Paradise of Demonic Gods Chapter 868: Self-Detonation

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To the Heavenly Lion King, it was as if someone had covered his head with a sack and then given him a serious bas.h.i.+ng. He did not even know who was the one who had bashed him up. Regardless of how hard he tried, he just could not remove the sack that was over his head.

No one had expected that the plains' guardian spirit—the Heavenly Lion King, who was extremely close to reaching tier six of the Divine level—would be given such a harsh beating just like that. Moreover, it was in such an resentful manner, where he was unable to even retaliate.


"Stop it! I..."

Streams of golden light swelled up from the Heavenly Lion King's body as his martial will burst out, seeming as if it wanted to repel all the powers that were attacking him.

However, the only reply he received was a sword attack. With a rumble , his conjured physique that had just rea.s.sembled was once again crushed.

"F*ck!" The Heavenly Lion Clone let out an enraged bellow. Currently, its eyes were already crimson red. As the sovereign of the entire plains—who was extremely close to reaching tier six of the Divine level, had enjoyed a good life since he was young, and had been in the spotlight from a young age—the Heavenly Lion King had never experienced such a serious bas.h.i.+ng before. However, he could not find the source of the attacks and was unable to escape. He felt extremely aggrieved.

Right now, his will was filled to the brim with fury.

After his bellow, Fang Xingjian sent his sword piercing out again. Used on the st.u.r.diest material in the world, the violent powers sliced up the Heavenly Lion King into dust.

"You b*stard! Stop it! If you don't, then don't blame me for not holding back!"

Fang Xingjian's countenance did not change. This time around, he changed to attacking with his fist. He punched the Heavenly Lion King's head, causing it to explode. Then he attacked the Heavenly Lion King's chest and stomach consecutively, hitting him until his body exploded and dispersed.

Presently, the Heavenly Lion Clone had exploded so many times due to the Thunder Calamity Sword that it could be said to be extremely weak. Even when Fang Xingjian used his fist directly, he was able to crush this tier six Divine level remains.

After being beaten up and scattered, the Heavenly Lion King's fury seemed to have reached an extreme. With an enraged bellow, he self-detonated.

"All of you can just die!"

At the next moment, after the Heavenly Lion Clone self-detonated, it was as if he had split into countless light spots. They were like falling meteors, gus.h.i.+ng out in all directions. Each light spot almost had the full-power attack of a tier one Divine level expert.

Clearly, the Heavenly Lion King had sensed that things were not right and decided to unleash a great move to launch a wide-area attack.

Prince Zuoxian gasped and retreated at rapid speed. Simultaneously, he did not forget to send a reminder to the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch through information currents.

"It's the Heavenly Lion Clone's third divine ability—Lion Meteor Shower. Each meteor is equivalent to the full-power attack of a tier one Divine level expert. Don't take them on forcibly!"

Hearing this, the countenances of both the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch and female Saint changed. Looking at the densely packed meteor shower before them, they were extremely horrified.

With each meteor being comparable to the full-power attack of a tier one Divine level expert and there being several thousand or even ten thousand meteors in front of them, would this not be equivalent to numerous Divine level experts attacking concurrently?

If it was just a person at tier one of the Divine level, they would be able to take on one or two of them. It would not be a problem for them to even handle ten or 20 of them. However, if several hundred or several thousand of them attacked consecutively, even the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch would be unable to take it.

However, the most terrifying aspect of the Lion Meteor Shower was not its damaging prowess toward experts but its wide-area destructive prowess.

When Prince Philip saw this scene, his countenance changed drastically. "This is... the Lion Meteor Shower?"

Hearing this, everyone entered a state of panic.

The Lion Meteor Shower was a natural disaster mentioned in the ancient legends. It was one of the terrifying natural disasters with an impact that was second only to the onslaughts.

Legend had it that 8,000 years ago, there was a country called Wanlai 1 . It had been located where the current Sand Country was now.

However, back then, the place was not a desert but endless stretches of forests, mountain valleys, hills, rivers, and lakes. It had been a place filled with rich natural resources.

One day, the Heavenly Lion fought against the human experts from Wanlai. It got surrounded, and they slowly wore it out. From beginning to end, it had failed to break out from the humans' oppression. Then in a rage, it performed this Lion Meteor Shower technique.

This technique scattered its powers, and the damaging prowess was spread out extremely spa.r.s.ely. Without its powers gathered together, it was very hard for it to have a damaging prowess that could go up against Divine level experts.

After that Heavenly Lion performed this move, it did not manage to kill too many Divine level experts.

However, the coverage of the attack was too terrifying. Under this one attack, the entire Wanlai Empire was completely changed. The forests were destroyed, the valleys were flattened, and the rivers and lakes were all vaporized.

Wanlai Empire disappeared from the maps completely. What replaced it was an endless stretch of desert.

After this battle, all the Divine level experts in the world started to hunt down the Heavenly Lions, which led to Divine level experts getting almost completely wiped out. It was unknown where this corpse that belonged to the plains had come from.

Right now, the Heavenly Lion King's Heavenly Lion Clone was only in control of a set of remains. It did not have as strong a damaging prowess as the Heavenly Lion from back then. However, this Lion Meteor Shower was sufficient to change the landscape of the entire Central Region completely, flatten over 100 cities, and kill several ten million people.

The Heavenly Lion King had also been pressured to the extent of using this method.

Everyone in the Imperial Capital gasped. They each performed their own moves, wis.h.i.+ng to get away from this attack.

The Fourth Prince frowned and soared up into the sky. Seven sword shadows rose up from his back, wanting to fend off the falling meteors.

However, the sword shadows broke down and scattered away after sweeping through just over ten meteors. He could only watch as the other meteors plunged down toward the Imperial Capital.

Nonetheless, the other Divine level experts in the Imperial Capital made their moves as well at this moment.

Once they made their moves, it was apparent who were the strong ones and who were not.

Lan Yue was only at the pinnacle of tier one of the Divine level. She put out her palm like she was supporting the sky and shattered five to six meteors. Thereafter, she appeared a little frail.

The Blue Sacred Moonlight had reached tier three of the Divine level. Martial will gushed out from her body, turning into a huge blue protective s.h.i.+eld which blocked over 30 to 40 meteors.

The Astral Ancestor had also reached tier three of the Divine level. With a soft bellow, his entire body glimmered in starlight, and the many streams of starlight dashed out toward the meteor shower, blocking over 50 meteors at one go.

Although Prince Philip had also reached tier three of the Divine level, he was suffering from serious injuries. So, despite his Universal Truth Longsword spreading out and turning into a white light sphere that encompa.s.sed an area of several hundred meters, he was only able to block off over 20 meteors.

Tyrant was the strongest one amongst them. Having engulfed Buu's flesh, demonic Qis surged the moment he made his move, and the phantom image of a huge beast appeared. The size of the huge beast was like that of a mountain and could almost cover half of the Imperial Capital. It managed to block off over 100 meteors.

However, there was no one else who could block the many other meteors that flew out toward the other cities in the Central Region.

As everyone looked at the meteors that had shot out, they wore expressions of bitterness, despair, grief, and agony.

"No, that's the direction of Calanter! My father is still there!"

"That's the direction of Sintose Mountain! My daughter is learning martial arts there!"

"d.a.m.n that Heavenly Lion King! Is he trying to destroy the entire Central Region?"

"G.o.d, save us!"

Just as everyone was sinking into despair, four streams of sword Qis soared into the sky, each forming a sword shadow that was 10,000 zhang long in the north, south, east, and west respectively.

Faced with this wide-area attack, Fang Xingjian performed the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation directly.

Right now, the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation was like a huge net, wrapping up the myriad of meteors within a range of 100,000 meters. Then it shrank abruptly.

'Wan' stands for 10,000 or just simply a lot. 'Lai' can mean sorrow, grief, mourning. If you put the two together, it'd be 'a lot of sorrow/grief/mourning'. I feel that's weird as a country's name… so… Wanlai it is XD (I am aware Wanlai doesn't sound fantastic either.)

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