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Chapter 91 Forcing a Fight

"Ao Tianjiao, you were the one behind everything!"

Lin Yi realized the truth, and so did the five heavenly talents since they were obviously not stupid. The chain of events leading up til now were all orchestrated by Ao Tianjiao, and his true aim was the five of them!

"Hahaha, realized it now? It's too late!" Ao Tianjiao stood with his hands behind him and laughed, his face full of conceit. "All the first-rate experts from the major sects have been bogged down by experts from our demonic faction. Within a thousand li radius of Lanzhou City, there are no other first-rate experts. Now n.o.body can interrupt our fight!"

"Come, Monk Juexing, kid Qiankun, rascal Linghu, little beauty Zhou Qian, and Li Donglin you son of a turtle. Fight me, and you may live if you win. If you lose, I will use your corpses to build my reputation as the top heavenly talent under the heavens!"

The five of them were infuriated and cursed: "Ao Tianjiao, you are crazy! For the sake of a t.i.tle, you actually spent so much effort and caused so much trouble, is it worth it? The t.i.tle of top heavenly talent is just an empty name, do you know that? We all thought that you are an extraordinary person who wouldn't care for such low-cla.s.sed interests, to think that Ao Tianjiao is actually so vulgar!"

"Vulgar? You know nothing!" Ao Tianjiao stared at the five of them in anger and rebuked loudly: "You have the cheek to call me vulgar, the five of you are nothing but hypocrites! You obviously place great importance on the t.i.tle of heavenly talent, yet pretend to think little of it. Heh, if that was the case, would you oppress others whenever a new genius appears? It's all nothing but hypocrisy!"

"I, Ao Tianjiao, am vulgar, so what? It's much better than you d.a.m.n hypocrites!"

The five of them had ugly expressions on their faces as they were criticized by Ao Tianjiao, and they were greatly angered.

"Ao Tianjiao, you little devil, stop your accusations. Today I'm going to kill you!" As the only female in the group, Zhou Qian was nearly driven mad by the verbal abuse.

Ao Tianjiao coldly laughed: "Zhou Qian, you wish to kill me? Heh heh, then come!"

Although she was extremely angry, she had not lost her reason yet, so she merely stared at Ao Tianjiao angrily.

Tired of waiting, Ao Tianjiao simply said: "All you people from the righteous faction only know how to shoot your mouth off, nothing but empty vessels making noises."

With that being said, he leaped into the air with great force.

Like the wind, he flew towards the city walls with great speed!

In just a blink of an eye, he closed the gap of several hundred meters and arrived on the walls.

Everyone was taken by fear and wanted to put up a defense.

With a laugh, Ao Tianjiao swept across them. A Qingcheng disciple was grabbed by him, and without any means of resisting, his head was smashed by Ao Tianjiao in one hit of his palm. His head exploded like a watermelon and his brain scattered onto the ground in pieces of red and white.

"Ah!" Screams were heard from the Emei female disciples.

"Heh heh.." Ao Tianjiao looked towards them and started approaching the Emei disciples with great speed. Zhou Qian yelled at him: "You dare!" But she was too late.

A figure flashed among the Emei disciples like a shadow, and in an instant, Ao Tianjiao appeared again with an Emei disciple in his hand. Laughing at the anxiously approaching Zhou Qian, he said: "If you want to save her, then come after me!"

Then he left the city walls and returned to his golden sedan with a great leap.

The captured Emei disciple screamed with great fear as she was in midair: "Eldest Senior Sister, save me!"

Zhou Qian angrily smashed the tiles as she watched Ao Tianjiao leave.

Everything happened very quickly, and before many people could react, Ao Tianjiao had arrived on the city walls and killed a Qingcheng disciple while capturing an Emei disciple as he left.

Everyone was taken aback at the speed of Ao Tianjiao!

Even Lin Yi couldn't help but frown. Ao Tianjiao had obviously learned a superior lightness art, and it was one which excelled at speed.

If he had not seen wrongly, Ao Tianjiao had learned the lightness art of the famous Azure Wings Bat King Wei Yixiao, one of the Four Great Protectors of Ming Cult. Although Wei Yixiao's lightness art was a superior martial art, he was extraordinarily talented and managed to train his lightness art to the point where it was on par with peerless lightness arts.

Ao Tianjiao was not as talented as Wei Yixiao, but he was still extremely fast.

Among the superior lightness arts, it was the best already.

Possessing such a lightness art meant that he could place himself in an undefeatable position.

Even if Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords could injure him, how could he do so if he couldn't catch him?

On the other hand, Ming Cult had plenty of superior martial arts, and Ao Tianjiao probably already inherited peerless martial arts.

Anyone who was to suffer a single blow would probably be half-dead already.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi took a step back.

He did not intend to interfere in this battle between Ao Tianjiao and the five heavenly talents.

Ao Tianjiao was obviously unkillable at this point of time, and there wasn't any battle experience to be gained from fighting him. So why bother? Besides, he had not recovered from his injuries yet. In any case, even if the situation were to become dangerous, Lin Yi was confident that he could escape.

Seeing Lin Yi retreating slowly into the crowd, his four companions were slightly surprised.

"Retreat!" Lin Yi said softly with a solemn expression.

Yun Taizi, Mo Yu, and Lu Buping nodded and started retreating as well. Although Yiqian was puzzled, she had no choice but to follow suit.

Yu Zecheng who was nearby was also surprised when he saw Lin Yi. Quietly making his way to Lin Yi, he asked in a low voice: "Junior Brother Lin, what are you doing?"

Lin Yi replied softly: "Senior Brother Yu, if you don't wish to die, don't stay at the front."

Yu Zecheng was stunned, and thinking of Ao Tianjiao's shadow-like figure back then, his expression changed. He was well aware that he wasn't a match for Ao Tianjiao, and being a practical person, he certainly wasn't going risk his life to stand in front for the sake of face. Thus he hurriedly followed Lin Yi and retreated backward.

Who knew when Ao Tianjiao was going to come again. If he got killed just like that, it would be too late to cry.

Seeing their cowardly behavior, Liang Rulu snorted coldly and looked on with disdain. Lin Yi and Yu Zecheng paid no heed to her as anything was better than getting killed for no reason.

In any case, even if the sky collapses, the five heavenly talents would take care of it. Besides, Ao Tianjiao obviously came for the five heavenly talents. He had gone to great lengths merely for the sake of forcing the five of them to fight him. Truthfully speaking, it was none of their business.

A truly heroic man should know when to retreat and when to fight.

Yu Zecheng was embarra.s.sed while feeling a sense of camaraderie with Lin Yi. This Junior Brother Lin was indeed the same kind of person like him.

When they were in a safe position, they then resumed watching the show.

On the city walls, Zhou Qian was fuming with rage while Li Donglin had a somber expression.

Among the disciples belonging to their sects, one was killed while one was captured.

It happened right in front of them and they had been helpless to do anything about it, thus greatly losing face as a result. Zhou Qian wanted to charge out, but she was held back by others.

Seeing that the five heavenly talents were staying put, Ao Tianjiao's face darkened.

Looking at the Emei disciple in his hands and caressing her fair skin, he took a sniff of her female fragrance and said with a face of pity: "What a pity, such a beauty. Your Eldest Senior Sister is so cruel as to leave you to die instead of saving you."

"Don't...don't kill me!" The disciple screamed in terror.

Ao Tianjiao put on a gentle expression and said gently: "I don't want to kill a beauty like you either." Following that his expression grew cold and he continued: "But your senior sister does not want to save you, forcing me to kill you. What do you think I should do?"

"No... don't do it!" The disciple cried with a pale face: "Eldest Senior Sister, Eldest Senior Sister save me please, I don't want to die, wa..."

Ao Tianjiao laughed heartily and looked towards the city walls. "Beauty Zhou Qian, are you going to be so cruel as to watch an Emei disciple die in front of you?"

"Come out and fight me, and I will release her!"

Zhou Qian's eyes were spouting flames, and she said angrily with her fists clenched: "No, I can't let a disciple of my sect die to the devil!"

"You can't!" Monk Juexing shook his head and said: "Who knows what kind of sinister plot this devil has devised? If you go out, you will fall into his trap, it's too dangerous!"

"That's right, the devil is so cunning, he must have laid some trap for us!" Priest Qiankun nodded.

Zhou Qian stared in anger: "Am I supposed to just watch my junior sister get killed by the devil?"

The other four of them stayed silent.

Zhou Qian could only slap the walls in anger.

Ao Tianjiao's patience had finally run out and he grabbed the neck of the disciple before raising her and shouting towards the five of them: "I will count to five, if you still don't come out by then, I will kill her!"






There was no answer, and everyone else was starting to feel resentment at the cowardice of the five heavenly talents.

"Hmph!" Ao Tianjiao could not wait any longer and he turned towards the terror-stricken disciple. "Don't blame me, blame your dear Eldest Senior Sister for not coming to save you!"

His fingers squeezed with force.


The neck of the disciple was crushed and her head drooped lifelessly with wide eyes.

"Junior Sister!" Unable to take it anymore, Zhou Qian drew her sword and yelled angrily at the other four: "I don't care if you are coming, even if I'm alone I will kill the devil!"

As she finished talking, she leaped off the walls and charged at Ao Tianjiao.

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