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Chapter 4: Let's Raise the New Demon Lord, Part 1

「That's impossible.」


Wolfe said painstakingly, to which Aur questioned.

「I cannot kill that thing.」

「Because it's not a dragon?」

If his opponent was a dragon, it was a guaranteed kill for him. That was the heroic spirit Wolfe's ability as the 『Dragon Slayer』. That ability could be applied on broader terms. In other words, he was able to destroy lesser dragons or dragon spirits and the like.

「No, it is in fact a dragon. There is no doubt about it.」

So the opponent they were facing was indeed a dragon.
The one who said that was none other than Wolfe himself.

「Then, why-」

「It's simple.」

The King of Heroes twisted his face. There was a drop of sweat on his forehead.

「That thing is stronger than Medus…… and me. That's all there is to it.」

It was an expression of fear. Brave and resolute, he would normally kill his opponent without hesitation, even if it was the most ancient of dragons. This man, who was praised as the strongest in the world, was now afraid.

「Run. I'll buy you some time.」

He drew his sword from his back. He was clothed fully in white, and the only thing that was s.h.i.+ning in a silver color was his precious sword, Front.

The dragon responded to it. Even with its countless scales overlapping one another, its body moved smoothly and silently as it raised its gigantic head.

「Hurry! I can't hold it for long!」

The King of Heroes shouted, then jumped as he raised his sword.
With a strike that could easily split a rock in two, he brought the sword down on the dragon's head……

In the next instant, the sword broke from the hilt and flew away.


「Run, Yunis!」

There was a loud thud as a large arm rolled on the ground.
It was the arm that destroyed countless giants and fell many dragons. The arm of the esteemed King of Heroes.

That was all that remained.

Everything else, including his soul, was being devoured by the dragon.

「No, how can this……」

「Yunis, get a hold of yourself! Teleport now!」

They couldn't afford to let Wolfe's sacrifice be in vain.

Aur shook Yunis by the shoulder as she stood and looked dumbfounded.


She shook her head lifelessly.

「I can't telepo-」

The dragon was chewing and mincing her head.

Blood spurted out in its place, staining Aur's face in pure red.

He was cornered by crimson eyes s.h.i.+ning like flames in the darkness.

He could hear the sound of breathing from every direction.

The dragon slowly opened its frightening jaws……

Then, Aur's body was ripped into pieces.

「Well, that's about it.」

「It can't be……」

Lilu mumbled in shock when hearing Thena's prediction.

「What should we do, you're gonna die, Aur!」

「Calm yourself, you fool.」

Lilu was grabbing onto Aur's sleeves as if clinging onto him. Aur tapped her head lightly.
However, even he couldn't remain calm in the face of this prediction.

Wolfe, the King of Heroic Spirits, was undoubtedly the strongest a.s.set in Aur's army.
It was difficult to believe that there was an opponent that he was helpless against.

But the very fact that Lilu was so shaken was proof that Thena wasn't lying.

「Is there a way to stand victorious against it?」

「Yes indeed. If you challenge it a year later, you will be able to defeat it, though you will have to offer a sacrifice.」

「Are you referring to Mary?」

Aur asked with a pain expression. Thena nodded in response.

「But we can no longer afford a year's delay. If we continue to fight like this, it will be just as predicted.」

「That's your fault.」

Aur gave in to his anger, pulling her cheeks.

They were soft and flexible, and seemed to stretch to no limit.

The reason they couldn't afford to delay much longer was because Thena refused to sacrifice Yutsu.

In turn, Aur initiated the battle with 『That One』 earlier than planned. Thus, if things remained as they were, they would lose due to lack of war potential. It was an unnecessary inconvenience for Aur.

「Then in the meantime, I shall prepare a sacrifice and buy some time. I don't suppose it will have to be Yutsu.」

If they simply wanted a girl of purity, Aur had a few people in stock.

「If that is how it goes…… the future will mostly remain on its original course.」

Thena said gravely while soothing her cheeks. In the end, they would have to sacrifice another girl besides Mary. Even though it was for the sake of her own granddaughter, she felt guilty about it.

「I will probably tell you something important. What will it be?」

Thena looked puzzled, and focused her meditation. She would have to find out what, when, and where he would tell her. It was normally a difficult task.

「Most likely, it will be right before the battle against That One.」

If Aur had noticed it, then Thena could spend little time in finding the time and location.

「Raise Sofia well. Tell that to my past self.」

「What does that mean?」

Thena smiled broadly and boldly.

「Well, I have no idea.」

She replied.

「Are you toying with me?」

「Wait wait wait! It's your fault, you know!」

Thena shouted in panic as the Demon King grabbed her by the collar.

「It's because you won't tell me anything! You'll just say that you'll understand once I tell you.」


Aur released his grip, causing Thena to slip and fall on her b.u.t.t and yelp.

「All right. I won't sacrifice anyone.」

「What? ……What are you saying? You will meet the same end even though you have started the war early.」

Thena mumbled with her eyes wide open. This ability of hers is just as convenient as it is annoying, Aur thought.

Perhaps it was annoying because the future Aur would choose not to divulge extra information.

In the first place, Aur had no intention of making any meaningless sacrifices.
Using that mentality as a precondition, he was able to obtain the end result through her foresight.
Thus, he was able to minimize the time taken to reach its conclusion.

Next on his agenda was to avoid a future in which Mary would be sacrificed.

「……By the way, how long do you intend to keep me in this form?」

Thena asked in dissatisfaction while Aur was deep in thought.

The other villagers had returned to their original forms, but Thena was still in her rejuvenated form.

「You can see the future, so you should know, right?」

「As far as I can see, I will remain like this……」

Thena said, looking disappointed.

「It would be troubling if you died suddenly after reverting to your original age. I shall have you

remain like this for the time being. And surely you would be better off with this young and beautiful flesh instead of that old and inconvenient body of yours.」

「Beautiful…… H-how would I be better off?!」

In response to Aur's plain explanation, Thena shouted in embarra.s.sment.

「Why are you so adamant all of a sudden, even though you were so straightforward last night?」

「Y-you're wrong! That was… just your imagination! You must be mistaken!」

Thena desperately shook her head in denial.

「If I'm mistaken, then look at this.」

However, the distant past was reflected in her eyes.

「What will happen to you after this?」

It was a reflection of her surrendering herself completely once again.

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