Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou Volume 3 Chapter 6

Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou -

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Chapter 6 We are the 'Strike' for our People, our Peace and our Justice

The Metaphysical appeared on the open sea of the island――

Along with such bad news, Moroha and the others roused out of the beds.

It was the early morning following the fireworks of yesterday.

Under the command of the demon vice-captain, all the members of the training camp were gathered in the garden of the holiday house while panicking.

Satsuki said somewhat uncomfortable, looking at Moroha.

– Like I thought, it seems that my premonition ended hitting the mark, don't you think…?

– We can't affirm that yet. Because the actual number of cases are too few.

But she was gaining confidence thanks to Moroha being decisively calmed.

Not to mention Maya who came near him, the other person who was unable to stay calm was s.h.i.+zuno.

The meeting began. Isurugi and Tokiko stood in front of the team members.

White boards were already available in the garden.

– This is the satellite photograph provided by the Head of the American Division.

Tokiko put up what was printed out in B4 size.

The eyes of all the members were deluged.

Moroha also observed the Metaphysical while lending hands to Satsuki and Maya that were stretching themselves due to the people who were in the way.

At first sight, it was shaped like a scorpion.

A pair of pincers and a tail equipped with a needle that looked sinister.

It had only four legs, they were slender like a water strider's legs while standing on the sea.

Its body was white, round, and facetious like a diving beetle.

However, only a portion of its head had a face similar to an expressionless monkey with no neck that made the uncomfortable return multiplied by two.

– What? That's a Giant Bug species?

Voices of relief rose from somewhere.

Moroha asked s.h.i.+zuno by whispering at her.

(Is that a good thing?)

(Yes, for example, the Many-headed species become endlessly powerful as the number of heads they have increases, the Kaima species have regeneration which is not usual, the Light Arts are effective against the difficult-to-deal-with Wicked Spirit species, so compared to them… they are the less objectionable, only comparatively speaking that is)

An optimistic mood was mainly spread among the reserve corps but,

– You fools! Listen the whole story until the end!

– It's hard to get from the photograph, but can you have the same stupid look when you hear that the total length of this thing goes over 300 meters!?

A monster with a total length of 300 meters.

The team members who didn't realize that number were dumbfounded for a while.

– H-how much was the size of the nine-headed giant serpent that Moroha killed…?

Satsuki asked Moroha while trembling.

Even though she herself actually witnessed it and fought with it.

And that they decided to kill it by the three of them, she ended up saying what she thought.

He could see that Satsuki was panicking in fear.

– The length of the necks were approximately 10 meters long at most.

When Moroha responded while scratching his head, he heard that many of the team members were getting gloomy.

– I-isn't that a dreadnought Metaphysical…?

He could hear the trembling voice of someone.

– Even the biggest Kaima species that appeared in Tokyo Bay look like babies compared to this thing. This means that this is a monster of unknown size for the White Knight Organization——no, for mankind.

Due to the explanation of Tokiko being overbearing, the members who were disheartened were increasing more and more.

– The Six Heads have decided to name this as《Stronghold Metaphysical》Fortress.

Isurugi supplemented with a spiritless voice.

– What's going on with the situation, Isurugi? The staff of the White Knight Organization got in contact with you a few minutes ago, right?

Taketsuru raised his hand and asked.

Eloquence was one of senpai's strong points, but as one would expect, his facial expression was stiff now.

Isurugi started the explanation with a calmed voice, but he kept his spiritless expression.

– The Fortress is now slowly moving south to the north offsh.o.r.e from this island. It's expected that it will reach ground in Honshu in an hour and that it will pa.s.s here in another hour calculated from its movement speed.

– d.a.m.n, it will destroy that town without the least resistance…

Someone groaned, and Moroha agreed to it.

They will absolutely prevent its landing in Honshuu——such thought surged among the team members.

Satsuki was still trembling very much and more pitiably, so she leant against Moroha.

She raised her head with desperation as her lips grew pallid.

– I… told you that… the town where I lived… was attacked many times by the Metaphysicals, right?

Moroha nodded.

It's a story he heard when he entered to the Academy. Satsuki had to leave behind the town each time.

– I never saw a Metaphysical directly, but after having been exterminated, I once went to see the marks where the Metaphysicals went rampant and all around me had become mountains of debris. There was a young woman who fixedly stared at one of them, maybe that was the place where the house of her son was… but I, I don't want to see that anymore…

A single tear escaped from the right eye of Satsuki.

That also made Moroha imagine.

Unlike Satsuki, who was directly attacked by the Metaphysicals? Was there someone who ended up seeing them directly?

a.s.suming that even if they hung onto their lives ——

With no prior knowledge, if they looked at such monsters, how much of a shock would that be?

How deep would be the scar carved in their hearts?

– The town that they have attacked haven't become peaceful even after they were defeated. Never… never!

And then, the one that appeared now was a Metaphysical of 300 meters.

The town will be attacked, but in the end, will they allow it to be completely destroyed?

Will they allow the threat that was just before their eyes to get there?

Will that knock down a lot of people to the very bottom of a nightmare from which they can't wake up?

Moroha earnestly caught the scream of Satsuki.

He embraced her delicate body with all his heart.

– Hey, I won't allow it. I'm here. So, don't cry anymore.

Moroha wiped the long trace that went along the cheek of Satsuki.

It was fine to handle roughly this world, because there were no tears and the like of girls.

He strongly a.s.serted and encouraged her.

The surrounding members also stiffened their facial expressions as they were inspired by the words of Moroha and Satsuki.

– When will the a.s.sistance come?

Haruka raised her hand this time and asked a question.

Isurugi closed his eyes and after he sighed heavily,

– That's uncertain.

And then, he uttered a short, hopeless answer.

The team members were abruptly dismayed.

– What do you mean!?

Taketsuru got angry, as if he represented the doubts of everyone.

– The current Head of the j.a.panese Division, Suruga Andou, is in London. In the meanwhile, the Saviors, all of them, have received orders to stand by in Tokyo. It was the chief of the j.a.panese Division who did so for the protection of the capital city. This is due to the instructions of the j.a.panese government, it seems that they concluded that they weren't allowed to dispatch Saviors who are standing by to this island as long as the Head of the Division doesn't return to the country.

– But I'm so important!

– There's another place that is being attacked other than Tokyo, right!?

When Isurugi explained heavily, shrieks and voices of indignation raised from here and there.

When it was turning into a state of agitation,

– When will the Head of the j.a.panese Division return home?

Moroha raised his hand straight.

– Mari-oneechan should be accompanying him desu. If Erratic Portal is available, then Division Head-san can come directly to the island desu.

Maya was next to him, but she wanted to gather the attention, so she stated her opinion while jumping lightly and repeatedly.

That's right! ——a ray of hope was born in the eyes of the team members.

– Division Head Suruga Andou seems to be partially arrested in London.

Isurugi kept his eyes closed, and gloomily moved his head to the left and right.

The atmosphere was like a dark shadow that fell in the garden.

– … what kind of joke is that?

Taketsuru failed when trying to laugh.

Everyone here knew too. Isurugi, for better or worse, was a very honest man, so it was an undeniable fact that this wasn't a joke.

– Then what are we supposed to do, captain!

Haruka raised her hand and asked, but Isurugi hesitated to say it.

Tokiko replied instead of him.

She folded her arms, looked in the wrong direction and replied like giving in to despair.

– It appears that Lightning Empress of Russia is stopping him by brute force.

A commotion rose all of a sudden.

– What is that person thinking in an emergency like this!?

– Yeah! If Division Head Suruga doesn't return home, we'll be in a stalemate!

– Can't we just protest properly so he can return!?

A lot of members were in sync with Haruka's shriek.

– Certainly, protests were sent. But the reply of the Lightning Empress was——

– Stop, Kanzaki-kun. There's no need to say it.

– The reply of Lightning Empress was『It's fine if the next S-Rank Haimura Moroha acts as the subst.i.tute of Suruga Andou』!

All team members turned their heads to Moroha simultaneously.

Moroha stared intensely at the wrong side while scratching his cheek.

He was considering this as one of his predictions. He was relieved that it wasn't getting true or something like that.

– Is that so… then if it's Moroha, then even that Fortress will…

– Don't ask for the unreasonable. Take into consideration the other party.

– Even at the time of the Kaima species in Tokyo Bay, Head Division Suruga couldn't defeat it alone, right? I heard that 100 people were there, no?

– But if it's Haimura…

– I'm telling you, it's stupid to feel like putting this incredible burden on the back of a first-year boy.

Expectations and doubts were raising in equal amounts in the eyes of the team members who turned their heads.

– Nii-sama…

Satsuki was trembling in his left arm, she looked up at him like being worried.

s.h.i.+zuno also got close to him as if protecting him from the eyes of everyone.

Maya also grabbed tightly the trousers of Moroha.

Moroha opened his mouth and tried to say a few words in the surrounding air that wasn't settled.

But Isurugi, rapidly and in an instant, cleared his throat,

– I will continue speaking.

He told them without energy, then the team members turned around to the front all at once.

– The j.a.panese Division is protesting the government to dispatch Saviors that are awaiting orders in Tokyo to this place. And the government is protesting Lightning Empress to send Division Head Suruga back. However, Lightning Empress has turned deaf ears to them. She has been getting in the way all this time.

– Regardless of Lightning Empress, do you think that the j.a.panese Division and the government can settle this!?

– Since we did what we had to do by protesting, I think there's nothing else that we can do. I wonder if there's someone who will settle this.

– To put it simply, it looks like they're handing off the problem to someone else, isn't it!?

– That's right. There are no limits here.

Isurugi unpleasantly a.s.sented to the condemnation of Haruka.

– Those s.h.i.+theads*…. I can't help but understand well their objective. So, what are going to do?

Taketsuru pressed a question with a rigid facial expression.

– Evacuation orders have come from the j.a.panese Division.

A great commotion took place, as if a gong had broken.

– That means that we'll die in vain even if we fight by ourselves… Their valid decision disgusts me!

Taketsuru grinded his teeth, looking frustrated.

– To the point that the forty people who are here are the effective alternative for the j.a.panese Division!

Tokiko shouted.

– Our safety is more important than allowing the landing of the Fortress!?

– That's right! Let's take pride in our own value!

They hardened their hearts and purposely began to speak in an outrageous way.

They were going to take charge of the villain.

– Will the… captain follow an order like that!?

Still in Moroha's arms, Satsuki screamed while disheveling her hair.

– As the person who is in charge of the group, there's no way I can bring you to a battle with no chance of winning, don't you think?

Isurugi gloomily replied with an honest look.

The team members responded in different ways. There were those who weren't trying to hide their anger, those who condemned them, those who were appealing to reconsider it, those who were cursing at the cowardice of the j.a.panese Division and the government, those who were disappointed, those who were lamenting their own powerlessness, those who were shedding tears of regret, those who were stealthily relieved and so on.

Satsuki tried to criticize the decision of Isurugi with a loud voice, but Moroha made her say nothing by closing her mouth.

This time, she turned her eyes that were like burning towards Moroha who replied by shaking his head to the left and right.

Even Moroha had spoken sharply to Isurugi once before.

When the nine-headed giant snake appeared all of a sudden, Satsuki and s.h.i.+zuno were attacked by it and Isurugi had decided that they couldn't go to help until a perfect battle formation was ready… Moroha remembered that he was so indignant that he thought that what was before his eyes would turn red.

But for Isurugi, it was more important to not drive his subordinates into a thoughtless fight.

Maybe that was an attribute of an excellent commander.

Moroha and he have different perspectives, values and judgment criteria, but he didn't think that he would try to stand as a superior person.

– Don't lose your mind!  Didn't you hear the orders of the captain!? Withdraw!

Moroha listened somewhere far away the order of the demon vice-captain.

– Go and pick your luggage now! The evacuation of the islanders has already begun by the staff of the organization! We'll also accompany them to withdraw from this island!

Tokiko shouted as if urging forward the team members, but n.o.body tried to move from their spot, they just looked at each other.

One person,

– Uwaaaaaaaaa, my stomach began to hurt all of a suddeeeeeeen. I have no choice but to return to mainland and see a doctoooooooooooor.

Only Kamekichi returned to the holiday house as if rolling around while writhing in pain in that place. It was the very picture of the unsightly.

It seemed that there were numerous people who didn't have the determination and looked bad like the one who ran away first.  After Kamekichi exposed at the very least a disgraceful behavior, it appeared that the ones who would come out and follow him one after another wouldn't do so as the stream that was about to gush forth came to a halt.

In the middle of that——

– What should we do, Moroha…?

Satsuki clung to his chest.

s.h.i.+zuno and Maya were silent, but they were staring at him, waiting for the words of Moroha.

– Let's go back at once to our rooms to get prepared.

Moroha immediately replied with resolution.

– And after that——it's decided, don't you think?

He didn't talk much.


Just looking at the eyes of Moroha, Satsuki, s.h.i.+zuno and Maya understood.


After they changed into their combat uniforms, Moroha and the others headed to the sandy beach.

They practiced special training every day there, and played every day there, and did secret training with Satsuki night after night there, it was definitely a place that will become the memories of the summer.

But now, the garbage of the fireworks they played with last night was scattered there.

Although they talked about disposing of it today, in the end, they left it untouched.

Such scene was increasing, strengthening the impression that it was an abandoned place.

A beach that became desolated. Just a visitor was there.

It was Isurugi Jin.

He was gazing at the ocean while standing.

They didn't have to ask what he was doing.

Because he was also wearing the combat uniform.

Maybe he was wearing it already at the meeting just now. He probably came directly to this sandy beach after it was over. That's why Moroha didn't see him when they returned to the rooms.

– You aren't going to withdraw, right?

Going till next to him, Moroha let him know he was there.

– We're the Strikers, no? But now I'm not a captain, or a team member, I'm just Isurugi Jin.

While he stared at the open sea, Isurugi replied, looking solemn.

Moroha was broadly grinning with a mischievous face,

– Don't forget the standard practice of making up the numbers. And to not be influenced by temporary emotions. Especially the useless sacrifice, the foolish heroism… am I right?

He returned the words that Isurugi told him at the time of the nine-headed giant serpent.

– You're also wicked, huh.

Isurugi turned a bitter face.

– If the withdrawal orders of the j.a.panese Division were to give us chances of success, I would absolutely withdraw, no matter how much I'm being backbitten. But, if no one has any chance of winning anywhere, then I have no choice but to act as I wish, don't you believe so?

Isurugi finally turned his way and smiled at him.

It was a good smile, just like the one he sensed it.

– Our opinions unusually agreed with each other, huh.

– You think so? As for me, I plan to face Haimurkun on a daily basis, alright?

– If so, then a thing like that is decided.

Friends.h.i.+p between men, they smiled at each other with boldness.

– Yes, captain!

It was Satsuki who came together with Moroha and who forced her way through there.

– What is it, Ranjou-kun?

– I'm a member of the reserve corps. I'm not allowed to go into combat yet. But, can I?

– I said it, right? Today I'm just Isurugi Jin. I have no qualifications to reprove you.

Was it tension? Or exaltation? The Isurugi of today was talkative.

With a smile, he dropped a joke.

– First, the opponent seems to be a giant demon like a stronghold. From the point of view of that thing, there's no big difference since you and I are way too small.

– I'll do my best, even if it's on a very small note!

– Yeah. Let's fight together.

Isurugi nodded greatly then he saw another girl who also clung to Moroha

– I will do my best.

s.h.i.+zuno answered without enthusiasm, with her usual expressionless expression.

That「usual」made Moroha who was at her side unable to calm down.

Isurugi dropped his eyes again and saw Maya sticking to the waist of s.h.i.+zuno.

– I would like s.h.i.+mon-kun to withdraw if possible. If something were to happen to you, it would be inexcusable for the Academy as the one that took care of you.

– It is all right nanodesu. If it really gets dangerous, Maaya will run away at full speed desu.

With a smile of an angel, Maya caused the tension of the person who looked at her to calm down.

This sandy beach was still bounded by the《Unique Secret Formula》The Origin of Maya.

If she takes refuge in it, even if she is attacked by the Metaphysical, she will be absolutely safe.

Moroha had said to both Satsuki and s.h.i.+zuno to take refuge in it as soon as things get dangerous.

He couldn't bluntly refuse the feelings of the girls that said they want to fight with him, but if he knew that there was a place where they could take refuge, then Moroha could fight with confidence.

– Hey, hey, if we fight from inside the barrier, won't we be able to fight being very safe?

A last person came with Moroha, it was Haruka who asked while tampering the sandy beach with her feet.

– That is impossible nanodesu. Once the barrier has finished stabilizing, only『What I am able to dream』can go in and out desu. They will collide with something like a wall desu.

– I thought about it before as well. For example, if you release a flame of the Dark Arts from inside, the flame was never a dream, so it will end up blocked by the boundary line of the barrier and it won't reach its target.

The explanation of Maya was supplemented by Isurugi.

– Then how do we lure the Fortress into the barrier?

– Even if you fight inside of it, it would be pointless because you can't hurt each other desu.

– Uh oh, there was that too.

Haruka put out her tongue, looking embarra.s.sed.

– However, it's rea.s.suring that there's safety. It eliminates unnecessary impatience.

Isurugi austerely pointed out what Moroha had thought.

– I'll order all Kuromas to do a battle formation near this beach and when push comes to shove, I think that it will allow you try and get in it immediately. How does that sound to you, Kanzaki-kun?

While they were listening to his subsequent proposition, Moroha and the girls looked back to the way they came.

– Let me do so. If that works, we can minimize the s.h.i.+roganes that will break into our defenses.

Tokiko was energetic like a soldier, stepping towards the sandy beach.

Afterwards, some Kuromas of the regular troops and reserve corps were taken along.

It was reliable that the fire support of the girls was there.

Tokiko, who came near him with her arms folded, glared at Moroha with goggling eyes.

– Haimura. You're a Grimoire Holder, right? How about hitting it hard with a blow right away?

– If I use it, then the area around the northern coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture will end up permanently frozen, to say nothing of this island.

– Tch, how boring.

The The Origin of Haimurkun was forbidden to use it without permission from the j.a.panese Division the other day.

– I personally ask your pardon for using it without the barrier of Maaya like I did with Edward at that time.

Isurugi made a follow-up and Moroha ducked his head.

– Hey, little girl. Put up that barrier right now.

– The stones have just started to develop, so they are not good enough desu…

– Tch, and that's a The Origin? Why don't you use every last one of them?

Tokiko clicked her tongue showily and Moroha and Maya looked at each other with a dumbfounded look.

– Heeey!

Meanwhile, the troops from the holiday house gathered one after another.

– If you guys are going, then say a word to me, you inconsiderate!

Taketsuru was still protesting loudly from a distance.

– You're showing off too much, you guuuys!

They could see a crowd of people around Taketsuru who laughed cheerfully as he was saying so.

– Hyaa haaa! This is my once in a lifetime festivaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

He was in so high spirits that even the figure of Kamekichi who came running fell all over himself.

– Not that your stomach was hurting, Kammie-senpai?

– A transcendental handsome man like me isn't going to be sick with something like a stomach ache, it was nothing but p.o.o.p, alright!?

Moroha made fun of him and Kamekichi remembered it preemptively! Then got angry and bared his fangs.

(It's as Taketsuru-senpai said. Everyone here is showing off too much)

Moroha smiled bitterly while scratching his head.

They've gathered at the sandy beach, and surveyed that same place.

Satsuki was there. s.h.i.+zuno was there. Maya was there.

Captain Isurugi, vice-captain Tokiko, Taketsuru, Kamekichi, Haruka——and 12 regular members who have partic.i.p.ated in the training camp were aligned.

In addition, there are other ten reserve corps.

Twenty in total.

It seems that the rest had retreated, but it was incorrect to criticize them.

The lot who was here was just stupid.

The one known as Isurugi was a believer of the foolish heroism.

Kamekichi liked the so-called festivals.

– The training camp isn't over yet! Let's kill it right away to play again on this sandy beach!

Moroha nodded from the bottom of his heart with the proposal of Taketsuru.

He really wanted to do so.

– Your orders, captain.

– No, I'm not the captain now——

– This hard-headed guy, display some adaptability!

Isurugi was stumped when he was yelled by Tokiko.

But, he led a group of people and that made up his mind.

He breathed greatly, and let loose.

We are the Saviors.

「「「We are the "Strike" for our People, our Peace and our Justice!」」」

He said in unison with everyone who was in this place.

Moroha also said it from the bottom of his being today.

It were the s.h.i.+roganes who protected the Kuromas and this is where Satsuki was deployed.

The Kuromas had a powerful firepower called Dark Arts, but she lacked the technique of protecting herself.

That's why placing the protecting s.h.i.+roganes was the standard development of the White Knight Organization, and this time there were 9 s.h.i.+roganes of the reserve corps including Satsuki that would undertake that duty.

It was simple, but it was an important role.

(If I don't protect them diligently, the Kuromas won't be able to focus on their attacks)

Satsuki was enthusiastic about it while looking at Tokiko, Kamekichi, and s.h.i.+zuno and Maya above all.

This force, which was a shelter, was located near the sandy beach.

So, it had better if they see the sea——they surely expected so, but unfortunately this morning had a mist enshrouding it.

The mist became cloudy and dark like a ghostly air.

It was hazy as if wrapping up the island, it was covering their field of vision completely.

Even though they could see without obstruction beyond the horizon yesterday, they couldn't see more than 100 meters ahead today.

As if it was being saved only for this island, Satsuki who was anxious as if the world would end up being destroyed, remembered so.

– You scared?

– I'm not scared.

She was teased by s.h.i.+zuno who was next to her, but Satsuki answered back with spinal reflex.

– Maaya is scared desu.

Meanwhile, Maya stretched both hands with a pale face.

Satsuki carried her in her arms. She felt the warmth of the innocent girl that even her felt encouraged by her.

– It came…

Tokiko squinted with her arms still folded and let out that warning.

Satsuki glared at the direction of the sea.

A huge shadow appeared in the mist that enshrouded it as if to shut off the world.

It was truly a towering shadow.

Moreover, as it was approaching, the shadow became endlessly bigger.

Satsuki continued raising her line of sight to chase it, until her chin didn't rise anymore.

A more than huge leg stuck out from the mist.

The feeling of intimidation was like a building that fell down from the sky!

It was absurdly huge. Its hugeness was like something amusing and her eyes were dazzled by it.

Even though she heard that the Metaphysical of 300 meters would scare her, it was on a scale as if laughing at the small power of imagination of the humans…

Satsuki and Maya didn't endure it, a commotion occurred around them too.

– I thought that it had slender legs like threads like in the photo!

– … in other words, this means that its main part isn't like this, right? It will keep scaring then.

– My heart has been beating too much since long ago already, any more than this and it will explode, you know?!

Satsuki in trance returned the verbal abuse to s.h.i.+zuno.

She couldn't even notice that she was making Maya lose consciousness because she was holding her in her arms with too much strength.

– Don't chirp, you!

There was no doubt that they panicked even more with the sharp scolding of Tokiko.

A second leg also stuck out from the enshrouding mist.

It walked on the surface of the sea as if it was on the ground.

Even though such giant things were coming down like striking on it, there were no sounds nor waves.

They didn't follow the laws of physics.

Especially those guys——the true worth of《The things that don't exist in this world》Metaphysicals.

There was no legitimate common sense or natural phenomenon that applied to them.

Activated by a paranormal force called《Magical Power》Satana, they were grotesque, heretic monsters that twisted all things in nature.

The two legs that went outside the mist move alternately and walked, the body of the monster made its appearance at last.

A gigantic body of 300 meters that manifested far away in the sky. How frightening was that thing that moved? How distorted and strange was? Satsuki discovered that for the first time in her life.

She realized it together with goose b.u.mps.

She became dumbfounded and dropped Maya that she carried in her arms.

Maya feigned ignorance and fell on her backside with a thump.

n.o.body could raise even a scream anymore.

Just like the ancient people who feared the total solar eclipses, they only kept looking up at that while trembling violently.

And then and so on——one of the four legs landed on the island.

At that moment.

A low frequency sound enough to make think that the internal organs would be turned inside out resounded throughout the island.

From the place where Satsuki and the others who were aligned faraway, the tremor that Fortress did with its leg pressing against the ground reached even where they were, shaking their feet.

Even though it was walking so quietly on the water!

Even persons among the reserve corps who sunk down to the floor appeared.

Fortress was just walking, but Satsuki and co. fell into a state of panic.

– Didn't I say to not lose your cool, you cowards!?

The scolding of demon vice-captain was cold, but Satsuki was glad to the point she was moved to tears. Because it became emotional support.

– But, but, that's unreasonable, you know!? I haven't heard of that!

Takenaka, who was known as the leader of the second-year Kuromas of the regular forces, shouted a complain.

He was a gentle man that gave the feeling of certainly being a beta* and distorted his face again in irritation.

*TN: Term used is 草食系男子 = soushokukeidans.h.i.+: Young men who are not compet.i.tive as in the traditional male stereotype, including in the avid pursuit of money and s.e.x, and who may also be kind, co-operative and family-oriented.

– I explained it, so it's not unreasonable! And you're already on the battlefield, Takenaka!

Tokiko got near with a walk to the soldier.

Immediately after, she grabbed his nether region with all her strength.

– Whwhwha???

Takenaka dyed his face bright red which was dyed ghastly pale.

His cheeks got hot and he felt a little embarra.s.sed that even Satsuki was watching him.

– You have some good b.a.l.l.s here, haven't you? You pa.s.s.

Tokiko licked the palm of the hand that was grabbing him and smiled graciously.

– If someone else wants to be checked, then come to the front! I don't care the number of people.

All the men covered their front and shook their head while trembling.

For some reason, the girls except s.h.i.+zuno shook their heads and covered their parts.

– If so, then execute the strategy as planned! Now crush——that leg!

Tokiko folded her arms and got

The left foreleg of Fortress pa.s.sed by well behind her back.

Prior to that, Moroha and Haruka did reconnaissance by running on the sea, and like they calculated, the target was following the route as expected.

The Kuroma forces had to calculate and align so that they could attack from its flanks.

――They first had to destroy its four legs to prevent the movement of Fortress.

The plan devised by Isurugi was for the legs that have a slender shape when compared to the enormousness of its body.

The Kuroma forces were in charge of one.

It would break off with the simultaneous Dark Arts of all the members.

– Urus.h.i.+bara.

Tokiko named s.h.i.+zuno who was with a constant impudent att.i.tude, looking at the impressive of Fortress.

– Are you going to show us your seriousness today?

– That's my intention.

s.h.i.+zuno replied calmly to Tokiko who ordered, looking displeasured.

The meaning of that exchange couldn't be understood by Satsuki.

Before she could think that they ended up starting a war.

– Objective! The left foreleg! All the Kuromas, hit it hard with your greatest Dark Art!

Tokiko gave a command bracingly.

s.e.xual hara.s.sment and power hara.s.sment were the favorites of the annoying vice-captain.

But that's why she had more guts than men and was the one giving orders.

The ones who were scattered were put together in a group.

They faced the left foreleg that tried to pa.s.s in front of their eyes and the Kuromas started chanting spells.

The reserve corps spelled a Second Rank Dark Arts.

Tokiko was undaunted, Takenaka and Kamekichi were having difficulties and Maya in one way or another was also spelling a Third Rank Dark Arts.

Failure, misfire and things like that were unacceptable in this situation.

While the feeling of tension increased——

With a remarkably clear voice, a chanting similar to singing tickled the ears of Satsuki.

Uncommon lands, death frozen lands, lend me your breath and allow everything to quiet and freeze.

The mortality of the prosperous ones is the divine providence of the world and the inescapable karma of what G.o.d has decided.

It takes away all lives as water flows continuously to a lower level.

Show me the world where everything stopped as if even time was frozen.

Fourth Rank Dark Arts, Unearthly Blizzard.

Urus.h.i.+bara s.h.i.+zuno made completion of a high magic that was more difficult than anyone else and earlier than anyone else.

With a nonchalant and almost hateful expression, she tapped on the sum of the magic characters she drew.

In an instant, the characters of light changed into a snowstorm that was unordinary and attacked the left foreleg of Fortress.

While on its way, it made humidity in the atmosphere to crystallize, painting it in pure white.

The huge leg was densely covered in frost.

Just a little behind her, the fired Dark Art attacks of Tokiko and the others rushed.

Whether was the intention or will of s.h.i.+zuno, this time variation had become in a wonderful cooperation.

The frozen leg was beaten by the attacks of all the remaining Kuromas, and the result――as if one had swung a hammer on ice craftsmans.h.i.+p, it hit and broke the left foreleg of Fortress completely.

– Yes!

– We did it!

– I'm incredibleeeeeeeeeee!

Everyone shouted with exultation.

The first stage of the strategy was cleared.

The Kuroma forces accomplished their critical role.

Satsuki, who had no choice but to watch attentively at them, was unintentionally in breathless suspense too.

– It's still too early to be delighted, you luck-pushers!

But everyone regained composure when they were showered with the cold water of Tokiko.

Her reprimand was precise.

The giant body that had lost a leg could no longer support itself, wavered in a big way and began to fall.

There were countless holes here and there. Eruptions were made, it brought physiological aversion to them.

Furthermore, things like beings that gave the w.i.l.l.i.e.s flew out from those holes.

They were something like headless bees with one meter in length.

– Metaphysicals were growing inside the Metaphysical!?

– Ranjou, calm down! The Giant Bug species had《children》bugs in it all this time. And those things are good-for-nothing! If we compared them to the real Metaphysical, they are worthless.

– B-b-but, their number is abnormal!

They flew out from the holes one after another, the bee shaped bugs covered up the sky like black clouds.

Hundreds of unpleasant buzzes were wriggling at the back of their ears.

Satsuki and the others understood the indication that the hundreds of sharp needles that were almost terrifying and attached to the end of their bodies were for them.

– Enter the second stage of the strategy! The Kuroma forces will attack the main body! The s.h.i.+rogane forces will protect the Kuromas from the bees! Give your all!

With the orders of Tokiko, the body offensive by Dark Arts began.

On the other hand, the s.h.i.+roganes wore prana on their whole bodies.

Satsuki tried to pump out prana from the six gates of her whole body… but she couldn't pump it out from the point below the navel well.

Due to the stress of the situation and to the surprises that came one after another, she couldn't reach Natural Stance*!

*TN: Previously written as s.h.i.+zentai.

(I had enough!)

If so, then she was going to fight with five gates open.

While she was wearing pure gold prana on both hands and feet and giving off golden sparks from the light in her eyes, Satsuki a.s.saulted the swarm of giant bees.

– With you being this much, then at this rate I!

She manifested a small sword in her hand and slashed at them as hard as she could.

Satsuki and the others took positions in the vicinity, and above the quay which was far from the sandy beach that they used as shelter.

Isurugi Jin was standing alone there.

He quietly overlooked that the moving right foreleg of Fortress was crossing before his eyes.

The ground raged as if it was an earthquake with every step, but Isurugi wasn't in the least shaking as if he was affixed from the shoe sole to the root of his hair.

He was calmly indulged in thought.

(To be told that I've been quite a stubborn guy from long ago…)

Isurugi never thought of it as a bad thing.

He may be simply honest. But he thought he was genuine.

That's why he believed that he was able to train himself to the extent that he could be seen as the strongest in the Academy.

But――he had to make changes to his thinking these days.

Because of Moroha, he reached the point where he thought so.

(I was a bit different from genuine. Evidently, I had no choice but to be ridiculed as a hard-headed guy)

Even though his feelings were genuine, there was a thing called common sense somewhere in his consciousness.

That made his volition to rot without him being aware of it.

The simply honest and genuine him intended to go towards the strength, but actually, he imposed a limiter on himself, where, in some respects, it was the place where he was now.

He was comfortable with this Rank t.i.tle.

Isurugi looked up at the sky covered with dark clouds like a dome.

(People can't flight in the air. It's common sense that I won't get there. So, it's natural that I won't be able to get there before that cloud)

His thought was obsessed with it, he was unable to resist his impatience recently.

It was frustrating. When watching Moroha who had grown fast as if he had grown wings.

But at that time, he was thrilled.

Even if he didn't reach it now, he should just extend his hand to head towards the sky.

The more his cheeks became loose, the more his heart pounded with excitement.

He remembered.

At the time of the barbeque, Isurugi happened to hear that Moroha was complaining about how he was outwitted by the Hagun of Edward. Without hesitating it, he decided to acquire Hagun for the subject of the training camp.

Although he was still far away from master it, these last five days were incredibly fulfilling.

He remembered.

When Moroha was the first to clear the subject of the training camp, he was trying to pursue an insatiable place with an expression like a child who found a toy.

That should also be my goal; Isurugi who wanted to be the same got that deep impression.

More genuine――I want to enjoy becoming stronger.

(I decided. I'll aim for that)

With his palm stretched out to the sky, Isurugi smiled with his whole face.

It was common sense that he wouldn't reach over there. It was natural that he couldn't go there first.

But, what about it?

If he was truly simply honest, if he was a fool, then the consequences hadn't been thought.

If he weren't to reach it, if he were to fail or if he were crushed, then satisfaction would be preferred*.

*TN: This sentence was hard to translate, it had a particle rather complicated to understand, so I took a little of liberty in this one.

He remembered.

Satsuki, the greenest in the force faced Haruka, the fastest of the force, and her figure when she challenged her recklessly.

Satsuki, the weakest of the force, was taught that beauty was an unsightly struggle by Isurugi who was the strongest of the forces.

Even though her true strength was still insufficient, her heart was exactly the model of the Saviors. It was never a mistake to have invited her in the force.

– Let's go…. This time genuine for sure. And simply honest.

The ID Tag was put in the palm stretched out to the heavens. Grasping it, he made manifest a wide blade sword.

He wielded it to clear a path and to thrust it at Fortress.

Just when the right hind leg was about to pa.s.s in front of Isurugi.

His prana was already on him.

While he was waiting, the power of destruction was kneaded and refined.

It had the appearance of a wild lightning, it was the embodiment of the stubbornness of Isurugi.

– Wow.

Isurugi attacked, having the sword at the ready in an overhead position with both hands.

Carefully seeing the places where the right hind leg would step on and when it was time, he slashed at it, putting his body and soul into it. At the moment of the impact, he unleashed the power that had been refined.

A huge amount of prana was immediately transformed into a swordflash.

While it was sparking, he ran and climbed the right hind leg at a speed similar to light.

It was as if the spirit of Isurugi was aiming even more higher, a scene as if he was s.h.i.+ning.

Ancestral Arts《螢惑》Keikoku*.

*TN: 螢惑 = firefly and beguile/delusion/perplexity. Keikoku could mean 'warning' or canyon but I'll just leave it as that.

It was a High Rank Light Technique that brought ones's prana close to a phenomenon which served as one's source and made a transformation with it.

In the case of Isurugi, it was lightning. And it was a technique he was proudest of.

After the lightning was aimed at a higher place, it flashed, and the right hind leg of Fortress had been carbonized to the middle.

It couldn't support its own weight and collapsed from the root.

It took a whole Kuroma forces to smash a leg, and Isurugi showed that he broke it off alone.

Today his prana was flowing well. He was in his perfect form.

(I see, it depends on how you look at things!)

He pumped and pumped, he felt like prana was overflowing from his whole body.

Strictly more than ten percent than usual, one could say that he was in great shape.  Nevertheless, Isurugi haven't experienced such sense of enhancement or sense of omnipotence for a long time.

——How can I become stronger?

The theory that could say that truth was also frequently discussed among the Strikers.

——It depends on how you look at things, no?

And, Haimura Moroha replied with his usual quietness.

Everyone who heard so c.o.c.ked their heads in puzzlement.

——The mentality had no effect that granted prana and mana.

And that was because it was common knowledge within the White Knight Organization.

(But… from today, it seems that I end up becoming a wors.h.i.+pper of Haimurkun)

Isurugi s.h.i.+fted his attention to the holiday house of the Kanzaki family that was on the distant hill while evacuating from the carbonized right hind leg of Fortress that fell like sediment.

The holiday house built at the top of the hill.

And on the top of that roof again.

On the highest place of this island.

Moroha was standing there.

It was because he was able to antic.i.p.ate the route of Fortress that will get it here as a result of doing reconnaissance with Haruka beforehand.

The Stronghold cla.s.s Metaphysical already showed off a different dignity to that naming when it accomplished to land on the island.

The Kuroma forces crushed the left foreleg but its movement didn't stop just because its body lost balance.

Isurugi then crushed its right hind leg but its progress didn't stop as soon as the torso sank down close to the ground.

After a considerable time, the s.h.i.+roganes of Haruka, Taketsuru and the others of the regular troops succeeded in crus.h.i.+ng the left hind leg and its huge trunk completely crashed.

However, even if it had lost three legs, the Fortress continued its progress with only one leg while its abdomen.

Fortress had now reached halfway up the hill.  The huge ape-like face with no neck was sprouting just like that from the torso, it seemed that it was peeking at Moroha from the bottom.

Moroha didn't wipe out his fearless smile, but rather he overlooked it directly.

The tailwind of a gust of wind blew and he hurried, more and more.

It wasn't necessary to say it.

(Come, Saratiga…)

A bright white light shone in his hand.

The plate made of metal reacted in an instant and changed its color to something like a red-hot iron and extended like a candy.

It shaped a handle that became familiar with his hand well, then formed an elegant pommel and made a brusque steel blade.

Even though it still wasn't a match for the extraordinary Holy Sword Fraga, his dear sword, that approached it with steady progress, manifested.

First stage of the operation, start!

Moroha kicked the roof and revolved in the air.

He wore white light prana on his whole body.

s.h.i.+ning radiantly, he landed in front of the front entrance as if Sirius descended to earth.

In no time, he began to run with a motion similar to streaming.

He ran down the path through forest using G.o.dlike Movement.

*TN: Previously written as Jinsokutsuu.

He turned into a gust of wind and shook the leaves of the many trees to the left and right.

He had to cross this path many times when going and returning to the sandy beach and when he saw the fireworks with s.h.i.+zuno, but now it became nothing more than a battlefield.

The ape-like face of Fortress was crawling and climbing the path through the forest.

For Fortress to move forward with only one remaining leg. It had a way of moving that let it advance by pulling its body as a fulcrum and by piercing its front with the toe as if using a real pick.

Consequently, to advance and pierce again the ground, its huge feet came down above the head of Moroha who a.s.saulted it from front, in the opposite direction.

The ground around Moroha became pitch black with its shadow, a huge object similar to a building approached from overhead at high speed.

He had no choice but to prepare for death.

Otherwise Moroha.

– The world of decadence is unending. Let the trumpets sound. Come, time of judgment!

He was getting ready a Fifth Rank Dark Arts while das.h.i.+ng through the path in the forest.

A black fire of h.e.l.l dwelled in the blade.

Furthermore, when he poured all his prana into it, the white flash and the black flame fought each other on the surface of the blade, then danced.

Moroha hid behind his back the blade of Saratiga that transformed into a black and white cursed sword and then*,

*TN: More specifically what Moroha did is called Waki-gamae (

– … Raaaaaaaaaa!

He kicked the ground and jumped like a flying bird.

He dodged the big leg that was swung from overhead and conversely slashes at it while pa.s.sing each other.

Not only that, he ran up to the side of the leg of Fortress using the wall-running method Mongyoku.

Of course, during that time the sword continued slicing off, digging out and bisecting the leg of the monster vertically.

The blade easily went through it like cutting b.u.t.ter.

It was the multiplication of the Fifth Rank Dark Arts Black Gehenna and the Light Technique Taihaku.

Being the only one in the world, the yin yang of Moroha was capable of superimposing Light Techniques and Dark Arts.

It was Kurikara, the only thing he needed to kill the nine-headed big serpent.

The destructive prana gouged even to the inside of the demon's feet, the h.e.l.l fire mana that Moroha released burst from the inside.

Its destructive power wasn't to the level of Keikoku of Isurugi——

The sword of Moroha just slashed at the middle of the giant leg and made it burst from the inside in its entirety.

This was the first stage of the strategy.

Now he switched to the second stage.

He landed to the front of Fortress soundlessly.

The demon still had a pair of pincers similar to scorpions.

They were much shorter when compared to the legs, they weren't suited to use for moving.

But it didn't mean that it couldn't move forward at all.

Slowly and slowly, it climbed the hill with the pincers like a crawling baby.

*Evil laugh**Evil laugh**Evil laugh**Evil laugh**Evil laugh**Evil laugh**Evil laugh*

The ape-like face bared its fangs and laughed ominously.

It looked like he was laughing as if he outsmarted them.

The path of such giant creature of 300 meters in length——

– This is bad, but… I was entrusted to not let it pa.s.s through here.

With less than two meters of height, Moroha stood in its way like a tanki*.

*TN: Refer to Mahjong. It means: Wait for one tile to finish one's pair and one's hand; wait for one's pair with four melds completed.

That was his second mission.

He unleashed the h.e.l.l fire and had at the ready the long sword in his right hand that carried just white prana.

He put out his right foot a little and threw out his chest with proud, it was a posture of unique pride.

He engraved a daring smile on his mouth and wore his fighting spirit with Natural Stance.

The giant ape-like face that was at a height of ten meters sidled up and came to him, but the gaze that was giving meant nothing for him.

Even if it was poured on bloodl.u.s.t like a curse, the heart of Moroha didn't feel more than a breath of air.

Why its att.i.tude showed such arrogance?

The eyes of the ape-like face suddenly dyed deep red like blood.

It opened its big mouth and started to breathe in.

A strong wind broke out and Moroha stood firm so as to not be sucked in like a vacuum cleaner.

The deep breath of the ape-like face stopped. It became inflated like the cheeks of a squirrel.

And then, it opened its big mouth, and roared.

The sound was more than gigantic, it couldn't be caught by the sense of hearing of humans.

His ears were hot as if burning.

Moroha frowned in pain.

Moreover, and at the same time, he was showered with destructive waves.

He immediately protected his whole body with anti-magic and resisted the Satana of the destructive waves.

Nevertheless, its skin began to tear here and there, Moroha put even more countermeasures.

– The Gohou won't let any kind of wind come near me.

*TN: 護法 Gohou: defense of Buddhist doctrines; G.o.d who defends Buddhist doctrines, defense of const.i.tution, religious power to dispel demons and diseases.

He rapidly spelled Blue World with his left hand and knitted a blue barrier that surrounded him in all directions.

He stacked up defense methods of both Light Techniques and Dark Arts, he multiplied the prana and mana, it was as if he became an unrivaled stronghold.

Fortress saw that and increased the roar more and more as if it got stubborn. However, the double defense of Moroha endured it completely and perfectly as well.

It didn't seem that there was an organ equivalent to lungs in this nonsensical demon, but it could only emit sound waves to the limit of its lung capacity, so eventually it interrupted the sound wave attack as if Fortress ran out of breath.

*Evil laugh*……………….*Evil laugh**Evil laugh*……………….*Evil laugh*

It laughed like having a cramp, or rather, short irregular breathing sounds, like falling into dyspnea.

And yet, the right pincers were calm as if they were a different creature but couldn't bear not to be careless and aimed at Moroha to attack him!

The pincers were considerably shorter than the feet, their volume was small.

However, they were very skinny unlike the legs that were plump and fat, and it had a size that may end up pressing and almost squis.h.i.+ng flat the holiday house of the Kanzaki family.

Furthermore, they were covered by a sh.e.l.l, they looked solid. A simple swing would be much higher than the legs.

It was just an organ for destruction and attack.

Moroha canceled Blue World and quickly dodged with a leap to the back the imminent and crus.h.i.+ng-to-death pincers.

Without a moment's delay, the left pincer was swung downward this time, but he also evaded it with continuous back steps.

The swing of the pincer was still ridiculous, it got buried deeply in the ground, it was too much momentum.

So that means that it would take time just to pull it out.

A good opportunity.

– All the men return to skull and die. Come now, and begin the ceremony of cremation.

Moroha didn't let that pa.s.s and spelled Incinerate quickly.

The yin yang was placed on the sword blade.

He struck the right pincer that was buried in the ground with Saratiga that became a flaming cursed sword.

An explosion. His wrist felt a hard response like becoming numb.

The blow that struck it was charged with prana and mana――it only drilled a crater of about one meter in diameter on the surface.

– It's too hard.

The right pincer was swung down and Moroha clicked his tongue while avoiding it with all his strength with a side step.

It wasn't hard at all when compared with the silver armor of Edward. The yin yang with Incinerate didn't even put a scar on it.

But, compared to the armor of Edward, the volume of this pincer was tens of thousands of times…

Moreover, there were two.

– What an unfavorable role, I wonder why I had to take charge of this…

Moroha smiled bitterly while looking up at the two pincers that were being brandished again.

At the strategy meeting, the conversation between Isurugi and Tokiko flowed in his mind.

『The front of Fortress will be in charge of Haimura. Can you do it?』

『Wait a minute, Kanzaki-kun. The front is the most dangerous. That's my role as the cap——』

『Shut up. Is your offense your forte rather than your defense? Haimura is the one suitable for that here. Besides, there are no captains, vice-captains or even just plain troops, right? Or am I wrong?』

『Hmm…. Alright. I'm sorry, Haimurkun. Can we leave this to you?』

『Can you do it, Haimura? No, this thing can only be done by you. So do it』

He didn't know if he could do it.

Moroha didn't like things like bragging.

But, he wanted to do it.

He had to do it.

– Everyone at that occasion decided that I'll be fighting this guy, what an unfavorable role indeed.

He had a strained laugh, but he returned it to a fearless smile.

Facing the menacing Fortress that had raised the pincers overhead, he put up the sword with both hands as if displaying it, and had it at the ready.

If this thing kept aiming at Moroha using the pincers,

If it gave priority to the elimination of the enemy before its eyes than moving forward,

Rather, it's what he wanted…!

Haruka was sprinting on the back of Fortress.

When she saw it on the satellite photograph, it looked greasy and glossy like a diving beetle, but now that she was stepping on it her impression was completely different.

For example, a scenery like a limestone cave with no ceiling.

The rugged protuberances of all sizes stood close together, giving the feeling as if one ended up losing one's way in the middle of a labyrinth of stone. And like the monsters placed in the labyrinth of a game, the bees attacked, appearing suddenly from here and there.

Haruka cleared away those things and kept running while opening a way out.

After the six s.h.i.+rogane of the regular troops excluding Moroha and Isurugi have managed somehow or other to break the left hind leg, everyone spread out as part of the second stage of the strategy and now they were a.s.signed to an offensive role. The others should also be fighting based on their own judgment.

Haruka understood well her own role.

(A speed specialized type like me has bad compatibility with a huge opponent like this)

All they needed was a power fighter who was to be able to continuously launch powerful attacks like an excavator.

That was the exact opposite to Haruka.

So, after they moved to the second stage of the strategy, Haruka didn't actively partic.i.p.ate in the attack.

Instead she ran through the back of Fortress, she ran vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

She made use of her speed, her only pride, and ran around, filling the whole battlefield.

She put prana on her whole body and turned into a blue meteor, pa.s.sing through the glen of stalact.i.tes in an instant then jumped over with a step the precipitous cliff.

(I've found Taketsuru-senpai and Souysenpai…)

She encountered two people who were fighting.

Taketsuru was fighting hard against bugs.

He cleared them away with a large halberd, then that transformed into a spear to stab them, then it transformed into a s.h.i.+eld to protect Souya, then in an ax, then in a long sword, then he divided it into seven knife blades and ma.s.sacred them by handle them freely as if they were living things linked with a chain.

He manifested all those varied weapons from one ID Tag. It was a battle style that not many users had where they fight and bewilderingly use them for different purposes according to the situation.

– You're showy as usual, huh.

– Rather, I'm just a Jack of all trades and master of none.

When Haruka talked to him while a.s.sisting him, Taketsuru pulled a wry smile while fighting, then saw his partner.

Immediately next to him was Souya――the taciturn female senpai who wore plain that was attacking the main part of Fortress in silence while being protected by Taketsuru.

Dazzling prana was running on the sword, she made sure to strike with it to produce craters one after another.

– You're not as good as Sophie, but Manchan is much more powerful than me.

– … err, it is unpleasant to be compared with very powerful women.

However, as Taketsuru said, someone like Souya can't graze the demons easily.

Instead, Taketsuru took charge of the bees.

(It's more efficient to fight and divide the load by having groups of two instead of fighting alone)

If they knew beforehand that Fortress had on board an inexhaustible supply of bugs, then Isurugi would have thought of something at the time of the strategy meeting.

(I should notify everyone else)

Taking a look at the battle of Taketsuru-senpai and the others, Haruka started das.h.i.+ng energetically once more.

– The situation is progressing but slowly! Especially the sorcerer attacks of Kanzaki-senpai and the others, they give a feeling that they're working! Taketsuru-senpai and the rest are giving their all without being fl.u.s.tered!

– Wow, thank you! Please tell everyone that we're also doing progress here!

Instead of mowing down the bees, she separated them by waving her hand.

She was the messenger.

The target was naturally hard and gargantuan, so each one of them were forced to fight isolated.

It was also difficult to grasp the progress of the battle.

That's why Haruka was running, observing, investigating, and ran again to report everyone.

Even if she couldn't become an excavator, she was the same as the electrical signals that neurons send.

She met with a swarm of bees ahead!

They turned their needles towards her with an immeasurable killing intent!

– I don't have time for being your opponent!

Haruka jumped.

She pa.s.sed over the bees and used them as a small stepladder and cut through the middle of the swarm at the fastest speed while jumping from bee to bee.

Since she used the way of walking of Mongyoku with which she could run on water, then this much was a piece of cake.

It was worth having trained in the training camp.

When the swarm of bees turned around in a hurry, she was already leaving them behind.

She disappeared in the distance.

Then this time, she found Isurugi fighting.

– *Gasp*

Haruka raised a voice of admiration.

Isurugi, who was on the back, was battling with the huge tail that grew from the b.u.t.tocks of Fortress.

His opponent, the tail, was like a crane of the biggest size for building construction, he was slas.h.i.+ng at it right in front of it without faltering at all.

The after-effects of the impacts of Isurugi, of his huge sword, were on the edge of reaching the place where the distant Haruka was.

It drilled a deep hole in the tail covered with an almost hard sh.e.l.l.

When he looked at it again, there were countless cracks running throughout the long large tail.

He was shaving it off, a part of it seemed that it would be evidently harder than its back.

Like the enraged G.o.d of Thunder, the prana wrapping up his whole body was clear.

There was a needle larger than a human attached at the end of the tail of Fortress, venom was constantly trickling down from there, but it was evaporated as soon as it was touched by the prana of Isurugi.

The bugs were already blown off in very small pieces just by the after-effects that occurred with stroke after stroke of Isurugi. They couldn't get close.

(The captain doesn't need to partner with anyone…)

The fighting style of Isurugi was that much bloodcurdling.

She even forgot to talk to him, she ended up gazing at him in the distance.

– Oooooooooooooh!

Isurugi converted all the prana that began to overflow like surging waves into a thunderclap.

And then he drilled into the tail of Fortress with the Keikoku of his whole body.

Lighting was running amok like squirming serpents on the surface of the sh.e.l.l.

An infinite number of engraved cracks were connecting as if they were chained by the impacts of that sword――and collapsed.

The huge tail was falling as if dying while getting worn-out.

Isurugi fought alone and crushed one of the greatest weapons that Fortress had which also equaled the pincers.

– Yahoo!

Haruka raised a joy spontaneously.

She stepped in that place without enduring it.

*Suddenly realized*.

She trampled down on something soft.

– Eh…?

The smile of Haruka froze.

The back of Fortress was supposed to be covered with things like stalact.i.te.

She fearfully looked down at her feet.

And then, she became speechless.

The thing that Haruka was stepping on was——the face of a monkey that rose to the surface on the back like a skin disease….

It was an ape-mask pustule, a jinmensou* that often appeared in ghost stories. It was completely that.

*TN: 人面瘡 = Mythological growth (tumor) that takes the shape of a human face.

It was much smaller than the ape-like face of the front that Moroha was fighting.

It didn't have more than five meters in diameter.

Still, it didn't lose in terms of eeriness.

Moreover, when they looked around, two ape-like faces were sp.a.w.ning on the back.

Isurugi was getting in a pincer-attack situation.

*Evil laugh**Evil laugh*…

…*Evil laugh**Evil laugh**Evil laugh*

*Evil laugh**Evil laugh**Evil laugh**Evil laugh*!

Those things raised a creepy laughter all at once.

– This isn't a Giant Bug species…

He must inform everyone.

Or maybe everyone was already aware of this fact.

– This… this thing is a multi-headed species!

If the number of heads increased, then it would get almost endlessly stronger. This was the most troublesome Metaphysical.

– Run away, Momochi! And tell eve——

Thanks to the shout of Isurugi, her body that was frozen as if it was bound by a spell came to move.

She turned around and started running at full power.

The three ape-like faces roared all at once.

The destructive sound waves were emitted in an instant, Haruka, who was covered in them from the back, screamed.

If she hadn't escaped, she probably would have suffered damage from that blow. Its power was of that degree.

When she looked back, Isurugi was way worse.

He received two direct hits from point-blank range. He fell to his knees with his sword as a cane.

After all, and at the very limit, Haruka was able to hold her ground without falling down.

It was because she had a role a.s.signed to her.

– Withdraw, Momochi…

While enduring the pain, Isurugi ordered her as if squeezing out his voice.

– Tell everyone. If we don't recover our stance for a moment… everyone will be annihilated.

Those words gave strength to Haruka.

(If I… if I collapse… then everyone will end alone…)

She stood pain well, encouraged herself and ran.


That something opened its eyes wide with the firepower of the Kuroma forces led by Tokiko.

They were casting Dark Arts attacks like barrages, they were gradually smas.h.i.+ng the body of Fortress.

If they had an overhead view from the skies, they would have seen well that the left side of the giant body was sc.r.a.ped like giving signs that it was gnawed by a mouse.

Especially the great efforts of s.h.i.+zuno that showed seriousness, they were tremendous.

She calmly fired Fourth Rank Dark Arts in succession, however, Tokiko, called the strongest Kuroma within the Academy, couldn't use them.

(I'm not going to lose either)

As the war situation was stabilizing, Satsuki was also getting better.

Strength came out from her body that was stiff due to fear and tension, but she regained the cutaneous sensation of her Natural Stance that was taught by Moroha and pumped out prana from the point below the navel.

For the sake of protecting the Kuroma forces, she slashed the swarming bees one after another.

She showed that her talent wasn't inferior at all to the s.h.i.+roganes of the second and third-year reserve corps.

The four legs of Fortress were crushed first with all the efforts of the teams.

Of the remaining attacking parts, Moroha took charge of the two pincers.

And the tail was the opponent of Isurugi, it's what she heard from the message of Haruka.

Therefore, it seemed that these bugs that remained were the only way of counterattack of Fortress.

In other words, if she completely protected the Kuromas from these monsters of bees, then Tokiko and the others should eventually turn Fortress into a huge tombstone!

The morale of the defending s.h.i.+roganes was high.

Naturally, Satsuki too.

There were lots and lots of things before their eyes that n.o.body even realized at all the very Satsuki, but the crus.h.i.+ng numbers of Satsuki were higher than anyone else in this place.

– Uoooooooo, the captain was able to dooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Kamekichi raised a shout of joy.

Everyone stopped moving for an instant and saw the tail of Fortress.

The sh.e.l.l was worn-out and disintegrated.

The tail lost its strength, it was falling over its sideways like dying, or like hanging its head completely.

Everyone shouted with joy all at once, the morale raised as if piercing the sky.

– These idiots! Don't you think it's a shame to let captain do all by himself?

The reprimand of Tokiko was cheerfully in some respects, because there was no fear.

Satsuki and everyone didn't intend to be self-conceited, but they were feeling that they saw a line of hope, so they couldn't help but feel glad. Especially all the Kuromas, they were stopping their handwriting.

And there ——

– Wait. Isn't the situation strange?

The alarm of s.h.i.+zuno was like cold water.

Satsuki was getting startled and looked ahead of her line of sight.

Until a while ago, the Kuroma forces were increasing the fierce attacks on the side of the body of Fortress.

The two crevices that were sc.r.a.ped off and hollowed there like a quarry of a mountain, had a newly carved one, a horizontal one.

Even though no one was attacking it, it was done by itself.

What was that? While bringing down a bee, Satsuki strained her eyes.

The two cracks spread up and down like real eyelids opening.

What she saw from below that was――an ape-like face.

The two that appeared on the side of the body were smaller than the one Moroha was facing.

Fear ran on the muscles of the back of Satsuki due to its creepiness.

– A multi-headed species…

– That thing was a multi-headed species!?

– Certainly, it's a Giant Bug species, but…

Voices of confusion rose from everywhere.

– Don't lose your focus! It doesn't matter what species the enemy is, we must be the superiors here!

The angry roar of Tokiko flew, and the troops calmed down.

The Kuroma forces started spelling new Dark Arts.

But——the two ape-like faces breathed greatly, they were quicker to yell.


They heard a roar that pierced ears, Satsuki instinctively dropped the sword and plugged her ears.

Everyone around her groaned while covering their ears.

Destructive sound waves were coming out? Despite they were quite far from the ape-like faces, the skin of Satsuki was cut and bled here and there.

All the s.h.i.+roganes protected themselves with Anti-Magic, and all the Kuromas protected themselves with Blue World.

If Satsuki wouldn't have been able to learn it recently, she could have collapsed.

What was its lung capacity? Or rather, was common sense not related to Metaphysicals? The roar didn't stop at once.

What cheat was that? During that time, the swarm of bugs calmly attacked them.

The instant they were collapsing due to the roaring of the destructive sound waves, those who couldn't deal with them appeared one after another.

They were p.r.i.c.ked with needles and fell noisily.

A bug was next to Satsuki, it had the needle ready and a.s.saulted her from the front, but since she raised her right leg overhead as she covered her ears, she avoided it and kicked it hard with Super Strength*.

*TN: 剛力通  = Gourikitsuu.

The bee that was blown off was near here already, it b.u.mped into a bee that was attacking Maya, then it was blown off again to the opposite like a billiard ball.

The ape-like faces stopped roaring at last, Satsuki could separate her hands from her ears.

While grimacing due to the buzzing in the ears that was still ringing, she grasped the situation of the surroundings… she was shocked.

The people who were standing weren't more than half.

Especially the Kuromas, they were all annihilated saving Maya.

– s.h.i.+zuno!

Satsuki ran up to s.h.i.+zuno with a pure-white face.

She pulverized with a blow of her fist the bees that were trying to finish her off.

– Hold on, s.h.i.+zunoo!

She turned her face up who had fallen lying face down and peeked at her condition.

– … I… 'm… o… ka… y…

s.h.i.+zuno replied as if talking in delirium with her eyes out of focus.

Her complexion was bad and strange. And yet she was just stung a bit on her side.

The Satana of the poison——a dark presentiment came to the mind of Satsuki.

– … yo… you… hu… rry… pl… plea… se…

s.h.i.+zuno urged her, she pointed her finger towards Fortress with her hands shaking and with a faint look.

"You have to fight".

Satsuki endured the tears firmly.

– Got it. You're okay, no? This is similar to when we completely endured the Satana of petrification of the nine-headed big serpent, isn't that right?

She said with a nasal voice, then laid the body of s.h.i.+zuno down gently.

She wiped her eyes with her right arm.

Her left arm moved naturally to crush the bee getting closer from behind with a backhand blow.

After she wiped away all tears――Satsuki surveyed the surroundings.

The detestable ape-like faces. The detestable bees.

She was with set eyes.

She swayed and stood up like a ghost.

Her anger transformed into something similar to boiled magma, her clenched fist shook.

She was trying to put all her fury into this fist——

『You heart can get fired up. Rather, your heart is strong, but your head is calm』

The words of her beloved brother crossed her mind like a divine revelation.

Satsuki suddenly came to her senses.

The fist that had been clenched to the point that her nails cut into it her hand loosened up.

The main point of Natural Stance, the teaching she got during the training camp.

Rather than recklessly venting this anger like a blunt weapon——she had to change it to a sword that can be sharpened and fight.

(I'm sorry. …and thank you. The words of Nii-sama took root in me satisfactorily)

A sweet feeling came and went from her heart for an instant.

Her oddly enough visibility was getting clear.

She looked onto the battlefield well.

——How do I protect all Kuromas from the bees?

It's okay, all the s.h.i.+roganes are recovering somehow.

——Then, have that ape-like faces tried to breathe in again?

n.o.body had noticed them. It will be dangerous if those destructive sound waves were to come out once more.

(Well then, I have no choice but to do it!)

Satsuki left the battle formation and rushed out to the large build of Fortress.

(We're not going to lose. No one will die. Because Nii-sama is there for us)

With that feeling in her chest, Satsuki dashed.

(Nii-sama will come. I'm sure he'll do it in one way or another. I believe in him)

That feeling rapidly grew stronger, making a clear heart in her chest.

(I'll protect everyone until Nii-sama comes. I'll take the place of Nii-sama)

Her heart beat strongly and strongly with every step.

(That's all I have to do!)

Not confidence nor calmness, but strength and excess of impatience and enthusiasm were taken by Satsuki.*

*TN: Not completely sure if this is correct, I couldn't find references about specifics things of this sentence. 信頼が、安心が、サツキから余分な焦りや気負い' 力みをとっていった。

And then, a revolution happened in Satsuki.

The right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot, s.p.a.ce between the eyebrows, the point below the navel――up to the heart.

She opened all the seven gates; her body wore a golden glimmer entirely.

A perfect and immaculate golden brilliance blew violently.

Satsuki connected a flying kick on the ape-like face that was about to emit a destructive sound wave.

Just one blow. With that, the ape-like face was squashed flat.

Right then at the front line.

Moroha who stood in front of Fortress was in the extremely hardest battlefield.

The pair of pincers that attacked alternately from left and right were like different living things.

Great roars and destructive sound waves were released from the 10-meter ape-like face.

Moroha, at the same time he took on them by himself, he slipped through and continued fighting without giving it a break.

He didn't miss even the few gaps that he changed to good opportunities as if stealing them and dealt counterattacks as much as he could.

He put a radical pace on his speed with G.o.dlike Movement and made after images with the way of walking《Giant Gate》Komon.

He jumped into the bosom of both pincers that suddenly charged to those afterimages as decoys and stabbed the sword, hollowing out one of the eyes of the ape-like face.

He thought that it would go insane even in his perspective, but then again, such theory didn't get through to the Metaphysicals.

The attacks of the pincers, as if they raged, just became violent.

The pincers that had the appearance of lumps of iron were large like a mansion.

The one to the right was careless, but it could strike with a deadly pressure.

Moroha grasped its trajectory in an instant. If he were to mess up this, it would be an instant death.

He jumped outside of the range of attack of the pincers.

Earnest and truthful. Full power steps. Nevertheless, there were times the pincers grazed the tips of his toes. The light and darkness of light and death were separated in centimeters.

The pincers that flew through the air deeply pierced the ground, it took it a little to pull them out.

The blows that were Light Techniques, Dark Arts and yin yang had resolution and attacked continuously like a precision machine.

He carved a large number of slashes on the sh.e.l.l that covered the left and right pincers.

That may have been an act like piling up dust*.

*TN: Meaning that his attacks weren't effective.

Still, Moroha didn't give up with a persistent fighting spirit and repeated with unbending courage.

Fortress tried to pull out the right pincer while its ape-like face opened its big mouth.

Moroha prepared for the great roar and the sound wave attack——but nothing happened.

– … huh?

The preparation regarding the great roar wasn't there.

He couldn't believe so, Fortress opened its big mouth greatly, it was like the expression of a human being, it was just astonished.

A demon of this caliber, what on earth surprised it?

Moroha, who wasn't a G.o.d, didn't know that Isurugi destroyed its tail.

But what he knew is that this was the greatest opportunity.

He didn't hesitate and chanted a great magic of the Fifth Rank.

h.e.l.lfire manifested again, it converged and dwelled in the sword.

Saratiga, that was making brilliant white light and black flame spark, was brandished above his head and struck the right pincer that was still buried underground.

He pierced inside it then released the prana and mana of his whole body as if igniting its interior.

From the countless wounds engraved on the pincer, flashes of light leaked out.

And then, the sh.e.l.l of the right pincer burst and scattered from inside at last.

(It wasn't as good as the cheat armor of White Knight-sama, and that helped me…)

Sweat was dripping on his forehead, but Moroha showed a fearless laugh.

He held the sword to the side, returned it as it was and attack it.

The left pincer came attacking, but the launched attack wasn't scary. He slipped into its bosom in an instant.

The ape-like face that recovered from that shock breathed in to roar once again, but it was too late.

Another stroke of the sword, Kurikara, thrust into its nose.

The expression of the ape-like face was showing nothing but a repulsive smile, but it was dyed in astonishment once more, then it ended, it was blown off from the inside, breaking into small fragments.

Only the left pincer remained!

Moroha turned the tip of the sword towards it, looking up.

Even so——the left pincer that he thought it would surely attack, stretched in different directions.

As if cowardly escaping from Moroha, it seized the east slope of the hill and moved its gigantic build over there.

The 300-meter giant body sluggishly and slowly changed course to the east direction.

I was the direction where Satsuki and s.h.i.+zuno were battling.

(It'll be bad if I let it go…!)

Moroha got impatient for the first time today.

Why suddenly Fortress began to change course? Was it really planning to run away?

Without knowing the cause, he ran down the hill, following the left pincer.

– Morohaaa!

There, Haruka got to where he was by jumping and coming down from the back of Fortress.

With her body full of wounds, she looked at him like clinging to him, like a lost child that was finally able to meet fortuitously with his father.

And yet, Moroha turned worried eyes towards her, he was glared back as if being reproached.

Her obstinacy gave a good feeling.

Moroha forgot about the wounds and asked her while continuing the chase of the pincer.

– Morohsenpai, why is this thing——

– Satsuki began to act violently all of a sudden! Moreover, she's fired up like Moroha and the captain!

She couldn't bear it and tried to protect the flank?

If this guy had high intelligence, then it would probably think of ignoring Moroha, but from time to time the Metaphysicals had low intelligence and their actions were ephemeral.

– So, are Satsuki and the others fine?

– I don't know! It was my first time seeing that girl in such condition! Besides, the Kuroma forces were wiped already, so they excepting Satsuki started evacuating to the shelter!

A cold and unpleasant feeling began to slide down on the muscles of the back of Moroha.

– What about s.h.i.+zuno? And Kanzaki-senpai? And Kammie-senpai? And Take——

– I don't know either! I don't know who's alright or who's not alright! After the disgusting face started its indiscriminate sound wave attacks that came out one after the other, the battlefield was already in disarray! I'm turning around to pa.s.s the order of evacuation of the captain. You're the last! The only thing that we can do is to pray so that everyone else escapes safely!

Moroha stopped abruptly.

Haruka b.u.mped into his back.

– What are you doing!?

– I'll change to offensive. To kill this monster.

– Huuuh!? To kill, you say? How can you kill it without support!? Can you really do it!?

– I don't know. To be honest, I'm not sure. But, isn't this the worst-case scenario already? If so… I have no choice but to do it!

Using all of his running ability, Moroha jumped vertically.

He held fast to the side of the changing-course Fortress then dashed up like running on a wall.

He finally reached the top of its back.

– Please withdraw, Momo-senpai!

He shouted towards the ground.

– Are you really planning to do it alone!? To kill this guy!?

While he wiped persistent sweat, Moroha a.s.sented heavily.

There was still some time until this slow giant that performed a 90-degree turn arrived with its left pincer to where Satsuki was.

After the start of the battle, he had no other alternative but to bet on that extension of time that was given for the first time.

The minutes are terrible. His head was calmly calculating his own limit level.

If that was the case——then he will have to go beyond that.

– Ooooooooaaaaaah!

Moroha roared as if he returned to his origins.

Natural Stance, the deepest level of a s.h.i.+rogane. That was also belief, and also common knowledge for Moroha. He tore the teachings that he persuaded to Satsuki himself.

An ordinary s.h.i.+rogane still couldn't kill this demon.

It was impossible to oppose fate without destroying, stepping and pa.s.sing through the limits.

Therefore, and to not hesitate, he abandoned Natural Stance, he threw away and tore his human skin and uncovered his true character that was in the very bottom of his heart, and became something*.

*TN: there are 2 possibilities here: A G.o.d bon from various things. A spiritual existence that transformed into something. Goblin/monster/demon/ghost/apparition/something unusually large.

Whether it was possible for him to be an S-Rank or not, he embodied it unconsciously.


Together with a lion's roar, an extraordinary prana began to overflow and ran about his whole body.

And then, Moroha started running.

He hewn the《ground》 back with the sword.

He adjusted the nature of the prana that was running on the sword blade and cut deeply, sharply and thinly with it.

The cutting line was complex. It drew a curved one instead of a straight one.

The obstructive protrusions flattened the craggy forest, clearing the land.

――as if that was the same as《tattooing》art.

Moroha plunged forward, mowing down the swarming bugs.

The time was reaching its end. And the back of Fortress was immense.

Speed was everything.

He ran faster, he cut faster, he decided faster, he raised everything to the limit and further beyond that.

He cut and cut and cut and cut and cut and cut.

A new ape-like face emerged on the right side and started breathing.

Even to the left side——he was in a pinch.

(I'll let you beat the rest!)

Moroha only mangled the right ape-like face without hesitation.

A sonic wave that came from behind… didn't came!

– What are you doing, you idiot!? That's not typical of you!

What came instead was a loud pep talk of Haruka.

Did she follow him…?

– It's no good to slice them so sharply, you know!? You have to fight as if hollowing them out, like an excavator!

Certainly, the way of the attacks similar to the ones that were made to explode prana at the same time of impact had a broader range of destruction. That made blown away even the bugs with the after-effect, he felt at ease without letting them come near. However,

– This much is fine!

– Are you really sure!? In that case, what was the meaning of all this zigzagging and cutting so hesitantly? I can't look at something tediously like this anymore!

– There's no meaning or anything like that, and I only have time to do this!

– I know that already! Since I'm with you, then we'll die together!

Haruka shouted as if giving in to despair, her words were heavy almost like a proposal.

– Just like what Satsuki thinks, I don't intend to give the seat of your partner to anyone! Leave the support to me!

– I leave them to you!

Moroha prioritized to cut its back.

Haruka was bringing down all the ape-like faces that appeared in the distance and the bees that came to sting.

It's not that he wasn't good enough to get her support.

There was absolutely nothing inside Moroha.

The anxiety of the future was gone. Moroha concentrated.

He sharpened his consciousness nimbly like a string made from twisted paper.

He swung the sword just like he imagined, then carved a cutting line on the back as he imagined.

If Haruka, who was overcoming the many difficulties was there, then he could do so even with his eyes closed.

On the back of the 300-meter cla.s.s' large build, Moroha carved a cutting line on the whole surface with energy——

Raging like the fierce G.o.d, running like the wind G.o.d, cutting and dancing like the sword G.o.d.

And then, when he made a lap on the wide back, and when he finally reached even the base of the left pincer.

Fortress, that finished changing course just a little ago, was trying to put Satsuki within the scope of its pincer.

It was a dangerous place but he was in time for it. He was the combination of being the fastest in the Academy and who went through many mortal combats, it was possible for him to accomplish the most difficult thing within the time limit.

Moroha overlooked from the back of Fortress.

Satsuki wore a dazzling prana on her whole body, she was smas.h.i.+ng up in a hand-to-hand combat the ape-like faces that were emerging one after another on the flank of the demon by striking, kicking, hitting and stabbing them.

That wasn't a Light Technique, she was relying fully on her strength.

But she was hollowing out and off the giant body.

「Satsuki is a tank type」, that would be the comparison indeed of Moroha.

She was doing so with undivided attention, she was raising overhead even more her bloodstained fists.

Everyone was behind her.

The reserve corps who guarded the devastated Kuroma forces were about to take them to the shelter, but they were advancing slowly due to the obstruction of a swarm of bees. In order to protect them, Satsuki was fighting earnestly while getting worn-out.

– Leave the rest to me, Satsuki!

Moroha shouted from above the back of Fortress.

Satsuki looked up at the figure of her older brother, she was smiling while crying because of too much joy, then fell to her knees on the spot as if she lost all strength.

The golden prana that covered all her body also faded away in an instant.

He thought "when was the moment when she opened the seven gates?", but it seemed that she couldn't make that feeling her own yet.

(But, you did it well――)

Satsuki, who sat down hard, met him with a nod.

Haruka jumped down and made sure to escape, taking Satsuki with her.

Isurugi, Taketsuru and the others joined the Kuroma forces and now they finally confirmed that the progress of the evacuation came within sight.

However, by no means they were in situation where they could be glad.

The left pincer of Fortress was pretty much getting near to the place of everyone who was evacuating.

They will be annihilated if it did so.

Moroha with "Like h.e.l.l I'll let you!", turned around to the very wide back of Fortress.

He continued swinging his sword many thousands of times, he carved innumerable cutting lines on it; he drew something there.

(――This time, it's my turn)

He squeezed out mana from the very, very, very bottom of his heart with a ghastly facial expression.

But that alone wasn't enough. He made sure to feed even his own prana, he was making the greedy dark power to grow fat like a demon king.

And then――the mana that was made to gather on his left hand struck directly the back of Fortress.

The darkness flew along the cutting lines that were engraved.

On the milk-white back, jet-black lines scattered in a fan shape from the position of Moroha, and stretched.

They spread while crawling, as if energizing by running around in an electronic circuit.

The back of Fortress was huge.

To make all his mana spread throughout, an enormous power was necessary.

Even though he refined it, it wasn't enough yet.

Even though he mustered it, it wasn't all of it.

– More… more… more, more, more more more more more…!

A completely dangerous act, like releasing his soul directly from his left hand.

His body complained to stop it already, absolute sleepiness and desperate fatigue tormented Moroha simultaneously.

But he wasn't going to stop.

Every time he felt overwhelmed, he pulled himself together with utmost effort.

Because he carried that sandy beach on his back, he could do it.

Because he carried his companions on his back, he could do it.

He remembered. Haruka, who wore a bikini and looked embarra.s.sed, turning bright red.

He remembered. The enjoyable barbeque that Tokiko had prepared.

He remembered. The secret special training that he did with Satsuki every night.

He remembered. The night journey of the test of courage he walked with Maya.

He remembered. The fireworks he enjoyed with everyone.

He remembered. The charming yukata of s.h.i.+zuno.

He remembered. The face in profile of Isurugi who stood on the sandy beach before the decisive battle.

He remembered. The words of Taketsuru. To play with everyone again at this sandy beach——

Every time he remembered, strength welled up in rapid succession.

(This is almost as if… everyone was pus.h.i.+ng my back…)

He fully realized.

That all, all, all and all the things he was carrying on his back now.

Were too good, that he didn't want to lose them.

That's why——

– I――I'll never forgive those who will steal from meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

The war cry of Moroha reverberated in every corner of this world.

An enormous mana as if it was made to condense all the darkness of this world surged from his left hand.

The darkness spread throughout widely and without leaking a single particle to every corner of the large back of Fortress along the engraved slashed lines.

Moroha engraved slashed lines because he was drawing that with one thing in mind, but it wasn't the result of the sword that was wielded nonsensically.

No, he was writing.

The entire back of Fortress was engraved with ancient magic characters.

There is purgatory on the realm of the dead, there are burning fields on the world.

The flames burn without reserve and with equality both good and evil Let them purify with intense compa.s.sion.

All the persons die and return to skull.

G.o.d has abandoned people.

The world of decadence is unending. Let the trumpets blow. Come, hour of judgment!

Moroha learned during training camp the form of a new yin yang.

Instead of writing with his fingers, he used Dark Arts at the same time he performed a spelling and a slas.h.i.+ng attack.

It was a technique he invented to not make the timing of the activation readable.

But, he thought of an application form during practice. He displayed its use without practicing it beforehand.

Fifth Rank, h.e.l.l Flame's Black Gehenna.

There were around one hundred spellings.

*TN: The spell had 98 characters in total in j.a.panese.

That he carved on the back of Fortress.

All the mana of Moroha that was thorough it――exploded.

The entire giant back of Fortress burst into flames all at once.

Black flames raised explosions at roughly one hundred places, tasting and melting everything with a violent heat, burning to exhaustion the surroundings as if contesting each other, expanding their influence even more.

Whether it were the bees, or the ape-like faces, or the hard epithelium, the flames burned all till nothing remained.

The explosions called even more big explosions, each time that happened the large build of Fortress evaporated.

It was evaporation. This h.e.l.l Flame was a glutton, not even ashes remained.

The monsters were swallowed deeply from the back without any technique by the maximum black flames.

Moroha, who took refuge with G.o.dlike Movement without delay, looked at that kind of thing from afar.

The scene evidently looked like a purgatory manifested above ground.

It was a sight like the end of the world.

Moroha pretended to not see it and returned to everyone.

And then――he turned around no more.

The way the black flames of Moroha swallowed Fortress was also reflected in the eyes of the Six Heads. On the screen of Arlene's laptop, the on-site staff that recorded the thing was sending it live.

The world's strongest Saviors were watching it attentively while holding their breaths.

No one could say anything.

Even Edward who knew the real strength of Moroha.

– *Yaaawwn*, I slept so well. It felt like a very good dream. The jet-lag was also cured with that. I have to praise you, Charles.

With the voice of Suruga that they heard from behind, everyone came to their senses.

When they looked at him, he was waking up from the Giga Drowse of Charles while pulling a big and arrogant yawn.

– Hou, he won? He did it, isn't it? As expected of my subordinate.

He wasn't watching the fight of Moroha all this time, and yet, he just said that naturally like he was able to do it since he was his subordinate.

– Moroha is still a student. He hasn't joined the j.a.panese Division so being your subordinate is rather ridiculous, no?

– But eventually he'll be mine.

Edward pointed out, looking disappointed, but the att.i.tude of Suruga was stubbornly haughty.

He couldn't oppose him, so he shrugged his shoulders and returned to the screen.

『I guess it wasn't a mistake to make this someone-kun an S-Rank, don't you agree?』

They heard the voice of Arlene from the speaker.

There were no dissenting opinions. Not even from Lightning Empress. Nor Charles.

They looked unpleased and annoyed with the view that was displayed, it was like a purgatory displayed on the screen.

Everyone in this place understood that he was a genuine strong man among the strong ones.

Haimura Moroha was the same kind as——

Like Edward did so before.

While it may be true that he told them so, it only got complicated when he was elated with success as if he had a demon by the neck.

– Well, it's painful to admit it without difficulty, but that doesn't mean that I get how you feel.

Edward cleared his throat with an *ahem*, looking unconcerned.

And then, they advocated the prepared compromise.

Moroha was acknowledged as an S-Rank.

But they considered that he was still a student who had just woke up.

Therefore, and until he had graduated, he will be only treated as a student, and they would watch attentively and considerately his growth.

– ――so, are we doing that? He will have 3 years of postponed service so to speak.

Edward spread both hands and looked around everyone to peek at their reactions.

『Yeah, that sounds good. I'm in favor. I think that the tenderness of adults like those whose hearts aren't broken like someone-kun of a while ago are also necessary』

– Aren't we being too lenient? Shouldn't an S-Rank quit school right now and stand on the line? Or was the proposal of Edward-sama just recognized in name only?

– Shut up. Are you in a position where you can give your opinion, Zhixin?

– I don't intent to do something that extravagant, Charles-sama! My impertinent remark went too far, I humbly request your forgiveness.

Zhixin prostrated himself before him and withdrew his opinion.

Charles and Vasilisa were pondering. Edward understood their thinking perfectly.

In-name-only S-Rank was great.

He was getting quite in high spirits, but it wasn't funny to have his achievements and reputation exploited to the full.

If he were to become useless in the time he was in the cradle called Academy――

– I allow it. I can give my recognition of S-Rank to this guy if that's the compromise plan.

Charles accepted with a disgusted face.

Vasilisa hasn't answered anything, but this was a tacit understanding. It seemed that it would hurt her to recognize him by putting it into words.

– Are you also okay with this, Andou?

– Yeah, I completely agree. The strength of this guy, will sooner or later become mine, you know? Apart from that, I'm still a little sleepy. I lend this place to you, Edward.

Suruga yawned greatly and fell asleep on the spot.

Do you even know who owns this building? You didn't even wait for an answer even though you said "lend this".

The big-shot that slept like a log with a perfect face as if he owned the place.

Edward didn't feel like reproaching him.

– Anyhow, the agreement was decided! Then as such, everyone! The Six Head Conference is over, you may leave〜

By clapping, he declared the decision before someone changed his mind.

Charles got up and left the room quickly without saying goodbye.

He had an att.i.tude saying that he didn't want to breathe in the same air despite having no use for them anymore and that he didn't want to meet their faces as much as possible.

– Wait, Charles. I have something to talk with you.

Vasilisa glanced at Edward with a gaze full of hostility, then spoke with a coaxing voice that changed completely and went after the figure of Charles.

The screen of the laptop went dark all of a sudden. Zhixin left while bowing repeatedly.

The only ones who remained were Edward and the sleeping-like-log Suruga.

The dispute of the conference fell completely silent, it was unbelievable.

Edward resolutely put his weight on the back of the chair, he was exhausted.

He felt like having a《beautiful maid》Angela to get her bring some black tea.

– Achieving goals, huh…

He talked to himself while sighing heavily.

A postponed service. Barely an S-Rank.

But, that was perfect for Moroha now.

Even for Edward, it will be better from here on as he will fight shoulder-to-shoulder with him.

Until they brought this compromise plan, he decided to negotiate tenaciously, but they ended up deciding that suddenly.

He predicted that the conference would be a rough pa.s.sage, he even thought that it would take three days.

But actually it didn't take more than three hours.

It was unexpected during the Six Head Conference, it was also unexpected that Moroha travelled to a very small island where an unexpected Stronghold-cla.s.s Metaphysical such as that incredible monster appeared to demonstrate the true strength of Moroha.

– Actually, I was very lucky, no?

He rested his chin in one of his hands and stared at Suruga who slept deeply and arrogantly on the floor.

There was no answer.

He didn't wish for one.

Because this was a monologue after all.

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