Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou Volume 3 Chapter 5

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*Note: This was a very, very difficult to translate. Perhaps the most difficult since I started translating, so some few things might sound a little weird. Thank you for your understanding. Six Head Conference

Canary Wharf.

It was a large-scale waterfront redevelopment area located in the 「London Borough of Tower Hamlets」, famous for the Tower Bridge a little to the east from the heart of London.

Meanwhile, in the ancient capital of London, which was endowed with four world heritage sites, there was a street with ultrmodern skysc.r.a.pers lined in a row, and among them there was one that boasted of its height, reaching 770ft. (around 235 meters) : the「One Canada Square」.

Although it was a rather small building if compared to——

The British Headquarters of the White Knights Organization that was built in a corner of the Canary Wharf and was based on a 14-storey building that had the same appearance of the「Prideful elementary school students who wore with pride the proudful uniforms」.

The training camp of Moroha and the others reached its sixth day, and that day was still a day behind with the one that was in London due to time difference.

White Knight Edward, the Head of the British Headquarters*, went towards the top floor of the building using the elevator.

Upon arriving, there was only one short corridor.

It was like a road that questioned in detail the status of the person who walked on the luxurious carpet spread out.

There was a ma.s.sive double door at the back that intimidated as if blocking those who came there.

To that special room, which was used only once in a few years, Edward,

– Tarataaa, tarataa, taratatataratatataa, tatatatataaa ♪

He headed towards it by walking as he sang to himself the music of a game.

He got inside and, it was a compacted conference room.

The air conditioning was doing its work, but it was a tasteless room with no windows.

There was just one big hexagonal table enshrined at the center.

Aside from that, there was a laptop with a webcam placed in a corner of the table.

And, two men were waiting before Edward.

– You're late.

One of them——a young man in his twenties is the one that reproached Edward as if spitting out.

His hair is black. His suit is also black. His tie is also black. Black leather gloves even though he is in the room. Only the color of his eyes is blue.

He is a handsome man, but he made a mess of his facial expression which looked displeasured with nervous-looking eyes.

– I'm late…? Even though I just came five minutes ago?

– Shut up. Don't keep me waiting.

Resting one of his cheeks in one of his hands on the hexagonal table, he said looking displeasured, without making eye contact with Edward.

– Your gloomy idiosyncrasy as Frenchmen is the same as usual, don't you agree with me, Charles?

– Silence. You're just too cheerful, typical of the British.

This gloomy man in black was——the Head of the French Division.

His name was Charles Saint-Germain.

Like Edward, he had many aliases. The "Saint-Germain of Paris" (PSG). "The True Magician of Heresy". "The Magician of the Eiffel Tower".  "Les Rouge et le Bleu", etcetera, those were proofs saying that he was a veteran Savior.

Edward hara.s.sed──appealed to their long relations.h.i.+p and sat down on the seat next to Charles.

– When did you arrive? Are you the one leading?

– No. This time, he has the lead.

When Charles clicked his tongue and turned his body, he nodded and pointed towards another man.

The man wasn't sat on an unoccupied seat, he was kneeled on the cold floor.

He was wearing traditional Chinese costumes called Dof.u.ku, then folded his arms and made sure to place the wide sleeves together.

Without raising his head, he did a low bow, turning towards the two people earnestly.

They didn't know well his age.

He looked like a composed young man and like a lively boy.

He had thin eyes like thread, and his face looked completely like「the very picture of a Chinese person」.

– Long time no see, Zhixin. Are you the representative this time?

– Yes. My dear master is busy with a new lover and said he will be absent.

*TN: Furigana reading for "dear master" was スーフ and since it must be a Chinese name, it is unknown territory for me :c

The man of unknown age replied respectfully as he bowed low.

His name was Lu. He was regarded as the right-hand man of the Head of the Chinese Division.

– Hahaha, how many times has he had a new lover?

– It is the seventh time and soaring to the thousand.

– Hahaha! Isn't he just purposely miscounting that number in his own favor?

– For the honor of my dear master, I cannot answer that.

– OK, I'll pretend that it's true. Anyway, you're a splendid messenger entrusted with all the power he has, huh? Why don't you stop crouching over there and sit down here?

– I am sorry but that is too much. It is awe-inspiring for me to be with all the glorious Six Heads.

Zhixin stubbornly kept kneeled, he didn't try to raise his face either.

Because of that, the conversation stopped.

He didn't try to make eye contact, even when Charles tapped one of his feet with irritation.

It was a troubling situation for Edward who liked talking.

While they watched the clock, they waited reluctantly for the other three to gather.

(Moroha is enjoying his vacation right now, huh… ah, since there's a time difference, he's still sleeping, right?)

He endured these five minutes while thinking nonsensical things.

22:00. The schedule start time of the Six Head Conference.

With precision, the PC that was placed in a corner of the table lighted automatically.

Windows booted up and an application launched on its own.

The chibi character of a green dinosaur is shown on the whole screen*.

*TN: j.a.panese word meaning “short” or “midget", it has a derogatory meaning.

It smiled angrily with an exaggerating expression, like in certain movie productions of Mouse Land*.

*TN: Author wrote ネズミランド which is not the same as ネズミーランド. The second is effectively Disneyland.

『IT'S TIME! Notifying you that it's 20:00 GMT from New York!』

And finally, they heard a cheerful and pleasant voice of a young girl from the speakers.

– You haven't changed that at all, haven't you? I'm alone here, so why don't you show your face once in a while?

Edward turned a wry smile towards the webcam.

『That's why Skype exists in these times, and wouldn't that be inefficient since we just gather for the conferences?』

Charles grimaced, looking very irritated due to her loud laughter,

– You're late.

『Late…? But I came here right in time, didn't I?』

– Silence. Don't keep me waiting.

『There was something that I wanted to do until the very last moment! Charles is too impatient with the habits of Latinos』

– Silence. I don't care about the circ.u.mstances of others. I'm flabbergasted by the restlessness and selfishness of the Americans who want to effectively use even the seconds.

And, Charles did the same criticism as before. Was he just nervous? Or was he being sincere?

The girl, who was telecommunicating with this place via internet, was the Head of the American Division.

Her name was Arlene Highbury.

She was a rare and unusual Savior and was neither a s.h.i.+rogane nor a Kuroma.

She possessed Ancestral Arts that produced weapons and armor tools comparable to magic items, and that ID Tag she had changes to weapons that Moroha and the others also used, and the combat uniform that changed shape according to the prana and mana of each person was all handmade by her.

Despite all that, her fighting ability was never low.

"a.r.s.enal". "One-man Artillery Brigade". "Giant Killer". She was one of the S-Ranks with a history of having those aliases and more.

『Fine, fine. Time is precious, so let's start the conference right away, shall we?』

By the way, Arlene was a French-American person, her English p.r.o.nunciation was the most dubious among the Six Heads despite being a native speaker.

– Not yet. We're missing two people.

Charles spat out as he hit the table with his fingers, irritated,

– Shouldn't we do something to not get bored while waiting for the people with whom we have to talk to come?

Edward began to talk about various topics with Arlene.

Zhixin sat straight on the floor respectfully.

As the conversation of Edward and Arlene was getting lively, the sound of the tapping of the table of Charles and the tapping of one of his feet were growing violently.

And then, when five minutes pa.s.sed again——

The double door opened slowly, raising a very low frequency sound.

Wind blew from the corridor.

They experienced a hallucination, as if the temperature dropped several degrees.

The aura was of such degree, that the woman of the five gazes was wearing something that should be called a "mysterious presence".

A deep crimson dress that looked bloodstained. She came into the room, dragging along a long skirt.

Her beautiful face was more stunning than her gorgeous dress.

Was her age between 25 and 30?

The deep cleavage that peeked through her big opened chest emphasized her voluptuousness.

– You're late. Don't keep me waiting.

– Huh? Why haven't you started yet?

The devilishness beauty, who was arriving late, declared shamelessly against the reproach of Charles.

Her manner of speaking was arrogant, appropriate for a beauty that was striking.

– We were waiting for the main character to arrive——

The frivolous talk of Edward got somewhat stiff when he was in front of her.

– ——Your Majesty, the "Lightning Empress" of Russia.

– Adulations are not necessary. Withdraw your claim immediately, pseudo-knight.

She chose the seat facing Edward even when there were three seats still available then reclined on it like an empress.

They were overwhelmed by her cold and harsh line of sight that was like a storm of Siberia.

She was definitely the Head of the Russian Division.

"Lightning Empress" Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostovaya.

Until Moroha appeared, there was no one equaled to her. She was a Grimoire holder.

And also, an advocate of this conference, who strongly opposed the acknowledgment of Moroha's S-Rank.

– If you do so, I'll even pat your head with my hand. Deal?

– It's a very charming proposal, but I can't betray Jack.

The gaze of Vasilisa carried an even more intense cold.

The green eyes of Edward blocked it like an emerald s.h.i.+eld.

The atmosphere stung stingingly.

He experimented an illusion as if static electricity continued snapping on his skin.

While the other three were taking a "this is not my business" att.i.tude, the visual war of the two raised an endless pressure.

The feeling of tension swelled up in the narrow room.

It won't be funny when that explodes.

Such tensed air——when the door was opened again, it escaped to the corridor all at once.

The lines of sight of Edward, Vasilisa and Charles gathered there.

A boy was standing at the entrance.

The stand-up collar school uniform of j.a.pan that he was wearing tightly and stylishly looked like a military uniform.

He, the youngest of the Six Heads, said shamelessly with a haughty tone of voice that wasn't outdone by Lightning Empress.

– Sorry for being late.

Even though he was still seventeen, this presence. This personality.

When he reached the seat next to Vasilisa, it looked like the emperor and the empress were side-by-side on the throne.

Suruga Andou, the Head of the j.a.panese Division.

The natural enemy of the Metaphysicals, he sensed the arrival of the Metaphysicals and purified the existence of the Metaphysicals.

The "Watcher", also called called as "The Saint of the Far East", was the last person to arrive.

– You're late. Don't keep me waiting.

In the end, Charles made the same complaint to everyone except Zhixin.

– *Giggle*, my bad. You lot were waiting for my person——that means that during this time, you were all waiting for me? There was no need to do a funny thing like that though.

Then why Suruga said brazenly "Sorry for being late?"


A vein instantly rose to the surface of the temple of Edward, Charles, the chibi dinosaur and Vasilisa.

Zhixin only said something like「Terrifying」as he kept kneeled down.

– Did you arrive just now or something? Even though you asked the《Witch of the Gate》Mari to do that much so that you wouldn't get late since we would get angry.

– That's not my fault. I was already here in London this afternoon, you see? And right after that, we had fun shopping at the Knightsbridge, time went flying and here we are.

Suruga declared that it was simply because of reasons of force majeure.


A vein instantly rose to the surface of the temple of Edward, Charles, the chibi dinosaur and Vasilisa.

– Start the conference right know, pseudo-knight!

– Yes. Let's finish the displeasing topic of discussion before I kill this unpleasant man by burning him to death.

– Now, now, Lightning Empress and Charles, don't lose your temper. Let's be fr——

– Do you want to be killed by burning to death first!?

– Hahaha… alright then, I shall declare, in the name of the chairman, *ahem*, the holding of the Six Head Conference.

Thus, the six individuals who reign in the White Knight Organization met in the same room.

The human-shaped creatures that were capable enough of destroying all the armed forces on the ground by themselves, were here.

Those had just one topic of discussion——

They had a heated discussion as to whether acknowledge Moroha as S-Rank.

Edward, who ws acting as the chairman, took the lead in order to start the conference.

– Umm… about the topic this time, it's about Moroha Haimura's——

– Rejected. Is that all?

– Like she said.

Taking the leader from the onset, Vasilisa opposed arrogantly, and Charles also agreed with her with a bitter face.

– I would like to approve the S-Rank of Moroha Haimura. How about you?

Despite Edward being amazed, he declared with clarity.

– I approve. He has an adequate strength as S-Rank.

His arrogant att.i.tude was annoyed by it, but Suruga also gave his approval.

– Silence. You just want to increase the influence of the j.a.panese Division, isn't that right, Andou?

Charles immediately attacked the displeasured Suruga.

– If you say that, then aren't you two just opposing to it because you're lost in your own selfishness? I'd like you to consider even more the interests of the White Knight Organization as a whole.

– Oh, I see. But can we stop this endless argument since it's a waste of time?

When Edward shook his left hand while pressing his forehead with this right hand, Charles withdrew as he clicked his tongue with vigor. Suruga also nodded with a collected att.i.tude.

The White Knight Organization was an ability-based organization.

Therefore, the strong men were respected from the ones surrounding them, it was simple as that.

Therefore, if they weren't strong, no one would follow them.

Edward and Vasilisa were able to be in the Six Head because they were still the strongest within their Divisions and not because they were the founders of their own countries' Division. Conversely speaking——the "very strong" and the「acknowledged by the ones surrounding them」were the authority and the power in the equal White Knight Organization.

What if a new S-Rank called Moroha ended up being born there?

What if he was added even as the seventh person among the creatures that have only six people?

Many people would finish expecting a「When will the eight emerge?」.

That was an absolutely inviolable image, but although it was just a little thing, it was nothing but becoming weak.

Especially for Charles and Vasilisa——for these two persons who repressed their subordinates with the image of「Strength and Fear」, it was a situation that just couldn't be overlooked.

Vasilisa hit the table with her folding fan and Charles tapped one of his feet. Both expressed an att.i.tude of rejection.

They were unapproachable.

– I give up…

Edward peeked at the remaining too, like wis.h.i.+ng for a helping hand.

There was no rule that said that something was decided by majority vote at the Six Head Conference, but it was the general rule so far that the minority would have to unwillingly back down. Of course, he wanted to bring them to his side.

– It is impossible for me to cut into the conversation of everyone.

However, Zhixin did a low bow and sat straight. He waited for the best moment to state that diplomatically.

On the other side, while the chibi dinosaur avatar does a more than produced wink,

『In the end, and even though it's uncertain whether someone-kun is really strong or not, I don't disagree』

Arlene, who was the person inside it, was heard with a bluntly way of speaking.

– Naturally, Moroha is the tough warrior who defeated the many-headed monster of nine heads!

Edward gave his seal of approval since there were concrete achievements.

『Wow! I suppose the nine something you were saying is undoubtedly a dreadnought, correct?』

The astonished chibi dinosaur got the bait.

Charles snorted while shaking his legs.

– What about the evidence? I expressly showed up here, thinking if you made public at least one of the recorded videos where that guy killed the dreadnought.

The exchange was within their expectations, but Suruga replied faster than Edward.

– If it's about the nine-headed giant serpent that appeared suddenly, Morohkun ended up exterminating it promptly. We weren't in a situation where we could do any preparations to record it while checking the safety zone.

"Since this me says so", it was just his arrogance the way to convince them.

There was no need for things like persuasion nor discussion.

He's not reliable, huh…, the work of Edward got complicated.

Just as he thought, Vasilisa and Charles discussed as if capturing the head of a demon.

– Hohohohoho! Haven't you just let slip a secret just now!?

– Excuse me? How could you say that so impudently and recognize that you have no evidence?

Vasilisa scorned while hiding her mouth with the unfolded folding fan and Charles said as if spitting out while wrinkling the glabella.

『Well, then I can't agree either. There's no point in this if we are told that Andou fabricated the report』

Even Arlene ended up getting skeptical. The flow is not on their favor.

However, and without panicking and without fl.u.s.tering, Edward recited the words he was getting ready.

– Wait! Your points are reasonable, and I also naturally doubted at first. That's why I went to ascertain that. I fought against Moroha and I realized that he is a powerful person comparable to us, that's why I approved him as an S-Rank.

Finally, he put a hand on his chest like making a vow and explained earnestly.

– Hohoho! Hohohohohoho! This sure is what they call pilling shame on top of shame!

– I cannot help but talk. We don't even need video proofs. Unlike Metaphysicals, human beings can even go easy on someone. Anyone can pretend that they don't win.

– Hohohoho, what did you do to lose? In what way did you sell off your pride, pseudo-knight-dono?

But Vasilisa and Charles just kept criticizing him.

(I was sure that you would say so!)

Without paying attention to them at all, Edward gazed at the webcam.

『Can you make an official announcement to all the Saviors where you couldn't defeat someone-kun?』

– How nice! I'm not a someone who from the beginning has the mindset to hide his own mistakes. Because I have pride as a knight.

Edward tapped his chest as he returned the sarcasm to Vasilisa.

『If Edward goes that far to say so, then I can trust in you. Andou shouldn't be negligent though』

As was expected, the chibi dinosaur suddenly raised its thumb.

– I should not ignore this. Why can you trust in Edward, but I can't be trusted?

– You're making this more complicated, so why don't you stop stirring the situation, Andou!?

– It's not that I'm very displeased with you having no trust in me though.

But Suruga was already ignoring one thing for another in the conference somehow. By resting his chin in one of his hands on the table, he sent an intense gaze to the webcam of Arlene. The avatar of the chibi dinosaur trembled violently and her whole body became (it truly became) blue.

– Come on, let's have a serious conference.

– *Giggle*, weren't we doing it frankly till now?

– Don't make fun of me! To whom are you planning to take sides with, Andou?

– Naturally, I'm on my side. Edward, you have no problems in siding with me, right?

– Ugh, this is too much!

Edward scratched his head.

If he looked at himself now, there was no doubt he would think「The wisest men are here」.

Humans, the ones who used their heads would be the biggest losers.

(Or maybe Andou has the intention of not having a discussion…?)

No, there's no way. Edward shook his neck to the left and right.

『Anyway, if that's how things are going to be, then I agree for that someone-kun to be an S-Rank』

When Arlene turned in favor, Charles clicked his tongue a number of times and Vasilisa was covered in anger.

The Lighting Empress turned her eyes to the chibi dinosaur avatar, she looked so dangerous that she could kill people with only her gaze, but the chibi dinosaur avatar stuck out its tongue and pretended to be tough with「Bleh, it's not scary because I'm not actually there」

That stirred the disfavor of the Lightning Empress even more.

– Hey, manservant.

– … are you perhaps referring to me?

Without even trying to take a look at him, Vasilisa just gave her voice to Zhixin who had turned into a decoration.

– You, give me your support.

– … why do you say that to me?

Zhixin asked in return without raising his face, he continued being more and more humble.

– That vulgar female cat sided with him just now, like that pride-inflated pseudo-knight that is impossibly irritating. Have they planned to win with that or something!? So, are you going to teach them how things are with me or not?

– Hahaa, are you telling me that you want to divide the conference with three rejections and three approvals by adding me?

– At any rate, you have no opinion or anything like that, no? If so, serve me.

– I am sorry, that is beyond my reach. If these words were given to my dear master instead, then those words would be『Not interested』. I am not able to take sides with anyone by my own will.

– Don't say that so impertinently, you good-for-nothing servant! Why don't you keep shrouded in your long thing unless you want to die?

Vasilisa struck the man to whom she called a servant this time and gave a coercive look that could kill people.

Zhixin raised his face for the first time——

– If I were to give these words to my dear master instead, then those words would be『Not interested』.

He opened his thinned pair of eyes that were like thread and caught the line of sight of Lighting Empress.

The eyes of Zhixin were dyed dark green like jades, moreover, they looked muddy.

His prana was just overflowing, dancing in both eyes.

It wasn't just the color of the prana. It was an ominous brilliance that bewitched.

Even if his speech was repeated like a puppet, he was full of dreadfulness, making think that he couldn't be the same man that produced it.

– You want to hasten your death, huh——you puppet!

Vasilisa closed the folding fan with a slap and turned the anger into mana and gushed it out.

The thickness was enough to envelop the room, then suddenly transformed into a mist.

There was no doubt, it was miasma. It had a dreadful impact, it was enough to make them realize that no person possessing a mana stronger than her had appeared yet.

The air inside the narrow room smelled burnt all of a sudden.

– This is also extravagant for me. If I intend to live longer than all of you——then I will have to try and see if I can do it, I will earnestly and humbly not say any more than this.

While Zhixin was charmingly swaying his eyes, he made a daring expression.

– Interesting. They say that dead men tell no tales, no? If one or two persons stand in the way, then the conference will also advance.

Even Charles was taking action relaxedly by clenching one of his fists as if rubbing the leather gloves to let them make a sound*.

*TN: The most incomprehensible sentence I've seen. This might be near or completely far from what it should say.  シャルルまでゆらりと立ち上がり、革手袋をこって争いするように拳を握ってみせた。

– This is not a conference anymore!

Edward was like "why does it always get to this!? He was at his wits' end and fell prostrated right there.

『You three are more than savages! That's the way of doing of those guys of nuclear power!』

– Silence. As a matter of fact, you have the most nuclear warheads, isn't that right, Yankee?

The two of them were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with spirit of war.

Will she accept his challenge?

There was one person with an att.i.tude like that.

That one avatar which pretended to be a wallpaper inside the screen of the laptop.

One of the wisest men felt like drowning their cares in drinks right now.

He was being driven into a corner, to a dead end.

They will rush into Armageddon at this rate.  It wasn't amusing to welcome the last day of the White Knight Organization due to their own fall. That would be indeed the worst-case scenario.

Depending on the att.i.tude of the remaining one, and when they were almost there──

– Guh……. Gah… kaaah…

Out of nowhere, they heard a voice of anguish that was no joke.

『Impertinent Charles, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!』

– Wait. I-I haven't done anything yet though?

Charles explained, being somewhat puzzled.

The five people look at the owner of the voice.

It was Suruga——he was scratching off and pressing down his chest.

When they thought about it, he was silent for a while. What in the world happened then?

Right before Edward checked the serious matter, Suruga fell as if he had tumbled from the chair.

He was crawling on the floor while suffering, then leaned his back on the wall to throw down his heavy body.

He gasped heavily and mumbled in short intervals. His eyes weren't in focus, they were hollow.

– Don't… tell me… that… those guys… no way… now…?

He repeated in the same way the incoherent mumbling that had senseless words.

Even Vasilisa and Charles reduced their fighting spirit, everyone was looking at the sudden change of the dumb-like Suruga.

『Don't tell me that——a Metaphysical has appeared?』

Listening so, Edward sharpened his eyes.

He looked down on Suruga, he was reaching an inhumane look on his eyes.

Despite the pain, Suruga nodded composedly to the guess of Arlene who changed to her real self.

– Watcher. This is your Ancestral Arts, no?

– Hmph. Isn't this the first time that I——that we actually see this? It's very interesting.

Charles stared at Suruga while wrinkling up the glabella, and Vasilisa wore a s.a.d.i.s.tic smile as she licked her lips.

– Such an event, to be accompanied by a suffering like this! As always, and because of the report of Surugsama that acts as the body that suppresses to the minimum the harm of the Metaphysical, we will remember the sense of respect next time.

Even Zhixin stood up without thinking to peek at the situation.

– What country did they appear from, Andou?

Edward enquired, even his voice was transforming into an inhumane thing.

Charles, Vasilisa and Zhixin waited for the words of Suruga who had eerie eyes.

Why the Metaphysical appeared only in the motherland of the faces who are here?

In other words, the native place of someone here was invaded.

In the unlikely event that a dreadnought Metaphysical appeared, it was extremely dangerous to have that opponent face the subordinates that remained in the country. He must leave as is the conference and return to his country right away.

Suruga replied while gasping as the interest of Charles and the others took a grow together with their tension.

– … my, country.

Edward, who was listening, had eyes even more grim.

『I'll check it with NRO now. Do you have any idea where it hit in j.a.pan?』

– On the sea. Report that is in the northern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Suruga held his right hand in the air, hit his forehead with his left hand and said as he closed his eyes.

『North of Yamaguchi. It's really amazing that he knows even that level of detail. As expected of the "Watcher"』

Edward heard with a somewhat cold mood the innocent praise of Arlene.

《The National Reconnaissance Office of the United States of America》NRO ——when she enquired with the intelligence agency that operated the world's leading reconnaissance satellite,

『I could find it immediately. And it's very bad news』

The screen of the PC switched, a satellite picture was displayed.

These were the reactions of the Six Heads that were looking at the majestic appearance of the Metaphysical displayed there.

Edward glared at it and immediately looked back at Suruga.

Charles made the most displeasured face of today.

Arlene kept silent. She was lost with Is there something we can do? Is there something we can think of?

Zhixin joked with「Terrible, terrible. I am glad it wasn't in my country」.

And Vasilisa,

– Hohohohohohohohohohohohoho!

Without warning, she loudly burst into laughter.

No sooner than that, she thrust the folding fan at Suruga.

– You won't go unpunished if you move a single step from there, Andou. If not, you'll have to defeat me.

『Why are you saying such an outrageous thing so sudden!? Those things, we won't be able to kill them unless we stand as the head of the army. You get that with a glimpse, right!? Let Andou go!』

– Hohoho! What thing is unreasonable!? There's a man in j.a.pan who will become an S-Rank, right? If so, there's no reason for Andou to return explicitly, or there is onet? Let's wait patiently while slowly chatting over tea, shall we?

Edward gritted his teeth as they were ridiculed by Vasilisa.

– Are you saying that Moroha… that he can fight such demon?

– Even though the gentle me opposed with a no so that child wouldn't bear such heavy responsibility, the ones who cheered for that brat to be an S-Rank were us, no? If so, then we have to let him do it. And such demon, weren't we told an absurdity where he showed off the killing of another one by himself only? Doesn't that make me a kind woman, I wonder? Letting the brat fight and fall pathetically, shouldn't we pray so that our consciences will never feel pain?

Vasilisa laughed like it was irresistibly funny with a high-pitched sound.

It's not like he wanted to imitate Charles, but Edward had a face as if he had chewed up a bitter-tasting bug.

It was regrettable and irritating, but Vasilisa——was being logical in this regard.

It wasn't unreasonable.

Standing on the toughest battlefield, facing the most atrocious Metaphysicals and taking over the most dangerous roles.

The ones who could do so for sure were the S-Ranks.

– Good idea. I'll help you, Lightning Empress.

Charles went as far as to say such an unsettling thing, and at that time his Third Rank Dark Arts was completed.

n.o.body could react, his quick work was on a whole different dimension, he had an abnormal spelling speed.

He even omitted the chanting, it was a special skill of Charles that looked like cheating.

– Sleep. Peacefully there. You will feel at ease without suffering.

Charles looked down on Suruga with an ill-humored face. Suruga was glaring back at him as he leaned his back on the wall——but,

– *Giggle*, even you are unexpectedly tender. Should I grant you my admiration?

He carved an arrogant smile on his face, closed his eyes and lay down like throwing himself down.

His facial expression of agony until just now fell into a deep sleep as if it died, it was unbelievable.

Ancestral Arts' Dark Art, Giga Drowse.

Suruga was neither a s.h.i.+rogane nor a Kuroma, but a specialized Savior with anti-Metaphysical abilities, he had no Art that opposed the mana of Charles.

He had a bold sleeping figure. Yes, that's right, they wanted to admire it and praise it, if they weren't in an emergency.

Vasilisa stood by his side and scowled at him. Given this situation, Edward couldn't give him a hand so easily, and in the first place, he didn't want to aggravate the situation from the beginning.

(This means you have no choice but to do it… Jack)

In any case, even without those two being a hindrance, there was no way for Suruga to return to j.a.pan right now. The Erratic Portal of Mari could only be used again after almost 10 hours due to Arts' limitations.

(If it's you, then you can do it… make me believe in you)

While watching the Metaphysical photographed by the satellite photograph, Edward couldn't help but make the sign of the cross.

The supreme White Knight had no choice but to implore G.o.d.


The Head of the British Headquarters, and one of the Six Heads, saw for the first time──

A monster whose only description was "nightmare".

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