..

She noticed that herself was at wits end.

As predicted her all of weapons and armor could not be found, it also seemed that magic was being used to seal her since there was nothing restricting her body. There also wasn’t any door in the room, without any it was like it was original leading into the pa.s.sage.


If that’s the case, can I  now escape….?

Oulu seemed to have read Yunis mind as he made his appearance from inside the pa.s.sage.

Instinctively Yunis put herself on guard and separated from the bed.

“”Don’t be so cautious..I won`t harm you anymore.”

With a snap of Oulu`s finger a sound rings out, the centre of the floor in the room effortless distort, and it seem to have the will to move into the form of an simple table and chair and then returns to stone .

“You have been asleep for the whole day. You’re probably also hungry.”

Oulu then uses his hand and places an dish on the table.

“…..Is poison in it?”

“Why would do such thing when you’re awake, if I wanted to kill you I would have done while you were sleep.”

Oulu promptly seats down and takes up the dish, Yunis glances looks like she is still suspicious. It seems that Oulu plans to also eat since he severed two cuisine(food dish).

“……Is that so?


Agreeing, Yunis seats opposite of Oulu. The dish served wheat flour was kneaded long and narrow although I wish it was boiled and the minced meat was covered in a sauce.

“Is this pasta? Its unusual.”

“You know it?”

Yunis nods in approval.  Around this area the wheat is used to make bread and the large amount remained is processed into noodles. Its said that the culture has yet to take root, in this area they use the wheat to make bread, since it’s not suitable to use the remaining to make noodles. Its normal to make at any cost but since when its finish it taste does not have any flavour.

“Huu, but it’s delicious. This cooking seems like Dingurado style? Even though this is the first time am seeing this sauce, it seems to merge good with the noodles(tastes good) Did you order the wheat? ”

“No, this wheat is from the area. It just a hobby of mine to improve my food texture. This sauce is my original creation.”



“Don`t shout so suddenly. I would be surprised.”

Yunis bend her body forward where Oulu objects with a really surprise non-existence facial expression.

“Eh, You made this?”

“Is it that bad?”(if i made it)

Oulu complains with an dissapointed facial expression.

“Well after all an evil magical cooking….”

“An evil magical can also get hungry. For Lil who is an demon feeds on human, and from reason that cannot be made. Beside I can’t make those things since I am shorthanded.……Besides cooking is like magic. Is it very delicious?(T/N not sure)


Oulu says while while putting his food in his mouth, only to frown regrettable.(T/N not sure)

“….Yes, its delicious.”

Yunis frankly approves while entwining the pasta on the fort moving it towards her mouth. At least the time to journey to carry the food, as to hunting a wild animal and burning it is about several times more delicious. (T/N not sure)


When Oulu is finished eating his meal he stands up causing Yunis to be on guard once again. With a sigh Oulu was amazed by such a girl.

“You don`t have to be on guard. I already said I won`t harm you. The 『Punishment』 for aiming at my life yesterday. I will not punish you more than that.”



Yunis heart is confused. She felt a great relief to Oulu`s word.

However she thinks she feels regret only a little in the deepest part of her heart.

Oulu adds more words to already confused Yunis.

“However it’s a different story if you use your sword against me.”

With Oulu`s sharp gaze Yunis could not answer and only remain silent.

“If you say you wouldn’t be hindrance to me, I will allow you to leave this dungeon. Your armor will be returned and the seal will also be undone. However if in the end you say you will be hostile towards me do not expect me to be merciful.”

“Why are you doing this?”

Oulu stares at the Yunis floating perplexed light in her eyes.(T/N not sure)

“You…although you call yourself an evil magician,I don’t feel you’re such a bad person….Although I did such a harsh thing by chopping off his head that way, it can’t be help that I received that punishment….. But why are you one sidedly threaten and exploiting the innocent villages? “

With Yunis complain, Oulu ponders on it and moves towards the entrance and with a step groans(T/N not sure)

“It seems like there is a bit of misunderstanding.


Yunis heart seems to lean towards believing Oulu.

Without noticing a smile is formed opposite towards the entrance.(T/N not sure)

“Oulu-sama! I am sorry but preparation for the offerings is not yet…. Without exception the preparations will be complete by tomorrow evening!”

“Good, don`t worry. I originally said the appointment for the offering is the 1 day of the month. As promised you should prepare it then”

As soon as he arrived at the village, Oulu answers calmly as the villager ran and prostrate  before him.  Next to him was Yunis who was accompanying him. She had yet to get back her armor but there was no kind of restriction.

“Well then why are you here today….”

“Yeah. I came to look at the state of the fields. There is something I am slightly concerned about.”

“The fields.

*Blink blink* Yunis eyes blinked as she was surprise at his words

“Is that so? Then please this way, this is our village`s humble fields, thanks to Oulu-sama powers in a blink of eye the field grew, even though winter is nearby this year would be our best harvest!”

Before being guided by the villager, you could see that an abundant amount of various crops were ripening. They are large and fresh but in general it needs more flow of water and air than those crops far away.

“Its surprising how it became like this in a week. With this surplus we can hold through the winter.  With you placing gargoyle at the entrance we no longer have to deal with the goblins and stray dogs, we are  grat.i.tude to Oulu-sama.”

“Yea. This more than anything. During the winter you should plant turnips. Its good to grow turnips since they can be feed to the cattles and give them nutrition. If you can make a stable amount of food during the winter you will not need to kill the cattles for ham and sausages.”

“I understand! I will tell it to the village people immediately.”

“Yea. For some time I have been concerned that your complexion doesn’t look so good. Are you not feeling well?”

“Thats correct…..recently I caught a something similar to a cold. In two to three days it should be cured.


From Oulu palm an amber magic s.h.i.+nes while he touches the villager who suddenly puts strength into his arm.

“….No. This is the bad properties of an epidemic illness. Recently a large-scale shadow of death covered this area, still such a thing?”

From inside Oulu robe he takes out a bottle and gives it to the villager.

“For the time being take this. This medicine helps restore your strength. Take one spoon of the liquid, and drink it with water and it will destroy the thing affecting your body. It doesn’t mean it will cure the illness, but it will allow you to escape with your life. In the near future I will compound an remedy for the illness.”

The villager opens his eye wide,he was slight trembling and when he receiving the bottle his hands were trembling, immediate he went to the ground and prostrated.

“Ah….thank you my lord! Oulu-sama is the greatest benefactor of this village!

“Its good, you don’t have to be so humble. As long as all of you give me my compensation, I will protect all of you.”

Hearing Oulu`s word the villager lowers his more and then bids his farewell to go and inform the other villagers, Oulu together with Yunis returned to the dungeon.

“I am sorry, I have misunderstood you Oulu!”

As soon as Yunis reached the dungeon, she bowed her head towards Oulu.

“I thought you were using your power to threaten the villagers and unjustly exploit them…But the way how the villagers were look at you it was like a good governing feudal lord.

….Well.  Any feudal lord would collect taxes but to use demons to protect such a small village and help them increase their crops production. As I though, Oulu is not evil.”

“….Its a bit difficult(troubling) if you overestimate me to that extent. I don`t kill meaninglessly, but I do kill all those who defy me mercilessly and that is no different from being evil.”

That was more than half of his real intention. However Yunis shakes her head.

“Its…natural so someone who has done a bad thing to be punished. Besides you(Oulu) didn`t kill me right?”

It seems the hypnosis was printed that said “If a bad thing is done it’s only natural they receive punishment.” Originally Yunis who had a strong sense of justice digest it almost without any resistance.

“Well about that….are you truly responsible for the crime?”(T/N not sure)


“Well that’s…..Didn’t I say that yesterday?”


“But you didn’t know that I have business with the village. They only sent you as a scapegoat to kill me, so that they didn’t have to pay for the blessings of fields and protect from the demons?”

“For that…probably its because I didn’t have time to listen to their explanation and left in a hurry…”

Yunis tired to protect the villagers but to extent it felt like her determination was not strong like yesterday.

“…Well then, did you go and check?”

It’s a performance from here. Oulu said in his inner mind.

After that about three days later. Oulu followed Yunis with her sword in her hand, went towards the said village, that gave her request to kill Oulu.

At the beginning Yunis refused to tell Oulu where the village was, but she without consent of the village made a promise, and it would be bad to break a promise, so he reluctantly said to do as you please and gave her the sword.(T/N not sure)

“Now. I will wait here. It good if you check the eyes and ears.

Outside of the village Oulu pushed Yunis back.

While Yunis suppressed her anxiety, she went towards the village leader`shouse. She did not want to think that the villagers themselves tricked her. However she also wanted to believe Oulu. What an unfortunate misunderstanding, this was….


She hoped, as she set foot in the village she was faced will countless number of menacing glance.

“You….how could come back here.”


“Do you know what you have done!?”

Other villagers also gathered booed her.

“Because you killed Oulu-sama our fields have withered, and demons have killed our cattles!”

“Our children have been dieing because of an overflowing epidemic illness!”

“Its because of you! You champion of justice did something thing unnecessary!”

The people of the village gather before Yunis, showering her in several boos and curses.

“What kind of thing….?”

Yunis guessed the villagers are misunderstanding about Oulu….d.a.m.n it, it’s just like Oulu said, they were just using me(Yunis). She was confused at the unexpected situation, unintentional she took several steps back.

“Feel like running away!? What a joke!”

One of the villagers took up a rock at his foot and threw it towards Yunis. It did not hit her but it triggered the start of villager one by one to throw rocks at her.

“Return our farms! Return my cows!”

“Return our children’s!

“Return Oulu-sama! You slaughter!”

“Oulu is not dead, we were together until just now……”

Yunis desperate tried to explain, but it just lead to villagers to burn more angry.

“Now…eat this!”

The first man to beginning throwing stone, threw a large rock towards Yunis. It was easy to avoid, but that would only add oil to villagers anger. Yunis closed her eyes resigning to feel the pain she thought.

“What are you doing”

However, instead of feeling the pain pour down on her, she heard Oulu voice.

“Oulu-sama! Your alive!?”

With Oulu figure standing in front of Yunis protecting her the villagers stopped throwing stone.

“Oulu … why? ”

…..What the heck, Yunis did not understand the situation, so she asked Oulu.

“….I knew the villagers were instigating(attacking) you, without even having to ask you. For the sake of protecting the village I placed the gargoyle at the entrance while it also had the benefit of allowing me to observe them……However they didn`t even tell you this.”

Yunis was dumbfounded, she then looked up at Oulu`s arm to see the blood flowing in a straight line. Yunis was protected by arm which received the hit.

“There reason was to make you bear all the sin, so that all the villagers would not be harmed. But the magic going to the fields due to compensations stopped, the gargoyle that protected them disappeared, I did not distribute medicine for the epidemic illness that was affecting the other villagers. So….the villagers thought the reason was because you killed me.”

“O….Oulu-sama! We didn’t intent to harm you at all!”

“Everything was this woman own discretion(acted on her own)!

“Oulu-sama have mercy on us! We tried to stop her but this woman went on her own!

Several villagers shouted out. Yunis was used when it was good and when it was inconvenient for them they in addition to selling her out, pushed all the blame on her.

“…Yunis. These were the people who you desperately tried to protect they even go as far as sacrificing your chast.i.ty.


Its strange that it can’t be helped. Without hesitation she released the laughter that was welling up inside her, Yunis then unshed her sword.

“I am sorry, thank you, Oulu…I was wrong. Those with 『Sin』 must face their 『Punishment』!”

Like a whirlwind Yunis ran towards the villagers. She went for revenge against the several villagers who threw stones at her and that would not be a problem. The villagers had hardly acquire any training so they can be killed in an instant.


Before she could swing her sword at their body, all of the villagers body were wrapped in flames, they couldn’t even utter a cry as they died in an instant.


Without any warning right under her nose the flames rise and vigorously reduced the villagers, Yunis could only turn to face Oulu.

“While it may be true that those people who sin, only an evil person can kill them. Yunis you should continue to being straightforward(righteous)…….I will eliminate all those who have hurt you. So you should continue walking the path of justice.”


Yunis rushed towards Oulu and cling to him while shedding large tears

“I, I am the only who will not harm you. So can you swear that you will never harm me?

At Oulu words while she was sobbing, she then nodded her head

“….Well then my name is Ein Sof Oulu(Ein Sof Aru), swear I will never harm you.”

“I in name of Yunisfinia Meredith Luella Gurandiera swear to never harm Oulu and continue to love him!”


Oulu`s  goofy voice echoed, afterwards an amber light started to surround the two people.

“Thank you. With this have we completed the first stage?”

Inside the dungeon. This time it was not punishment, because he wanted a embrace as proof of an oath. To start speaking such a thing, after Oulu did such a thing three time, she was now sleeping like an wife, Lil called out to Oulu.(T/N not sure)

“….Oh, well for the time being…Yunis of the 『Star of the Hero』 changed to 『A fallen hero』. She is not corrupt she is just a dark hero who like demons. She won’t be able oppose me.”

With the powerful magic of the 『Star of the Hero』 it cannot harm the said bounded restriction, although holding the power Oulu facial expression was not clear.(T/N not sure)

“We need to increase dependence in one gulp……”(T/N not sure)

「厄介ごとは一気に増えたがな……」*may be “a nuisance has increased in one go”

It was complete outside of his calculation for Yunis to swear to love him. According to the plan Oulu to an extent wanted acquire some reliance so she would depend on him but he never though by all means to acquire such a deep reliance(dependence). However that much is still good.(T/N not sure)

“Still I never thought she was from the royal family…..”

Yunis full name shows she is a directly in line of the Gurandiera country. Such a place for an adventure to wander alone has an inheritance right to the throne seems to have the lowest seat, nevertheless this still an obvious source of controversy. Yunis was just one person who could break through the labyrinth. We still have a long way to go before the dungeon to an extent defend against an invasion from the kingdom’s army.

Furthermore I want to throw out and sever connect with this place but such a place cannot be moved. Yunis would hate him, she hate things like forcibly coercion and going  『Harm』 the farms.(T/N not sure)

“Well we will think about it later….This time I think I did a good job right?”

Lil said with a wide grin and laugh. However her eyes were not laughing.

This time Lil had not traveled together with Oulu, but in reality she was running around behind them. Her succubus magic was differ from others because she was born with some other abilities.

For example when Yunis carried us to the village.  At the village there was an abnormal friendliness, this was because Lil could transform into an ideal woman’s form to an  man’s form, so she used her ability to transform into Oulu and visited the village many times so as to build up a friendly relation with the villagers.

It was Oulu who request for Yunis to be eliminated hence they threw stones at her, this was possible thanks to Lil`s ability to charm and manipulate the villagers into instigating. Her charm was not able to manipulate the 『Star of Hero』 so manipulate the whole village was very easy.

And with the consent of the people I was able to put the curse 『Coercion』 on her. The curse wished for blessed things. Its just like an marriage vow between a man and a woman to swear mutual to each other.

“That`s why I want a reward master.”

“I know, I know….come”

Since Yunis broke the summoned demon beast and the Golem, moreover in order to brainwash Yunis it required a large amount of magic was consumed. Also the curse of coercion, no matter how powerful a person is, speaking of the amount of magic consumed is a terrifying amount.

While embracing Yunis, Oulu glance at the dungeon core to see that a large amount of it magic powers was lost. Hence there is not enough magic to recover his stamina, he has no choice but afterwards to use his own stamina.

“It’s no good if you don’t go 4 times.”

“Whats with the rivalry…. “

While Oulu sighs, he strongly feels the premonition(hunch) that there will be increase in the amount of unexpected trouble.

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