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Chapter 568 - Visiting Pinliang

Pinliang's sincere words startled his dad. Tragedy really could change a person's att.i.tude. His ignorant and immature son was all grown up suddenly. Although this was just a speech and no actions had been witnessed yet, Fabai was still pleased to hear that. "Son, I'm very happy that you're this thoughtful! You didn't lose a kidney for nothing!"

"Of course not! I'll make An Jianwen and Chu Pengzhan pay for my kidney!" Pinliang shook his head. "But we should focus on Lin Yi first! Dad, aren't you relocating the slums? I know that Lin Yi's girlfriend lives in that area! During the demolition, you can make things difficult for his girlfriend's family. Of course, it would be better if you can make Master Bing notice the obstacle, then Lin Yi would once again use An Jianwen to deal with me, so we can use Master Bing's power to deal with Lin Yi! When the problem surfaces, Lin Yi and Chu Pengzhan can only get angry at Master Bing, not us!"

"Hmm…" Fabai nodded. "Not bad, but your plan will fail if they agree to move willingly."

"It's fine, Dad, we can create the situation ourselves! For example, dismantling their home by force, Heehee, flatten their house with a bulldozer! It would be even better if Master Bing is willing to operate the bulldozer himself!" Pinliang suggested.

"OK, I'll try to make things work!" Fabai had always hated Lin Y. He didn't mind using Master Bing to crush his enemy. Fabai's phone rang to life. It was Pinliang's homeroom teacher. "h.e.l.lo, how are you, Mrs. Liu… oh? The students are on their way to visit Pinliang? Thank goodness… entrance of the hospital? Alright, alright, we're on the fourth floor, room 418!"

He ended the call. "Your teacher and friends are coming. I'm gonna smoke outside."

Pinliang nodded, a little moved. His teacher and cla.s.smates were still there for him! Guess the trip didn't go to waste, after all! How sad would it be if none of his cla.s.smates came to visit?

He waited for a while and got bored of waiting. Reaching the fourth floor might take some time, so Pinliang took out his iPad 2, logged into an ebook website, and read the novel So Pure, So Flirtatious.  

This was a fantasy novel that took place in school. The main character in the novel was extraordinarily overpowered and led a wonderful, yet adventurous life. Pinliang was addicted to the novel the past few days. He fantasized himself as the main character of the novel and wondered when his superpower would come to him like the main character in this novel. He wanted to defeat Lin Yi and Jianwen very badly!

But he was getting sadder and sadder the more he read. He saw himself as a weak minor character in the novel. Then Pinliang thought to himself, Is there a possibility for the minor character to become strong and defeat the main character?

He didn't know how long he had been reading, but he heard footsteps from outside. The door was then opened, and his cla.s.smates all rushed into the room.

Pinliang put his iPad to the side, lifted his head, and smiled to his cla.s.smates. Although the first things he saw were Yushu and Mengyao, his expression remained the same!

He had learnt how to hide his emotions. It wasn't surprising to see both of them here, because Jianwen wouldn't do anything to him if they were missing! As for the rescuing process, he wasn't interested in it, because it was pointless!

"Oh! Liangy, I heard that your kidney was cut out." Yushu entered the room first and asked curiously, "Does that mean you're no longer a man?"

Pinliang wasn't pleased with Yushu, but he remained calm. He kidnapped both of them. He had expected Yushu to trash talk him! But the point was Yushu's expression. That innocent face made others think that she wasn't trash talking him.

"Ahem, Shu, don't talk nonsense, he's still a man, just that he doesn't have…" Mengyao wanted to laugh, but she joined Yushu, playing dumb together for the first time, because she hated Pinliang to the core as well.

"Oh, I got you, you're not a complete man!" Yushu said with a straight face and nodded.

The students burst into laughter. It was inevitable. They pitied Pinliang but Yushu was hilarious! Not a complete man? Her word choice was always the center of attention!

Pinliang flushed. He couldn't fight back, because there wasn't a way. He had lost one kidney, so he was considered not complete. Yushu wasn't wrong!

"Wah! Liangy, isn't this the iPad 2? There was news that a guy sold his kidney just to get an iPad!  Are you perhaps that desperate guy?" Yushu looked at Pinliang, shocked.

Pinliang sweated. He wanted to crush this iPad right now, right here! My family is rich enough to buy an iPad, OK? Would I really have to sell my kidney for that? I lost my kidney, okay? How I lost it, there was no way you didn't know. Pinliang wanted to speak out.

But he couldn't confess, because it was like exposing himself and admitting his crime. He couldn't admit this crime, could he? Pinliang wasn't stupid enough to incriminate himself, so he had no choice but to allow Yushu to continue her trash talk.

At this moment, Mrs. Liu came in. Yushu stopped bulls.h.i.+ting and pulled Mengyao with her. Her eyes were sparkling with curiosity.

"Shu, let's go. I don't feel good when I see him." Mengyao frowned. She didn't wish to get so close to Pinliang.

"Mmm, let's go." Yushu nodded. "I just wanted to check on him. He seems fine even after losing a kidney."

"Losing a kidney doesn't really matter, I guess." Mengyao shook her head and the two of them headed out. Lin Yi hadn't even joined his cla.s.smates. He only came for Mengyao and Yushu.

He wasn't close to his cla.s.smates, and he came here out of sympathy. Now that he had seen Pinliang, it was time for him to go back to school. It was a very important period for the twelfth graders to study as much as possible.

Xiaofu was trembling when he came to visit. Although he wasn't sure of the cause of this misfortune, he was smart enough to figure things out. It must be related to the crime they committed! He was afraid that he would become the next target.

So when everyone left, Xiaofu stayed back and whispered cautiously, "Liang bro, who did this to you? Who are these people?"

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