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Episode 8- Let’s gather evil manservant -part 1

“That’s it…right there Marie…..”

“Then I ….”

“Ah, because I can fly then…”

“Well then I…..”

For some reason words were being exchanged by whispering and what was reflected in Oulu`s field of vision when he open his eyes was his white leg stretched.

“……What are you guys doing”

“Ah, good morning master~”

“Good morning, Master-sama”

“Good morning ~Oulu~!”

“Good morning, Boss”

When I asked in a low moan, 4 different kinds of greetings was returned


Because all 4 of them who were b.u.t.t naked had their tongue crawling on Oulu`s p.e.n.i.s, it made him angry at them respectively.

With Marie between Oulu`s legs, she had her small head plunged into, eagerly licking the the area near the frenulum.

Yunis was on the left side and her long tongue was stretched stroking his b.a.l.l.s it.

Supina was on the right side with her head tilted, slightly biting his rod like playing with a transverse flute.

And then on Oulu`s body, Lil had her wings spread in order to alternate(float) with her tongue crawling on Oulu`s glans from the sky.

Because she was floating in front of my eyes, everything was completely visible up to her breast whose volume was about full, and furthermore beyond her plumply a.s.s there was the female genitalia.

「あはっ、おっきくなった。やっぱり意識があると反応が違うね。どう、ご主人様? 愛妾4人によるお目覚めフェラは」*(TN:not sure)

“Ahaa, it became large. When I had become aware there was a different response. How are you Master-sama? Did the f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o from your 4 mistress wake you up.”

男なら誰もが羨むであろう体勢ではあるが、複数人による口淫という物はその見た目ほど良いものではない。口淫、というその字句とは裏腹に、実際に快楽を与えるのは手の動きが主なものであり、数人がかりの口淫では手による愛撫はほぼ不可能になるからだ。*(TN: not sure)

If a man is in that posture then everyone would probably be jealous of that said f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o done by multiple people. In contrast to that word f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o,this thing gives a particular pleasure and is supported by their hands moving, because of having several people giving him a f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o it has become almost impossible to compare to caress by hand.

が、それは尋常な女によるものの話だ。淫靡を知り尽くし、性技を極めた淫魔の取り仕切るこの宴では少々わけが違った。*(TN:not sure)

Still, this was an event that was done by a usual woman. This feast was a little different as it was managed by a demon who employed her s.e.xual techniques based on her full knowledge on obscenity.

ふりふりと形のいい尻と共に振られる尻尾によって4人の身体の動きはまるで一つの生き物のように統制され、オウルの肉棒をその4つの唇でしごき、舐め上げ、吸い、むさぼっていた。*(TN:not sure)

The movement of the 4 people`s body by means of shaking their tail together with their greatly shaped a.s.s, those four people had stoke with their tongue on Oulu`s d.i.c.k, increased their licking, sucking, devouring greedily.

「く……ああ、そのまま続けろ」*(TN:not sure)

“Ku……ah, continue as you were”

オウルは腕を伸ばし、ユニスとスピナの胸を鷲掴みにする。二人はオウルが胸を揉み易いように身動ぎして体勢を変えると、リルの指揮の元、一気に攻勢にかかった。*(TN:not sure)

Oulu decided to stretch his arm to grab the breast of Supina and Yunis. When Oulu changes his posture, he made a slightly movement in order easily rub the breast of two of them, instantly taking the offense to Lil that was original leading.

The four person tongue moved in collaboration quite like the movement of fingers, they had increased their stroking by sandwich Oulu`s d.i.c.k.


Rather than like a demon, by means of a precise demon technique Oulu was lead to his peak in the blink of an eye.

He had released his desire without any resistance, soiling the face of the four girls with his white desire.

“……Why did you do such a thing?”

“Hmmm, each of us had wanted to wake you up….”

「誰がご主人様を起こすかとか、ちゃんと決まってなかったでしょ?」*(TN:not sure)

“Who would wake up master-sama was something we couldn’t decide on?”

“Everyone has their own claim, resulting in Lil making the proposal of waking you up with everybody.”

“With everybody, we waked you up!”

いつの間にそんなに仲が良くなったのか、オウルの言葉に少女達は口々に答えた。*(TN:come again)

Whether or not their relations.h.i.+p had gotten better, when did this happen, the girls had replied unanimously to Oulu`s word.

Haa, Oulu sighed, then said.

“Well then, today I will a.s.sign work to each of you.”

“For now, currently the most urgent task is to secure fighting potential.”

Everybody had washed their face, then after thanking Supina for the breakfast inside of their stomach, Oulu had seemly gathered everybody.

In the past, while thinking back to the time he was made a lecturer at the Magic a.s.sociation, he wrote a letter on the blackboard with a chalk.

“The minimum amount of manpower and infrastructure has already been made up. So next, it cannot be help that we need to secure fighting potential in order to spread out our territory.”

以前ユニスがスケルトンやゴブリンの大半を殲滅してしまった上に、魔力も大量に使ってしまったので、現在のオウルの迷宮には戦力と呼べるような存在が殆どいなかった。*(TN:not sure)

Previously Yunis had exterminated majority of the goblins and skeletons, so because of that I had to use large amount of magic, as for Oulu`s dungeon presently, it was like there was almost not existence which can be called upon as fighting potential.


If Yunis is here I think there will almost be no problem as ti concerns defense but, it’s different when it comes to an invasion.

“Means of securing fighting potential can be divided into 4 category.

1.The Natural Occurrences

2.Contract employment

3.Magic creation

4.Demon summoning.

……..I will give a small description. “

Disregarding Marie who had already began to doze off, Oulu continued.

Or rather, why did I call Marie in the first place.


“First, Natural occurrences. Earlier Lil was given a light explanation, various kinds of evil spirit(demon) gather on its own accord because of only making preparation for the dungeon. A good example is the likes of goblins that made their nest at a spot near the entrance.

こいつらは基本的に、敵ではないが味方でもない。不用意に巣に近づけば襲い掛かってくる。我々の居住区には魔除けの結界が張ってあるからそうそう入ってくることはないが、誤って踏み入れないように気をつけろ。 ……特に、マリーがふらふらしないように見張っていろよ、スピナ」*(TN:reword)

Basically those guys are neither allies or enemies. If you careless approach their nest they will attack. They can never enter here because I had put up a talisman barrier for our residential area, so be careful not to make the mistake and walk into them. …..Especially, Supina look out for Mari so she does not wander around”


Referring to her name, Mari had woken up with a start, looking around the area restlessly.


“Managing the natural occurring monsters will be Lil’s job. Monsters should not attack the demons. With the lumps of magical power here they should not even eat meat, because I know it’s an instinctual thing to become another’s food. Report when there is a new monster that has comes to build their nest.”



Whether or not there is motivation, Lil raises her hand creating her answer.

「自然発生の要因となるのは、瘴気と深度、そして部屋の形だ。瘴気が濃ければ濃いほど、深度が深ければ深いほど強力な妖魔が惹きつけられる。部屋の形は好み次第だから、いろんな形の部屋を作っておけ。狭い部屋を好む妖魔もいれば、広い部屋を好むもの、天井の高い部屋を好むもの、水辺を好むもの、さまざまだ」*(TN:not sure)

The main cause of Natural occurrences, is the miasma and the depth, and then there is the shape of the room. If the miasma is deep it will be dark to an extent, if the depth advances it will be thick to an extent that would attract stronger demons. The shape of the room depends on the their taste, so made various kinds of room. Demons like narrow rooms and also there are ones that like wide rooms, some like high ceiling rooms, and some like waterfronts , etc. “

“What does depth and miasma mean?”

At a point where Oulu`s explanation can be paused, Supina raises her hand to ask a question.

While admiring the good value of his disciple, Oulu gives an explanation.

「瘴気とは、有体に言えば空気に含まれる『魔』の濃度の事だ。生き物が死んだり、悪魔が滞在したりしているとこれが濃くなる。瘴気があまりにも濃いと勝手に悪霊が生まれたりするがこれも自然発生の範疇に入るな。深度はそのまま、ダンジョンの深さの事だ。浅い層は瘴気の濃さに限界がある。深ければ深いほど、瘴気は濃くなっていく。今このダンジョンは全3階層……まだまだ深くする予定だ」*(TN:not sure)

“As for Miasma, if said frankly it is the concentration of 『Evil influence』 being held in the air. This becomes darker killing living things making demons stay within it. When the miasma is too thick, evil spirits on their own will be born,  hence becoming a category of natural occurrences. As for depth, its the dept of the dungeon. There’s a limit on the shadow layer of the thickness of the miasma. If you advance deeper the miasma becomes thicker. Now the dungeon has a maximum of 3 floors….I still plan to go much deeper.”

なるほど、と頷くスピナの横で、ユニスが難しい顔をする。どうにか、オウルの説明を咀嚼している所らしい。彼女が何とか折り合いをつけた様子なのをみて、オウルは次の説明に入った。*(TN:not sure)

Yunis had a troubled face beside of Supina who nodded, I see. In some way, it appears at this spot they had digest Oulu`s explanation. Looking at her state she had somehow managed to come to terms, Oulu then entered into the next explanation.

“The next one is contracted employment and this will be relatively easy to understand.”

というか、わかってもらわないと困る。*(TN:not sure)

Or perhaps I should say, it’s embarra.s.sing if she is not able to understand this.

「自然発生で迷宮に巣を作る妖魔や、迷宮を訪れる者の中には条件次第ではこちらに協力しても良いと考えるものもいる。まあ、ある程度以上の知能を持つものでないと無理だろうが。*(TN:not sure)

“Things like demons make their nest in the dungeon due to natural occurrences, depending on the requirements among the individuals that visit the dungeon, and considering things it’s also good for co-operate between us. Well, they must not possess much intelligence to an extent.

そういったもの達を、金銭や食料などを対価に味方につける事ができる。大抵の物は金があれば用意できるから、実質金銭だな。これが契約雇用だ」*(TN:not sure)

Things like that can become the ally to compensation for food and money etc. If you have valuable which is most thing it can be prepared because, it’s real money”

“Oh~ That’s easy to understand”

Yunis raises her voice, like she is now able to understand.”

まあ、ある意味でユニス自身がこれに近いわけだが。対価は『裏切らない事』だ。*(TN:not sure)

Well, Yunis herself in a sense was close to understanding but. This is consideration “In the event of betray”.

「これは基本的には俺が担当するが、ユニスにも協力をしてもらう。契約を結ぶにも、こちらにある程度の戦力がなければ足元を見られるからな。交渉自体は俺が行うが、傍にいて睨みを利かせてくれればいい」*(TN:not sure)

“Basically I will be in charge, Yunis should also cooperate. The contract will be seal, because I will take advantage if there is to an extent no fighting power there.  I will handle the negotiations myself and it would be good if you can also glare at them beside me.

“I understand!”

Yunis answered cheerfully. She seems happy because until now she had not been doing anything.

「妖魔の種類によっては、互いに諍いを起こす事もあるだろう。そういった場合の鎮圧もユニスの仕事だ。いわば治安維持だな。リル、そういった騒ぎを見かけたら、俺とユニスに知らせるようにしてくれ」*(TN:not sure)

“Depending on the type of demon, there might even be cases were quarrels rises with each other. So Yunis job is to suppress these cases. Maintenance of public order so to speak. Lil, if you come across a commotion like that, make sure that Yunis or I knows about it.

“Nn, I understand”

“Because things like that are my strong point, leave it to me!”

Satisfied with both of them bowing, Oulu continued to explain further.

「魔術創造はスピナ、お前の仕事だ。これは、魔術でゴーレムやスケルトンといった擬似生命を作るものだ。はっきり言って、魔法生物は戦闘においては大した役には立たん。さほど強くないし、判断力もないに等しい。……が、創造主には絶対忠実だし疲れも知らんから、単純な作業や雑事の手助けにはピッタリだ。餌も要らんから契約雇用の様にコストもかからん」*(TN:not sure)

“As for Supina, your work will be magic creation. It is about making pseudo life such as skeleton and golem by magic. To put it bluntly, magical creatures stands useful as important in combats. There are not particularly strong and its the same that they not have judgement. …..But, they are absolutely loyal to their creator and since we know they won’t get tired, its perfect to have them help with miscellaneous tasks and simple work. Because they don’t need food it doesn`t cost like a contract employment.

With that Supina had nodded. Seeing her att.i.tude listening to the explanation it seems she is quite intelligent.

魔法生物の作成に限れば、一ヶ月もあればそれなりのものを作り出し、一年か二年程度で一端の魔術師には育つだろう、とオウルは睨んだ。*(TN:not sure)

Then the limit of creating magic creatures, is that they are produce things on its own if its given one month, should grow into a component magician in 1 year or  2,  Oulu glared.

「最後の悪魔召喚は、まあ現物がそこにいるから大体わかるだろう。全面的に俺が請け負うから理解する必要もさほどないが、一応説明しておく」*(TN:not sure)

“And lastly is demon summoning, well you will probably get a general understanding because the actual good is here. And because I will undertake it by myself, It is hardly necessity for you to understand, but I will explained nevertheless.”

Oulu writes the words while looking at Lil.

“Demon summoning, is done by using a technique summoning the demons from the underworld. It takes a lot of time to do and it eats up large quant.i.ties of magic in order to be maintain while summoning. Making it have an overwhelming cost as compared to the other three. …..But, that ability is guaranteed. Because Lil is a succubus her fighting strength is non-existence and normal demons like ghost around here possess an extend of strength that cannot help be worthy of comparison. Rather I should say its a trump card, that will be used in the last moment.

“I see~”

Well,  Oulu looked at Yunis while mutter in his heart, that the real trump card is you who is presently nodding. Its still fresh in one`s mind of how she defeated the h.e.l.lhound making a intermediate level demon look like joke.

“In summary. Natural occurrences doesn’t come at a cost but the fighting potential is not stable. Lil is in charge of that. As for contracted employment its expected to require money. Yunis is in charge of that. Magic creation is made by small quant.i.ty of magic, it isn’t too useful for a battle. Supina is in charge of this. Summoning demon that requires large quant.i.ty of magic and has the greatest war potential. I will be in charge of that.

“Yesss. Well then, I am off to make rounds around the dungeon.(Lil)

“……Nn, somehow I understand!”(Yunis)

“Certainly Master-sama. Please give me the introduction of practical magic.”(Supina)

When the three of subordinate had answered by nodding, Oulu`s arm sleeve had been pulled.

When looking that way, Mari had sparkling eyes like she was expecting something.

“What about me?”

The 5 years old had said it like she was expecting something. Swallowing such words, Oulu had answered like his voice was strained.

“…….Come and call me when its time to eat.”


Mari had answered with a very big smile,

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