It's Actually Not Easy Wanting To Be A Supporting Male Lead Chapter 7.5

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Translated by Eve

Edited by Sora & Cat daiMxX

On the first night after Max had taken Sui Yuan home, Sui Yuan basically spent the entire night on guard, clinging onto Ya.

As expected, he had not judged Max's integrity wrongly. Max did not feel burdened at all, with regards to attacking him at night. Sui Yuan and Max looked at one another in a deadlock amidst the darkness for a long time. It was only because Sui Yuan made his position clear– that he will steadfastly guard his chast.i.ty — that Max finally withdrew temporarily.

—– Naturally, the real reason for Max's retreat was that he truly could not endure looking at Sui Yuan's appearance. He was obviously very sleepy but did not dare to sleep, as if he was facing a matter of life or death.

After Max has left, Sui Yuan handed night-watch duty over to 5237 and finally fell asleep in a daze. Nevertheless, he did not dare sleep too deeply. Thus, his sleep quality wasn't too great. Upon being shaken awake on the second day, his whole person appeared muddled and confused, as if he would fall asleep at any moment. JRcYd

"……Lan? Did you not sleep well last night?" When he saw Sui Yuan appear a bit out of sorts, Ya obviously felt very worried. "Is it because you're not able to sleep in a bed that's not your own? Or are you not used to sleeping with me and miss Dima?"

"……It wasn't bad," Sui Yuan replied, voice soft and sleepy, carrying quite a bit of grogginess.

"If you're this tired, will you be alright with going to the hospital today? If it's too difficult, then we can leave you here to rest."

Ya truly felt that "forcing" this kind of Sui Yuan to accompany him to the hospital was simply a bit too inhumane. obrKOy

When he heard Ya's words, Sui Yuan was startled and finally his head cleared a bit. He cautiously shot a glance at Max who was sitting off to the side with breakfast in both hands. Max's eyes lit up. He was obviously coming up with a good-for-nothing scheme. Sui Yuan naturally was resolute in his unwillingness to be left here alone. He desperately insisted on going with Ya.

Upon seeing Sui Yuan's insistence, Ya did not object further and had no choice but to agree. The three people boarded the car after finis.h.i.+ng breakfast. Max dropped them off at the military hospital before he headed off to work. He'd come to pick them up and go home when they got tired of playing, or when he got off work.   

When they saw him once more, they saw that Dima's condition had already improved a lot. He, however, could not move as he wished just yet. Dima was naturally very happy upon seeing that Max had brought Ya and Sui Yuan to visit. He looked impatiently at Sui Yuan, wis.h.i.+ng that Max would give his merman to him. However, he soon discovered that Max still went to place Sui Yuan into a chair a distance away from him.

"You're still injured. To hold a merman in your situation would not be good for you or him," Max turned towards Dima, who had a face full of disappointment, and spoke righteously. zSdIQl

"……I know," Dima nodded, and didn't insist anymore. After all, what Max said made sense. He could not refute the other's "good intentions."

After having delivered the two mermen to Dima to watch over, Max needed to head to work. Before he left, he sternly warned Sui Yuan with his eyes, telling him to obediently play far away from Dima.

Sui Yuan coughed, and nodded his head slightly in agreement. Max left, still feeling uneasy.

Dima saw that his family's merman spirit wasn't too good, and became very worried. He repeatedly asked Sui Yuan exactly what it was that he felt unaccustomed to. Sui Yuan whimpered for half a day, before finally spitting out an answer that Dima would accept — Max. axVHQS

Dima suddenly realized that it was indeed his family's cold-looking boss that had gave Sui Yuan a fright. On the other hand, Sui Yuan, who recalled yesterday's affair in the bath, felt awkward from head to toe and averted his gaze.

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