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The woman now before Yunis eyes was something she couldn’t believe was an ordinary village girl.

The arms and legs didn’t even have enough muscle. Even that demeanor was something an ordinary member of the public would not receive even if you neglect practicing combat. I could not even sense magical power.


In other words, the experience and knowledge of Yunis concluded that she did not possess any means to fight. I think If you become so minded, because of one strike you would be cut down. A fight would not even occur, it’s the same as it concerns Yunis, she would also be cut down not moving a stump.


Nevertheless, Yunis heart was holding fear at Sofia. Though it did not show on her face. She sensed there was no explanation for something boundless, she was in danger and it sounded alarm bells in full blast.


オウルに会う前の自分であれば、剣を抜き放ち斬りかかっていたかも知れない。しかし、その場合地面に横たわる死体は一つではないだろう。倒せない事はないだろうが、自分もただではすまない。英雄を持ってしてそんな予感を抱かせる力が、ソフィアの笑顔にはあった。*(Not sure)

If she had meet her before meeting Oulu, it’s possible she would have unsheathe her sword and kill her. However I think in this case the corpse lying on the ground would not be one thing. I guess it’s not something that cannot be defeated but I also will not live ordinary. The power someone has to inspire such a premonition with a hero was Sofia` smiling face.

“Yunis return to your room”


ユニスは心配そうにオウルを見る。しかし、その目は「問題ない」と語っていた。ユニスは素直に頷き、部屋を出て行く。彼女は、ソフィアに感じる圧力と同じ種類のものを感じた事がある。その持ち主が、他ならぬオウルだったからだ。*(TN:not sure)

Yunis looks at Oulu seemly concern. However those eyes said “there was no problem”. Yunis nodded obediently and left the room. In this case Sofia felt something of the same kind as Yunis felt in Sofia. That was about the owner but nothing other than of Oulu.

“Its beautiful”

After Yunis had left the room, Oulu once again spoke those words.


「オウル様にあらせられては、ご慧眼、感服いたします」*(not sure)

“To have Oulu-sama keen insight is admirable”


Those words were sarcasm and I guess it was taken as that. As Sofia also courtesy returned in sarcasm.

“ Sofia, the thing I call such as beautiful, is your feelings. Its hatred, that is pitch black, hating everything. Despising people, despising the world and also cursing yourself. That is a rare talent for an magican. You have the qualities to become magician more excellent than me. It would be disappointing to leave you as an ordinary village girl.”

Oulu grasp the chin of Sofia causing her to look up. Then staring at her eyes at about a distant that seems to come in contact with her lips while whispering in a low voice like chanting a spell.

“Choose wisely. Continue being a unsightly person, even becoming decrepit and ugly with age, and rot away? Or exhaust the limits of darkness, stand above the dead, and walk the cursed path smeared with blood?”


オウルの魂まで見透かすような視線に、ソフィアは身体を震わせた。*(TN:not sure)

Sofia`s body trembled as Oulu glance was like seeing through up to her soul.

It was delight


誰もが目を背け、表面すら見ようとしなかったソフィアの事を、オウルはずっと奥まで見通していた。*(TN:Not sure)

Oulu continuously looked without obstruction up to all the inner parts and for Sofia everyone would not even look at even her face and have averted their eyes.


火傷の傷より何倍も醜い呪いと憎しみを覗き込み、それを美しいと評したのだ。*(TN:Not sure)

From the burn scars that were detested for being extremely unsightly and just looking at it caused hatred, he had commented ‘this is beautiful’.


Sofia raised a voice of joy. It was not a voice reflecting upon the happiness of one’s self. Like a man`s own, she lift up a war cry.

“Oulu-sama….the path I want to follow, is your path. If you walk on top of corpse, I shall kill them. If I am cursed and smeared in blood, I shall slurp it. I swear upon my name Sofirisa.”

“Very well. If that’s the case from now your my discipline. After this you shall throw away the name of Sofirisa and call yourself Supina. Neris Bia Supina. From today that is your name. Now listen to your first teaching from master.”

Supina the former Sofia knelt at Oulu`s foot, to receive a evil baptism.

Sofia as a person died and after that Supina birth began as ‘an evil magician’.


「自分以外、この世の誰も信用するな。間違っても真名など教えるな。全てのものは利用する為にだけある」*(TN: not sure)

“Other than myself trust no-one in this world. No matter what happens do not tell your full name and so forth. Things of everything has only the purpose of being used.

I guess it appears that it also concerns Oulu? Supina thought.

“Keep this in mind”

It was unnecessary to think. Supina as it concerns Oulu, was a piece whose purpose was to be used. And becoming an excellent piece better than anyone else, was the thing Supina wished for. While Supina knelt, she bowed her head deeply to kiss Oulu`s foot swearing allegiance.




“Lil?….what are you making her do.”

Opening the crude wooden door, Oulu happen to see a scene that made him raise a amazed cry.

“What, didn’t Oulu say I should look after her ”

Beside of Lil, Mari small tongue crawled on a rod shaped thing with a melt expression. It appears to have been made with a carved ebony,it had a form that was for some strange reason familiar.


「ほら、まだ小さいから下の方使うと裂けちゃうでしょ? だから口だけでも使える様に教育しておこうと思って。これよく出来てるでしょ? オウルの形の張り形」*(TN: not sure)

“Look, because there is still small if the lower part is used  won’t it completely tear. So I thought of only the mouth but in order to use that I need to put her in training. This can become very good? The shape of Oulu`s length”


淫魔らしいといえば淫魔らしい発想だが、年端も行かない童女に何を教えているんだ、とオウルは傷む頭を軽く抑える。*(TN: not sure)

When Oulu grasped his head that was in hurting a little,concerning what to teach to a very young girl but the way of thinking is like a succubus, speaking of succubus.

“Rather than such a thing, go train her to do the house…..And also this person”

The woman behind of Oulu was showed to be greeted by Lil. Supina step forward before Lil giving a slight nod.

“From today I became Oulu-sama`s disciple, I am called Supina. Pleased treat me well.”

Lil looked at Supina in amazement……Because that appearance was…..not unsightly.

It was too much, because it was beautiful.

“Eh, what, from where did you get such a girl”

Supina scar`s was erased due to Oulu`s black magic, she who originally possess beauty was able to regain it perfectly.

“Where doesn’t matter. Anyways for the time being have her learn miscellaneous things from you. Patrolling the dungeon, cleaning, manage the demons and traps, disposing of dead, managing the food, replay the sheets and cooking too.”


“Finally, I am set free from such work! Hooray! You said your Supina, please learn the work properly~”

With Lil rejoicing, Supina replied without even changing a particle on her facial expression.

“I obey only my master-sama. Please don’t misunderstand there is no reason for me to obey the likes of a familiar.”

With a click, Lil`s smiling face freezes. And then raises her voice in protest to Oulu, pointing her finger at Supina.

“Oulu! That girl has a very bad personality!”

“Thats right, therefore I made her my discipline”

“Aaahh even this person personality was bad!”


まるでオウルが二人に増えたかのような錯覚を覚え、リルは頭を抱えるのだった。*(TN: not sure)

Just like that Oulu increased by two people was like experience a hallucination made Lil greatly perplexed.

End of Episode 7

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