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According to Tang Meng's judgment, it was possible for Ling Yun to be the one behind the incident where more than ten guys from Qingyun Film Company had been kicked to the point of becoming eunuchs. a.s.suming that was indeed true, it would not be surprising if Ling Yun was capable of pulling off a bank robbery of tens of millions based on his capabilities.

Tang Meng and Ling Yun had minimal interaction. Even though they had a certain kind of synchronicity between them when they worked together, that did not mean that Tang Meng understood Ling Yun as a person.

He was not the only one. Ning Lingyu, Xue Meining, Cao Shanshan, Zhuang Meifeng, Yao Rou...up till now, was there anyone who understood Ling Yun?

Every single one of them had only seen one side of Ling Yun. Ling Yun's att.i.tude, behavior, and level of intimacy with every one of them were different, some even varied drastically!

Yao Rou had tried to seduce Ling Yun with the nurse's uniform before removing her uniform piece by piece in hopes of Ling Yun ravaging her. However, all Ling Yun had done was cover her up gently with a blanket.

Cao Shanshan had initially wanted to pinch Ling Yun's thigh but miscalculated and ended up pinching his member instead. Mortified, she had tried to retract her hand but to no avail, since Ling Yun had her hand pinned on his groin. It could have been intentional coaching or temptation, but Cao Shanshan ended up jacking him off for one entire period!

Xue Meining had taken the initiative and invited Ling Yun out on a date, daringly professing her love for Ling Yun in public and offering to be his girlfriend. However, she got rejected countless times by Ling Yun. It was only at the very end that he agreed to wait for her to graduate high school!

Zhuang Meifeng basically clung onto Ling Yun obsessively and kept dropping hints about her feelings for him, both subtle and obvious hints. As much as Ling Yun played dumb, he never resisted any of her advances. Apart from hitting a home run, Zhuang Meifeng was practically his completely!

From start till end, Ling Yun treated Ning Lingyu as his baby sister. He was better at taking care of her than most brothers were with their own biological sister!

He had obtained Murong Feixue's Maserati forcefully, greedily and shamelessly. Also, he had never shown a tinge of generosity or kindness towards Yao Rou, who was poor and financially unstable.

Out of sheer anger, he had told the G.o.ddess-like female police officer, Lin Menghan, to get lost. Yet, he was caring and gentle towards Liu Li who was pregnant, investing his time, money, and energy to save her entire family…

However, regardless of these things, all of those girls were extremely fortunate. No matter whether they saw his greed, shamelessness, arrogance, or his gentle and caring side, they had never witnessed how cruel and ruthless he was when it came to murder!

Whereas for the beautiful and s.e.xy, Xiao Meimei, she knew how terrifying this calm and ridiculously handsome boy was, despite the permanent casual smile plastered on his face!

An 18-year-old teenager committing murder without batting an eyelid, telling someone to go to h.e.l.l with a natural smile on his face as if he was lulling the person to sleep, having no reaction after murdering someone and going home to take a shower with Zhuang Meifeng!

Xiao Meimei remembered everything. After undergoing countless extremely cruel training, she had vomited violently after completing her very first mission and lost her appet.i.te for two whole days!

Up until now, out of all these girls, which one of them truly understood Ling Yun? These girls were choosing their own methods to approach and interact with Ling Yun, but which one of them was capable of knowing the true Ling Yun?

Tang Meng had only been hanging out with Ling Yun for 4 to 5 days. Even though he had a faint impression of Ling Yun in his mind, he had also witnessed Ling Yun performing countless impossible feats. However, when it came to truly understanding him, he was still thousands of miles away from that!

However, Ling Yun's silent and inexplicable smile, his calm and collected manner when faced with problems, his arrogance and overbearing att.i.tude that s.h.i.+ned through his calmness, and his carefree radiance, had undoubtedly left a deep impression on Tang Meng!

With all of these traits combined, Ling Yun emanated a unique and mysterious charm in front of everyone. In addition to that, his unbelievable transformation from a fat pig to a radiant boy-next-door at an insane speed had left everyone that he had come into contact with absolutely shaken!

The combination of his charm and that shock factor resulted in a lethal attraction, as if Ling Yun was a bottomless black hole, attracting the attention and feelings of everyone who came into contact with him, making them unable to withdraw themselves.

Now, Tang Meng was rendered speechless upon hearing Ling Yun comment on how mediocre Miracle Doctor Xue's medical skills were, but he quickly got over it.

Miracle Doctor Xue had been unable to completely cure Li Qingchuan of his illness, yet Ling Yun was able to casually cure him. Li Qingchuan was completely fine even though he got completely wasted two nights ago.

Not just Li Qingchuan, even Miracle Doctor Xue had been cured of his old illness by Ling Yun!

What was wrong with commenting on how mediocre Miracle Doctor Xue's medical skills were? Ling Yun had the rights to do that!

However, Tang Meng did not have much time to dwell on this issue. What he cared about most right now was Ling Yun's 50 million. He gathered his composure and gulped down a mouthful of saliva before staring blankly at Ling Yun. "Boss, that 50 million dollars of yours…"

Ling Yun gave Tang Meng a good smack on the head. "Alright, try using your brain for once. Does your boss look like the kind who would be stupid enough to rob a bank?"

As Xiao Meimei heard those words while sitting on the couch, her s.e.xy lips uncontrollably curled into a smile. She thought to herself, It's true that you didn't rob a bank, but you did completely rob the seven of us of our money!

Ling Yun turned around and shot Xiao Meimei a questioning glare.

Xiao Meimei raised her long and slender right hand and made an OK sign before speaking gently, "I've successfully transferred the money, but it's all in USD. You have to exchange it into the Chinese currency yourself at the bank before you can use it."

Tang Meng's well-built body trembled unconsciously upon hearing Xiao Meimei's beautiful voice. Never had Tang Meng ever heard a voice as gentle and beautiful as hers.

Ling Yun looked at Xiao Meimei thoughtfully and chose not to respond.

He then casually asked Tang Meng, "When does the bank open?"

Tang Meng bit down hard on his tongue in order to regain his composure before replying quickly. "Ah? Oh, 9 am, I suppose!"

Ling Yun lightly furrowed his brows and dug out his cell phone immediately to dial for Cao Shanshan.

Cao Shanshan had just woken up and was busy comparing two dresses while dressed in her undergarments at home. Both of the dresses were low-cut, both even lower than the dress she had worn yesterday. One was purplish-red in color while the other was white. The purplish-red dress seemed too bright, whereas the white dressed seemed too sheer, giving Cao Shanshan a headache as she tried to make a decision.

Suddenly, her phone began to ring, adding on to her list of worries. Due to the time difference between countries, her cousin who resided in America would give her a call every single morning. This drove Cao Shanshan absolutely insane.

She tossed the purplish-red dress aside before walking over to her phone and picked up the call without bothering to look at the caller ID. She answered in annoyance, "Are you crazy? Would it kill you to not be this punctual every single day?"

Ling Yun, on the other side of the call, was taken aback and thought to himself, This is the first time I'm calling you on the phone, since when have I called you every day?

He could not be bothered to give it much thought and went straight to the point. "I'm taking a day off. I can't make it to cla.s.s this morning, I'll see how things go later on in the afternoon!"

Upon recognizing Ling Yun's voice, the first emotion Cao Shanshan experienced was shock, followed by joy, before she began to furrow her well-shaped brows.

Cao Shanshan brought her phone to her face and took one good look. Indeed, it was Ling Yun's unique phone number with the '20999999' at the end. She then placed her phone back at her ear and whined softly, "Sorry, I thought it was someone else, please don't be mad…"

She continued muttering, "Ling Yun, you just attended lessons yesterday, why are you taking the day off?"

Right now, Cao Shanshan was overwhelmed by a series of complex emotions. On one hand, she was afraid that Ling Yun would be unhappy if she sounded too harsh. On the other hand, she was afraid that Ling Yun would not submit if she spoke too gently. She was confused about her position and relations.h.i.+p with Ling Yun.

Cla.s.s monitor or girlfriend? It was indeed a tricky position to be in.

Ling Yun casually came up with a lie. "I'm sick."

Cao Shanshan was shocked upon hearing those words and promptly began to panic over the phone. "You're sick? What's the illness? Is it bad?"

The fact that she believed his little lie made Ling Yun chuckle. "My b.a.l.l.s hurt."

One had to admit that his sickness seemed extremely odd. Tang Meng nearly spat out his drink when he heard what Ling Yun said over the phone, whereas Xiao Meimei glanced over at Ling Yun seductively before looking away in embarra.s.sment.

Cao Shanshan's cheeks turned red instantaneously. She immediately thought of what had happened yesterday when she had given Ling Yun a hand job. Her voice trembled as she asked, "You… Are you alright?"

However, Cao Shanshan began to wonder. Ling Yun seemed fine yesterday, why would his b.a.l.l.s suddenly hurt?

Cao Shanshan was not sure if Ling Yun's b.a.l.l.s were really hurting, but her wrists were really aching from yesterday. It had taken her an entire night of hot compress to relieve the pain on her wrists.

Ling Yun knew that Cao Shanshan got reminded of yesterday's incident and casually replied, "I'll rest for the morning and see how it goes. Don't tell the teacher that I'm playing truant since I informed you that I'm taking a day off. I'm hanging up!"

Ling Yun then proceeded to hang up the phone.

Ling Yun could not focus on anything else as long as the 50 million dollars were not settled. He could not even continue with his training. Obviously, he would not leave Xiao Meimei alone at home just to attend

Ling Yun was not worried about Xiao Meimei untying herself and running away, he was afraid that someone would murder her.

After hanging up the phone, Ling Yun asked Tang Meng, "I want you to buy me the best villa available in Qingshui Bay and then buy another villa in Qingxi Bay Villa Area, do you have any tips on saving some money?"

Seeing that his boss was serious, Tang Meng immediately perked up and chuckled, "Boss, if you want to buy a house, you should look for Li Qingchuan. His aunt is the deputy director of the Ministry of Land and Resources and she's in charge of land grants. She loves doting on Li Qingchuan, she'll definitely help you out since you saved Brother Chuan's life!"

Ling Yun was elated upon hearing the news. "Alright, you should look for Li Qingchuan today as soon as possible and ask him for help. If you manage to settle this for me, I'll forget about the money you owe me for the nice phone number I gave you."

"Huh…?" Tang Meng's jaw hung wide as he thought to himself, Boss still remembers that I owe him 50 thousand dollars?

Tang Meng's tears could only flow in his heart.

At least there was a plan in place for everything. A while later, Tang Meng remembered the first task that had been given to him by Ling Yun and asked carefully, "Boss, the incident in Li Tian Hotel, was that you…?"

Ling Yun gave Tang Meng a side glare and smirked. "That's right, it was me!"

Tang Meng's eyes rolled back and he nearly pa.s.sed out upon hearing those words.

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