Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Interlude Part2

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Interlude:Let's Receive the Hospitality of the Loved Ones, Part 2

「Obviously, we're going to start with me first.」

Lilu took Aur's hand and straddled his waist, keeping her b.u.t.t in the air slightly above him. It was a girl on top, face to face sitting position, except that his manhood was only slightly pressed against Lilu's private entrance. She seemed to have no apparent intentions of putting it inside her.

「What are you…??」

An unknown sensation struck Aur mid-sentence.

Lilu had wrapped her tail around his c*ck. It coiled around it like a snake and was both slippery and soft at the same time.

「How is it? Does it feel good?」

Lilu grasped both of Aur's hands tightly, and pressed her two supple hills against his chest while also tightening her grasp on Aur's thing.

「Mu…. Ghh…..!」

Overwhelmed by the sensations, he groaned unconsciously.

The tail was strangling his chicken with an unparalleled force, but it didn't felt bad. Quite the opposite, actually, it felt as if he was being rubbed by fingers as soft as b.r.e.a.s.t.s. It also amplified the sensations of the velvety soft tip that was kissing little Aur's head pa.s.sionately.
Even if he wanted to shove himself inside her, or raise his waist by a little, in this position, Lilu had total control over him as she held both of his hands and could just sit on him at any given moment. This time she was the dominant one.

「You can go ahead and c.u.m if you can't handle it. I'll make sure to catch all of your sperm with my p*ssy here.」

The smile she had on her face right now was not the smug one of a demon dominating her prey, but rather that of a girl who was happy to pleasure her man. But even so, Aur couldn't just let her treat him like her plaything, so he began his offensive by freeing his hands, firmly grasping Lilu's b.r.e.a.s.t.s and putting her rock-hard nipples into his mouth to bite on them.

「Aaaaaaah, both at the same time….!!!」

Lilu started moaning wildly, gripping his d*ck so hard that Aur felt like she was about to tear it off. He was approaching his limit, but he bravely tried to endure it, continuing his a.s.saults on Lilu's nipples.

They knew each other's weak points perfectly. That's why, they could give each other the pleasure that no one else could.

「Aaahhh, no, not there…. No, you can't!」

Taking advantage of the moment when she let her guard down, Aur plunged his member deep inside her in one stroke.


Lilu's flesh squeezed him tightly as he reached her center. He then pushed her down and started thrusting in and out of her at an incredible speed, making her knees go weak and mind blank. With each stroke, juices were gus.h.i.+ng out of her like crazy, and she soon had difficulty breathing.

Subconsciously, Lilu wrapped her legs around his waist, pus.h.i.+ng him deeper into her and preventing him from pulling out. As they hugged each other, Aur graced her lips with a gentle kiss.

Lilu's p*ssy was craving for Aur's thing, coiling around him each time he pushed himself into her. It was throbbing without feeling him inside, and when he was, it erupted with the fire of pleasure, making Lilu s.h.i.+ver and tremble due to all the sensations.


As Aur erupted inside her, she let out an ecstatic breath. Their lips finally came apart, leaving a silvery trail of saliva between them.

「Geez, even though I wanted to take the lead today, you're so unfair, Aur.」

They kissed some more, and she finally let go of him. But there was no time to rest.

「Now's it's my turn!」

Yunis exclaimed, as she crawled over Aur, and turned her a.s.s towards him.

「Come, darling.」

「Now that's unusual.」

Despite of questioning her position, Aur caressed Yunis's b.u.t.t. Did she get so excited by watching him and Lilu go at it? She's got so wet that there was no need at all for foreplay.

Usually, Yunis preferred the positions where she and Aur could see each other face to face, so it was very unusual for her to propose a position in which she would be taken from behind. However, Aur had no complaints about such change of pace.

Her body was well trained due to her being raised as a hero, but her muscles retained the softness and elasticity of a woman. Her curves had a certain charm to them, that made him want to stroke them forever.

And contrary to her modest chest, her hips and b.u.t.t were so THICC that you wouldn't believe. It was really a hypnotizing sight when she bounced those a.s.s cheeks right in front of Aur's face.

Just as she wanted it, Aur pierced her from behind. Because of all the wetness, he had no problems with sliding it in, and when he did, Yunis moaned loudly.

「Nnnnnnnmmm….. fu, fuuuaaaah, uh…. Uuuhhhmmm!」

He couldn't see her face, but the shaking of her body, and the moans that reached his ears, told him everything that he had to know.

At that time, Aur raised a surprised voice. While he was in Yunis's v.a.g.i.n.a, he had a feeling that something else was caressing his c*ck, it wasn't an unpleasant sensation. It was going around his tip, stimulating him in ways way different than Yunis's soft fleshy walls.

「This is… a tongue?!」

「Hau ish it? Doesh ith feel ghood?」

Then it hit him. She used her ability as a spirit to transmit her tongue into her v.a.g.i.n.a! Or rather, connected the s.p.a.ce between them, so that she could feel his thing both in her p*ssy and her mouth at once.

Thinking that it was quite a dexterous thing to do, Aur was unable to hold back his groans.

While being squeezed by her moist lower mouth, the upper one continually stimulated his tip to the point where it began to throb and pulsate like mad. It was a feat that no one else, but her could achieve.

And that excited Aur more than anything. The thought that he was f*cking the hero in such an obscene manner stimulated his desire of conquest, as he was doing something that no other man could ever do.

「Nbu, nmmmmm, nghhhhhhh!」

Yunis licked Aur's p.e.n.i.s while making a series of wet, sloppy sounds. It seemed like they were both approaching their limits.

「I'm c.u.mming, Yunis!」


As they c.u.mmed simultaneously, Yunis sucked Aur's member with such force that her cheeks sunk in. She swallowed and gulped on his s.e.m.e.n as if she was doing it with her mouth and not her v.a.g.i.n.a. She continued to seem to drink it to the very last drop, making sure that not even a drop would spill out, until she fell on the bed, exhausted, but happy.

「We're next master!」

「Please, make plenty of love to us!」

Not giving him a moment to rest, Spina and Mari eagerly jumped at their chance. They were hugging each other while spreading their legs widely. Their intertwining golden and black hair were like the night and day, the moon and the sun. Together, they were enhancing each other's beauty.

「Let's go then.」

Firstly, Aur penetrated Spina who was laying on top of Mari. She felt just as good as when he first penetrated her over ten years ago. Her hole, which was now reshaped in the shape of Aur's p.e.n.i.s, accepted him without any resistance, so he moved all the way in.

But when he tried to pull himself out of her, he was met with fierce resistance, as if she didn't want to let go of him.

He forcibly pulled out, and pierced Mari whose entrance was just below Spina's. Her insides were still youthfully fresh and preserved their raw feeling. It was gently enveloping Aur with his every movement.

Everything about the two of them was contrasting, but together they complemented each other beautifully. As they were moaning in response to his p.e.n.i.s's movements, he thought that he must be the luckiest man on earth, to be able to have his way with such beautiful women.

Responding to his thought, Spina's waist began to melt and change its shape, adjusting to better suit his needs and preferences.

When he touched her b.u.t.t with his hands, his fingers sunk into it, but there was no feeling of stickiness particular to the typical slimes. It was the feeling of plumpness that was similar to Yunis', but yet all her own, unique at the same time.

Spina prioritized squeezing his tip, while Mari was gripping him throughout the whole length of his member, as if they have agreed on that specific pattern beforehand. Every move, every thrust, brought with it a feeling that was different and distinct from the previous while retaining perfect synchronization and harmony.

Now he switched to shallow, faster thrusts. He was kissing their openings with his meaty spear, only to immediately pull out and kiss the other one. It felt so good that his manhood began to go numb from all the pleasure that was was.h.i.+ng up all over him. But he soon discovered that it was not the case.

It was not only Spina's and Mari's walls that made him numb with pleasure. Lilu's tail was tightly coiling around his p.e.n.i.s at its base, and Yunis was licking it with her tongue whenever he pulled out from one of them.

Then Yunis opened her mouth widely and inserted Aur's ball sack whole into her mouth,then licking it all over and moistening it with her drool. After such an intense stimulation, Aur's meat rod increased its hardness to such a degree that it felt painful.

Lilu also wasn't going to just stand by idly and watch. Using her tail, she jerked Aur off in accordance with his rhythmical movements.

He hung in there, enduring the fierce attacks of his loved ones, as they were desperately trying to squeeze him out of his seed to the every last drop, but he felt that he was approaching the end of the line. But if he was to explode soon, then at least he wanted to ravage Lilu, Spina, Yunis and Mari as much as possible.

Finally, when he wasn't able to endure them any longer, he sprayed a giant load of his s.e.m.e.n all over their bodies, as if he wanted to mark them as his own with his scent, and everyone fell asleep, tired and dirty, but deeply satisfied.

And thus, the first night of the Demon Lord on the new continent, came to an end.

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