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Chen Qingyang had imagined the scene in which she would see Mo Zhen many times. She thought she would dance for joy, she thought she would cry out loudly, she thought she would pounce on him like a hungry wolf pouncing towards its prey and forcefully kiss him.

However, when the male G.o.d really stood in front of her, she discovered that she was so nervous that she couldn't even speak.

Perhaps it was because Mo Zhen was on vacation at home, so he was only wearing a simple housedress. His hair was a little messy and he looked a lot better off than when he was in front of the camera. Chen Qingyang believed that even if he went out to buy vegetables, he would be able to attract everyone's attention the moment he walked into the market.

She looked at the person in front of her without moving as she held her breath. Finally, she gritted her teeth and said, "h.e.l.lo, male G.o.d. I'm Xiangbo!"

Mo Zhen: "…"

Chen Qingyang: "…"

Help! She doesn't want to live anymore! qaq

"I, I am Chen Qingyang!" Chen Qingyang's face turned red, as if he would suffocate to death in the next second.

Mo Zhen slightly nodded at her. This natural sense of alienation made Chen Qingyang's nose sour. Even though she was standing in front of his house, he was still that Heavenly King's superstar, and she would always be a little fan in front of him.

"Brother Yunze, shampoo, don't stand outside anymore. Come in first and then we'll talk." Li Yan pulled Mo Zhen's hand and turned to make a path for them.

He glanced at the hand they were holding, intentionally or unintentionally, and pulled Chen Qingyang into the room. Li Yan followed them into the living room and poured each of them a cup of water. Mo Zhen closed the door and sat down beside her.

Chen Qingyang was still a little nervous. After all, this was the home of the Heavenly King Mo! She felt as if she were in a dream.

The four of them did not speak. The living room was eerily quiet. Li Yan looked at the man and woman sitting opposite her. She could not help but ask curiously, "Brother Yun Ze, why are you two together?"

She smiled at Yun Ze and asked with her usual gentle voice, "Yan Yan, have you been well? Have you worked hard?"

This intimate tone of voice made Li Yan slightly dazzled. "It's alright. It's no trouble at all. hazel hasn't been playing recently, so I've been staying at home."

She did not realize that her problem had been easily avoided by Yunze, nor that the word "hazel" in her mouth had affected the nerves of the two people opposite her.

Only Mo Zhen, who was sitting on the sofa with an indifferent expression, looked at Yun Ze.

Yun Ze didn't seem to notice his gaze as he continued to speak to Li Yan. "I saw your picture in the magazine earlier. It was very beautiful. Do you want to improve in this aspect?"

"Nope." The one who answered this question was hazel.

He turned his head and glanced at Yunze. "I'm not asking you."

"I am her guardian now."

He looked at Yun Ze, "..."

Li Yan: "..."

Chen Qingyang, who had been in a trance all this time, subconsciously looked at Li Yan's neck when he heard the word "magazine". Li Yan was wearing a light pink, round-collared sweater that exposed her neck. Chen Qingyang could clearly see a few spots on it.

Judging by the color, it had to be fresh.

She felt like she was going crazy again!

Sensing the movements of the people around her, he lowered his head to look at her before following her gaze to Li Yan's neck. The light in his eyes flickered slightly. When Li Yan appeared at the door, he saw these things on her neck.

That was why he was angry.

He had waited for her for so many years, but this man couldn't wait to get married before eating her whole. If he told this news to Li Yan's seniors, let alone tomorrow's sunrise, he probably wouldn't even see the sunset today.

Mo Zhen suddenly stood up from the sofa and walked in front of Li Yan, blocking Yun Ze's line of sight.

Ye Zichen raised his eyes towards Yun Ze, sneered, and stood up from the sofa.

Li Yan's heart suddenly thumped. If it was said that her EQ was low and she couldn't detect the change in the surrounding atmosphere, then there was an atmosphere that she was keener than most people.

That was the atmosphere of a fight.

If the two of them continued to stare at each other like this, they would definitely start fighting.

Chen Qingyang's gaze had basically always been glued to Mo Zhen's body. Now that he stood up, he also raised his head, but he didn't forget to inwardly exclaim, "What a sharp gaze from a f * cking male G.o.d!" He's so cool!

When Li Yan saw her expression, she felt some despair. It seemed like she was the only one who could save the situation. Li Yan jumped up from the sofa and pulled Mo Huang's arm towards Chen Qingyang, "Hazy, let me introduce you, this is my best sister, she's your super fan!"

Mo Zhen's gaze finally moved away from Yun Ze and landed on Chen Qingyang. Seeing that the male G.o.d was looking at him, Chen Qingyang also stood up from the sofa, "Heavenly King Mo, I've watched every one of your concerts!" However, because he couldn't get the tickets, he could only sit at the corner. At such a distance, she didn't even dare to dream about it! She could even count how many eyelashes the male G.o.d had on his eyes!

"Right!" Shampoo likes you! Xiang Bo, are you happy to see this male G.o.d!? You can still touch it! "

Mo Zhen: "…"

Can he be touched by others as he pleases!?

Chen Qingyang was excited, "Heavenly King Mo, can I hug you for a bit?"

Mo Zhen pursed her lips. This request was not considered excessive for an artist. Furthermore, seeing that she was a good friend of Li Yan's, he took the initiative to walk forward and give her a symbolic hug.

Then, Chen Qingyang... He fell flat on the sofa.

Everyone else: "..."

Li Yan swallowed her saliva in worry. "She won't suddenly die from overexcitement, will she?"

He bent down towards Yunze and probed her under the nose with his finger. "It's fine. There's still breathing. I think it's rabies."

Mo Ni and Li Yan: "…"

Having been interrupted, Mo Zhen and Yun Ze naturally could not fight. Li Yan dragged Chen Qingyang up from the sofa and pulled her to the kitchen to prepare dinner, "Xiang Bo, I planted a small pumpkin in the yard. I've only picked two pumpkins today, we can cook it tonight ~"

"... Are you sure you planted a pumpkin or a melon? "

Li Yan pursed her lips, "I'm not that stupid as to thank you."

Chen Qingyang laughed twice, "But why don't you go out and eat? Being so hardworking isn't like you. "

"Because I picked two pumpkins!"

Chen Qingyang: "…"

So we have to eat, don't we?

The two noisily entered the kitchen. They looked at the person across from Yun Ze and sat down on the sofa. "Sc.u.m."

Mo Zhen knew what he was referring to, so she smiled and sat down on the sofa as well. "The reason you haven't done anything in so many years is because you know that there won't be any results. You can't really think that you're the Holy Father, right?"

Even though he was shot in the knee, Yun Ze still looked at Mo Zhen without batting an eyelid, "Yan Yan is Grandpa Jiang's only granddaughter. She was doted on by her brothers since she was young. "If you dare to let her down, they can beat you to death with a single punch."

"I won't let her suffer a little." After saying that, Mo Zhen lazily glanced at the person across from her. "But in what capacity did you speak to me in such a manner?"

He smiled faintly at Yun Ze. "Didn't you hear her call me Brother Yun Ze?"

Mo Zhen was stunned for a moment before she met Yunze's gaze. The two of them then burst out laughing.

Li Yan let out a sigh of relief when she heard the man's soft laughter coming from the living room. A man's friends.h.i.+p could withstand a test!

"Energetic, you have to be careful. Recently, young master is being forced into marriage. If he's in a hurry, he might even come out in the open."

"... "So?"

"Think about it, his target must be Heavenly King Mo!"

Li Yan: "..."

If it weren't for the kitchen knife in Chen Qingyang's hand, she would definitely have fallen down.

After dinner, Chen Qingyang left for Yunze. Mo Zhen still had work to do the next morning, so Chen Qingyang was too embarra.s.sed to stay behind. After she finished was.h.i.+ng the dishes, Li Yan had already showered and was sitting on the bed while surfing the internet. Ever since the two of them officially got together, Li Yan moved from the side of the bed to the master bedroom of the Mo Clan. Aside from bringing her luggage, she had not forgotten the poster at the head of the bed. There was also a poster of herself in her bedroom, and it was a picture of a play. Li Yan wanted to put the two posters side by side, but she didn't agree.

He really couldn't accept pasting half of his own. The naked poster was in his bedroom.

Li Yan was not very happy about the absence of the poster, so she opened the poster and asked what was good about it. She could take it off at any time she wanted to see it, so she threw the poster back onto the side of the bed like the wind.

Mo Zhen walked to the bed and hugged her from behind, then shut off the computer. Li Yan knew that this was the beginning of her daily meal and she was a bit worried after this exercise.

"Hazel, if you come in like this, will I get pregnant?" Li Yan raised her head and looked at the person with her eyes closed. No matter from what angle, this person was unbelievably good-looking.

Mo Zhen's eyes twitched as he seriously thought about it and replied, "Yes."

Li Yan: "..."

Her small face immediately collapsed and her voice was full of grievance, "I don't want to be an unmarried mother. qaq "

Mo Nai smiled, opened her eyes and rubbed the top of her head, "Ah Yao, how about we get married?"

Li Yan was stunned. Seeing her frowning and lost in thought, Mo Ni also became nervous. Suppressing the panic in her heart, Mo Zhen's eyes became dangerous. She would die if she dared to refuse.

Under Mo Zhen's burning gaze, the corner of Li Yan's mouth finally twitched. She raised her head and looked at him, "Hazy, are you proposing marriage?"

"Yes." It was an incomparably solemn tone, as if he was taking an oath.

"But there are always flowers, diamond rings, and kneeling on TV when you propose marriage. I don't have anything."

Looking at the person in his arms, Mo Zhen could not help but chuckle. "I didn't have the time to prepare today. Can I make it up some other day?"

"Ugh …" Li Yan thought for a moment, then nodded her head, "Alright then."

Seeing that she agreed so easily, Mo Zhen'er was a little worried again. Why does it feel like he has become even more stupid than before after regaining Ah Yao's memory?

However, his heart was incredibly soft.

He kissed her lightly on the forehead, and the hazel couldn't help pulling her to exercise again.

A month later, the internet welcomed another storm of blood, and this storm of blood was also created by a microblog of the Celestial King named Mo.

The main body of this Weibo post only had one:) emoji, but the accompanying drawings were two bright red editions.

"The heaven kills the earth and the earth destroys the marriage certificate."

"Sit down and take a look."

"Do you want to go up to the roof tonight? "To the southwest region. Come quickly."

"Why do I need to grind Weibo with my hands!" Why! Northeast region, please form a team! "

"I saw so many groups of messages today. I thought there was some new game 'Tat'. I was just too sweet. Southwest region, wait for me! "

"Those who want to go to the roof, remember to get their seats early! It's not possible to squeeze through so many people! "

… ….

Chen Qingyang saw the two red bombs on Weibo and a blood-red smile appeared on his lips. "The author went up to the roof. We will meet again if fate wills it."


The wedding of Mo Zhen and Li Yan was very low-key. They did not hold banquets, and all media interviews were prohibited. Only the relatives and friends of both parties were invited to attend.

Naturally, Chen Qingyang was also invited.

That night, although she wanted to go up on the roof, she found out after going up … The heck, there wasn't even a place for her on the roof anymore. It was better for her to go home and sleep.

In order to steal the limelight from the bride at the wedding, Chen Qingyang had gone to the extent of spending some money to buy clothes to make a model for himself. However, when he arrived, he realized that he had lost. The two of them stood together, s.h.i.+ning like the North Star, and most importantly, her male G.o.d could only see his bride.

She was agitated by this scene. She drank a lot, but no one knew who took her away. When she woke up, she was lying in the hotel.

Chen Qingyang's wine cup suddenly woke him up. The precious dress he was wearing had disappeared, and it was replaced by the pajamas he had in the hotel. The scariest part was the sound of people bathing in the toilet!

Chen Qingyang's mind rumbled. Before he could recover from his shock, the bathroom staff had already walked out towards Yun Ze with a 'kacha' sound.

Seeing that Chen Qingyang had woken up, he subconsciously stared blankly.

Chen Qingyang opened his misty eyes and looked at her, a myriad of emotions flashed through his eyes. Finally, he shouted at her with both shame and anger, "You sc.u.m! Colour. Wolf! d.a.m.n pervert! What did you do to me?! "

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows at Yun Ze, then walked to her side and sat down. "We're all like this. Tell me, what did you do?"

Chen Qingyang's mind rumbled again. He seemed to recall something and leaned over to her while smiling, "But then again, you are really pa.s.sionate."

… ….

The veins on Chen Qingyang's hands bulged, he grabbed the pillow behind him and threw it at Yun Ze's head, "Die, die! "Today, I will remove all harm for the sake of the people!"

Yun Ze easily grabbed her hand and put it on the bed. Chen Qingyang tried his best to pull his hand back, but the other side was too strong and he couldn't break free. "Let go, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. You're hurting me!"

Hearing this, Yun Ze slightly lowered his strength. His black eyes seemed to be able to bewitch people as he looked at Chen Qingyang with concentration. "I only know how to do this kind of thing with people I like."

Chen Qingyang blanked out for a moment, then used his other hand to grab the pillow and hit him on the head, "You make it sound like I'm being casual, I can only do it with people I like!"

Ye Zichen smiled at Yunze and dodged the pillow, then looked at her, "Since we like each other, why not be together?"

Chen Qingyang's underlings suddenly froze. Since they were already like this, they could only be together! Just as she was about to agree, she suddenly smiled at Yunze. "I'm sorry, I wanted to say that, but we didn't do anything."

Chen Qingyang: "…"

"The room attendant helped you change your clothes. I went to take a bath because you vomited all over me."

Chen Qingyang: "…"

She should have thought of it! According to the plot of the novel, this was a normal development!

However... She shot a vicious look at Yunze, then abruptly bent her knee and struck his vitals. Xiang Yunze's expression immediately changed.

Chen Qingyang was satisfied, I'll let you tease me! This move was personally taught to her by Big Dipper!

He looked at the proud little girl in front of him and said with a tight smile, "If you hurt me, you'll be the one crying in the future."

Chen Qingyang: "…"

Motherf * cker, do you believe that I'll give you another kick!

On the other side, Li Yan, who had been busy with the wedding all day, was already lying on the bed. Mo Zhen shook her shoulders and said in a gentle voice, "Ah Yao, go take a bath first."

"Oh, don't..."

"Why don't I help you wash it?"

"... "Alright."

Okay? Since the other party was willing to let it go, how could he not let it go? Just as he was about to pick her up, Wandering suddenly appeared in midair, "Heavenly King Mo, Little Cat Li, happy wedding!"

Mo Zhen: "…"

I'd be happier if you left.

As if seeing through his thoughts, Wandering curled his lips and said, "I just came to say goodbye. Since you two have successfully cultivated me, I have finally reached the consummate stage. Now I have to go reincarnate."

"Birth?" Li Yan finally sat up, "Wandering, where are you going for your reincarnation?"

"It was Master Chang who found him for me!"

"Wait, Master Chang?" Chang Xin? "

His floating face collapsed and the words slipped out of his mouth.

Mo Zhen looked at her and frowned, "What exactly happened? What does this have to do with Master? " Today's wedding master did not come either, she only asked someone to send her a congratulatory gift.

Wandering let out a sigh and said, "Previously, when my soul was almost shattered by the Messenger, Master Chang saved me. He told me that as long as I could help you cultivate to perfection, he would be able to help me reincarnate."

Li Yan tilted her head: "Why did the Messenger want to catch you?"

"Well, because I did something." In her previous life, she had been killed by her fiancé. She had wanted to take revenge on him and that mistress, but in the end, she ended up attracting the Messenger halfway through her revenge.

Seeing that Li Yan wanted to continue asking, Wandering quickly said, "It's too late. If I don't leave now, I'll miss it. Goodbye!"

Before he could finish his words, Wandering was already gone. Although Li Yan knew reincarnation was a good thing, she still felt uncomfortable. "Ah Yao, do you want a boy or a girl?"

Li Yan: "..."

She was still so young and she didn't even want to.

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