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Chapter 1: Let's Tame the Restive Horse-Girl, Part 4

「Nnn, kiss, nnn…. Mm, muuu…」

Small lips were showering the stiff meat rod with kisses, and wet, slimy tongue was crawling all over the glans, making a series of obscene sounds.

With her golden hair now in a mess, Mari was kneeling before Aur like she was praying to G.o.d, and she sucked on his manhood like it was a holy scripture. Coupled with her servicing of his shaft with her hands, it was a b.l.o.w.j.o.b worthy of the finest prost.i.tutes in the world.

「Kuh… it's coming out!」

Mary does not answer Aur's words, instead her mouth and hands started moving faster. Repeating the piston movement at an incredible speed, her tongue and hands were pleasuring Aur's weak points precisely.

Groaning, he released his cloudy liquid into Mari's mouth. She puffed her cheeks and accepted all of it while her hands kept on moving, milking every last drop of s.e.m.e.n out of him.

Even after he finished c.u.mming, she kept on moving her fingers to ensure that there was nothing left in there. And when that was done, she opened her mouth to show Aur how much of his seed she could fit in her mouth. Then, she slowly proceeded to swallowing it all.

「I have finished cleaning, Lord Aur.」

She licked his p.e.n.i.s clear and kissed the tip.

「Good job.」

「Is something wrong?」

Puzzled, Mari tilted her head.

「Nothing. It's just that… just a little while ago you were so selfish, and now you're so obedient.」

「So? What do you want me to do?」

Without waiting for him to answer, Mari gave him another b.l.o.w.j.o.b. But even as he enjoyed it, Aur was still worried about her sudden change in att.i.tude.

「I just regretted…」

She started speaking in between putting his d*ck in her mouth.

「…Being so selfish because I realized, that you're just worried about me, Lord Aur.」

She smiled, holding his p.e.n.i.s in her hands.

「Well, if you understand then I guess that's fine.」

As long as she kept that in mind, then she should be fine. Aur touched the floor, and it returned to its original, stone box form.

「By the way, Lord Aur, what is this? A mimic?」

「Not exactly. The box itself is a weapon created for the purpose of exploration.」

Mari scoffed at the thing in Aur's palm. It looked like an ordinary stone box, grey in color and small enough to conceal it in one hand.

「It doesn't look like a weapon at all.」

「Let's call it a Dungeon Cube for convenience's sake then.」

「This name is kinda lame, to be honest.」

「Be quiet. The name itself is unimportant.」

Aur traced his finger over the surface of the cube. With a clattering sound, it expanded and changed its shape, creating a bridge across the corridor.

「There is a pitfall ahead, we can use this to walk over it.」

「Oh, that's quite useful.」

When they crossed the bridge, the cube returned to its original box shape.

「This weapon is kinda like you, Lord Aur.」

「You don't say.」
Aur kept the cube close to himself while making a tight face.

「Even so, I think that I can come up with various different uses for it. And while we're on the subject, you want to learn to use Labyrinth Magic?」

「I want, please teach me!」

Excited, Mari clenched her fists enthusiastically.

There was no monsters in here, and the path ahead seemed to be clear of traps. Since they had time to spare anyway, Aur decided to begin their lecture.

「First of all, you do know that there are three ways of exercising magic, right?」

「Yes. Chanting, channeled through your hands and catalysts.」

Aur nods, satisfied.

「The labyrinth magic is cla.s.sified as the second one.」

Aur created a light at his fingertip and drew a complex emblem in the air.

「It's difficult to make the required symbol correctly, and it takes time to do so. Huh, but Lord Aur, earlier you activated your magic instantly!」

「Yes, that is the feature of Labyrinth Magic.」

Aur pointed to the emblem that he created.

「What do you think will happen when I put my magic into this emblem?」

「Hmm, judging by its shape… it will turn into three separate emblems?」


When Aur pressed the emblem with his magic coated finger, it changed to three separate emblems with increased complexity.

「And what will happen it we put some more magic into them?」

「Well, umm… here it goes like this, and then like this… so it will be… eight more emblems?」

「That's right. It might be hard to understand at first, but when you think about it, it's pure arithmetic.」

The more you combine the crests, the more of them will appear.

「So what will happen if he activate all eight of them?」

「I don't know, it's too complex for…. No, wait, perhaps… their number will increase to fifteen?」
「You got it right again.」

With that many emblems, it was to be expected that Mari would not know the answer and start guessing. That bad habit of hers is something that must be corrected at some point for her own good.

「In other words, Labyrinth Magic is activating the effect you desire whenever you see fit to do so.」

This was emblematic magic, similar to the compressed entrance to the dungeon. It was the essence of Aur's Labyrinth Magic technique.

He activated all the emblems, and they spread throughout the entire corridor, where they started s.h.i.+ning with a brilliant light.

「Wow, so beautiful.」

「Don't touch any of them. Those are trap emblems.」

Aur caught Mari by the neck as if she was a mischievous cat.

「Um, this is quite a lot to take in, actually.」

「It is aimed at intruders why will try to invade the dungeon. They will no doubt get curious about them, just like you did, and when they do…」

Now that Mari got a closer look, the emblems shone with brilliant light no matter from where did you looked at them.

「Are you going to put them on every single wall, floor or ceiling?」

「Of course. And one more thing, these traps have a wide reach and are meant to activate even when you are flying in the air, so do be careful.」

Instead of being careful, Mari clung onto Aur's arm.

「So this whole dungeon was made using the same type of magic as with those traps?」

「In combinations with other techniques, but basically yes.」

The emblems that Aur made to explain the Labyrinth Magic to Mari was one of the more advanced techniques, but with enough training, he thought that she might just be able to learn it. But if we're talking about magic that allowed for a whole dungeon to be created automatically, it was still a level that she could not hope to attain.

「How many trap emblems are in the entire dungeon?」

「Beside the ones I showed you there are a dozen of others made by using different methods and combinations, but if
I were to give you a rough estimate… somewhere around one hundred thousand I guess.」


Mari was clearly at a loss for words.

「Lord Aur, you pervert.」

「Where did that come from?」

Aside from making a tight face, Aur was relieved that Mari has returned to her former self.

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