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Chapter 2: Let's Make an Underwater Dungeon, Part 4

「Eat this!」

Lilu shot a barrage of magical bullets at the enemy. They rain down upon her like rain on a scorched earth, but she managed to dodge them all by rippling the surface beneath her and diving back into the water.


Mari aimed for the moment when she emerged from the water, and coordinated her sword strikes with Lilu's supporting fire. Avoiding such combination was practically impossible.

For an ordinary enemy that is.


The waves around the mermaid suddenly changed directions and repelled Mari's swords, after which water bombs flew in her direction. Thankfully Aur was quick enough to react and block them all with his s.h.i.+eld.

「Don't try to be defensive, just press the attack!」


With one sword in each hand, Mari rushed at the mermaid. Aur was swiftly blocking any incoming attack, and created a foothold for Mari to perform a jumping attack.

The mermaid twisted her body and barely evaded that, but the third and fourth blade slashed at her dancing around her in some sort of a mad dance. Unable to outmaneuver them, she caught them with her hands, out of which gushed the streams of deep red blood.


「Leave it to me!」

Taking advantage of the fact that the mermaid was effectively rooted in place, Lilu launched another concentrated a.s.sault of magical bullets at her, and Mari send her two other swords to enclose her in a pincer attack.

But even that wasn't enough.

「You've gotta be kidding me!」

Most of Lilu's attack was shaved off by a wave of water that rushed at her at high speed in every direction, with the mermaid as the center.

「Lilu, fly!」

Aur shouted at Lilu as he grabbed Mari and extended the cube again.

「Hey, this is…!」

Lilu, who flew all the way to the ceiling of the room, cried out.

The whole floor was now flooded with water that reached all the way to their ankles. It limited their options of movement, and gave their opponent even more ways to attack them with. And the water level was increasing with each of her attacks.


Aur was groaning as he stroked his chin. The stone cube in his hand and the mermaid's water attacks seemed to be quite similar in nature. In both cases they could be used to both attack and defend. The difference was that Aur's weapon was limited, and she had an indefinite amount of [ammunition] that she could use however she saw fit.

「Mari, I need you to stop her movements, even for just a moment!」

「Easier said than done, you know?!」

Aur threw her at the mermaid without any warning. As soon as her feet touched the wet ground, countless water ropes launched at her.

「Wah, whoa, wawawa!」

She somehow avoided or deflected all of them, but there was no room for her to breathe, because watery spears began erupting from the ground whenever she touched it with her feet.

「How am I even supposed to do anything when I have to dance around like that, huh?!」

She literally had to dance around with all four of her swords just to keep up with the attacks that were ceaselessly coming at her, so it was more like she had her movements sealed by the enemy. But then Mari noticed something.

「This is… oh, I see, so that's it!」

She threw her swords into the air and joined them with the other two.

「Heat and moisture!」

When all of the blades joined up, they created a series of wind gusts that temporarily blew the water away, making an opening for Mari to advance.

Holding the wind-emitting swords in her hands, she rushed at her enemy head on. When she finally closed the distance, her eyes shone with a bright red light as she shouted:

「Thermal Sword!」

Her blades glow with the same red light as her eyes as the water around them gets evaporated with a hissing sound. Unfortunately Mari's body was blown backwards before the heated blades managed to connect to her target.

Each of Mari's four swords was made personally by Aur, and each was governed by a different element. It might be a common belief that all thing magical are made out of four basic elements: fire, water, wind, and earth, but in actuality, Mari's weapons were governed by the concepts a.s.sociated with those elements: heat, moisture, sound, and hardness.

Recovering from the aftershock, Mari was back on the offensive.


She was not aiming at the mermaid directly, but rather at the water at her feet, making it freeze to seal her movements. She might've been able to control water, but she had no authority over ice. Mari's strategy was built on that a.s.sumption.

「Lilu, do the thing!」

「Yeah, yeah, no need to tell me that twice! Even though it might still be a little bad, here I go!」

Lilu produced a contraption that turned into a portable cannon in her hand. Basically it was simillar to Aur's cube, but instead of changing its shape freely, it was programmed to change into a set of previously installed designs.

For example, what she had in her hands now was capable of continuous rapid fire. And the best part? It didn't even needed bullets, as long as magical power was supplied to it.

And it packed one h.e.l.luva punch.

「SAY h.e.l.lO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!!!!」

And her gun fired a powerful shot. And then another one, another one, and yet another one. Each shot was shredding through the watery wall like it was paper, leaving large holes in it.

The mermaid, however, was intact, and still standing.


「How did she even…?!」

Somehow, she was able to escape her icy prison and avoid taking any kind of damage.

「Lilu, Mari, come!」

Aur took the cube and created a small room for them to hide. He then proceeded to produce water from inside the box so that the room could be pushed forward.

「I'm sorry, Aur, I…」

「Don't worry about it. You did your best. Well done.」

Aur said to the trembling Lilu.

「Now, do the two of you know what is the most effective trap against monsters living in the water?」

Ice was not able to restrict its movements, lightning was also not able to do sh*t against it. Fire might be effective, but using it was pointless with so much water around them.

「I don't suppose it's dehydration, right?」

「Well duh, you idiot!」

Aur criticized Mari for the lack of knowledge. As they were making their way further into the Dungeon, the mermaid chased after them at incredible speed.

「Remember, when it comes to aquatic creatures…」

The room shook with terrible vibrations. The pa.s.sage they were going through gradually grew thinner, until it was just the size of a small corridor. Of course, it was not a normal function. Aur manually maneuvered them to change them like that.

And then, with a loud sound followed by an ear-piercing scream…

「…They are incredibly weak against pitfalls.」

The mermaid fell down the hole that opened in the ground.

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