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Chapter 60

Why is f.u.kuyamkun here……thinking about it normally. Thinking about it normally, he probably also went through those staircase ruins, then came to 1F but……
Mhm~, mhm~……was he, smart enough to break through the staircase ruins on his own?
definitely not
……I wasn’t involved at all since I threw the exploration to everyone else, but I’ve seen it by borrowing Hagasaki-kun’s vision through [Share], so I know.
The ruins that fulfill the role of the staircase. Those ruins would make even a certain famous puzzle-solving adventure game with that sesame sauce~♪ SE turn pale.
(T/N: is it actually sesame sauce? It seems to be referring to zelda, ごまだれ~♪なSE, I don’t know zelda.)
Do not underestimate it as just some staircase, that amount and level of puzzles as well as the continuously appearing monsters are a menace.
Even if it is a ruin that everyone has already cleared and the puzzles are solved, it doesn’t change the fact that it is full of monsters, so even if it is one where we had pa.s.sed through, it’s a little doubtful…… ah, no, that guy kind of had high fighting strength in a way, so well, it’s not impossible, but it somehow doesn’t feel right……
……eei, never mind that, what do we do about this! We are broke, we can’t give money we don’t have, but if we leave him it feels like we might not be able to sleep well at night, or……
……actually it’s fine, mhm.

ditch him

But it’s better to at least know which n.o.ble buys him, so we decided to watch the auction before going back.
Just in case, Toriumi went to trade for the two foreign slaves we won the bid for so we can return immediately once he returns.
“I think you can understand why he is our final exhibit of the day! Even for a foreign slave, such handsome features are rare!”
Ah oi, Hagasaki-kun, don’t point your middle finger just because of that! I know it’s irritating but!
“And this slave is not only good-looking! If you give this slave a sword, he shall split the seas and the land for you!”
That’s some weird selling line. Well, I know he’s harder to sell than a magician though.
But looking at f.u.kuyamkun who is being sold with those weird lines……he’s looking around like he’s looking for something. Hm, is he looking for someone?
I tried following his gaze, but I had to give up on that.
As for why, it’s because the instant I accidentally met his gaze, he keeps staring this way.
Oou, what is it, what is it, you surprised me. I’m Rosemary-san okay? Not Maito……I won’t deny our physique is similar though!
And f.u.kuyamkun gaze didn’t stay on me, it quickly moved to my surroundings.
……meaning, mhm. The chemistry club members.
Even if I can be pa.s.sed off as someone else……these people……even with masks, mhm, it won’t work.
Now then, will f.u.kuyamkun ask for help, or will he.
……it was the latter.

ofc, he is an idiot

f.u.kuyamkun suddenly broke the various chains binding him and charged this way in an instant.
I was instantly pulled to the side and somehow avoided that.
“Mai……no, err, Mary, you okay?”
Seems like that avoidance was thanks to Kadomi-kun.
“I’m fine. Thanks.”
Just, please don’t pull on my arm. I thought my arm was going to be pulled off!
Seems like everyone else also somehow dodged. Well, since that charge was something I was barely able to see, there’s no way they can’t dodge.
“Oi! What’re you doing!”
“Get back on the stage!”
2 of the facilitators that look like guards tried to return f.u.kuyamkun to the stage, but that won’t work on a foreigner.
“Shut up! How dare you guys do something so inhumane like selling people!”
Seeing how he easily sent 2 muscular men flying, he really is an otherworlder too, he probably has corrections as well.
And after taking a candle stand that was by the wall, he probably activated [Energy Sword]. I’ve seen Kadomi-kun’s a few times so there should be no mistake.
And of course, it appeared as a sword of light.
f.u.kuyamkun brandished that sword of light and said.
“I am the hero that has gained the trust of the G.o.ddess! Now that I have come, I won’t let there be slave trading!
Ho, how did this happen!

a mystery

f.u.kuyamkun seems to have a few screws loose in his head, but the reaction of the people around was slightly different from expected.
“Wha, what, the hero!?”
“I did hear that a new hero has come to the temple but……”
……somehow, it seems like there are heroes and G.o.ddesses in this world.
I see~, I haven’t heard of those things at all, so I didn’t think about it.
I see, so there’s a chance f.u.kyamkun’s head is not that far gone.
But still, hero huh. Let’s remember this for later.
neh, forget it
“Oi, you! Aren’t you Suzumoto-kun from the chemistry club!”
Oh, Suzumoto has been nominated. Come to think of it, they were in the same cla.s.s in year 1.
“Who is that girl next to you? Why is she wearing a collar?”
Hey, stop pointing that sword here, it’s dangerous.
“Our slave, so?”
Yeah, Suzumoto is currently tired from the MP interval running. He isn’t in a very good mood.
“You……! How dare you do something so horrible like making someone a slave!”
Come on, f.u.kuyamkun, won’t you stop saying such troublesome things.
Also, stop extending [Energy Sword], it’s going to reach here, it’s dangerous.
“……isn’t kidnapping and leaving Maito to die horrible?”
See, now Suzumoto’s mad and accurately digging at your wound. This is your fault, f.u.kuyamkun.
“This and that are……different! Maito-san……in the first place, if you guys weren’t treating Maito-san so badly!”
“Don’t s.h.i.+ft the blame, did Maito ask you save her because she was being treated badly?”
“Maito-san couldn’t say that with the position she was in! So I……”
“Kidnapped her, then left her to die?”
Somehow, Suzumoto is taunting f.u.kuyamkun……and seems to be having a little fun.
Mhm, well……I understand how he feels.
good good, do it more
“……I certainly let, Maito-san, Maito-san die!”
Sorry, I’m not dead.
“But! In order to not let such a thing happen again! I became stronger!”
Is that so, good work.
“Having seen such wickedness here, I cannot forgive you all!”
How to put it, from what we’ve heard……most likely, in an extremely bad way, to f.u.kuyamkun, kidnapping and leaving me to die (I didn’t die though), although the result was the worst, the process was not mistaken.
And the result, I died (I’m not dead though)……I think it’s probably a defense mechanism. Being the cause of someone’s death, must have hit him hard.
After that is probably because of escapism but……f.u.kuyamkun, he’s using the fact that I died as some kind of [Sad History]. I can’t, allow that.
Even more so, I cannot allow that fact that he is ignoring his own faults and treating everyone else as villains.

flowerbed head

f.u.kuyamkun attacked with [Energy Sword], aiming at Suzumoto.
But, he’s not the kind of person to be done it by that.
The same instant he drew his sword at a speed that can’t be seen, he had sliced through the candle stand that was the medium for [Energy Sword] and already had his katana at f.u.kuyamkun’s neck.
“You, got stronger? With this?……don’t make me laugh.”
While f.u.kuyamkun was stunned, Suzumoto did not do anything more and just returned his katana to its sheath.
“Do you get it? This isn’t enough. Even with the 8 of us, it isn’t enough. Don’t, you believe that, you got stronger.”
Somehow, I feel like Suzumoto glanced at my right leg. The spot that got melted and was gone once.
……there’s no need, to mind it.


“……hey, Suzumoto-kun, is that girl, a replacement for Maito? ……she looks similar, to Maito.”
Just as I thought you became docile, what’re you saying.
Even Suzumoto’s head looks like it’s shorting out so give him a break.
Or more like, as Rosemary-san what kind of expression am I supposed to make.
And f.u.kuyamkun’s head finally exploded.
“Did you, also like Maito-san?”
……I think everyone, froze for a full 5 seconds.
“Stop, that’s disgusting.”
And this answer with an expression like a noh mask. As expected.
“Thinking about it, I can understand.”
Don’t. Your understand is going the wrong way.
“You came to an auction selling slaves to find a replacement for Maito-san right?”
“I said stop, you’re disgusting.”
This guy really understands in disgusting ways! There’s no one else who would understand that way!
“But, I still think slaves are wrong. People selling people.”
“Listen to others.”
Pon, a hand was placed on my shoulder, when I turned around, Toriumi had come back at some point with the 2 slaves we won the bid for. And his eyes are saying “Maito-san, you had it tough……” Mhm. See? This guy really doesn’t listen to others right?
“We certainly have met an unreasonable fate. But, I still think we cannot lose our humanity because of that.”
“Are you listening?”
With Katori carrying Kariya who is down and Kadomi-kun lending his shoulder to Hagasaki-kun, our preparations are complete.
Suzumoto-san, anytime.
“So, so that you all don’t make any more mistakes, I’ll stop you here!”
“Okay! It’s impossible! Let’s go back! Toriumi do it!”
“Okay adieu~ [Teleport]”

even I get stressed translating it

And so, we moved to the Deichemoore p.a.w.nshop.
“Ou, good work, seems you managed to win the bids……o, oi, you guys okay? Did something happen? You all seem extremely tired……”
The uncle’s congratulations really soothes the heart, seriously!
“……a little, ah, we met……something, something beyond human imagination……”
……just in case, just in case, after teleporting everyone checked.
Even though we definitely have the [Translation] skill on our dog tags…… what language was that……

the end

Sorry for long delay, will probably take about another week before I can get back to my usual pace

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