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Chapter 1: Let's Tame the Restive Horse-Girl, Part 3

「Um, Lord Aur… this is, kinda embarra.s.sing…」

Mari's white b.u.t.t trembled in front of Aur. It was an obscene, yet somewhat strangely erotic sight.

「As it is supposed to be. This is a punishment for causing me such a headache after all.」

「W-well that may be so, but… hyaaaaahn!」

Aur tore off Mari's undergarments and flipped her skirt up.

「It's getting plumper with each pa.s.sing day.」

「I'm not getting fat!」

「I never called you fat in the first place.」

They had their first intercourse about a year ago. Since that time, her body showed signs of a very promising growth as she was receiving the Demon Lord's love more and more often.

Her b.u.t.tocks were youthfully springy and elastic, yet pleasantly plump and feminine wherever he pressed with his fingers. It's like her but was sucking them in.

「I've gotta say though… I did a mighty fine job raising you thus far.」

「Hauuuuu, Lord Aur, this is embarra.s.sing. Please, don't stare so much.」

Mari rubbed her knees and thighs together. I looked like a reaction out of shame, but it might've as well been her inviting him up.

「Nnn, ahhh, uuuuuuuhnn….」

Aur traced his fingers all over her thighs and slowly opened them. Each of his movements made Mari react by leaking a sweet voice out of her tightly shut mouth.

「Hyaaaaan! L-Lord Aur!」

Unable to bear his caresses anymore, she put out her tongue and spread her b.u.t.t cheeks widely so that he could pleasure her there.

He traced around her entrance, scooping up all the juices that were leaking out of her like crazy before he inserted his tongue all the way through.

「Nooo, Lord Aur, this… this isn't what it looks like! I'm… I'm not such a s.l.u.tty…」

Up until now, Mari was raised in a Dungeon that was filled with malice and all things evil. Essentially, she was like a daughter to Aur, who tried to raise her as a proper lady, but some things could not be avoided as she started to show immense interest in them.

「Please, Lord Aur. I, I want to do lots and lots of dirty things with you! So do me… in a perverted way that you always do!」

Mari begged him, twisting her waist like a snake. Well, if she insisted, who was he to deny her? But first…

「Who are you calling a pervert, that's rude, you know? And what do you mean by 'that you always do?'」

Aur interrogated the girl while twisting his fingers inside her tight honey pot. All this time, Mari was shaking with pleasure.

「Everything that you do with Lilu, and Yunis, and Sofii… use me however you want! My mouth, my b.r.e.a.s.t.s, my p-p*ssy, everything you want, just please do me already!」

Mari pleads with sorrowful, l.u.s.tful voice.

「I see. I get it.」

When Aur pulls his fingers out of Mari, her body became limp, as if she lost all her strength.



And then, without any warning, Aur pierced himself into her in one big move.


「I told you this is punishment!」

Firmly grabbing the girl's a.s.s with his hands, he was ravaging her without mercy. He didn't thought about her at all, he simply moved to satisfy his own desires.

「Nooooo, Lord Aur, not so rouuuuugh!」

She was stuck in a wall, violated by someone whose face she couldn't even see.

Right now, she was nothing but a livestock to him.

「Nooooo, I… I don't want it…. Like thaaaaat!」

In contrast to her teary voice, her hips were moving obscenely in accordance with his thrusts and her fleshy opening overflowed with juices as it coiled tightly around Aur's fleshy spear.

In such a situation, where one should feel only humiliation, Mari's body was drowning in numbing pleasure.

「Fuaaaaah, aaaaahhhh, hhhnnnnnggghh!」

Even though she tried to hold herself back by gritting her teeth, Aur's p.e.n.i.s was sending electrical shocks all the way from her b.u.t.t through the spine to her head, making her moan like a dog in heat. She was fully aware of that, but did nothing to stop it.

「Ahhhh, no… not thereeeee! More!! Stir me up more, Lord Auuuuuur!」

Those two statements were contradictory, but whatever.

Aur was. .h.i.tting all of her weak spots, and even though it felt weird and she didn't want him to be this rough with
her, she realized that her body belonged to him and him alone right now.

「Ah, c.u.mming, I'm c.u.mming! Lord Aur, I'm…!」

Feeling the incoming o.r.g.a.s.m approaching, Mari's whole body tensed up. But then…


Aur's movements suddenly stopped. Deprived of her climax, Mari was left with the feeling of his pulsing member inside her stomach. Her v.a.g.i.n.a was filled to the brim with his c*ck, but no s.e.m.e.n gushed out of it.

「Um, Lord Aur? I haven't… c.u.m… yet?」

This was their first s.e.x in quite a while, there's no way that Aur wouldn't want to release himself inside her after he brought her so close to the edge.

「Lord Aur…」

Her body felt like it was burning, and she writhed and squirmed around Aur's member to squeeze his milk out of him, but he only pushed her away.

「I'm sorry, I'll listen to your every command from now, so please forgive me!」

「And just a little while ago you were so eager not to listen. You didn't swear that you will not leave my side and do what you'll be told to do.」

She only swore 'that she'll protect him''. Normally there wouldn't be anything wrong about it, but magicians knew that words, no matter how insignificant they were, held great power.

「Swear to me that you'll not act selfishly or try to do anything to deceive me.」

They were now in a dangerous, unknown place. If he wanted to keep her safe, he had to hold her reins firmly.

「Yes, I swear, I will swear! I'll do anything you command, Lord Aur, so please…!」


Together with Aur's words, the wall that imprisoned Mari fell apart, and reorganized itself to create a small room.

「Eh? Why…?」

「Isn't that obvious?」

Aur held Mari and placed them both in a sitting position, so that he could see her face properly.

「It would be bad if you screamed any louder than you already did.」

「Eh, what do you…. aaaaaaAAAAAaAHHHhhhH!」

Coming from the center of her body, Mari' voice echoed throughout the small, enclosed s.p.a.ce.

「Now, this will be the first one!」


Mari's secret place felt like it was being ripped apart by fire.

「No stopping now!」

「L-Lord Aur, please… just wait a moment! Ah, ah ahhhhhhh, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!」

Instead of basking in the sensation of the climax, Mari felt with her whole body as if she was about to peed herself.

「No! No, not like thiiiiiiis!」

「Not exactly what you hoped for?」

Aur stood up, lifting Mari with him and stabbing her with his meat rod in midair. With each stroke, she tightened around him with her fleshy, stirred up walls.

「No,ooooooo! c.u.mming! I'M CU……!」

「Do not worry.」

Aur whispered into her ear.

「Even if you end up broken, you'll still be cute to me.」

And with that, Aur drowned Mari's womb with s.e.m.e.n as she was gasping for air.

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