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Chapter 2.2: Contract Marriage

Lin Huayin’s chest and abdomen were on fire. Her emotions fluctuated several times and only by her sheer willpower alone was she able to keep her nerves from collapsing. Gritting her teeth, she said, “Lawyer Deng, give him the doc.u.ments and the contract.”

“Yes, Boss.” Lawyer Deng nodded his head guiltily and took out the doc.u.ments and contract he prepared late last night.

“What kind of contract is it?” Xiao Zheng skillfully flicked away the ash on his cigarette. It flew all over the carpet.

This rude action once more affected the Ice Gold G.o.ddess’ nerves. She breathed deeply and forcefully suppressed her annoyance one more. A hint of an enchanting blush appeared on her cold and elegant face. She looked on the verge of collapse.

“This is the Boss’ personal information and your marriage contract,” the lawyer explained patiently. “It’s a special thing in your case. Though the marriage contract does not follow the Civil Affairs Bureau’s procedures, it has the same legal effects during the agreement period. Any party who violates the terms of the agreement shall bear the corresponding liability as well as the legal compensation.”

Xiao Zheng nodded carelessly to show his understanding. He grabbed the Ice G.o.ddess’ personal information doc.u.ment and opened it. “Since I reluctantly agreed to you overbearing request, I’ll naturally comply. You don’t have to give me all your personal information. Honestly, just looking at your face alone, I wouldn’t care if you were a swindler or an immortal. I’d willingly follow.”

As he said this, his gaze fell on the Ice G.o.ddess’ personal info.

“Lin Huayin, woman… so you are Lin Huayin…” The corner of Xiao Zheng’s mouth curled up. He continued to read. “Twenty-seven years old… you’re twenty-seven? So you’re actually two years older than me,” he coughed. “Well… a Harvard master’s degree in business… natural bookwork and CEO of New Arcana Group… wow, you have quite the background! Did you enter through the back door?”

While Xiao Zheng read Lin Huayin’s personal information, he commented vicious words towards the new money woman, thus revealing the grudge that evolved into cancer.

Lin Huayin’s expression fluctuated between bright and blue in the midst of Xiao Zheng’s vicious commentary. Her pair of white snowy bare hands clench into a fist. She never knew a minute alone with a person could make her angry.

But she held on. She had to endure—she needed to. Xiao Zheng hadn’t signed the contract yet.


Layer Deng felt the Ice G.o.ddess’ anger. Clearing his throat, he said, “Mr. Xiao, please take a look at the marriage contract first. If there’s no problem, just sign it and it’ll take effect.”

“Yes, that’s also for the best. I don’t want to waste everyone’s precious time either,” Xiao Zheng picked up the marriage contract and gave the paper a casual glance. “Can I propose an objection? I can agree with most of the terms, but there is one that I feel like…”

Lawyer Deng’s eyes lit up. He wondered what sort of trick the kid was going to play.

“Mr. Xiao, what part in the agreement do you find unreasonable?” He asked carefully.

Xiao Zheng puffed out his cigarette. “Article Nine: During the agreement period, though both parties are husband and wife in paper, they are not required to fulfill their duties as husband and wife… I think this is a little too unfair.”

“What’s the problem?” The corner of Lawyer Deng’s mouth twitched. He secretly felt the current situation would turn awry soon.

“Lawyer Deng, you’re an experienced person, right? I believe you should at least be able to understand my difficulties,” Xiao Zheng said with a serious expression. “A hot-blooded young man like me… usually, when I go out with friends for a cup of wine, we’d boast and tell a few naughty stories. This is the way of men, right? But for people like us, we have to have moral restraints and things done in private must be kept in private, this I understand well. The deed is still done. On the other hand… I can’t do the things that a husband and wife should fulfill… isn’t this choking me to death because—”


Unable to bear his ramblings any longer, Lin Huayin pulled out a thin knife hidden on her body and pointed it at Xiao Zheng with trembling arms. Like an angry lioness, she shouted in anger, “If you dare spout any more nonsense, I don’t mind peris.h.i.+ng together with you!”

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