Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou Volume 3 Chapter 4

Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou -

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Warm Flames

s.h.i.+mon Mari, the of Akane Academy, boarded the s.h.i.+nkansen bounded for Tokyo early in the morning.

(Isn't this first cla.s.s' footrest rather uncomfortable?)

She can't wait to arrive there while having that and other constrained thoughts.

It is immensely absurd since she would arrive in Tokyo from Akane Academy in an instant if she were to use an Erratic Portal.

However, and unfortunately, in the rules established by the White Knight Organization, the Erratic Portal is not something she is allowed to use whenever she wants.

As for the reasons, the first is that its arbitrary application by individuals is considered more than dangerous because it could become a powerful strategic weapon.

The second is that the Erratic Portal has a technical limitation where it can be used only once a day, so its usage becomes important, and lastly is that such ascertainments are done by the higher-ups.

For example, if Mari ended up using it to go to Tokyo and the Metaphysicals appeared somewhere in j.a.pan right after that, even if there were a lot of Saviors near Mari, she wouldn't be able to dispatch them instantly.

If such a thing were to happen, then even Mari would end up regretting it.

Despite her complaints, she was sitting quietly on the seat.

The companion that comforts her during the boring travel is her laptop.

She was exchanging emails with Maya who just woke up.

And with today, It has been five days since that angel-chan went to an island for the summer training camp.

A report email arrived every day.

『We had a watermelon splitting game today desu. Moroha got angry with "don't waste food", but since we did a pinky promise to eat properly with everyone later, he agreed to do it desu. 』

『We had a test of courage today desu. But compared to captain-san and demon vice-captain-san, we didn't get excited as it wasn't scary at all desu. Only Maaya had fun because she could pair with Moroha with a raffle desu』

『Today we found the water motorbikes that the manager-san has desu. But he couldn't lend them to us because they are dangerous desu. My heart was about to break with sorrow desu』

There are more entertaining reports like,

『Moroha and Satsuki-oneechan seem to be secretly going out every night desu』

『They were having a secret special training when s.h.i.+zuno-oneechan and  Maaya tailed them stealthily desu』

『s.h.i.+zuno-oneechan didn't seem to be pleased by it, but she watched attentively in silent desu. She is gentle desu』

『Maaya is also with Moroha every night when she returns to the dormitory, so Maaya decided to lend him to Satsuki-oneechan for the duration of the training camp desu. She is gentle desu』

『Harukoneechan was worried. Satsuki-oneechan seems to frequently have nightmares and is having difficulties to fall asleep somehow at night desu. Therefore, yes, she can be pampered by Moroha desu』

『But Maaya thinks that demon vice-captain-san is an obstinate person who goes too far desu. She creeps at night into the dorm even when Moroha is out, but she is scolded by captain-san later desu』

What a precocious report.

There was also a lot of emails with pictures.

(I give my thanks to demon vice-captain-san though)

Mari thinks so many times while reading them happily every day.

Tokiko, the vice-captain, suggested that this year's training camp was half leisure.

Maya was required to partic.i.p.ate in the training camp last year and the year before last because a barrier was needed, but since it was a training camp with an objective of 100% special training, it meant that she was treated only like an ornament after she spread the barrier. And yet, she never said a single objection, but the extra lovely Mari was worried about her.

But how about this year——

Among the pictures saved in files, even Mari feels happiness when looking at the wonderful angelic smile of Maya playing cards in the room with Moroha, Satsuki and s.h.i.+zuno.

Of course, she is filled with feelings of grat.i.tude towards Moroha and the others.

『What are you going to do today?』

Mari sends an email to Maya with the laptop.

『It seems Satsuki-oneechan will show the results of the special training nanodesu. She is re-challenging Harukoneesan desu』

After a short time, an email of reply arrives.

『Which one should you cheer, I wonder?』

『Maaya feels that she wants to cheer for Satsuki-oneechan desu. Rooting for the underdog desu』

If she were to hear so, there is no doubt that she would be indignant. Mari unintentionally lets out a quiet laugh.

The time flies while exchanging emails with the cute Maya.

Thanks to arriving at Tokyo Station, and that she didn't notice the constant mopping till the old ladies of the cleaning came, she ended up getting terribly troubled by it.

In order to pick up a taxi, Mari went through the ticket barrier and headed to Yaesu exit.

It has been a long time since she came to Tokyo, but this city is good.

Even when people see the stunning golden hair and the calmed blue eyes of Mari, n.o.body cares about her.

They are somewhat tired of looking at foreigners.

If this were the vicinities of Akane Academy, she would end up gathering the attention with「Moom, look. A foreigneer」

Even though Mari just carries the blood of her British great-grandmother, both her family register and way of thinking are j.a.panese.

She was walking, feeling great——but she suddenly stopped her eyes at one point.

Her feet also stopped automatically.

Not only Mari. Everyone walking down the road was gathering their gazes at one point. Persons who stop their feet appeared one after another.

It's a boy who was drawing to himself such a large number of gazes.

His age is around the one of a high school student. He is wearing a stand-up collar school uniform*.

He is not a celebrity.

He is not a beauty either.

He has no particular, standing out features either.

And yet, he draws the attention. This level of gathered attention. For some reason, they are unable to take their eyes off of him.

He is just like an absolute presence, as if he were saying that the status as the person he had since he was born was different.

That boy came straight to Mari.

Even when standing side by side, though not surprisingly, only the boy gathers the gazes. n.o.body cares about the gorgeous blonde hair of Mari.

– It's been a while,

The boy called out to Mari with an arrogant att.i.tude.

If it's a commoner, then it's not worthy, that is his personality.

Forty, fifty years have——no, it's the same as the sovereign who ruled over the world at that moment.

If it's not because he wears a school uniform, wouldn't n.o.body notice that he is a boy?

– It is been a long time.

Mari bends at her waist very deeply to kowtow.

– I am expressly grateful to be able to welcome you myself——Division Head Suruga.

That's right.

This boy is the Head of the j.a.panese Division.

One of the strongest Saviors, and part of the Six Heads.

Suruga Andou.

He was that person.

– I don't dislike beautiful women. I just want to make you, who expressly came here, and your time, all mine.

Laughing with arrogance, Suruga turns back all of a sudden.

With that much, it is natural that Mari follows such thinking att.i.tude.

– I-It is an honor…

Naturally, Mari has no choice but to join up with him.

(He's not a person who's particularly a lecher. However, the manner of speaking of a person like this, startled my heart. And it makes me worry)

Following with a quick pace the previous three steps of Suruga who advances at his own pace, they come out from Nihonbas.h.i.+ exit.

He kept a limousine waiting. The Rank Savior that serves as the secretary of Suruga opens the door of the rear seat respectfully and welcomes his master.

After hesitating a little, Mari sat nervously next to Suruga.

The secretary who closed the door returns to the driver's seat and let him depart.

A competent woman not only as a secretary but also as a s.h.i.+rogane. She doesn't ask the destination, she knew where to drive.

– The three of us will head to London. I request you to accompany me.

– it is not a big deal for me, but I will diligently show perfection when travelling.

Mari nods with a shriveling feeling to Suruga who sits very deeply in the seat, like a king.

The reason why Mari was summoned to Tokyo this time is——

Since she will accompany the Head of the j.a.panese Division who will attend the Six Head Conference, she received the duty of connecting both Tokyo——and London with an Erratic Portal,

– I occasionally want to treat myself and flight leisurely, but the old geezers of the government don't permit it.

Suruga distorts his cheeks and complains sarcastically.

He is the trump card against the Metaphysicals in j.a.pan.

And because he is the trump card, he has reached a foolish situation in which he is stowed away at the back with great care due to a decision of the j.a.panese government.

The origin was three years ago.

A dreadnought of the Kaima* species with unprecedented enormity and strength appeared in Tokyo Bay.

*TN: 海魔 furigana reads "kaima" and the kanji literally means "Sea Demon"

A living calamity appeared right in the throat of the capital.

The impact reached not only the White Knight Organization but also the central part of the government and the administration.

If it reaches the land and rampages in the metropolitan area, in the worst case scenario, the country itself will end up unable to maintain itself.

In fact, Suruga himself stood on the front lines, and yet, it was a terrifyingly difficult demon. Mari remembers how tough the battle was as she also partic.i.p.ated in it. If they made a mistake, the possibility that it would end up reaching the land was high.

The time required till they annihilated it was actually four hours——

In the meanwhile, the higher-ups and the high officials of the government were shaking without living comfortably.

Since then, it was decided by the j.a.panese government.

That「The capital peace is a matter prioritized above everything, and that Suruga Andou, who is its trump card, has forbidden to leave the metropolitan area」

Apart from that Kaima species, the Metaphysicals have never appeared in the capital city area.

They may not do it from now on either.

Nevertheless, the higher-ups of the government are afraid that the「Sky may fall tomorrow」, so they continue keeping Suruga at hand.

– I thought that the decision would change if the ruling party changes. Well, they are of the same stripe after all.

Suruga continued the sarcasm as he distorted his cheeks.

Although the j.a.panese Division has raised its influential voice and increased its achievements every year, they are still not enough to oppose the government yet.

This time, he is going to London only because they reluctantly recognized the pressure from the British government.

Because they don't want him to stay away even for a second longer, they expressly designated Mari to use Erratic Portal for travelling.

– I heard a rumor where they are making the majority of the j.a.panese Saviors to gather in the metropolitan area to make up for the absence of Division Head Suruga, but is that true…?

– It is true. Aren't they calling-up Ranks and B-Ranks like your own students?

Although the government seemed to have wanted to gather both Isurugi and the Strikers, his secretary also told that they still had no rights to bind students who are not humans of formal organizations, so they gave up.

Going beyond of being disgusted, Mari felt a headache.

Since they will be travelling to London tonight to then directly attend the Six Head Conference, they will have to wait just a little over twenty hours till they return to their country while waiting for the Erratic Portal to be used again tomorrow night——just mentioning that Suruga won't be in Tokyo is a controversy.

The cowardness of those guys called "politicians" and "bureaucrats" is completely beyond help.

Meanwhile, if the Metaphysicals appeared somewhere other than the metropolitan area, how are they gong to deal with them?

(I wonder if my uneasiness is the same kind of「The sky may fall tomorrow」, huh…)

Mari sighed in secret.

With a fleeting glance after that, she steals a glance at the profile of Surugi.

What kind of situations——of thoughts are this man, who is the heart of the j.a.panese Division, carrying out?

She thinks so, however, from his expression that has tattooed an arrogant smile on his mouth as if he's looking into the abyss, it was not possible for her to infer anything from that.

Fifth day of the training camp.

Every night since then, Moroha was coaching and going along with the "Late at night secret exercise" of Satsuki.

The hardworking Satsuki mastered her own sense of pumping out prana from the point below the navel.

And by discussing it between them, they decided that it was fine to re-challenge Haruka today.

If she can win, Satsuki would be the first to clear a task among all members.

Her motivation is high.

She also receives the acceptance of Haruka, she will face the whole special training time as planned.

But first, one hour of normal schedule.

Then each one of them has free training time after that.

So, when it's almost time for the foot race——Isurugi came to Moroha.

– Do you have a minute?

With an honest-like expression, he brings up a topic.

– I'm thinking that I would like to try out the results of my independent training as soon as possible. And for that, I would like to request a duel with Haimurkun.

Cheers rose from the surrounding members who heard that.

That is because they are rarely able to see a good match like a match between the two strongest Strikers.

(As expected of Nii-sama! To be even nominated by the captain!)

Satsuki makes her eyes sparkle as if they were saying so.

– Umm, I don't mind, but…

What is he going to do about the foot race?

Moroha peeks at the expression of Satsuki and Moroha.

((Do it before us! Do it!))

They both communicated him with hand gestures.

They seemed to say that it can't be helped since they want to see the match between Moroha and Isurugi.

– Okay then, let's do so. Should I also try out the results of my independent intense training?

– That's what I want.

Isurugi doesn't grin, but he agreed to it.

– I want to tell senpai about my subject contents, or perhaps I should say, if I'm able to ask about it, won't this make no sense now that senpai is successfully aware of them?

– Yes, it's true.

Moroha explains to Isurugi who nodded very interested.

– Don't let the opponent read the timing of the dark arts invocation——right? I see, in other words, I should be wary of Haimurkun's dark arts, correct?

As expected of him, he was relieved because his understanding was quick.

A perfect opponent for Moroha. This is no less than a test.

– Sorry. Could you give us a little more s.p.a.ce?

Isurugi puts a mature voice on everyone. The team members surround the two of them at a distance.

Almost everyone stops their independent training and observes with burning curiosity.

Satsuki, Haruka, s.h.i.+zuno and Maya are gathered together, cheering for Moroha.

(Somehow, this became something important, isn't it?)

Moroha has no choice but to scratch his cheek.

– Shall we start?

Isurugi pours prana into the ID tag and made manifest a wide blade sword.

Furthermore, his whole body is also clad in prana.

A whitish-yellow brilliance——an aura that closely resembles a thunder.

He composedly has his sword at the ready in an overhead position.

With that much, it seemed that a sense of intimidation filled and swirled at the whole sandy beach.

His magnified dignity is not ashamed of being called an Rank.

Both sides are at a distance of less than ten meters.

He is confronting the sword of the king who commands the Strikers.

– Here I go.

Moroha also made his dear sword appear in his right hand.

His holy body is clad in white prana like a star.

He doesn't have the sword at the ready, he loosely brought it down.

– Write——

Instead of that, he writes ancient magic characters with his unoccupied left hand.

As if there was an invisible wall there, lines of light are drawn with characters.

And then. When he began to chant——and right there——Isurugi moved.

Lightning speed. Or teleportation.

The tall body that should have been ten meters ahead is standing and brandis.h.i.+ng a sword right before the eyes of Moroha.

The scene is completely unbelievable.

Despite the presence of the whole company of the dexterous s.h.i.+rogane gathering here, no one could perceive the place where Isurugi had moved.

Even Moroha couldn't see everything.

The way of the shukuchi*, that exactly converts the distance to nothing.

*TN: formed by the kanjis 縮地, they read separate as "wearing armor" and "earth/ground/land/etc".

There are 7《Jinsokutsuu》derived skills, and this is its last secret technique*. 《Hagun》.

*TN: 神足通 (Jinsokutsuu) = one of the six supernormal Buddhist powers.

Raising the tremendous sword that buzzes, he approaches it from above the head of Moroha.

Coupled with the tall figure of Isurugi, it's a pressure that seems that would crush him.

Moroha dodges it, settling his body to the left while being astonished.

The edge of the blade grazes the tip of his shoulder, and the sleeve of the T-s.h.i.+rt is blown away.

That was extremely close.

The act called《Hagun》was that much of a threat.

He has never seen other than Edward who was able to use it in this world. Why can Isurugi use it? It's a foolish question. This is the result of the special training that Isurugi said he wanted to try out.

He barely succeeded in avoiding it.

A delayed commotion came from the spectators.

He was forced to interrupt the spelling of the dark art aria that was in progress.

– He can't take countermeasures at all!

Haruko screams.

Moroha attempted to counterattack it while listening to that from afar.

Putting his《herculean strength》into his languidly lowered right arm, he swings the sword to strike up forcibly.

The sword blade that ran prana glows white and pulls a trace of bright white.

– … kh!

Isurugi flinched, suffering the slash of the Sakakesa*.

*TN: check it with this link:

Returning against his will the wide blade sword that he swung downward with all his strength, he received the sword of Moroha.

Without killing the impact perfectly, he totters.

If it were the usual Isurugi, he wouldn't do a clumsy thing like this. Is it because it was an unpolished《Hagun》 as he expected? His posture after he dodged the blow didn't change.

– Oooh…

Moroha doesn't let pa.s.s that chance and by having his sword at the ready with both hands, he attacks incessantly to finish the work.

He continues swinging slashes that draw complicated curves over and over.

Drawing a new line of light every time.

Since he swings the sword that carried prana, it is natural for the light to draw its trajectory. Such is the light art《Taihaku》*. Like instant sparks, and sometimes like meteors, they scatter graciously and bloom beautifully.

*TN: 太白 = Venus and… thick silk thread, refined sugar, white rice jelly, variety of sweet potato xD.

However——all the lines of light that are born with the slashes of Moroha continued to s.h.i.+ne without disappearing.

They kept remaining in the empty s.p.a.ce.

s.h.i.+zuno wasn't the only one who noticed that.

Everyone was captivated by the relentless, fierce attacks of Moroha and was having their hearts pounding with the skillfulness of Isurugi who barely continues dealing with them.

Moroha closes the combination in a flash, slas.h.i.+ng at him to cleave him in two.

In response, all the beheading lines of light that were drawn, vanish.

It's the end.

Isurugi, who had recovered his stance again, does a sidestep to the right, seeing all that cleave.

It's a defense technique that leads to the fastest counterattack from a minimal evasion.

Power was loaded into both arms of Isurugi who grasps the sword, and in an instant, his body falls——he was burning.

– Wha… *cough*…

A voice of surprise and anguish leaks out from the mouth of Isurugi.

His knees collapse, and supports his body with the sword, like a cane.

If it was a real battle, his body would be covered in flames, but this is a special training. Because he was adjusting the mana, the flames vanished immediately. Since Isurugi also used Taimatsuu as expected, he would have ended hurt first only if he had a tremendous mana.

Watching Isurugi who kneeled on the ground made a stir come from the spectators again.

And then, grand applause arises towards the two who showed a high-level offense and defense.

Taketsuru-senpai blows wind, whistling through his fingers, Tokiko is writhing in agony with「Haimura is so cool that I'm getting wet」and Kamekichi stands up and shouts「Why didn't you hit back, Isurugi-saaaan?」

Isurugi kept being on his knees,

– What… was that…

Opening his eyes wide in astonishment to them who are calm, cool and collected and don't scold him, he looked up at Moroha and asked.

– When… when did you use a dark art?

He looked like he was completely confused.

If you are a third-year student, you will naturally know what you can use it without chanting it if you sacrifice power.

But, the spelling that should be indispensable, when did he do it?

It seems that Isurugi didn't know. He probably was being on guard.

The matter of not making the timing readable was amazingly clear.

– If I reveal the trick then it won't be that great, but——

– Yeah, then wait. I want to think and solve it by myself.

With the explanation of Moroha, Isurugi stopped and changed his mind.

– Shall we have a match again? I will prepare an answer till that moment.

– Yes, I don't mind.

Those are the words becoming of an honest captain.

Moroha nods with a bittersweet smile.

– My《Hagun》is still not perfect enough. In addition to today, I will challenge you once again with diligence in the remaining three days.

Telling him so with a happy face, Isurugi got up.

– While I was also practicing this technique, it wasn't only because I didn't let you read the timing of the invocation, but I also felt that there were various other ways to use it, so I investigated those thoroughly——

When Moroha is talking, he notices that Isurugi is fixedly staring at him.

– Is there something on my face?

– No. It's because you have a face that looks like you have found a brand-new toy, that's all.

– Are you perhaps saying a bad thing about me?

– No. Rather, I'm envious.

Isurugi is a man who, for good and bad, never tells a lie, so this is a real thing.

Without knowing how to respond, Moroha only scratches his cheek.

Isurugi went away, leaving "see you later" with him.

(I've found a toy, huh… Is that really true? I think that may be)

Moroha looks at his own face that is reflected in the blade of his dear sword.

– Ama——zing! Nii-sama is ama——zing! To defeat handily someone like Isurugi-senpai!

– Don't cling to me when I'm holding the sword!

He panicked because of Satsuki who jumped at him from the side.

Satsuki, who was clinging to him in ecstasy as if she were overcome with emotion and with her eyes shaped like an X*, couldn't hear the scolding voice of Moroha.

*TN: Like this (> __ <)>

Moreover, and somewhat due to the special training of every night, he has the feeling that she has reached a skill where she naturally clings to him.

(It looks that I ended up creating a terrible monster…)

Moroha becomes disheartened while she rubs her cheek against the nape of his neck.

– It's great that you're delight with my part, but your turn is next, no…?

– Yup. Watch me, Moroha.

Satsuki separated from Moroha and turned around.

Next to s.h.i.+zuno and Maya who are sitting on the sandy beach is Haruka, who stretched her arms and back while standing up.

The burning eyes of Satsuki and the eyes full of self-confidence of Haruka collide with each other.

– s.h.i.+zentai*.

*TN: It means natural stance, natural att.i.tude, relaxed manner, calm manner. Not sure how to translate this term as it also appears later on, so I'll leave it as that.

Moroha pats the shoulder of Satsuki and headed towards s.h.i.+zuno and Maya, crossing paths with Haruka.

(I knew it, Moroha is amazing…!)

While drawing a start line in the sand, Satsuki was thinking once again about the brave figure of her older brother.

It's amazing that his heart never wavered, that he succeeded in doing as much as that——even more than that, he showed again that he's performing a step ahead of Isurugi who improved his skill even more.

Unless one is grandiosely delighted, then one shouldn't act self-importantly either.

Although he's modest with「It's not a big deal」like always, it's not that he will become someone inferior.

At the core of his, there is a will that says「I'm myself」.

In other words, he is fearless.

And that is unmistakably the deepest level of s.h.i.+zentai.

(I also have to learn it. Even if I win or lose——I will use up all the things that I was taught by Nii-sama in this four days)

She finishes drawing the line, then turns her eyes towards Haruka.

– You got a nice expression there, don't you?*

*TN: In this case, the kanji for expression has the nuance of "fierce, fearless, sinister, etc.”

The facial expression of Haruka is also firm.

She draws her chin in and stares at her with sharp eyes.

The number of spectators is less than half since the time of the battle between Moroha and Isurugi.

But she doesn't mind. The standing out Satsuki.

She only feels the face in profile and the reliable gaze of Moroha.

She breathes in, and out.

She's lightly cladded in golden prana.

On her whole body.

Right hand. Left hand. Right leg. Left leg. Glabella. And the point below the navel.

It's proof that the six gates were opened.

Like a calm flame, or like a ripple, it sways around her skin.

Haruka opens her eyes wide at the strides, a small admiration leaks out from the spectators.

– Someone, please give the signal!

Haruka also wore prana similar to a blue flame on her whole body.

Neither her brilliance nor the strength loses against her.

– 'kay then, I'll do it.

Taketsuru-senpai, who was spectating announces himself and put himself in a whistling posture.

The rule is the same as four days ago. The first one who touches the quay that is 500, 600 meters ahead wins.

The gazes of Satsuki and Haruka sharpen, they are piercing the goal like an arrow.

*Piiiiiiiiii*!, the whistle of Taketsuru sounded.

At the same time, the two of them begin a rapid dash.

Satsuki's way of running is as ungraceful as ever.

Haruka's way of running is as beautiful as ever.

But their speed is the same! They aren't separating anymore. They closely run side-by-side.

No——there is a slight difference as much as the tip of the nose, but Satsuki gradually comes out in front.

It's the result that the speed of Satsuki rose dramatically as she reached the point where she can draw out the prana from the point below the navel.

Just under 10 seconds to the goal.

But for the sensation of Satsuki, it was truly an instant.

Arriving at the quay with euphoria, she extends her hand to touch it.

Haruka is also extending her hand.

Which one will be the first to touch it? The difference is minimal, A difference that doesn't reach a second, but certainly, and clearly——Satsuki was able to touch it first.

– Hooooooraaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!

Satsuki doesn't endure the raise of her joy.

Emotions and delight explode in her chest.

– I won! I was able to win against Momo-senpai at last!

Being way more than happy, she embraced her senpai.

– d.a.m.n. I lost.

Haruka curses while being embraced tenderly.

She strokes her back to give her praise for her great efforts.

The clapping hands of the spectators from the distant start line are also heard.

Aside from Moroha, Maya was also in high spirits. s.h.i.+zuno claps in a dissatisfied way.

Her efforts were fruitful. She was glad to come to the training camp. She was rewarded.

She's going through so much emotions that even tears of joy… Satsuki noticed and came to her senses.

(No, nonono. I must not be like my former self)

She closes her eyes, puts in order her breathing and remembers the appearance of Moroha who won against Isurugi.

(Satsuki-chan who received coaching from Moroha is already different. Because that is a s.h.i.+zentai woman)

It is no good to do things like being excessively delighted or elated with success.

– To think that you would make it through the fifth day. You are a great girl, you know?

After patting the back of Satsuki, Haruka ended the embrace.


Being on the verge of smiling unconsciously, Satsuki covers with one hand her twitching cheeks.

– Err… well, well, I'm saying that I won so perhaps I practically didn't change?

She imitates the lines her older brother would indeed say.

She guesses that Moroha would be angry and surely say「How rude」if he heard so.

– Since when were you able to open the six gates? When I was in first year, it was impossible to do it till around autumn. Ah, I'm getting more and more frustrated!

Haruka looks vexed, that's why she stops the praising.


Being on the verge of smiling unconsciously, Satsuki covers with one hand her twitching cheeks.

– Did someone tell you? Oh, was it Moroha, perhaps? Even though I don't understand the things he says, his coaching is on point. That's good, isn't it?

Haruka seems to be vexed and looks like she is envious.


Even if she covers them and presses them, the twitching of her cheeks won't stop.

– If you think about it, our generation——the first-year guys of last year, had n.o.body who was able to partic.i.p.ate in the training camp. This year, Moroha has s.h.i.+zuno and you as a matter of course, then one may say that the "golden generation" is something like the current three years, right? If so, then we are the lowest generation? Noo, I hate thaaat.

While Haruka complains, she stamps her feet in frustration as if she were dancing in that place.


She was already at the limit of her self-control.

Satsuki puts both hands on her waist.

She reclines so much that she hits the back of her head on the quay.

She extends her nose as much as possible like the bean tree of Jack*.

*TN: Not sure if the whole sentence is a reference to something but the first part points at the famous book and the second one if it's a phrase or something. Maybe a reference when a character laughs mischievously?

– Fu〜〜〜〜〜〜fuu fuu fuu fuu fuu fuu, something this much is noooooooooothing!

And then, she did a triumphant, loud laughter.

– Let's compete once again, Satsuki! I won't lose next time!

– He〜〜〜〜〜e, suuuure. I'll allow you to practice with a master like me, fu〜〜〜fu fu fu.

– *Snaps*. Though you have no b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

– But I have more than Momo-senpai, fu〜〜〜 fuu fuu fuu fuu!

Where did she put her s.h.i.+zentai?

It seemed that the figure of Satsuki-chan didn't change at all so far…

While sitting at the sandy beach near the start line, Moroha was clapping without holding back.

The surrounding spectators are also giving cheers like "hooray!".

Everyone is surprised and praised the rapid growth of Satsuki.

Even Isurugi was clapping with an honest expression.

– Did Satsuki-oneechan become the fastest in the academy with this nanodesuka?

Maya asks with an innocent smile.

– Yeー.

Moroha couldn't face her sparkling expression and turned away his line of sight slowly.

In front of the line of sight that he had moved… there are traces of Satsuki and Haruka who had run.

The footprints of Satsuki have the same reckless way of running.

Hollowed lines were made as if she would have pa.s.sed with a farm tractor on the white, sandy beach.

On the other hand, the footprints of Haruka are——not there.

Her beautiful way of running doesn't affect the shape of the fresh, sandy beach that remains as it is.

If she were just running normally, then such a marvelous thing wouldn't happen.

Light art of the ancestral arts, 《Monkyoku》.

It's one of the seven derivation techniques of《Jinsokutsuu》, the way of walking crowned with the name of the fourth star "Hokuto".

Using this, you can run on water, walls and ceilings.

If you use it on the sand, no footprints will remain.

Instead, your top speed will end up decreasing drastically…

The challenge of Haruka should have been to increase her top speed while 《Monkyoku》was used.

All the senpais who were watching her should have knowledge of that.

He doesn't know, but only Satsuki is the one elated with success over there——if we exclude Maya who hasn't noticed that.

– She's a just like a clown.

s.h.i.+zuno says nonchalantly.

A small dimple floats on her cheek.

– Everyone is kind, aren't they?

Moroha smiled wryly.

The applauses given by the senpais of Satsuki weren't fake.

Because they know how hard it is to grow, and to become stronger, everyone also sinks deeply into their minds this.

And also, there's no doubt that Satsuki can now open another gate.

They are celebrating from the bottom of their hearts the small growth of their little kouhai who just enlisted.

– Satsuki-oneesan is someone who keeps going forward.

Moroha also follows the kindness of the team members and answered so to Maya.

That night, all the members gathered at the beach and launched fireworks.

Kamekichi bought plenty of them and brought them.

They actually intended to keep them in reserve till the night of the last day, but it seems that they couldn't hold till then.

There is a nice weather tonight, the wind was almost nonexistent, it was an ideal fireworks weather.

Lots of flame arts dance at the beach at night, everyone is enjoying them with their eyes.

– Fire!

While Satsuki made her eyes look like an X, she holds a cylinder-shaped skyrocket like a rocket launcher and fired it horizontally.

– Fiiire!

Haruka shot back a skyrocket while making her eyes look like an X.

Both hide half of their bodies in the trenches dug in the sandy beach.

And then they repel with both trenches the exchanged fireworks which exploded, giving off beautiful sparks.

– Fiiire!

– Fiiire!

Satsuki fires new skyrockets and Haruka also returns fire.

Volleying and igniting thoroughly, some of the lots of bottle rockets pierced into the trenches.

That exchange is more than funny.

– Fiiire!

– Fiiire!

Both of them are having a funny mood, they are laughing foolishly.

– Think who's the one who bought the fireworks, because you shouldn't be playing gaudily while disregarding this Go—d, alright?!

*TN: He calls himself "Kamii-sama" which sounds practically like G.o.d.

– Firing daily resentment!

– Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, my beautiful a.s.s is on fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?

The uninvited Kamekichi is writhing in pain as he is in a pincer attack between Satsuki and Haruka.

Moroha had no choice but to be dumbfounded.

Where is that kind of upbringing where you memorize that playing with fire is dangerous?

Haven't they learned that fireworks shouldn't be turned towards people?

And, it is still terrible that no one is stopping them.

Even captain Isurugi who's like a brother-in-law, left them alone with just a warning that says「Leave perfectly clean by tomorrow morning」

Once again, these eccentrics called Saviors… he himself is completely aware that he is also in this gathering of the also called "heroes".

– Let such fighting people do as they like, we shall have fun with us!!

Taketsuru-senpai, who is in a circle with Moroha, winked and did a cool pose.

He, together with Maya, receive a toy firework that was presented by the plain, bespectacled girl senpai.

Setting it on fire with the four people, he appreciates the glow that is like a miracle that combines transience and tenacity.

This is the wabisabi of j.a.pan*.

*TN: Aesthetic sense in j.a.panese art emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement.

– That's right, senpai. Thank you for helping me get out of the room every night.

Moroha gives his thanks to Taketsuru, the man perfect for a picture even though he's holding a modest firework.

– Aren't your thanks a little too soon? The training camp isn't over yet and since there's also the thing of Ranjou, isn't she going to beg you so that you continue coaching her?

That's how will it be, probably.

– But, I'm already tired of it. I've slept nothing every night thanks to that.

Moroha yawns greatly as soon as he says so.

Looking at the fleeting spark of the toy fireworks, his mind is stupefied, as if he were being absorbed in——

– It is no good to fall asleep while holding a fire desu.

Moroha, who got an elbow strike, opened his eyes towards Maya who shows a pure, smiling face.

– Hahaha, wouldn't be better for you Haimura to hang out with the gaudy ones?

Taketsuru points towards Satsuki and the others while laughing invigoratingly.

She jumps out of the trench with Haruka while making her eyes look like an X and both do a sword fight instead of beam sabers that spew sparks.

Their mysterious amount doesn't burn.

They're getting satisfied with the fireworks in the bad sense of the word.

– Oh, she missed. They do love fireworks.

Moroha didn't happen to have on hand the foolhardiness to be the same kind as them.

– Maaychan also likes sparklers, no?

Taketsuru smiles at the little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes who is absorbed in the plain fireworks this time.

– Yes nanodesu.

– Heee, how refined.

Moroha nods in agreement.

Maya keeps silent, staring at the fleeting spark with her blue eyes.

Those eyes seemed to have matured in some respects, or was that the imagination of Moroha?

Calm time while Moroha looks at Maya and Maya gazes at the sparks.

The quiet sound of wavelets is pleasant.

The fireworks of Moroha, Taketsuru and the bespectacled senpai disappear fleetingly.

While Maya looks at her last, remaining firework,

– It was just about four years ago desu. When Maaya woke up the memories of her past life.

She starts speaking, piece by piece.

Moroha listened carefully, being surprised.

– At first, Maaya was very scared desu. I didn't know which Maaya was the real one, if the present Maaya or the Maaya of the past life, I was confused, I was feeling that Maaya was no longer Maaya, I was always crying desu.

The devastating confession of Maya was like if his heart was being grabbed tightly.

Moroha is at a loss for words.

While Taketsuru is meddling with his forelocks, looking uncomfortable,

– Ah! This seems to be one of the cases that happen frequently where you wake up significantly fast, isn't it? About us, when we woke up, we were considerably matured for our age. Separately, why is that the me in my dreams, and the me when I wake up is the same? Ah! That's what it appears to be for me though.

The sensation told by Taketsuru is understood well by Moroha.

Looking back on his memories of a year ago, there was no reason to be confused since he recalled the memories of his previous life in dreams. It's not like there was a person who was thinking 「That's a different person, right?」.

At least at a sensory level and self-awareness level, that is.

– That is right nanodesu. Additionaly, the Maaya of the previous life and the Maaya of the present have not changed either desu. They are the same person with the same soul desu. Maaya was also taught so by important people, but she couldn't actually realize that in those days desu. She was still scared desu.

The sparklers of Maya lasted longer than the rest, then by showing its last brilliance, it fell down with a *plop*.

It rolled on the sandy beach, gave off sparks two, three times and then it just burned out, and died.

The light is gone, the gloomy air envelops them.

– But, you're all right now, right?

Moroha asks to blow off that air.

– Yes!

Maya responded cheerfully and showed an angelical smile.

– Mari-oneechan played with fireworks to cheer up the crying Maaya everyday desu. At that time, she told her desu.

Does Maaya like sparklers?

If so, then Maaya will never be swallowed deeply by the memories of her previous life.

And certainly, you haven't become a different person.

Because the Maaya of the previous life who lived in a distant star cannot understand the emotions of the j.a.panese.

– ——”Mari-oneechan"?

Hearing so, Taketsuru snaps his fingers stylishly.

– The Academy's, she's cool, isn't she?

Moroha also reveals a sigh of admiration.

– Does Maaya like sparklers?

And then, he asks the same thing again.

– Yes nanodesu.

Maya answered with a full smile.

Moroha gently strokes that little head.

– Alright then, let's go for a second round.

Taketsuru proposes with energy, and the taciturn, plain girl with senpai distribute sparklers to three people.

– Such good youngsters, foolishly smiling and watching the sparklers! You know they have a limit and after that they die, huh!?

It's the voice of the famous demon vice-captain!

Moroha, Maya and Taketsuru looked back with half-closed eyes.

It was uniformly written on the face of the three that 「A troublesome fellow came」.

Without reading the situation, Tokiko dropped her waist, pus.h.i.+ng aside the poor Maya with her b.u.t.t and forced her way through to the side of Moroha.

– Oh no! The best position of Maaya ended up being stolen desu.

– What do you want? Man-eater demon vice-captain-san?

– Humph. I have no deal with Taketsuru.

Tokiko glared at Moroha with bloodshot eyes,

– Aren't you getting a little hit by the wind of the night, Haimura?

– Yes, I'm being hit already, but…

– Don't you feel tired of playing childish things like fireworks already?

– I'm really enjoying this though…

– What an obtuse guy! I'm saying that we should slip into there to have some action.

Tokiko raised her thumb and gave three light pushes with it to the direction of the forest that is on the other side.

– I refuse. If I go to something like darkness, I'll be attacked by Kanzaki-senpai.

– Tsk. You've a good intuition.

– But Kanzaki-senpai has a nice personality…

– Those are words of compliment for me!

Receiving the sarcasm of Moroha satisfactorily, Tokiko was in high spirits instead.

– Okay then, let's go! To our memorable first night!

– Since there is a child here, can't you say it in a bit more round-about way, Kanzaki?

– Hmm, if so, Taketsuru, then why don't you tell this little girl the story of the cabbage field!?

Tokiko departs! And as soon as she gets up, she lays her hands on the nape of the neck of Moroha.

The moment he was worried with "whaat do I doo"?——

「「Firing the resentment of each daaaay!」」

Two of the fighting people fired a rocket launcher closely, pointing at Tokiko.

Although there was no indication of hitting her directly at all, of light flew to the left and right of Tokiko, her hair fluttered with the wind pressure.

– … humph.

While Tokiko snorts, she releases the nape of the neck of Moroha.

She raises her eyes, turns back cautiously and,

– I've interpreted this as a declaration of war against me…

Tokiko told them with an eerie voice as she fixes the bridge of her

– Very well, young girls. I shall teach you, since you don't seem to know why I do the job of the vice-captain!

She made eerie prana blew out from her whole body.

Satsuki and Haruka shake, hugging each other, but it's too late.

They ended up going too far with their funny mood!

– You like fireworks, don't you? I'll turn your bodies into smithereens, they'll be beautiful at best!


Tokiko starts a spell of the dark arts, both Satsuki and Haruka escape at full speed.

– Kukukukuku, the grudge of the five days where I was suppressed by the captain, I'll clear it away with you!

The demon vice-captain runs after them, revealing her fangs.

– Good grief, there are lots of fighting people, don't you think?

– A real fighting unit indeed.

Taketsuru says it like is other people's affairs, and Moroha agreed that is like other people's affairs.

Then again, the four people make s.p.a.ce-time fireworks appear.

Though not like Satsuki and Haruka, they make another world, disregarding everyone who is having a good time with the fireworks.

They admire the fleeting fireworks with a sense of wither.

Since they are enjoying the second ones thoroughly,

– But that s.h.i.+zuno, she sure is slow…

Moroha talked to himself before receiving a third one.

– Is Maaychan a.s.signed to her same room?

– s.h.i.+zuno-oneechan was saying that she is still preparing desu.

Since Moroha was also listening to that through Maya, he was enjoying it first.

– Why don't you try giving her a call?

– Oh, I will.

As suggested by Taketsuru, Moroha attempts to take his smartphone.

However, he was halted by Kamekichi who came.

– Heeey, Haimuraa! The fireworks are nearly halved, so go get some more!

– Eh, do we still have more of them?

They brought a bunch in the beginning, it was an outrageous amount enough to be enjoyed by forty people, and yet.

– I was thinking about going and get some more to play with them again on the final day, but the plan has changed. My heart ended getting up on fire, you see? Hahahaha, tonight is a festivaaal!

Getting oddly excited, Kamekichi starts breakdancing on the spot.

He sure had a considerably skill to do so on the sandy beach. It's an ability that has no meaning for the Saviors though.

– Considerate it an honor, since I'm letting you make the job!

– Yeah, yeah, I understand.

Moroha obediently obeyed the order so he can come and see the look of s.h.i.+zuno while he is at it.

Waving his hands to Maya and the others, he headed towards the holiday house leisurely.

Moroha walks alone the asphalt paved path through the forest that leads to the holiday house.

The stars are beautiful tonight, the moon is bright, there is no trouble with light.

When he climbed around half the hill——he spotted the figure of a person that goes down the hill road from the opposite direction.

– Oh my? If t isn't Moroha? Are you looking for someone, I wonder?

– s.h.i.+zuno? It took you a while, huh.

Noticing the company of each other, they meet and start talking to the other at the same time.

– Kammie-senpai asked me to come and get fireworks.

– I ended up taking more than I thought to change my clothes.

And——s.h.i.+zuno, who came near him, was wearing a yukata.

The figure of s.h.i.+zuno who wore a light, cherry blossom kimono emerges under the moonlight.

The floral pattern of the large flowers that covered the color tone nicely bring into prominence her gloomy charm.

Even though he had seen both her arranged hair and the white of her nape lots of times when she was in her swimsuit, it was incredible that the person who wore a yukata now looks coquettishly all of a sudden.

Moroha gulped, he was fascinated by her for a moment.

– I was forced by Nii-san to bring it, but… was it right to wear this, I wonder?

He was told something mean by s.h.i.+zuno and he suddenly came to his senses with that.

– Umm, I have to do the errand of Kammie-senpai.

Moroha speaks rapidly and quickly crosses s.h.i.+zuno.

– Even though it's finally just the two of us?

His arm was grabbed by s.h.i.+zuno.

She firmly holds it under her arms, and simple because of that, it's impossible to escape.

The feeling of her abundant chest is pressing in a plump way.

In his imagination——they're softer than usual!

– Since I'm in a yukata, I'm not wearing underwear, right?

She ended up reading even his expression!

– No, and what are you even saying…

Moroha is confused,

– What? You didn't hear me?

s.h.i.+zuno shows a small dimple on her face and makes her body glue to him more and more by pretending that she's trying to ask him even more closely as she was pus.h.i.+ng her b.r.e.a.s.t.s against the arm of Moroha.

Moroha tries to escape while feeling that his face is getting hot, but there's no way s.h.i.+zuno will let him go.

– It is sandwiching between the valleys.

– Hey, stop.

His arm is caught between the b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were rich in softness and elasticity like puddings, they are comfortably tightened and spongy like rice cakes. It was a sensation that feels so good. Cold sweat emerged, his palpitations became intense and his heart was about to explode.

– What are you thinking? This is too…

– During the training camp, Morohsan was the most popular person every day and someone was with you in the morning, in the day and in the night, and because you didn't pay me attention at all, this once in a lifetime opportunity for this lonely me is——

– Don't read aloud your reproaches, it's scary.

– But I just answered what you asked, about what I was thinking, no? I'm a selfish person, don't you think?

s.h.i.+zuno tells him to tease him.

Even so, a dimple wasn't made on her face now.

In other words, this means that she's not teasing him…

– I understand. Let's go slowly and calmly, alright? Let's sit down.

Moroha proposed as an idea.

– I told you, please let go of me. And fix that.

With an instant glance, he saw the b.r.e.a.s.t.s of s.h.i.+zuno.

Moroha tried to escape, but as a result of making struggle his arm that was held in her arms, the chest of the yukata of s.h.i.+zuno ended up disarranged. He ended up opening it up to a dangerous area.

– Lewd Moroha.

s.h.i.+zuno immediately whispers to tickle him close to his ears, takes the opportunity to kiss his cheek and then she finally frees his arm.

(I may be alone with Kanzaki-senpai than with a dangerous girl in the darkness…)

Moroha is dumbfounded while touching the part that was touched by the lips of s.h.i.+zuno, which was on fire.

s.h.i.+zuno fixed the disarranged clothes with a calmed face and sat down on the paved road.

Moroha sat next to her.

The two of them look down at the beach where everyone is from halfway up the hill.

The brightness of the fireworks flicks here and there, it was bustling like a decorative lightning.

Laughter and cheers reach even where they are.

It is such a sight that it will remain pleasant until they look this way.

– Sorry.

Moroha apologizes while watching.

– Why? Why are you apologizing?

– Because I stopped caring about you.

He says, although and without hiding that he is feeling embarra.s.sed.

Instead of answering, s.h.i.+zuno was leaning on him.

Her soft cheek falls gently on the shoulder of Moroha.

Scratching his cheek, Moroha also gets silent and stares at the sandy beach.

The trenches had increased to four.

The army of Satsuki and the army of Haruka had increased their troops, furthermore, the army of Kamekichi and the army of Tokiko are also partic.i.p.ating, they are enjoying a four-band dragged war.

From this distance, they shouldn't be able to tell who is who, but they perfectly know.

To that degree, they can grasp everyone.

The bottle rockets fired from the army of Satsuki impact on the mountain of fireworks of the army of Kamekichi, catching fire and causing a big explosion.

The army of Kamekichi escapes, scattering in all directions, and very loud laughs happen from the surroundings.

– What are they doing?

Moroha spouts out again.

– The training camp… was more enjoyable than I thought.

– I also had fun. And you?

– Of course, although I don't want to admit that with obedience.

s.h.i.+zuno shrugged her shoulders as she placed her head on the shoulder of Moroha.

Moroha thinks strongly while looking down at the sandy beach where laughter can't be suppressed.

– I'm glad that Isurugi-senpai invited us.

He thinks back on the matter of the academy entrance ceremony in his head.

He was told "why don't you join the Strikers"? but he got cold feet at first.

He felt anxious as to whether he could keep up with their rhythm if he joined them or not.

But now, Moroha has reached a point where he feels from the bottom of his heart that they were good companions.

– They are still paying us, right?

– Haha, why wouldn't they?

Thanks to that, he's able to send his married aunt an allowance, so he laughed worriedly at the joke of s.h.i.+zuno.

While watching the strife of the beach, and while watching the stars sometimes.

The two of them press their shoulders against each other.

Her skin feels nice and cold, it is a good feeling. It makes him forget about the heat of the summer's night.

And like that, they amuse themselves by chattering as long as they like.

– We might not be able to come to this island next year. Kanzaki-senpai will graduate too.

– The training camp, you say? That's seems to be case. But, shouldn't be fine if we come and stay on our own?

– Definitely. And someday… I'd like to bring my aunt and the others next time.

– Is that so? Then at that moment, and without fail, I want you to invite me as well, okay?

– Sure but… with my family?

– Yes. And please introduce them to me.

– Ho- introduce them? Don't tell me that you——

– But in the meantime, why don't we just have a great time and give all we've got in these last two days?

– … yeah, let's do so.

However, the next day——

The training camp of Moroha and company is forced to stop abruptly.

Due to terrible news that were brought from London.

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