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When Yunis woke up, she realized that she was inside a dark stone room.

She was desperately trying to understand the situation with a absentminded.  She then tried to move her body, it seemed that a chain that was tied to her right hand was making a noise.

It was not only her right hand. Both her hands and legs were tied to chains connected to the wall, she could hardly move from her sprawled position. Furthermore it seem that the has been restrained by something like a ring of steel bed.(T/N not sure about the last sentence)

She then also realized that all her weapons and armor were removed, at least it can not be seen in her range of vision.

A small lamp light was turned on and Yunis herself was restrained to the bed by the chains. Only this element composted(made up) the room.

There is not even a door at the entrance, so the pa.s.sage goes on somewhere covered in darkness.

“Have you woken up”

From the pa.s.sage a man and a woman appeared.

The man wore a grey robe and had amber coloured hair and had a medium build making him about 20 years old. And then, the succubus with grown wings had a jet black hair, looking at the woman she was wearing some embarra.s.sing clothes [perhaps i should say underwear?].

Seeing that, the absentminded(consciousness) of Yunis clearly woke up.

The evil magician Oulu and his familiar…these two people were able to defeat me(myself). It seems like they never killed me, is good luck really working for me. Though it’s quite suspicious, Yunis thought.

“For the time being I`ll introduce myself. My name is Oulu. It seemed that you heard the name “Evil magician”. This is my female a.s.sistance called Lil who is an demon. ….Your name is?”

Yunis is desperately thinking about her surroundings. How can i get out of this desperate situation? I have no weapons, I also cannot move, making them have completely control over my life and death.

“….Yunis. The adventure.”

I only told them my pet name(nickname) I didn’t tell them my full name. A strong magician can only control a person whose name he knows, I remembered hearing this from an magician i got know previously.

“I see. ….Well then Yunis, who instructed you to accept this thing(contract) and from which village requested you come here?

“….No one in particular requested me to do anything. I only hear a rumor about an evil magician and I just decided to turn up and enforce justice.”

While she understood that her excuse was rigid. I cannot go and risk causing trouble for the innocent villagers, because they did no crime. Besides, it’s not a half lie. I did hear a story about a magician and myself went to bring him down, therefore I emerged to half shake off the confused villagers.

“Oh….well then, who told you about the rumors?”

The foolish Yunis was at loss for words. She then noticed the mistake she made in her speech.



“Rumors of wind”(T/N The grapevines)

Lil facial expressed showed complete shock. Yunis was regretting her own words.

“On the grapevines….if that’s the case it can’t be helped.”

Nevertheless Oulu shows an understanding to those desperate words.

“Yeah that’s right! Since am not clever(ditz) I complete forgot where i heard such a thing!”


Yunis words, were somehow said in hurry to Lil

In addition to that Oulu was not against Yunis.

“If you don’t remember it can’t be helped. ….I have no choice but to burn all the villages”

Oulu said while still looking casual in contrast with Yunis whose whole face seemed to be frozen.

“Its a pity that all the innocent villagers will have to be burned, it can’t be helped. Even though there is no other choice(subst.i.tute) so—.”


Yunis shouted interrupting Oulu words.

“The people from the village did not do anything wrong! I.. I did it on my own accord. Therefore, please, at least not the villagers….”

Yunis appealed(begged) causing the chains to make a shaking noise.

In this state she even bowed and did not cling.(T/N not sure)

“Well then you’re saying you did all the bad(wrongdoings) then?”

“That right! The villagers did not nothing wrong, they tried to stop me but i shaked them off and went on my own”

“Well then, do you swear to take all the punishment for the sins(wrongdoing) yourself has done(or responsible for)?”

“…..I swear. I swear so absolute do not hurt the people from the villages.”

“Do not say such a disreputable thing.”

Oulu st.i.tch together those words in an easy to understand manner.(T/N not sure)

“If you do not want the villagers to be killed listen to want I say”—and etc, I am not threaten you. I am only asking where the sin lies, even though I am a self proclaimed evil, I do not idly kill people who bear no sins. The previously destroyed village, was because they drew their swords resisting(opposing) me. If you say you alone have(bear the) sin, then there is no reason to punish another person.”(T/N not sure about 等と )

“I understand. I alone have sin. Therefore only I should bear the punishment.”

Yunis stared direct at Oulu like that. After this oneself obtains and go through some sort of state of anxiety.(T/N am not sure, the manga shows thats where the hypnotist starts) But still she wanted to avoid causing trouble for the villagers. In the end because of obstinacy of the young girl who holds the destiny to become an ‘hero’ has a strong sense of justice.

“I understand, if so then I`ll give you the punishment.”

Oulu takes out a dagger from his pocket and thrust it towards Yunis breast. She prepares herself for the sharp pain but in spite of her expectation she suddenly closed her eyes, the dagger without causing a single scratch moved smoothly from her breast till it reach her waist. Along with that the clothes she was wearing was completely split in two.

As for this Yunis mostly likely expected that this would happen during the development and it was the one she wished would not happen.

However Oulu and Lil did not have different ideas as for get acquainted with Yunis skin being exposed. (T/N not sure)

While the woman had a bewitching smile Yunis was puzzled, as a transparent finger glided towards Yunis breast.


Afterwards an voice was raised which shocked Yunis that such an sweet voice came from herself.

“Fufu~ cute. You’re quite sensitive aren’t you”


Lil then glides her fingertip from Yunis breast towards her navel. Despite this time Yunis preparing herself, a voice did not raise though it can be said that the sensation that runs along the spine is hard to resist so in the end Yunis voice still leaks out.

The place that Lil was touching gradually became hot causing the inside of Yunis body to ache. Until now she never felt such pleasure making her feel like she is being played with. Although she(opponent) is the same s.e.x she is a fierce cunning succubus, only light touching, causing Yunis to steadily rise.

“Its about time I touched here.”

Unexpectedly, Lil crawls between Yunis legs.

“Fufu, your already soaking wet.”

While laughing and smiling, Lil deliberately makes a sound while touching Yunis private area. Making the gaping sound Yunis face became dyed red in shyness.

“I wonder what this is?”


Lil fingertip goes inside of Yunis most sensitive part…..stealing her excess c.l.i.t,  unintentionally Yunis raised a high voice.(T/N not sure what 淫核 means)


“That`s a good reaction. Although your a virgin have you been diligently masturbating?”

“Such a thing….faa”

The moment she answered back lil finished off her c.l.i.t and once again causing Yunis voice to raise.(T/N not sure what すりあげ means)

“What, such a thing? Do you like with such force? Aren’t I right, you like to be put on the edge to satisfy yourself. (T/N not sure what 事大 means and not sure for last sentence)

“Fuaaaaaa! That kind nyaaa! No, stop, you must not!”

Lil`s tongue crawled up from the side to Yunis nipples caused a ticklish feeling. Lil complete grasped Yunis responses and took advantage of her body by playing with it.

“Well then it will soon feel good”(T/N not sure)

Together with such words Yunis regained her sense to only feel in a single gulp her legs are pushed open. While there is no recollection of a short while ago. It seem that without being aware she lost consciousness .

As far as she remembered it was instant but for Lil it was [2 hours] of teasing. That person was caressing Yunis making her raise her voice quite often, begging for forgiveness, she felt so satisfied that she would go mad. (T/N Not sure about the last part)


The bed sheets were soaking wet in sweat and s.e.x fluids and lukewarm water was collected under her a.s.s which could said to be incontinence.Lil Frightening finger technique brought Yunis to the peak(climax).

While it’s possible to get so excited, perhaps with only just one stroke seems to be able to send her off, but her o.r.g.a.s.m did not arrive, but in an instance her thing is continued to be teased.(T/N not sure)

Come to think of it I wonder why my legs are spread out, even though my legs are tied to the chains, so how come my feet are bent….Yunis consciousness vaguely considers it but she was suddenly awaken by a sharp pain of her groin being rip apart.

“U, Aaaa!?”

She turns towards where she feels the pain, she was unaware that Oulu was between her legs thrusting into her, so she became angry at his thing that was being poked in her most secret place.

Gradually the hard sharp pain that was attacking Yunis felt like a bare hand was grasping her internal organs. At the same time it can’t be helped since she is being attack she felt a loss of how she was losing her purity.

She didn’t think that as an adventure she would be making love like an ordinary girl with a demon and a thieve as a partner. However it was important because she still had a dream for her first experience to be normal. It was now that she looked and realized she didn’t know the man who was trampling her. Not know caused tears to run along Yunis cheeks.

Oulu gently places his hand on her face. Then gradually from his hand a warmth was transmitted and in an instant all the pain was gone.

“Its all right. ……The pain is gone right?”

Suddenly Yunis nodded.

A gentle voice whispered close to her ear making something settle in Yunis heart causing a feeling of loss. In her head it was now she understood that the man before her stole her purity by polluting it with his thing.

However Yunis mind was lost as she sensed that the man before her had healed her when he buried himself in her. The feeling(pain) was gone.

“I am moving.”

Slowly Oulu began pumping. Yunis became anxious of his thing gently moving. Every time Oulu stroke Yunis head the pain of being deflowered eased and every time Oulu d.i.c.k bore inside of Yunis instead of pain, her body tingled(ached) with sweet satisfaction was felt.

“Guu…!”(T/N *clench*)

Yunis clenched her teeth desperately trying to endure. This punishment. Its natural for someone who committed a crime to be punished. Therefore Yunis must endure.

However it suddenly stopped. Oulu stopped his movement to stare motionless at Yunis face. Yunis also stared at his expression and was perplexed.

“What is it?”

Oulu asked. The question Yunis wanted to ask. Why did you stop moving…. but she held back. She thought she must be crazy to think of such a thing.

“I think if something happened you should honestly express it.”(T/N not sure)

However Oulu`s whisper showed that it was seen through.

“I think the thing you want to say is it’s not a sin. The truth is that it’s a naturally behaviour so why is it a sin? There is nothing necessary to endure it’s just good to accept it as it is. That’s the [Righteous thing] isn’t it.(T/N not sure)

Inside of Yunis swayed as her reason became delirious and the threshold of trace(ecstasy) was reached causing Yunis to be in hurry to be teased. Those words heard far away soaked into her.(T/N not sure)

“…..As…..”(T/N not sure)


“How did you do it”

“Yes! That! That feels good!”(T/N not sure)

As he thrust into Yunis he is greeted by a raised flirtatious voice. She eagerly tries to shake her body but because of the restraints she couldn’t move hence she indulges in some of the pleasure.

“Its good. Yunis is the best…….”


“Mhhmm, haa, good, its good….”

It seems based on Yunis expression that the pleasure has already dissolved her convict because there is no light of reason in her eyes. Its normal to greedily wish for pleasure so Oulu decided to whole accept that.

While Oulu was thrusting into Yunis v.a.g.i.n.a he released a section of her constraints.

Yunis immediate moved her arm towards Oulu necks tightly cling to it, while vigorously moving her waist.

“AAh, it’s amazing! Good, More, even more!”

While kissing Yunis, Oulu was moving his waist like making a circle(clockwise motion). At the same time he raised his fingers to her wet v.a.g.i.n.a lips of s.e.xuial fuilds to trace and pinch it.(T/N not sure)

“Aahhhha! This, its great, its good! Iiii….hiyaa…Uuu!”(T/N not sure)

「ああああっ! それ、それいいっ、いいのぉっ! いっ……イ、ちゃっ……うぅっ!」*

Just at that moment Yunis voice was very high.

“That’s right, Go! with all my strength!”

「そうだ、イけっ! 思いっきり……っ!」*


As Yunis body trembled she was taken back at her body.  Without a moment to delay Oulu spilled out all of his c.u.m inside her v.a.g.i.n.a.

“Like a hero star s.h.i.+ning”(T/N not sure i guessed)

Just as Oulu whispers a keyword Yunis expression was melted in pleasure and lost the focus that was in her eyes.

“Afterwards…a hypnosis is effectiveness successful.


Oulu looks into her eyes and to make sure that the hypnosis is effective he goes and touches her body.

“Just now what were you doing? Is that a type of brainwash magic?”

Since Oulu began to embrace Yunis, Lil asked who was in the corner of the room closely watching the transition.

“No, this is just an ordinary hypnotism. Her consciousness is not in a state to wake up. This is called the hypnotic state.

Some time ago you were caressing her and after some time you used black magic and monotone stimulus, after the hypnotism, she was in a state where it was possible to insert one keyword in her mind.”

“So even though her consciousness is awake….this situation will only seem like a dream.”

“No, rather its the opposite. When you are dreaming your consciousness is asleep. So because of the hypnotism she will not be aware of what is happening, her ability to think and make sound  judgements will become almost nonexistence. In this state we can give her some ideas and she will become very obediently and listen to the end, hence we can control her actions by giving her some suggestions(hints).

Its thanks to the effect of the suggestion that some time ago her first time having s.e.x that was forcibly committed can(could) be altered(disordered) to certain extend.

Because of Oulu description, Lil looks into Yunis face with great interest. Even though she is awake and her eyes are open, Lil cannot see the state that was before her eyes.

“Well, if I must say that means the she will truly serve you(Oulu)….will she become a slave?”

Lil asks, but Oulu negatively shakes his head.

“No, the hypnotism is not so almighty. ….Rather I can almost do nothing. I myself hate how it’s made that if a suggestion is used immediate it cause the hypnotist to come apart.

Well based on this its, the reason she was born with the ‘Hero Star’.

If a thing like the compulsion of a curse it would repel in on shot.

Therefore its fate that it would without exception eliminate any person who tries to obstruct the hero.


“….As for this it cannot obstruct her.”


Lil then indicates(points at) restriction tools and chains that binds Yunis to the bed.

“Of course. So, for this method of restriction, eventually in some kind of manner it will break apart.

A small magical flame flashes in front of Yunis as Oulu answered. A simple blinking light flashes repeatedly while becoming deeper, the hypnotic state comes apart.

“Yunis-saa, its time to study. What kind of person would treat you gently?”

“A person who treats people gently….is a good person.”

Yunis answers in a non-intonation voice.

“What kind of person would heal your injuries?”

“A person who would heal people is an gentle person…”

“Make sure you remember that firmly(properly). Okay.”

So far, I have reaffirm the suggestions that was made before we embraced each other.

“Just a short while ago, I thought isn’t it that a natural thing?”

To the question Lil asked, Oulu nods.

“That`s right. Its obvious since it’s natural to accept.

Things that are not obvious is difficult to accept.

However, something relatively unconditional is inserted that thing can be accepted.

Even if the other party s.e.xual a.s.saults oneself they would probably hate that man even a little however if it’s that case where they unconsciously think that it was a good person. “

As long as Yunis feels it’s good the suggestion will continue to work.(T/N not sure)

“So then it means that every time you input a suggestion, just after a few minutes you must treat her gently like she is an child your emotional attached to.

Once more Oulu shakes his head.

“Its not so easy.

As I said earlier, when you were caressing her body she lost calm judgement.

As time and oneself calm down it would be a funny thing.(T/N not sure)

I will probably remain having a favourable impression, but that doesn’t change your logical thinking of me being enemy.

Well, I will need to know to more or less to take into consideration”(T/N not sure)

Before that I must take some safety measures.

So Oulu continues to mummer so more suggestion to Yunis.

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