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Chapter 3:Let's Establish Peaceful Relations with the Native Tribes , Part 3


「This is not a laughing matter.」

Aur criticized Lilu, who was laughing her lungs off while gripping her belly.

They were on their way to Yutsu's village to hear about the foresight in more details. On the way, Aur filled Lilu in on the details of what happened back at the house in the forest, hence her reaction.

「So it is true then! You are a hero, a Chosen One, destined to bring a swift end to the despotic rule of the Devil Lord, as was foretold by the scrolls!」

「Lilu… ufufufufu, stop laughing, it's rude… ufufufufufufufu!!」

Mari tried to hide her own laughter, but ultimately failed. Yutsu gazed at them with a mixture of wonder and puzzlement.

「Is it really okay for me to take them along with us?」

「It's all right. So far, everything goes just as the foresight predicted.」

Hearing such a reply, Aur clicked his tongue. This whole situation has been growing fis.h.i.+er by the minute.

Soon, they came to a small village in the forest.

It had no paved roads, and the one that existed was barely wide enough for one horse-drawn carriage to fit onto it. The houses were made of primitive materials such as leaves and stones. It would seem that the civilization here was not advanced at all.

As they walked along the road, more and more villagers came to gawk at them. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and suspicion, but there was no fear or disgust in them. Up until now, they must've lived their lives peacefully, not bothered by the outside world.

Most of them shared Yutsu's features that is silver hair, black eyes, low posture and slightly yellowish skin.

「All of your people are quite small, if I may be frank.」

「We're not small. It's just that you heroes are too big.」

When it came to height, Aur was not tall, but he was not small either. He was about in the middle. Yutsu on the other hand, was one head smaller than Aur.

The villagers were also big compared to Kudks or Daergs, which are Halflings, but the men were about half the head shorter than Aur. Coupled with their delicate facial features, they looked a lot younger than they were in reality. Aur was really surprised when he heard that Yutsu was actually older than Mari.

「Here we are.」

Bending over, they tried to enter the biggest house situated in the middle of the village.

「Before you enter, please take off your shoes.」


「Because otherwise you'll make the floor dirty.」

He would've understood not bringing weapons inside, but to take one's shoes off… the culture of those people was truly mysterious.

Thinking that, Aur took off his shoes and entered the house.

「So you came at last, Aur, The Demon Lord.」

The old woman with her face covered in wrinkles spoke.

Due to her age, she seemed to be even smaller than the rest of the villagers.

「Who are you and how do you know who I am?」

Aur asked without hiding his discomfort.

「My name is Tena, I'm Yutsu's grandmother. As for who you are, I saw that, and many others things, with the power of my foresight.」

The old woman answered slowly, totally disregarding Aur's stern gaze as he leaned against one of the walls.

「Forgive my skepticism, but I do not believe in such trickery….」

「Save your breath.」

Tena stopped him from speaking further.

「I am just an old lady, and I have no way of knowing why did our Lord decided to grant me this power. Trying to search my mid for answers will yield you nothing, I'm afraid.」

「So you can also sense when someone tries to read your mind? Talk about problematic.」

「What? Aur, what is she talking about?」

Mari could not comprehend the situation, so she just stared from one person to the next.

「Aur tried to read this woman's mind, but she saw right through him and stopped him.」

Aur nodded at Lilu's words.

For Aur, who was the master of the labyrinth, mind reading was as easy as breathing, to such an extent that he no longer needed spells or words to do it. Just like with foresight, there were not many magicians in the world who could achieve such a thing.

「As I said, it was not my decision to receive this power.」

「But you sure are using it rather willingly. Placing so much faith I something like that is foolish, in my opinion.」
Opening her wrinkled old eyes, Tena looked Aur in the face.

「But sometimes believing is better than not believing.」

It is said that magic is the root of all creation in the world and that it renders the impossible possible. But even in such a world, there were still things that even magic could not explain. Seeing and foretelling the future was one of them.

「You called me by my name. To me, that is proof enough that there is no such thing as predicting the future.」


「Prediction usually means that you see the scenes of the events that would happen in the future, but they don't give you knowledge, but you mentioned my name right of the bat.」

In other words, Aur thinks that she's learned of his name not from predicting the future, but by some other means.

「But what if your name has been incorporated into the prediction, allowing me to see the future based around your person?」

She wanted to say that she learned his name by prediction, and foretold the future based on that knowledge.

Magically it was impossible to prove, but Aur had no intention to argue about that.

「We can test it quite easily.」

Aur grabbed Tena by the neck and lifted her up.

「Right here, right now. Predict whether or not I am going to kill you. If you say that I will, I won't kill you, and if you say that I won't, I will kill you.」

Her neck was unusually slender. If Aur had put enough strength into his hand, he'd probably snapped it without any effort.

「And knowing that, what makes you think that I'm going to tell you the truth?」

Despite being held, she asked in a solemn tone.

「Don't try that. You cannot lie to me.」

Aur declared in a low voice.

Demons were extremely sensitive to lies. If she'd lie to him, Lilu would inform him about it immediately.

After a brief silence, the old woman spoke.

「You will not kill me.」

「Oh really? Then watch me.」

Aur began to strangle her.

「If you'll kill me you will regret it.」

There was no panic in her voice, which prompted Aur to stop what he was doing.

「If you kill me, then one year from now…That girl will die.」

She said as she pointed her shriveled finger towards Mari.

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