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Chapter 4: Let's Raise the New Demon Lord, Part 2

「Tagarda Ywello! (Please give me food!)」
「Have you been saying that every time……?」

When Aur heard that seemingly natural request echoing across the dungeon halls, he instinctively put a hand on his forehead.
If memory served him well, Tatsuki had the exact same voice when she first broke into the dungeon.

「Huh? Aur, can talk.」
「Because I've learned your language. I also know that you have been calling me an idiot every time.」
「Hmm, I see. Anyway, what's on today's menu?」
「You're the same as before……」

After Tatsuki's fishtail had been transformed into legs, she began going to the dining hall like she owned the place.
She could already smell the fragrance of the bread Lilu was baking in the kitchen, so she raised his voice and called out in that direction.

「I guess it's worth making food for you as long as you enjoy it.」
「I've never seen or heard about any of the food here, but it's all delicious!」

While Aur was busy discussing strategies with Thena, Tatsuki visited the labyrinth and pestered them for food almost everyday. Lilu had already gotten used to making the extra share for her, which she took with delight.

「I wonder how you can eat something like that so calmly.」
「? Because it's tasty?」

Tatsuki was surprised at Aur's statement. The thought of eating poisoned food never crossed her mind.

「We don't get fish like this in the sea.」

「Do you live in the sea?」

「Yup, dat's right.」

Tatsuki answered while putting a piece of pork sauté in her mouth.

「What exactly are you?」

「What do you mean? Tatsuki is Tatsuki.」

「You don't have a name for your species?」


Showing a lack of delicacy, Tatsuki licked the oil on her fingers and thought hard.

「Speaking of which, the land people call Tatsuki a Demon Lord, the same as you.」

She said it casually, as if she had just remembered the food she had eaten the previous day.

「Demon Lord?!」

「No…… Wait.」

Aur stopped Mary, who had reflexively reached for her sword.

「Are you the only one they call the Demon Lord?」

「Nope. Somehow it seems like there are many.」

The local translation for Demon Lord was 『Oni』.

But Aur's language lacked such a vocabulary that directly corresponded to it.

One who ruled over monsters and demons was considered different from a human king.
Because the former description was the most fitting for Aur, he was referred to as the Demon King.

Aur was the only one to be considered a 『Demon Lord』 in his continent, but it wasn't necessarily the case in their current location.

After all, it was difficult to imagine a girl like her, who was happily munching on duck ham, to be a Demon Lord who wanted to destroy everything. Unless it meant 『devour everything』.

「Tell me what you know about the other Demon Lords.」

Aur asked Tatsuki, who patted her stomach in satisfaction after tearing apart the salted fish tortillas, gulping down the chicken bean soup, and finis.h.i.+ng the honeyed white bread.

「Hmm…… Like Darone of the Eastern Sea, or Napat of the Northern Sea? They're really far away, and I've never met them, so I don't know much about them.」

「Is there no one else nearby?」

「Everything in the sea in this region belongs to Tatsuki.」

Tatsuki spread her arms in confidence.

「On land?」

「Tatsuki wouldn't know about anything on Oka (land).」

「She's useless after all……」

Tatsuki answered as if it was obvious. Lilu wasn't expecting anything, but drooped her shoulders while mumbling.

「……Well then.」

After giving it some thought, Aur changed his question.

「What about the areas around the rivers?」

No living being can survive completely without water. As long as the Demon Kings were living creatures, they would surely draw water somehow, just like Aur did with his dungeon that drew upon underground water veins.
And rivers were mostly connected to seas.

「I know about those.」

Tatsuki made a big grin. It seemed he had hit the mark.

「It's strong, and big, and mean, and eats everything.」

Aur noticed that she wasn't going to tell them if he hadn't asked.

「Give me the details.」

Aur leaned forward, interested in any information that coincided with what Thena had told him.


Tatsuki pointed her finger towards the ceiling made of leaves and branches.
Then a whirlpool spiraled around her arm like a snake coiling around it, opening a large hole in the ceiling.

「Whoa, the roof?!」


Ignoring Lilu who was screaming, Tatsuki pointed toward the mountain range towering in the distance.

「You're saying that its foothold is in those mountains.」

「Foot hold…… doesn't quite describe it.」

「What does that mean?」

Aur gave a puzzled look towards Tatsuki, who was grasping at his words.

「It means that it's over there.」

「……You're not telling me that it's the mountain itself, are you?」


Tatsuki shook her head. Her explanation was simply clumsy.

「All right. That is sufficient.」

Aur never expected to gain much information from Tatsuki in the first place.

In fact, learning the approximate location of his possible enemy, as well as what kind of being it was, was a result above his expectations.

「Oh, and-」

As she reverted her legs into fishtail, preparing to jump back into her sea Dungeon, Tatsuki suddenly looked back.

「That's a Demon Lord too.」

The one that Tatsuki's tail was pointing to was Sofia.

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