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It was no surprise that Tang Meng had nearly fainted. More than ten burly men being kicked in the groin to the point where they practically became eunuchs in one night was an earth-shattering case. Tang Meng's father, the deputy director of the city's Public Security Bureau, Tang Tianhao, had almost gone insane. He had not been home ever since the incident occurred!

As the Chinese saying goes, 'Good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spreads far and wide.' Even though every single influential person in the city tried to sweep it under the rug, this earth-shattering incident still spread like the plague throughout the Qingshui City at an alarming speed.

Furthermore, the harder they tried to control the news, the worse it got, especially on the Internet and in the pubs of Qingshui City, rumors and gossips were everywhere. The starting sentence for every single conversation between people was, "Have you heard, there was a huge incident that happened at Li Tian Hotel…"

Tang Meng was a nosy kid and had tried to find out more about the incident at Li Tian Hotel from the uncles and police officers who worked at the police station. However, these police officers who used to be so generous about sharing details and information in the past kept their mouths sealed, leaving this incident a mystery to him.

The reason for Qingyun Film Company's ruthlessness and arrogance in Qingshui City was that they had their backup. Their connections ran far and wide, as far as Beijing!

Why else would the superiors order someone as beautiful as Lin Menghan to disguise herself as an ignorant young girl and go through so much trouble to get her into Qingyun Film Company in order to collect all sorts of evidence of their crimes?

The Public Security Bureau of Qingshui City was not a force to be reckoned with, neither were they idiotic enough to allow the Qingyun Film Company to run amuck. If they could be taken down easily, the police force would have torn them apart long ago and exposed their disguise as a film company. They would not have had to go through so much trouble!

Of course, there was another factor contributing to why the superiors tried to sweep this incident under the rug. This was because it had something to do with Lin Menghan, the most beautiful female officer in the force, and her reputation. Her reputation was more important to the superiors and influential people of Qingshui City than the case because her family was too powerful!

If any single one of the big shots from Lin Menghan's family caught wind of the incident, the entire Qingshui City would tremble the moment one of them set foot in the city.

Seeing that Tang Meng had nearly pa.s.sed out before him, Ling Yun could not help but find it hilarious before turning around and briefly glancing at Xiao Meimei. He thought to himself, "I murdered someone last night. As if kicking more than ten people and crippling them means anything."

Tang Meng gathered his composure and took a few deep breaths before scratching his head while facing Ling Yun. "Boss, this is a huge incident, you may end up in big trouble," he said seriously.

This was an incident that could affect everything with just a slight change. For a Grade 12 student like Tang Meng, as smart and quick-witted he was, even he would not know how to deal with this incident.

Tang Meng still had no idea that Ling Yun had kicked Gou Junfa's father, Gou Liancheng, and practically made him a eunuch. He probably would end up suicidal if he found out.

Whereas for Gou Junfa, he could not even execute a single one of his evil schemes on Ling Yun since he ended up visiting his father at the hospital right after he himself had been discharged from the hospital.

Since Ling Yun had the guts to cause the incident, he was not afraid of the consequences. In fact, this incident was nothing to him, considering the fact that he had just been hunted down by an international last night.

In addition to that, he had the best witness for the incident, Lin Menghan. He left all his worries to Lin Menghan and could not be bothered with anything himself.

He chuckled, "What trouble would there be? Every single one of them was a criminal, whatever I did to them is considered a light punishment. They should count themselves lucky, if they do end up in my hands again two months later, hehe…"

In two months' time, Ling Yun would have reached the Qi Cultivation Stage. By then, Ling Yun would have ways of making them disappear from thin air, leaving no traces or evidence around for the cops to find.

This was also one of the reasons why Ling Yun had not murdered the six last night. Because he had no ways of destroying the corpses and evidence, he did not want to create unnecessary trouble for himself.

After racking his brain for quite some time, Tang Meng still could not come up with any ideas. He thought to himself, All we can do now is take it one step at a time and deal with whatever comes our way accordingly. If we really run out of ideas, we can always ask Little Ning's grandfather for help. He would definitely be able to settle everything in minutes, making our troubles disappear instantaneously.

"So, what do you mean to do now, Boss?" Tang Meng looked at Ling Yun in confusion, remembering that Ling Yun had said something about bringing him and Tie Xiaohu to collect debts from the Qingyun Film Company.

Ling Yun furrowed his brows as he stared at Tang Meng. "Did something scare your brains out? How will you work with me in the future when you're such a coward?"

Tang Meng scratched his head with embarra.s.sment written all over his face. He was a rich and spoilt brat. Even though he adopted the 'ignorance is bliss' mentality with regards to his studies, he was extremely careful and detailed when he handled other things and was capable of considering every aspect of the issue.

If it had been Tie Xiaohu sitting in front of Ling Yun, he would definitely ask Ling Yun when would they carry out the mission without hesitation, because all Tie Xiaohu had done in the past two years was collect debts. It was practically his profession.

Tang Meng responded awkwardly, "Boss, I was trying to consider all angles for you…"

Ling Yun smiled casually and said, "Today, I'm bringing you and Tie Xiaohu out to a.s.sert our dominance, I'll be there to handle anything that comes our way. You don't have to worry about anything, all you have to do is collect the debts properly."

Hearing such confidence coming from Ling Yun, Tang Meng immediately perked up and threw all his worries away. He thumped his chest and responded, "Understood!"

If even his boss could not be bothered, why should he worry so much?

Both tasks were now settled and clarified. Ling Yun glanced at Xiao Meimei briefly before speaking to Tang Meng, "Alright, help me find out more about the villas. I'll give you a call before 9 am. Remember to settle everything as soon as possible."

Ling Yun had to bring Zhuang Meifeng and Xiao Meimei out in a while, he had to bring one to the bank and the other to a shopping mall. Neither of these girls was supposed to be seen in public, thus, he definitely needed Tang Meng's car.

Tang Meng agreed to it immediately and gave a brief response before leaving. Ling Yun dusted his hands, smiled at Xiao Meimei and said, "I'll buy you some clothes today," before heading back to his bedroom.

Zhuang Meifeng was still deeply asleep and her sleeping posture was not ideal. She was completely naked in bed, her breathtaking body was laying diagonally on the bed as she faced the spot where Ling Yun had been sleeping, her pale skin glistened in the faint lighting.

One of Zhuang Meifeng's slender legs were wrapping around 'Ling Yun's body' that was no longer there and the other was naturally extended. This allowed Ling Yun see the pink waves and folds that were hidden between her legs the moment he entered the room.

Her thick and voluminous hair flowed across the bedsheets in a tangled mess as her body emanated a mysterious yet s.e.xy charm and gleam. This was definitely a rare sight of a sleeping beauty.

Last night, Ling Yun had made Zhuang Meifeng stay up until 5 am before she finally gave out and fell into deep sleep. Right now, it was only 7 am. She would obviously still be asleep.

Looking at Zhuang Meifeng's sleeping posture, Ling Yun could not help but chuckle to himself as he shook his head before switching on a computer.

This was his first time switching on a computer.

A computer desk and a comfortable office chair had been listed in Zhuang Meifeng's shopping list. Both of these items had been purchased and arranged properly in the room. In fact, Ling Yun was sitting on the office chair right now and found it extremely comfortable.

After the computer had been switched on, it connected to the wifi automatically. The wifi that had been set up by the landlord was 4G. Even though it was not very fast, it was not particularly slow either.

According to the distant memories in his brain and the demonstration by Ning Lingyu, Ling Yun quickly picked up on how to use a computer and began to browse several websites. Seven to eight minutes later, Ling Yun came to a stop.

He could not help but mutter to himself, "This thing is similar to the communication jade letter from Cultivation World!"

The communication jade letter from Cultivation World was the highest form of communication available there. Not only was it able to send messages, it was also capable of sharing videos and audio, not too different from the Internet itself.

Just as Ling Yun had reached the Tribulation Stage, the communication jade letter he created could contain an infinite amount of information. If one were to compare, the modern computer would definitely be unable to match up to it!

However, these things, including the immortal objects, magical instruments, immortal, spiritual amulets and spatial rings that had been on Ling Yun's body, had been completely destroyed by the horrifying tragedy while he had been in the Tribulation Stage.

Right now, the mere thought of the devastating tragedy was enough to terrify Ling Yun. He thought to himself, Who on earth did I offend, why did I have to suffer such a horrible tragedy!

However, Ling Yun still researched all sorts of computer knowledge diligently. Of course, all he was capable of right now was to drag the mouse around and browse web pages. He truly did not know how to use the keyboard for typing since he had zero memory about typing stored in his brain.

Cao Shanshan was sitting in the state car on her way to school as she anxiously called up her form teacher, Kong Xiuru.

"Ms. Kong, I have something to tell you. Initially, I thought that Ling Yun's foundation in mathematics was poor and it would be impossible for him to catch up in such a short time. However, he managed to complete an extremely difficult large-scale comprehensive math problem last night. Not only did he manage to solve it correctly, the method he used was even better than mine!"

Cao Shanshan was extremely generous with her compliments, but of course, these were all just facts.

Kong Xiuru was shaken upon hearing this. She immediately asked Cao Shanshan, "You're saying, Ling Yun's math grades will be somewhat decent?"

Obviously, Kong Xiuru was be shaken. This was because, to her and Cao Shanshan, Mathematics was the most difficult subject for art students. As long as someone began falling behind on the subject, it would be impossible for them to catch up in a short period of time. As amazing as someone's memory could be, it would be useless for them to memorize all the formulas.

In this case, Mathematics would naturally be Ling Yun's weakest point, which would cause him to be unable to enroll in a top tier university even if he tried his best.

However, if what Cao Shanshan said was true, that would mean that Mathematics was no longer Ling Yun's weakest point. The possibility of him entering a top-tier university would also increase tremendously!

As the form teacher of Grade 12 Cla.s.s 6, Kong Xiuru cared about the results of her students the most, and the biggest indicator of that would be her students' college acceptance rates!

The worst student from her cla.s.s that had probably been about to ruin the overall of her students' college acceptance rate now had the potential to enter a top-tier university. It would be a miracle if she could even stay calm!

Cao Shanshan chuckled proudly over the phone, "Ms. Kong, in my opinion, Ling Yun's math results may very well become the best in our cla.s.s. According to my current understanding, his current biggest weak point should be your subject, English."

Excited, Kong Xiuru responded without hesitation, "Good, good! Don't worry, as long as Ling Yun's memory is as terrifyingly good as you described, I'm confident that I'll make him catch up within a month!"

English, apart from memorizing the phonetic symbols and vocabulary, the grammar itself was repet.i.tive. As long as someone had a good memory, listening, speaking, reading, and writing would not be an issue!

In retrospect, English is a subject that relies purely on memory, with the prerequisite of one being able to read.

Ling Yun's biggest problem at the moment was being unable to read. He did not even understand the phonetic system, could anyone blame him for having a headache?

He did not even know where to start!

Without a doubt, Kong Xiuru's biggest task right now was to help Ling Yun master the English language as quickly as possible!

Just as Kong Xiuru began thinking about how her students' college acceptance rates were going to increase by 2% in excitement, she heard Cao Shanshan's voice over the phone. "Teacher, Ling Yun is on leave today!"

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